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(2 comments) (6 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) thanks everyone who came and sent healthy warm wishes, on my virtual Birthday! (3 comments) I hope everyone takes a few minutes for themselves to-day! sez I hopes everyone is happt to-day! (1 comments) is looking forward to a fairly quiet day-I hope! (1 comments) sez it's the shortest day of the year---Go to bed early--shut the mouth! (4 comments) is looking out on the 1st day of winter! (3 comments) just got off doing 65 minutes on the dreadmill-(--just saying) (6 comments) sez it's almost Baby Jesus' day! sez, Holy Cow-it's almost Christmas! is happy that no-one shoved excess food down my gullet yesterday! (1 comments) sez it's son#2 the Air Canada Pilot's Birthday! (5 comments) is happy to see Monday! hopes everyone eats healthy to-day! sez "Happy New Yrs Eve! (2 comments) sez it's 2015! (2 comments) HAPPY NEW YEAR! sez it's minus 20C here ! (3 comments) resisted 1067 boxes of chocolates at Canadian Tire on sale!-(just saying!) (8 comments) completed 10,000 steps to-day--- ate 1264 calories to-day-- hopes y'all have a sparkly good day! (2 comments) is hoping everyone gets moving to-day! sez it's COLD! Minus 28C (2 comments) is on Day#6 of healthy living and down more weight!-- sez it's cold!--minus 28C here! (2 comments) hopes y'all eat healthy to-day! is looking out non lotza snow! i9s hoping everyone enjoys their Saturday! sends aloha out to everyone! (2 comments) hopes y'all squeeze in time for yerself! (2 comments) sez this day is nearly over! (2 comments) Hopes everyone tries to exercise to-day! is happy it seems milder! is hoping it doesn't snow too much! (1 comments) finally is up----needs coffee! (5 comments) hopes y'all hava Sparkly good Saturday! has a lotta dogs in the house-- (1 comments) got 9565 steps i9n yesterday- (3 comments) got 9655 steps in yesterday! is looking forward to sunshine! (2 comments) hopes y'all "move" more to-day! (2 comments) has lost another (recycled) pound- (1 comments) was up most of night with vomiting cat-- (5 comments) sez the hyperthyroid guy has stopped vomiting and eating again. Now what was all that about? (1 comments) is thinking that bed looks pretty good! (1 comments) is up and at-er here! wishes everybody a Happy Robbie Burns Day! (2 comments) sez the furnace stopped -not getting propane---Lordy Be! (4 comments) Furnace fixed----Whew!!!! (2 comments) is happy all seems well---so far! (1 comments) hopes y'all move the ol' body to-day` (1 comments) hopes y'all enjoy the day! hopes y'all have more "ups" than "downs"! (1 comments) enjoy some free time! sez its mighty cold! is almost at 10000 steps to-day- sez it's Ground Hog Day! (2 comments) I just got to 10,000 steps--an so tired!----- sez it's a tad milder! (1 comments) is looking out on snow falling- (1 comments) is saying its extreme cold outside-minus 32C! (3 comments) is happy to see Friday! (2 comments) is saying Valentines Day is 6 days away! Buy broccoli-not chocolate! (4 comments) hopes y'all enjoy Monday! (2 comments) is looking forward to a sunny day! (2 comments) is lookin' out on snow falling! (4 comments) hopes y'all stay warm to-day! (3 comments) sez it was minus 43C here last night! (6 comments) has a new IMac and is trying to figure out how to use it! (3 comments) Hava HAPPY Healthy HEART DAY! trying hard to use new I Mac----changing from old Dell! says the wind scared Tess, the German, all night- (8 comments) Celebrate Family Day! is down another 2 lbs--- (3 comments) sez it's minus 28C outside! (3 comments) 10 more days of February----March will be most welcome! (1 comments) To-day will be awesome! (2 comments) nice to see milder temperatures I hope you all make to-day count! (1 comments) It is minus 37.5 C this AM---- (3 comments) milder-----better---- (3 comments) I shovelled so much snow yesterday---got lotza steps in----but--so tired by night--spring-like weather will be welcome! (1 comments) is up and at-er--almost March! (1 comments) sez its very cold AGAIN---- (1 