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Who doesn't like a little magic? (1 comments) To run fast you got to get lean Week 2 of Spring 5% Challenge is needling this Summer 5% Challenge. It's time to wake up, be honest and move forward consistenly. (1 comments) Time to hero up. Summer Starfish 5% Challenge 2015! Happy Birthday America! Summer Motivation (1 comments) (2 comments) Even baby steps will take you around the world. Just keep moving towards your dreams. (1 comments) is digging Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear :) Good stuff to workout with. (1 comments) Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Escape From Leprechaupolis Spring 2016 5% Challenge - Shooting Star is ready to fly...let's go Shooting Stars! Time for a habit update. is enjoying some US Open Tennis. Hoping Nadal makes it through. Starfish for Fall 2016 5% Challenge If Patrick can do it what am I waiting for? Son and I after the 2012 Fort4Fitness Half Marathon (12 comments) (5 comments) Just one of many reasons I'm doing this, but a big one. My son. (17 comments) An occupational hazard of getting healthier. (3 comments) Rebirth and rising (1 comments) (3 comments) Trail at sunrise (4 comments) Post 4 Mile Race September 2010 (13 comments) Rode the County Line Trail from Creston to Rittman, OH and back and country roads. (3 comments) County Line Trail on 5/28/11 21.8 miles! (3 comments) (2 comments) Thanks SP for helping me find a happier, stronger me and smaller pants. (2 comments) A Red Warrior's Ride : ) Kawasaki ZX6 (1 comments) Actually 4 miles, but who's counting? (1 comments) (1 comments) Note to self: Keep It right/exercise/water (2 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) Mung Daal getting his sweat on! From Cartoon Network's "Chowder" (1 comments) Motivational Technique #4 (7 comments) Practice is the name of the game. 2012 is the year I make it to my goal. Would you believe 2013? (6 comments) Yeah, carbs are funny now... More fun at
Avatar Aang by Shira Chan Reminds me we must learn and find balance. (1 comments) Excuses promote mediocrity not success. (1 comments) Nadal gets to semis...yet again :) Check out that string deflection!! Some strength is beyond muscle. (8 comments) Go Monfils Go! Roger Federer - He makes winning look easy...maybe it is. James Blake - Come on, he beat Federer...At The OLYMPICS!!! Muscle is the fire in which fat burns. Burn baby, burn! (3 comments) Let's stop digging our graves with fingers, forks and spoons. We can do this! (5 comments) 2010 Start @ 199 (11 comments) Girls DO dig the sharp dressed man, or chimp. Thanks ZZ. (3 comments) Another goal (2 comments) "Building a better you is the first step to building a better America. " - Zig Ziglar Frmr "fat boy (3 comments) Dreams Don't Have Deadlines! (2 comments) Oh yeah! When you need a little more kick than coffee. Laughter Is Strong Medicine (1 comments) GIR. Yeah, I like cartoons... GIR (in disguise) frm Invader Zim. @Youtube
Usain Bolt. Talent recognizes no borders! (1 comments) Andre Agassi. Keep your eye on the ball. Before at 205 (Oct 4, 2009) - Side Before at 205 (Oct 4, 2009) - Front Chin Up 7/12/09 @ 210! (11 comments) Mid point of a long ride... (3 comments) Spillway at state park (2 comments) Motivation #3 - Sometimes, Good Guys Wear Black (3 comments) Be the light you want to see in the world - Gandhi (6 comments)

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