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and I've kept it off for 3 years! (4 comments) Ropes course and zip lining at Peak N Peak Resort in NY (2 comments) 307 in 2010 vs 165 in 2013... I NEED to get back there (5 comments) Her Times 5k with Kat! (5 comments) (2 comments) My SparkPeople Success Story image (4 comments) I may stumble and fall, but I will NEVER quit! (5 comments) Forever my inspiration! Jake is 11 and Kat is 9 (8 comments) June 2010 307 pounds More than 100 pounds lost and living my life! (4 comments) I absolutely LOVE this! (7 comments) Is pleased with another good workout! (2 comments) Is LOVING the sunshine down here! (4 comments) Is super proud of my BiL and his wife. The course was a hilly paved trail through the park. It was great and they did awesome! (1 comments) Wants to wish my son Jake, a VERY HAPPY 12th birthday!!! (1 comments) (3 comments) Stayed on track, even though the kids went to Dairy Queen with grandpa... (1 comments) Soooo hot out still... (3 comments) Post race beers with pops back at camp! Had a great time at Vegfest yesterday!!! I had an even better time when one of my favorite Sparkpeeps showed up. So glad you could make it! Survived the first day of middle school! Yesterdays stats, and my first Pep post! (4 comments) (3 comments) Yesterdays stats! (1 comments) THIS was yesterday! Sorry about that (4 comments) Went on a segwat tour at the beach! What a great time! (1 comments) Stats for 9/26! It may not seem like much, but consistency is key! 60 mins in the treadmill Lunch! Cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, carrots and beets! (1 comments) Todays elliptical workout! 60 mins, DONE! (3 comments) Had an AWESOME time zip lining! (1 comments) Had a great day at Port Farms with my kids & niece! (1 comments) (4 comments) The whole pic wouldn't fit... (1 comments) Not awesome, but consistant. That's what matters! (1 comments) I LOVE camping! (1 comments) Not bad for a Tuesday! Took a nice long walk at lunch today! Before a workout. Not where I want to be but a lot better than 300+ pounds! (6 comments) 60mins on the treadmill! (4 comments) Woohoo! (1 comments) Beautiful day for a lunch time stroll! Last weekend at camp :(... (9 comments) Since I got my fitbit in July! Not bad for a desk jockey, lol! Good workout tonight! (1 comments) ZooBoo! My SiL made the Care Bear costume my niece is wearing. So talented! (1 comments) Pumpkin carving! 1 week to go! Treadmill workout with my SiL! Happy Sunday! The kids were allowed AND encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes for school! (2 comments) Hello Saturday! (2 comments) Low and slow workout for Sunday! Early morning workout. Rise and shine!!! (1 comments) Pretty good day! Another good workout! (1 comments) (1 comments) Bust day with my BFF! Sunday fun day! Happy Thursday! Walked a couple miles with my daughter and our dog. Super cold and windy! (1 comments) Pretty good day! (1 comments) Early morning workout! (2 comments) New workout! Intense elliptical workout! (1 comments) (2 comments) A good day! Beautiful day in Erie, Pa! Turkey Trot #5! (1 comments) Biggest Loser Race June 2014 (6 comments) (9 comments) (4 comments) (2 comments) (7 comments) April 2014 - Super Hero Race - to raise money for the Child Abuse Task Force (10 comments) Dirty Girl 2013 (5 comments) Size 12 dress from Kohls!!! August 2013 (38 comments) Biggest Loser 5k August 2013 - down 140lbs! (10 comments) 140 pounds down! August 2013 (19 comments) Dirty Girl September 2013! Best day EVER!!! (13 comments) September 2010 over 300 pounds vs September 2013 at 164 (17 comments) (5 comments) Fall festival 2013 (11 comments) Company Christmas party... then and now! (12 comments) Mike and I (12 comments) (4 comments) I've lost 140 pounds! Nearly as much as my 8 and 10 year old weigh... In my size 28W jeans! (13 comments) Jake is 10 and Kat is 8... they are the reason that I do what I do! (11 comments) (7 comments) My birthday outfit Dec 2012!!! (35 comments) Christmas 2012 166 pounds (10 comments) Turkey Trot 5k 2012. 37 minutes! (7 comments) Fall festival 2012 (7 comments) Her Times 5K October 2012 (9 comments) Mother's Day Race with Katy. Courtesy of the Erie Times News. (9 comments) The reasons for my new life! (17 comments) May 2014, 42lbs left to get to goal (10 comments) I'm in the pink t-shirt. Before SP about 307! (19 comments) 2009, before spark 307 pounds (7 comments) (8 comments) (5 comments)

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