comments) sez its going to warm up soon!! Welcome March!!!! (1 comments) has to stop being grouchy! (2 comments) is up and at-er- (1 comments) sea Good Morning Sparkly People! (1 comments) sea its cold-AGAIN! (1 comments) slept in! (1 comments) Me thinks Spring must be starting-to-day! (2 comments) say--" Women Hold Up Half The Sky"! Happy International Women's Day! sez we were without power last night for over 6 hrs--Stupid Hydro One! (3 comments) The big meltdown has begun! Spring has Sprung--- Good Morning! Another day-another dollar! and we have more rain! is looking forward to a sunny day! Top of the morning to ya! (1 comments) I am tired of the ice!!-Bring on the mud! (4 comments) is tired of the ice-----bring on more melting- (4 comments) Spring has sprung=No grass has riz--I wonder where the warm weather iz? (5 comments) up and at-er--sad --as son #2 and Grand Dauighter left! (2 comments) looking out on sunshine and blue sky. (1 comments) It's very cold outside-STILL! COLD! it's still cold (2 comments) Freezing rain/snow expected to-day! (3 comments) sez it's almost April. Will rhere be April showers??? (2 comments) is going to have daughter visit soon---Youza! (4 comments) sends prayers to passengers of German Wings (2 comments) is looking out on sun! We mustve got 5-6 inches of snow yesterday! (1 comments) Tomorrow is APRIL!!!!! sez OMG---56 ft of snow to-day----APRIL FOOLS! not really liking the rain--on the snow----(just saying!) (1 comments) Happy Easter, Happy Spring----Happy happy Everything! (3 comments) so sad to see daughter leave (3 comments) Allison is half-way home!!!--Happy Easter! (1 comments) and to-morrow is Monday! (2 comments) Easter Monday! Good Morning! (2 comments) Anyone seen a Robin? (7 comments) going to hover around zero today- looking out on ''RAIN""--(What is that?) (2 comments) sez --maybe---jess maybe--we might get above 12 C--- (2 comments) Sunday-----Family day--- (3 comments) It's Monday----Yeah! Movin' and groovin'--- beautiful sunny day starting! (2 comments) Lovely day beginning--- (2 comments) Good Morning Sparkly PEOPLE! a NEW DAY!!! and I see water along the shore of the lake---Woo Woo! (1 comments) funny (4 comments) Let the day begin! (3 comments) Rain rain---BRING IT ON!! (1 comments) raining pretty hard here! (2 comments) Good morning! (2 comments) Coal our large black Shepherd is NOT doing well!-- (8 comments) Coal and me--are still alive! (3 comments) It looks like Coal may go to Heaven to-day--- I need lotza prayers--strength--Coal too! (6 comments) Good Day! Looks like a good day starting! (1 comments) Monday Monday! (2 comments) will it really get warm-er to-day?----Hmmmm (1 comments) A German (as in dog!) was in the lake yesterday---with the ice! (2 comments) Happy to see a new day! (1 comments) Happy May Day! (2 comments) Think thin thoughts! Monday-Monday-- Good Day !!! We are alive! (1 comments) summer!! lookin' like a great day beginning! The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain! (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day! (4 comments) A new day to get healthier! (1 comments) a very wet rainy day! (2 comments) It's lookin' sunny!!!! Youza!!! lovely day beginning brain power over heart sadness to-day- (8 comments) sunny new day (2 comments) We have a new puppy! (11 comments) lovely and cool (1 comments) a lovely cool day (2 comments) Well, off to vet to-day to see about growth on Tess--What next?? (11 comments) Always take the ""Bull by the Horns" and do what you believe is right! (1 comments) Holiday weekend in the U.S.! (2 comments) moving more-eating healthier! (2 comments) sunny and warm--but--buggy!!! (4 comments) Happy Memorial Day to the U.S.! a new rainy day- to get everything right! (1 comments) lotza bugs here-Dunlop Fashion is "the bug suit" (1 comments) We jess might see the sun to-day! (2 comments) sunny, buggy and hot! (1 comments) more rain makes more bugs makes more bites-- (1 comments) Well, I cut the grass----Himself watched Mr Beau Jangles! (8 comments) The bugs are bad!!! (1 comments) Finally---got the grass cut--weed whacked--hard to do with Beau-- (2 comments) sat on the dock--in the sun yesterday for 10 min.