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Be careful what you say, you may be entertaining an angel unaware. (4 comments) angels come in all sizes but they are there guiding us if we listen (5 comments) Going to find the magic within me and the miracles all around. (1 comments) Bring the wonder of a child into your life...angel photography. (3 comments) I am trying (1 comments) I am finding my Christmas spirit. (1 comments) My great granddaughter meeting Santa for the first time there is strength inside us all. Let your light shine forever. (2 comments) is finding my courage to go for it. Little scared of doing blc again. I want to make it all the way this time. If things go wrong just have to grab them by the tail and fly. (3 comments) I know that you are with me wherever I go and whatever I do. (2 comments) Life is too short...go for it opening your heart and soul can let you see wondrous things is taking time to put the peices back together in another way is trying to fly without wings...but if you believe ..all things are possible wish we could find that free feeling is taking a spark break my baby (2 comments) put spring in your step and health on your mind (1 comments) people may see you as a kitty but you have the heart of a lion I thank you all for all the prayers and kind words. My hubby lost his battle but is at peace and no more pain. He hasn't been there for weeks because his brain didn't wake up. (6 comments) life is short. Examine yours and see if you are happy. (2 comments) has decided to become more independent and believe I can do it You can't always just wait for opportunity to come to you. Sometimes you have to help it along. Go for it! I have cried a lot this year and probably will cry some more but there are still things that make me smile and laugh. I just have to enjoy them. (1 comments) Don't judge or place labels on anyone. (1 comments) is trying to move on and start a new chapter in my life is is trying to find that kind of smile, enjoy the freedom of life and experience it. is drinking up start learning sometimes we have to listen inside to hear from without don't judge anyone. You don't know what they have been through stop finding excuses and find a motivation learn every day and your life will bring you joy is how I am feeling today. Just so tired of rain. it rained again last night and supposed to rain again tonight. flash flood warnings too. (2 comments) Get that spark back and let it fire you up to do....instead of wish is happy. Had a 55+female family reunion. (1 comments) is busy finding herself...have you seen me? (2 comments) is trying to add more fun to my life (1 comments) is back from my grandsons graduation from the National guard (1 comments) is trying to keep up with all the things going on this month (1 comments) You seriously don't recognize me? We are all somebody! Get off that chair and move that groove thing before it becomes to big to move! is a groovy gecko in the blc. Go geckos. ok ok I will stay on track (2 comments) Hey buddy did you exercise and eat right today? is writing in my book of life with a new chapter. I am going to make it a rainbow of many colors. (1 comments) Don't be afraid of that piece of metal...it is not the most important thing in your life. is dancing and grooving to old time rock..is there any other kind? (1 comments) is not clowning around today. Time to get more serious (1 comments) Do you think the wizard will give me a new body? Nope you got to do the work by yourself. is trying to not listen to that cookie. It is not worth losing my health (1 comments) Hey bud...We're still friends right. You raised me since I was a baby. let you in on a secret. Chicken is better for you and I have a recipe for stuffed chicken. is taking in the fall colors (3 comments) is praying for all the men and woman to come home safely is turning tears into smiles of rememberance (2 comments) is gettin ready for focusing on surgery (3 comments) taking a spark break...be back soon my very handsome hubby who passed away May 10th/2015 Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. Rudolph is getting anxious and so am I. Christmas magic is filling the air. (1 comments) (1 comments) is back and ready to rock and roll (4 comments) is gettin ready for blc tomorrow (1 comments) We are one. Find yourself and let it shine. is exploring my page. I want it to sing. (1 comments) Feel like a kid again and let life move you What are you waiting for... is going bonkers (1 comments) is dancing to the spirit inside (1 comments) Don't let March blow you away...take hold and live it your way. (1 comments) is going to make March a fun month of discovery (3 comments) thinking spring but it is cold and going to snow. just as new water flows down the stream, I am changing direction and flowing up it. Take flight and ride the wind of imagination. You can do this! Lets laugh with it....every day. is going to bring out that lion inside me and do it! let the music move you May all the luck of the irish be with you is going forward in March. wants to feel free and happy again (2 comments) be free to enjoy live and stop thinking about what others think of you. is being who I want to be and not what others expect me to be. (1 comments) is wondering if we set challenges for ourselves....who do we please....ourselves. dance to the beat of your own person is being myself and finding out who I am orange gebera daisy, beautiful as all of us are. is learning to fly is jumping for joy. Plateau busted through. 5 more pounds down this week. (1 comments) is trying to have fun (1 comments) learn to come out of that shell and fly. (1 comments) let the kid in you come out. Stop the self doubt and turn on your power. I did and it is shining bright. is trying to reconnect with my inner self is getting my brain trained for blc. I will spread my wings and do it. is not looking forward to getting on the scale after vacation is letting the music make me move is connecting with my inner light is believing in myself no matter who thinks i can not make it. BEWARE Halloween candy...ooooohhh is being aware of Halloween candy. Don't let it grab you. beware of the candy don't cheat or else. is letting her light shine into all the dark corners of disbelief and cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind. Come on along. is letting her mind get psyched up (1 comments) is trying to keep away from any food that does not say healthy (1 comments) have not tried yet but looks good (1 comments) (2 comments) is remembering,healing,living is remembering,healing,living is remembering,healing,living is just trying to keep pushing and tginking Keep Christ in Christmas and hope in your heart. Christams is not the money you spend but the gift of love from your heart. give a gift of love not money give the gift of love not money the magic is within you...believe and it is possible. (1 comments) is bringing her Christmas room from within her heart out in the open is bringing her Christmas room from within her heart out in the open (1 comments) is learning to fly. I will succeed snomen are cute and cuddly but I am not a snoman so working to melt a few pounds. (1 comments) is looking for the lighting me is looking for the light insife is finding the joy of Christmas in my granddaughter is finding the joy of Christmas in my granddaughter even though this is a year old picture lol (1 comments) is doing the no no challenge with team " stop the excuses, lets win this together" run rudolph run is seeing my hubby in heaven and he is having fun, I miss him. (1 comments) make it a new start lets slide right into a new size is is is revving up and kicking out the couch potato who resides sometimes inside. time to get physical is facing herself and the scale and it scared me into starting the 5 day pouch reset today is kicking it up a notch My hubby is cheering me on from heaven today is my hubbys birthday and instead of emotional eating, I am going to make him proud. (3 comments) is showing the old me that there is a new me in town is playing me potato head hoping my brain is in the right focus lok is making a brand new ending. is is feeling my light and letting it shine is feeling my light and letting it shine is taking a spark break (1 comments) is taking a spark break is taking a spark break (1 comments) is taking a spark break I'm back is is taking a spark break is is is afraid that instead of being challenging, a lot of teams are just turning into social gab sessions. I gave up putting challenges because nobody wants to do them. (1 comments) is relighting her spark

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