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Good Morning. weight training and a run/walk at gym.Metabolic prime 15 min workout at home PHEW. I will try to stick to it for 3 months. is still here, a whole year older LOL had a lovely 4day birthday.Back to normal, today a laundry day. is good-ish LOL went to gym this morning, yardwork now lunch is done.Rest of the day activities walking the dog and then Nada. LOL (1 comments) (2 comments) Change of plans, was going to visit the butterfly-house with my camera, is going to be really windy here (severe wind warning) so maybe tomorrow. (1 comments) Good morning. a bit of fog this morning. (1 comments) Merry Christmas to you all. went on a hike on the prairie today with DH, boy do we need some rain, it is very dry out there ,pix to come. Good Morning.Got a new hard drive installed on my desk top, now I have to re load what I need. Hard work ahead. (2 comments) digging for some "ancestral" photos I found this class of 1962 a bunch of 12 year olds.And I am one of them. Good Morning, Happy Monday to you all. Laundry day here.but first I go to gym. (1 comments) Safe and sound, the storm did not do too much damage, felled a tree but no damage. (4 comments) No gym this morning, took DD2 to Jax airport to go home, we had a nice visit. (2 comments) Tuesday ,and day 3 of the whole 30. doing well.Still sorting pix from Spain ,here is one from crystal palace,Madrid (3 comments) Good Morning. Starting a new whole 30 today, after 3 weeks in Spain (2 comments) is in Compostela, looking at the church, so beautiful,,, (1 comments) Made it, 311 kilometers done, relaxing with a café con leche (3 comments) Down in the lower regions of Spain again, going to Sarria today only about 20 kilometers to hike. Feet and legs are doing ok, a bit sore after our walks each day but we are doing ok. (5 comments) June 1st. day 1 of my streak, starting over, been on auto-pilot too long. Have a great day out there. (2 comments) Back from a 12.5 mile hike ,Tired feet and thirsty.LOL all in all nice but a bit hot in the Florida sun. (3 comments) Just back from a 10.7 mile hike in San felaco (2 trails) Beautiful day for a hike,pix tomorrow. Now I am going to sit on the couch for 20 minutes. (2 comments) & miles hiking is the hot sun, almost wore me out, had a good time. (1 comments) Happy Saturday everyone, going on a hike in a few hours.Payne's Prairie (2 comments) Another hike in San Felasco state park, beautiful day and 5 miles done. a bit muddy here and there. (1 comments) I got this for DH on the way home ( he does not like many veggies ,I will roast this tonight,lets see what happens (1 comments) Hope you all are having a great weekend. I finished my poncho yesterday (2 comments) sorry for the sideways view ,another try: (2 comments) Day 2 of my streak, and count down to a stay on the beach for Christmas. YAY (1 comments) Who is crazy enough to bake a desert at 7:30 in the morning,and a ganache frosting too boot. I am it seems. (2 comments) Good Morning ,woke up with a cold, NOT happy. Have a great day everyone. (4 comments) Happy Sunday everyone.Went to gym for some cardio this morning .Having lunch with DD and fiancée and DH today. then it is rest-day for me and work for the rest of them. (1 comments) No gym tomorrow (Sunday) going to the Beach (4 comments) (5 comments) (4 comments) My Hoya plant is blooming (4 comments) with my new small camera Ricoh GXR (2 comments) at out hotel in Tuscany (2 comments) a yellow rose, (3 comments) yellow rose, after I played w/it (1 comments) wall of roses (2 comments) the area we stayed in Tuscany (2 comments) Rome by bus inside The Vatican Basilica San Marco (1 comments) Florence seen from Ponte Vecchio bridge of sighs? or sorrows?in Venice Venice, Ponte di Rialto The country side (1 comments) Aly our youngest and Max (10 comments) tulip tree in Washington DC (2 comments) Midsummer in Sweden 2009 (5 comments) Eye in the sky? (10 comments) cherry trees in bloomWashington DC (1 comments) more cherry trees in the park. Washington DC Daughter under a cherry tree (2 comments) Tulip tree up close and personal (1 comments) Daughter down by the waterfront. A Botanical garden in Bergen. Norway (1 comments) Waterlily (5 comments) Rhododendron (1 comments) My Hibiscus (3 comments) my new shoes. (5 comments) our neighbourhood. and the kritters i se walking Max. (1 comments) (3 comments) one of our resident hawks (3 comments) (2 comments) The cormoran Paynes Prairie and we thought this one was dead. (2 comments) my blooming plumaria (3 comments)

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