-no bugs-- (2 comments) lotza rain equals lotza bugs! (2 comments) sez its hard to live with a grouchy person--jess saying-- (2 comments) Mr Beau growing! (10 comments) rain rain rain- (6 comments) We have SUN----- (2 comments) looking mighty much like a storm heading this way! (4 comments) We have SUN!!! lotza bugs out there! Youza! (1 comments) The weekend is coming--Watch out!! (1 comments) lovely day beginning-- (1 comments) rain makes MORE bugs-----oh no! (1 comments) Fog! Youza!!!--Bugs bugs bugs--- another sunny day in the garden----with the bugs! did a lot of yard work yesterday--maybe a little less bugs- (1 comments) Looking out on clouds and bugs multiplying---- (1 comments) looking sunny! (5 comments) nice day starting Happy Day for Fathers! lovely day beginning--and Himself over that flu-sorta! (1 comments) rainy stormy day beginning-- (3 comments) lovely day starting---AND--yesterday--LESS bugs---- (1 comments) 22 to 27 degrees here to-day-- (2 comments) lovely day starting here- I think the bugs are getting less! (1 comments) stray small dog found on Boychuk Rd---Is it yers?---going to SADD on Monday--needs its owners-- fun day yesterday-- (3 comments) wonderful sunny day starting! Happy Canada Day!!!! (2 comments) another nice day! (1 comments) We need the rain! (2 comments) Be strong--!!!! Happy July 4th To-morrow is Monday AGAIN! (4 comments) another wonderful summer day! The Rain in Spain-----falls... (1 comments) Nice sunny warm day starting! (6 comments) lovely day- (2 comments) me thinks we will have SUN! (1 comments) Good Morning y'all! (1 comments) Heat warning for this area! (1 comments) lotza fun at the dock yesterday (2 comments) We need rain!--The rain in Spain .....wud be most welcome! (3 comments) head down for hours yesterday, gardening---to-day very dizzy-Lordy Be! Drink water------- (1 comments) hadda good day--YEAH! (1 comments) cooler--less bugs-----nice! (2 comments) The Rain in Spain will be here soon---We need it!! (1 comments) oh no a weekend coming (3 comments) hot weather all weekend--drink water! (1 comments) well, Fat Cat is finally eating a bit--(very little)--after 5 days----after me taking him off the thyroid pill---No VET---Crazy! (4 comments) Looking like a lovely Sunday beginning Monday----and sunny You know----a ton of worry about the cat --IS GONE! (6 comments) a lovely sunny day starting (1 comments) Stay Strong! (2 comments) day 1775 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/25/2015 (1 comments) another day-another day---- Get out and at-er! Monday and it's going to be hot! another hot day- (3 comments) We broke a record yesterday with heat! (1 comments) Lovely day here-heat down! long weekend here--- (1 comments) lovely Civic Holiday here! grass cutting day! (1 comments) lovely day to-day! (5 comments) Good morning!---trying to eat lightly to-day! lookin' like a sunny day beginning-- (1 comments) Lotza attitude is good! (1 comments) feels like "Fall"! (2 comments) The weekend --is HERE!!!-WooWoo! (1 comments) Drink water---- wonderful time out here yesterday with all the Grandkids here----Too bad Andrew and Lisa left -- (2 comments) kinda sick of burgers---need more veggies Happy Monday! (2 comments) a new day-----Woo Woo! A new day--with SUN! To live longer, you must work at it! (1 comments) hot day starting- (3 comments) lovely summer weekend (2 comments) Another hot day! (2 comments) Good day! May we all eat healthy and move more to-day!! (2 comments) Good day to all----Ya gotta luv da rain!!! rainy day Good day to y'all! (3 comments) a heat alert to-day--AGAIN! (2 comments) is counting calories to-day! (3 comments) sez it was a beautiful day yesterday! (3 comments) the rain in Spain falls mainly......here!!!! (6 comments) Enjoy the day----- (1 comments) Wow! Sunshine to-day! (3 comments) looks like the weekend is here! (1 comments) a lovely weekend starting---I shall exercise this morning--- (2 comments) Sunday and it's