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(1 comments) Paused when she stopped to smell interesting smells, and forgot to re-start😀 (1 comments) Met my goal with a whole week to spare! 🚲 (2 comments) RUB MY BELLY!!! She brings me such joy🤗 and those waklies are invigorating! (1 comments) My happy walking partner this sunny day.😍 (4 comments) My reason to walk. (1 comments) My walking buddy is not happy with her tri-weekly medicated bath. (2 comments) Acting as a tour guide, did a 3 mile hike. 4 hour hike today. (1 comments) The next time someone scoffs about chasing Pokemon! (4 comments) I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!!!! (1 comments) The reason my bike ride was only 2.8 miles instead of 6.2 miles. (4 comments) Killed my cardio! day 75 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/12/2016 day 60 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 11/17/2016 (1 comments) Makua (2 comments) My walking buddy. (2 comments) Want to try and do this distance at least once every two weeks. (1 comments) Walking the dog helping me get steps! Goals met! (1 comments) Didn't think I would make my goal of 7 hours since I worked an extra 4 hours. (1 comments) A little slow. The humidity was so draining an I was riding into the wind. First week of all ⭐️ ! Happy national puppy day! (1 comments) Busy 24 hours (1 comments) Grilled round steak, peppers and spaghetti squash sautéed in olive oil and lots of garlic. First sweaty post workout selfie. Not a long walk, but most of it was spent walking back and forth in the sand while my fur baby frolicked in the shore break. Killed it on the elliptical last night, followed by 40 minutes of upper body weights. Not bad this week. Shooting for all ⭐️ Bought a Kalua Pork plate at the cafeteria last night. It didn't come with a vegetable, so I bought a full sized chicken Caesar salad 🥗 there was two meals worth of food, with leftover meat. Smartest thing I did was bring my extra kitchen scale to work. #knowwhataservingis (1 comments) The nice thing about cool, cloudy weather-Makua doesn't have to wait for sundown to take a walk. Walked Makua after I got home from work last night. It is just too hot and humid during the day to take him on a good walk. It was just too hot to cook today, so I stopped at Costco and bought a rotisserie chicken and the fixings for a nice salad. Made it today, but it was down to the wire; 11:55 pm when they all turned green. (5 comments) My poor pooped baby. I took him on a 2.77 mile walk to help me get my Fitbit steps and miles for the day. (2 comments) My morning view on my way to work. (1 comments) Snack time. 🍅🌶🥒 Spent about an hour romping at the beach with this handsome boy. It felt so good after all the cleaning I did earlier. Just checked yesterday's report. Holy smoke, perfect 👌 on my macros for the first time. (This is the division set for me by my nutritionist.) Lunch is a Subway Double Oven Roasted Chicken Chopped Salad, milk, and apple slices. My fur baby's response when I tell him it's time to go home. He ❤️ the beach 🌊! Finally got up the nerve to Try the Rowing Machine, aka Erg Machine. I don't get my HR up as high, but I feel it in my whole body. As I get more comfortable with it, hopefully I can get my HR up. (1 comments) BL Mission: SlimPossible ITC challenge-eat a new or rarely eaten summer fruit. I haven't had Lychee in ages!! #NSV. My sweet rescue is a bit timid and nervous. He won't eat unless we are right next to him. I usually sit on the foot stool and then struggle to get up. The squat are paying off! Got up in 1 try this morning 😊. 12 hour dayshift...BRING IT ON! week 14 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 7/1/2017 I bought this at Safeway, it is from Lucerne Foods, Inc. I don't know if you can see it, there is only 85 mg of sodium per serving. Thought I would share. Saw this Hawaiian Monk Seal sunning itself on the lava rocks on my bike ride today. (3 comments) Not a lot of difference in weight, but I have been doing ST 3x a week since the first picture was taken. Spending some beach time with my baby. #deliciousdailymoment Nothing better than doggie kisses while enjoying a cool dip. Worked an overnight shift, too hot to sleep more than a few (4) hours, but a great day to take the furry baby out to enjoy the benefits of living across the street from the beach. I have one pooped pooch. Wendy's salad for me and Mom for lunch. I was actually IN BED by 11:00! I don't usually suffer from insomnia, but I just couldn't settle. I think part of was I really needed to sleep, working a 7 am to 7 pm shift today. Better last night, but another 12 hr day shift today. Off tomorrow, so I should get a decent amount of sleep then. A "Lemons and Lemonade" moment. Water main break causes major gridlock going home, so I get off the bus and bike 🚲 the remaining 5 miles. I beat the bus by 10 minutes. Trying to back on track with healthy eating. Lunch: Alaskan Pollack Burger, mixed vegetables and quinoa. My sister and me at my nephew's wedding. (3 comments) Sunset Over Ala Moana Beach (1 comments) A new reason to get healthy; my first grandchild. (1 comments) Probably the last time I was comfortable in a 2 piece bathing suit. May 1977 (1 comments) Chayzen: Christmas 2010. Nummy Pancit (1 comments) Chayzen Sharing His Birthday Ice Cream with Mamma Oahu Heart Walk Finish Line 8/13/2011 (1 comments) Thank you, TANCALIEL, for this yummy Mediterranean Salmon recipe shared on Spark Recipes. I tweeked just a little, and cooked in parchment instead of foil. Love that my Polar HRM is wishing me Happy Birthday. (6 comments) Not bad for a bum knee, but I will be glad when I can get back on my road bike and leave the stationary one alone. (1 comments) week 3 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 3/21/2015 (1 comments) Spinach, frozen strawberries, mangos, peaches, & pineapple, with sugar free protein powder. Love my Nutri-Bullet. Making small improvements, wonder how I will do when I'm back on a real bike! (1 comments) My mid-morning snack; over night oats w/apples and cinnamon (1 comments) Last night's cardio on the stationary bike! (1 comments) I put a writeable canning label on my 40 oz Hydro Flask. The date and a check mark each time I empty it, great way to really keep track. (3 comments) Not bad for a bum knee! (1 comments) Doc said weight bear and bend my knee as tolerated. I did keep the RMP between 50 and 60 and resistance at 10. ST was all arms. (2 comments) My first CSA box had 3 broccoli crowns, so I made my Asian Style Chicken And Broccoli (1 comments) Thank you, Spark People, for helping me become healthy enough to be able to save another person. (3 comments) Got another work out in, slow and steady for the knee, but kicked it up with upper body ST. Be glad to get the stitches out on the 28th. (2 comments) PBfit and banana over night oats. Another treat from my CSA box. Japanese cucumber, tomatoes, and sweet Ewa onions, chopped and seasoned with white balsamic vinegar. (1 comments) Dinner tonight; Broiled White Fish Parmesan over quinoa with a spring mix salad topped with my cucumber and tomato mix and crumbled feta. (1 comments) First road ride in almost 5 months. I took it at an easy pace, but ended up going farther than I intended, thanks to a forgotten bus pass and wallet. Sunset 4-24-15, from Ulehawa Beach Park, Nānākuli, HI. (2 comments) Yeah! Stitches are out!!😀 (1 comments) 1000 miles "traveled" by foot on the elliptical or walking and my road bike and the stationary bike. (1 comments) Homemade hummus for lunch. (2 comments) Too bad I'm on my way to work. (1 comments) Killed it at the gym before work! So, according to FitBit, I have walked the length of India. (1 comments) Halfway through my 30 day goal🚴 (1 comments) Pebbles the Pibble has stolen my heart! She's settling into her new home. (5 comments) (3 comments)

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