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Me in California in 1995. I read somewhere that a woman looks her best at 32. For me it was. (5 comments) (1 comments) Buddy. He's a great dog. (1 comments) Finnegan the cat (2 comments) Shea the Border Collie (1 comments) Tippy (1 comments) is trying to get back in the game. I miss you sparkly people. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians :) Four days of eating and tracking perfectly and today day five is looking good too :) tracked all my food and stayed within my parameters for 13 days now. that's really a record for me. 17 days of tracking. new record!! 20DAYS!!!! tracking 100% for 20 days in a row. I must be motivated. Oh and I've lost a few pounds and inches too. So it's all good. 20 DAYS of tracking!! I can't believe it. 100% every day. And I've lost a few pounds and inches too. So it's all good. For 25 days I have tracked all the food and beverage I have eaten. It's working, the pounds and inches are coming off. YAY!! (1 comments) Me Christmas 2011 (4 comments) The Dalai Lama, what an amazing man. (4 comments) Focus on your Goals! (3 comments) The garden of the animals (7 comments) Our pup, Tippy (left), her sister Shiloh (having a sleep over) and our top dog, Shea (right). (5 comments) The Billiken Man (1 comments) (3 comments) My best fitness motivation, wanting to ride this big guy more. (9 comments) Getting ready for one of our first rides. (4 comments) Here we go. Mount up! (4 comments) Finnegan loves his cat\s cradle (7 comments) peek a boo (3 comments) Tippy the puppy, Finnegan the cat and their big friend Hemi. She adored him. (3 comments) The old man and the baby, 2010 (2 comments) Anyone for a game of soccer? (7 comments) Let's play ball (2 comments) I will eat healthy. I will eat healthy. I will eat healthy.........(This is my aunt, not me!) (4 comments) Well, this is what I really look like? Charming......not! (5 comments) Not everyone will appreciate this, but, I like it. (4 comments) Every cloud has a silver lining. (2 comments)

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