sunny!! (1 comments) Monday and the final day in August! Youza! The heat alert has been lifted here--Sept 1st-a new month! (3 comments) trying to get my walk/run in today plus 10 minutes of meditation- oh no--I saw Geese going over!!! (3 comments) another very hot day ! (2 comments) I hear its only 6C out west---Youza! (5 comments) and its muggy----misty----but a new day! (1 comments) I quite like the rain! back to School! humidity a tad lower (10 comments) Hello Sparkly people--wanna-be Losers! Good morning World! (1 comments) a cool Fall day! Good Morning Sparkly People! (2 comments) Good Day to y'all! (4 comments) Good Day people! another summer day! warm day cooler weather will feel good-I think! (3 comments) It's a crazy rainy wild day! (4 comments) Good Morning all! (7 comments) Good morning all! (2 comments) love someone! (4 comments) First Day of FALL! (1 comments) hug a friend to-day! (3 comments) The weekend is here--Yippee!!! (1 comments) It's the weekend! (2 comments) Ya gotta love Sundays! (1 comments) Get out and walk!!! (2 comments) It's STILL-September!!! (1 comments) sending lotza ALOHA yer way! (1 comments) A new Month-Oct 1st----a new start! (2 comments) It's cooler but sunny----Stay strong!--Get out and walk--eat healthy! (3 comments) Yikes!--SNOW in Western Canada! (1 comments) a rainy day--- (1 comments) Be a Pirate to-day! (1 comments) Keep calm and read a book! (4 comments) almost Canadian Thanksgiving! (2 comments) Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend this weekend! (2 comments) Thanksgiving Weekend!-- (4 comments) Happy Thanksgiving weekend! (4 comments) relax-It's a Holiday! (1 comments) Good day --to all! (1 comments) A rainy day after a lovely weekend! (2 comments) Take each day as it comes! (2 comments) Good Day y'all--! (1 comments) The weekend is here!!!! WooWoo! (1 comments) We had SNOW!!!! (5 comments) SMILE!!!! (3 comments) Eat Healthy! Enjoy the day----Move more--Eat Healthy--and SMILE! (3 comments) Good Day to all--sending ALOHA! (2 comments) A nice day starting! (6 comments) The weekend is here!!! (2 comments) RAINing on the ships at sea! It's Himself's Birthday!!!!-WooWoo! (7 comments) Himself thanks everyone for his very happy Birthday wishes! (3 comments) Good Day to all dogs--- (3 comments) A rainy Day----my favourite day! another rainy day! (1 comments) Halloween is coming! (1 comments) Back online by 3pm--- son #2 the Pilot saves me on Spark! (6 comments) Hello Sparkly People! Moving more--eating healthy---is what its all about! (1 comments) working off that Halloween candy! (2 comments) Moving more keeps yu healthy! (1 comments) The weekend is near--BEWARE! (2 comments) Good morning all---- (3 comments) A nice day beginning! supposed to be a mild day with snow near the end of the week! (2 comments) Good morning healthy people! (3 comments) Remember our soldiers! (2 comments) Its raining like a ""Banshee" here! (1 comments) The Weekend is near!!! (2 comments) Saturday after a terrible night in France-- (2 comments) Try to stay healthy! (4 comments) Good Morning! (1 comments) --lovely November up North!-Havea coffee! (3 comments) Stay focused to-day to think thin! (2 comments) Exercise-no matter our age--just "move"! (1 comments) SNOW!!!! (1 comments) Dance--Move----thru the day! Its the weekend--Stay Strong! Stay Strong! (1 comments) Winter is here!!! (1 comments) Monday and a new day to get outside and walk! milder today----so walk more! Keep the ol' body moving! Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. (1 comments) Stay Strong----stay safe--- (2 comments) Think Positive thoughts! (4 comments) A new week to-morrow----- (6 comments) mild---hopefully sunny! (1 comments) A new month----a new body--a new start? (2 comments) A new Month---- (1 comments) Being a Pirate some days is good! (2 comments) HELLO ALL! (7 comments) A Day off from exercising--sorta! (1 comments) Eat healthy to-day! (2 comments) Stay strong----Move more-Eat healthy! (3 comments) reward yerself with ""time" for yu! (4 comments) (1 comments) Be true to thy self! (6 comments) Good morning---- (4 comments) new (rainy) day--- (2 comments) Germans to groomer----walking in the rain again! (1 comments) Watch what you eat--It's the weekend! (2 comments) rain but snow to-morrow (1 comments) Hava great day!!! (1 comments) Enjoy the day----but MOVE!!! Sunday is the best day! The rain in Spain is falling on the Plain--By George! (2 comments) I think I saw SNOW in the air! It's Colder!!!!! Yeah!!! (2 comments) It's my Birthday! Lord Love a Duck! (10 comments) Wow!!! Thank-you everyone for the wonderful Birthday wishes---- so appreciated! (4 comments) Going to bed after an awesome Day--thanks to all you wanna-be Losers! A new day to get it right! (1 comments) need to go to bed soon-- (2 comments) A week till Christmas! (2 comments) Keep some time to meditate! Take some time for "you"! Even 10 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise! (2 comments) 10 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise! (1 comments) oh no...... (3 comments) Shortest day of the year to-day--- You better watch out--better not pout--- and we have a couple more minutes of daylight! (1 comments) Hoping we dint lose power! (2 comments) Winter Storm watch to-day--Yikes!--Its cold! (2 comments) Very heavy snow falling--- (2 comments) Daughter going home--- (5 comments) Trying to get used to "Quiet"!--Daughter gone home! Just do it--- in 2016---! (1 comments) I tracked almost 5000 steps yesterday! Enjoy a Healthy Day! (3 comments) caloric restrictions to-day! (2 comments) Yesterday I did 5000 steps! (2 comments) mild today--great for walking (3 comments) Almost another weekend--Keep moving! (1 comments) I am still counting calories---- Treadmill-Ing (2 comments) Tracked calories all day yesterday--gained a pound--- (3 comments) optimism is good! (3 comments) Good Day "Losers'! (1 comments) lotza snow here now! (9 comments) Good day Sparkly People! (1 comments) minus 30C here today (3 comments) Did not win the powerball here! (1 comments) More snow --15-20 cm going to fall today! Good Day Sparkly People! (2 comments) oh no--more snow falling! (6 comments) It's minus 28C out here!-Yikes! (1 comments) Good Sparkly Day Sparkly People! Good Day Sparkly People! Time to face the world! (1 comments) Happy that Himself's scope showed all OK! (9 comments) All went well with Himself's scan on his esophagus---- (2 comments) Happy Saturday A new week to-morrow! (1 comments) Good Morning-- Lets do it right! Staying on track----Get those calories counted! Snowing here--nut mild! (1 comments) Supposed to see the sun!!! (1 comments) And we have heavy wet snow falling- (2 comments) Good morning Sparkly people! Howdy Doody wanna-be Losers! (1 comments) -last day of January--and it's mild! (1 comments) Feb 1st---a wonderful new beginning! (3 comments) freezing rain here--mild! (1 comments) Happy happy happy! (3 comments) Happy Friday-almost the weekend! Saturday is the best day! (1 comments) Family Day to-morrow in Canada--Holiday weekend! (2 comments) Good morning Sparkly people! (1 comments) Good Day Sparkly People! (2 comments) Valentines Day soon!--- (1 comments) (3 comments) FINALLY!--a Holiday weekend in Canada!--Family Day! (1 comments) Stay strong! (2 comments) says its minus 31C outside1 (6 comments) Eat broccoli on Valentines Day!!! (7 comments) Stay strong! (2 comments) Good day to "wanna -be "Losers! (4 comments) Good day Sparkly People! (3 comments) Hopefully we will avoid the winter storm--I hopa! (3 comments) Winter storm NOT coming here--must be an act of GOD!!!! (3 comments) Muster up my ""Get up and Go"--to-day!!! (4 comments) The weekend is soon here!! (2 comments) March is Marching in --soon!!! (3 comments) Its a Leap Year----Leap into March happy and healthy! It's a Leap Year!--another day to get it right! (1 comments) 43 cm of snow fell here yesterday! (5 comments) Welcome MARCH!!!!