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Mt Rainier Aug 12 2016 (2 comments) Paradise Meadow....and trail work (1 comments) the Mtn from the meadow Blue Gentian Paintbrush and Lupine wishes you and your's a Merry Christmas Day! Whether you celebrate with family, friends, or all by yourself! my Orchid bloomed again! (2 comments) Junco looking for lunch... (1 comments) Heavy snow fell today! My now *white* rhododendron (1 comments) Our New Friend... actually enjoyed shovellilng our 8" of snow...and built a snowman actually enjoyed shovelling our 8" of snow...and building a snowman! (2 comments) Bushtits enjoying the feeder (2 comments) loved hiking in Valley Of Fire NE of Vegas...! so enjoyed our oonce-in-a-lifetime trip to the Virgin Islands.... if you haven't been, put it on your bucket list!! wishes you a ST Patrick's smile...! wishes you a ST Patrick's smile...! (1 comments) is wondering why this won't load in the correct position--LOL!! Happy Easter anyway!! (1 comments) Jane's Meadow, Mt Rainier Aug 2016 heather Stream in Jane's Meadow Here's a profile of the trail we hiked... Day three, 8.5 miles took 10 hours! (Sheep to Happy) (1 comments) our ride back: narrow guage White Pass and Yukon Rail the old church still stands guard... Bennet City had 10000 people...and two million artifacts! Bennet Lake--We DID it! All 33 miles.... trail treats! Bare Loon Lake.... gorgeous! ...six miles to go.... a private cabin built ??? Door said if you need to use it, do, but shut the door when you leave tent site and drying out a bit The inlet creek at Lindeman Lake great trail through here! a boat from 1889 and sled rail-- artifacts were everywhere! the lake our friend boated goes through this narrow channel to Deep Lake first sighting of "Deep Lake" ...a friend boating down that lake! beautiful scenery 2in tall campanula its more of a route than a trail up here high country wildflowers crater lake river trail Looking back at Happy Camp Some high country we passed through two of my hiking partners coastal mountains (flying into Skagway) ...and the uphill continues... zoom in on a nearby glacier while hiking ...and our first set of stairs (day 1) wishes you a good week!! Checkered Lily hiking in the Camas fields U of Washington Campus Cherry Trees skagit daffodils my spring crocus is NOt going to reach a Failed Status!! has been keeping my promise to myself: 30 min exercise, and no solid chocolate/sweets! And I'm finding I'm stronger in my resolve... (3 comments) we got our permit to backpack the Alaska Canada Chilkoot Pass Trail this July: 35 miles/5 days (1 comments) finally figured out what was wrong with this picture: the compass is held in the wrong position! (It should be on the flat of the hand) Maybe that's why I'm still searching for Success-LOL!! (1 comments) wishes you a great night! (2 comments) flax and butterflies (credit: wonderful world of flowers) (1 comments) (4 comments) Active fires in the! (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) This is for Connie! for Pipit, Westy and Alice K... RIP (3 comments) (3 comments) close up... (1 comments) lacamas creek (1 comments) Lacamas Park (about 8 miles from our home) typical NW lowland forest This is the "Haystack" Rock at the top of Mt Si...167ft tall...I've never climbed it This is what the forest looks like at the top of Mt Si on the day we hiked...1" New Snow! A Grey Clark's Nuthatch...on top of a the fog. Not much view when we got there! Once the fog cleared...gorgeous clouds...mostly below us!! Northwest Tulips a whole mixed field! (1 comments) pink tulips... April 14, Sun Halo (1 comments) Quiet Mountain Pool Aug 15 Venus, Jupiter and Moon Aug 27th (1 comments) (1 comments) Mt Rainier from White Pass Aug 17th Eclipsed Moon (1 comments) My two little Christmas Angels (1 comments) (1 comments) My Son, His Wife, Me and my Ex (2 comments) Another view of Magnolia... Rainy Morning Magnolia (1 comments)

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