-- (2 comments) Thank you Sparkly People for being here for me! (9 comments) Daylight before 7am here--must be a sign of Spring! (4 comments) Good morning (1 comments) How Doody! (2 comments) Countin' those calories! (3 comments) The weekend is coming------ (2 comments) Its daylight at 6-30am (3 comments) Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! (6 comments) The big melt down in the North is here! (1 comments) Above zero day AND night--- snow melting here like crazy! (4 comments) Hope y'll have a healthy day! (4 comments) Hope y'all have a healthy day! (4 comments) Good day Sparkly People! (3 comments) The March Break is here! (3 comments) daylight Savings! (2 comments) raining here----- (4 comments) Good morning Sparkly People! (5 comments) A new day----wonderful! (1 comments) Happy St Patricks Day! (1 comments) Good Morning! (3 comments) Stay strong! (2 comments) Spring has sprung----(I think!) (7 comments) sunny but minus 3--cold! (5 comments) Monday again! Easter Weekend coming (1 comments) Easter weekend soon will be here! (8 comments) Happy Easter! (7 comments) (18 comments) Easter is a time of HOPE! (2 comments) Happy Easter! (9 comments) Happy Easter! (8 comments) To-day is a Holiday here in Canada--- (6 comments) Spring FINALLY!!! (2 comments) Make Wednesday sweet! (6 comments) It's almost APRIL!----and it's raining! (2 comments) Breaking out the summer clothes-even tho its cold! (4 comments) Stay strong! (4 comments) a cold week in the North!----Look inwards! (4 comments) still a cold week----April eventually will warm up--I hope! (2 comments) Freezin' cold here! (4 comments) Still cold!! Extra clothes while walking! (9 comments) Springing into Spring---POOH on the weather! (3 comments) Hopefully the last snow storm-- (1 comments) might as well carry on--in hopes of better weather soon! (3 comments) Finally---NEW GLASSES~ (8 comments) Stay Strong over this weekend! (3 comments) STILL cold--but---it is sun ny! (2 comments) We CAN do most everything!-I think! (3 comments) This day will be healthy! (2 comments) To-day I shall drink more water! (3 comments) Pushing hydration----Water water everywhere -- (2 comments) Spark as if yer life depends on it!---IT DOES! (3 comments) The weekend is coming---so is the Boston Marathon! (3 comments) Ya gotta love Saturdays! (5 comments) Sparkly People try harder! (3 comments) It's FINALLY warm here! (2 comments) Another sunny Spring day--to get it right! (1 comments) Sparkly People drink water! (3 comments) Spark People move more! Be very wary--the weekend is coming! (3 comments) Enjoy this day---- (6 comments) Hello Sparkly People--I hope I can Spark a whole healthy day! (3 comments) Good Morning Sparkly People! (11 comments) We now have SNOW on the ground-AGAIN! (14 comments) Nice sunny day to walk! (5 comments) off to get Beau to vet-- Sparking a good day! (5 comments) Beau home in a surgical shirt! (11 comments) Tomorrow is the 1st of May! Outdoor "necking" starts today! (5 comments) May Day!!! (4 comments) Good Sparkly Day Sparkly People! (3 comments) Spark a great day! (1 comments) Ya gotta love the rain! (4 comments) Spark a healthy day! (3 comments) We have rain--I like it! (2 comments) Enjoy more veggies on Mothers Day! (3 comments) oh no----- (4 comments) Good morning--a whole new week to get it right! (1 comments) Drinking more water will be a great goal today! A simple walk keeps me happy! (7 comments) Sun --warm---means a good walk! (2 comments) It's here--almost! (3 comments) Spark a healthy Saturday--I'm going to try! (1 comments) Happy Sunday Sparkly People! (2 comments) Sparkly people wanna be Losers! Good morning Sparkly People! (7 comments) Sparkly People live longer (I hope!) I really hate this new page set-up----confusing and I don't have time for this! (4 comments) Well, a new day and all is well! (1 comments) long Holiday weekend in Canada! (6 comments) hopes the docks might get out this weekend! (2 comments) says--my email address is fldunloplake@vianet.ca Please feel free to write me--- I shall not be actively Sparking, on this site for now-- still Sparking in real life-- (7 comments) Howdy Doody Sparkly ones! (12 comments) walked on treadmill 32 minutes this morning-!-- (1 comments) Watch the calories over the weekend! (2 comments) Happy Holiday Weekend to all in the U.S. (4 comments) Happy Memorial Day to all in U.S. (1 comments) Exercise helps the ol' brain! (1 comments) Trying to think happy--- (1 comments) Good Day to y'all! (3 comments) The weekend is nigh! (5 comments) A great day to WALK!!! (1 comments) love a rainy day! (6 comments) Try to eat more veggies! (8 comments) -hadda wonderful Sparkly Day--Hope y'all did too! (2 comments) Water is the best drink! (4 comments) lovely day here! (1 comments) Beautiful day here! (4 comments) Weekend means more time---not more food! (4 comments) high winds here to-day! (4 comments) --A new day to get it right! JOURNAL !!! Tis the weekend--soon!--- Eat very carefully1 (3 comments) Beware of Trans Fats! (3 comments) Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers! (1 comments) We have "the power"! Whatta great day!! (2 comments) Hava great Sparkly Day! (3 comments) More veggies and fruits help us stay healthy! (2 comments) Beware of a weekend binge! (4 comments) Sunday ---relaxing day! (2 comments) Determined to eat healthy ALL day! (2 comments) It's almost JULY 1st--- (1 comments) Holiday weekend coming up!-- -HOLIDAY weekend--Be very Careful! (6 comments) Happy Canada Day! (6 comments) July 4th celebrations! (1 comments) Happy July 4th to all in the U.S.! (1 comments) Happy 4th to all in U.S.! (3 comments) Stay hydrated in the heat---WATER!!! eating less--drinking water---- (1 comments) I shall be on track to-day! (3 comments) The weekend is near! (1 comments) I love the rain---not the storms tho! It is pure bedlam here --Grandkids all over the place! (1 comments) another day with Family here! (7 comments) problem with computer here--very hot outside! (2 comments) weight 200.0-----DOWN a half a pound--sitting on the verge to Onederland! (2 comments) the weekend is here--- (3 comments) Daughter leaves to-day! (7 comments) There is life after Daughter visits! Think water -water -water---- (3 comments) Going to be very hot! (5 comments) Drink lotza water---- Good Day Sparkly People! (1 comments) Very hot days require water! (2 comments) lovely rain on this Sunday!!! (4 comments) Monday Monday--- (1 comments) Ya gotta love to-day! (2 comments) Trying to stick to my calorie range! (2 comments) Big thunder storm here! (2 comments) Thunder storms here last night! (3 comments) The days are getting shorter! (5 comments) A holiday long weekend for Canada is almost here! (5 comments) Good Day Sparkly People! (8 comments) Wonderful day for weights! (1 comments) Happy Birthday Canada! (2 comments) Guess what?--It's NOT CANADA's Birthday--Ive ""lost it"" for sure! (10 comments) it's a new month! (2 comments) I joined the Premium Spark--no ads- (7 comments) another VERY hot humid day in the North! (7 comments) very hot here! Calories in and more-calories out! (1 comments) Be happy! (1 comments) The birds are leaving us here in the North! (7 comments) another VERY hot day! (1 comments) I MADE IT!--ONE-DER_LAND! Holy Cow! (2 comments) ONE-DER LAND--I'm HERE! (11 comments) Good Day Sparkly people! Good day Sparkly People! (1 comments) Hopefully this will be the last really hot day!--but--I say that everyday! (4 comments) Extremely humid to-day--AGAIN! (4 comments) and we have yet ANOTHER very humid day here! (5 comments) I think the humidity is lower--for now! (1 comments) I can feel FALL ---closer ----crunchy nights starting! (4 comments) A new day! The weight drops slowly--but it drops! (4 comments) and so we continue on--Spark as if yer life depends on it!---It DOES!~ (2 comments) Saturday and it seems like it's going to be hot!--- (1 comments) Sundays are the best! (2 comments) a new day--a new slate! (1 comments) another great day to Spark! (4 comments) just do it! I lost another pound-- 198 now--in the "Land of the One!" (11 comments) love the cooler weather! (2 comments) Caution! Holiday weekend ahead! (3 comments) Labour Day Holiday Weekend----Woo Woo! (3 comments) Caution--- Holiday weekend! (1 comments) Labour Day---a Holiday! (1 comments) Ist Day of School! unplanned foods yesterday will make me more determined to-day to Spark a great day! (2 comments) hot and humid still!---- (4 comments) much less humid to-day! (2 comments) cooler ---nice for walking! lovely day to get on track ! (1 comments) Stay focused to-day!--We can do this! (2 comments) a new day--a better me! (1 comments) lovely fall day! (1 comments) Off to the dog groomer (2 comments) enjoying a more relaxed Sunday! (4 comments) trying to get that weight to move! (3 comments) Going to spark a great day! (2 comments) Last day of summer! (9 comments) It's the weekend!--WATCH OUT! (3 comments) Good Sunday Morning to y'all! (6 comments) a lovely rainy day here! (6 comments) another rainy day in the North! (2 comments) a new day! (3 comments) warm to-day and to-morrow-- 22 C The weekend is near--- (2 comments) Staying strong--I think! (4 comments) lotza leaves falling! (3 comments) A new week--- (4 comments) a whole new day--23 more hours--to be healthy! (2 comments) a very mild day today for October! (1 comments) another very mild day to-day but snow in Western Canada! (3 comments) Thanksgiving weekend in Canada!--Be Careful! (5 comments) holiday weekend in Canada---giving thanks! (11 comments) Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians--and wanna-be Canadians! (2 comments) Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians and "wanna-be" Canadians! (2 comments) Happy Thanksgiving Canada! (4 comments) Getting up and facing a new day! (1 comments) a new Sparkly day! (1 comments) To-day I 'm going to drink water-- (1 comments) Yikes---the weekend is near! (5 comments) walking helps the mind!- (3 comments) Hello Sparkly people! (8 comments) a new week---- I do love Mondays! (2 comments) a rainy Tuesday! (5 comments) Good Sparkly Day Wanna -Be Losers! (2 comments) Watch out--the weekend is nearly here! (2 comments) Watch out--It's the weekend!--- Sunday is good! (3 comments) A new week---- Happy Birthday to HIMSELF--- (12 comments) took 2 weeks but the weight is moving---AGAIN! (6 comments) Hope yu all Spark a good day to-day! (4 comments) almost------the--weekend--- (2 comments) The seasons-they are a changing! (6 comments) A beautiful, new day! (2 comments) HAPPY HALLOWEEN_BOO! (4 comments) so happy its Nov 1st! (3 comments) so mild -----great to walk! (4 comments) Stay the Course! --We can! a new day to try harder! (2 comments) Never give up! (5 comments) Slept in--- (4 comments) Enjoy a warm day to-day!--- (4 comments) Hope all the wanna-be Losers, have a healthy day! (1 comments) Proud to be Canadian! (5 comments) Hava Healthy happy day----try to! (3 comments) Remembrance Day---Thank-you to all our veterans! (3 comments) It's the weekend!--Yikes! (2 comments) Monday morning--a fresh week! (1 comments) And a new day---- Yeah!!!! (3 comments) If you bite it--write it! (2 comments) We have SNOW! (4 comments) The weekend is not long enough! (4 comments) Another day to get it right! (2 comments) Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all in the U.S. (11 comments) Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S.! (2 comments) Happy Holiday weekend to all in the U.S. (3 comments) Happy Holiday weekend to the U.S. of A. Losers! (1 comments) Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S. (6 comments) A new week--- YEAH! A better day to-day-- (4 comments) up and at-er! Ya gotta love Saturday! (2 comments) Its going to be a perfect day--Sunday is! (2 comments) We have SNOW! (4 comments) another day--another dollar! (2 comments) Sparkly Losers are the best! (5 comments) a brand new day! (3 comments) The weekend is near----Oh man! (3 comments) Lord love a Duck! Give us strength! (2 comments) It's almost Xmas! (4 comments) lotza snow to shovel! (7 comments) another snowy day!--- (2 comments) a very cold day--bundle up! (2 comments) even colder to-day---Spark warm thoughts! (4 comments) Be careful--- the weekend ! (3 comments) Wasn't that the best-eat party ever?---- because everyone of you came--- and we finally got to see each other--- I can't thank-you enough for ,making my Birthday so full of love!-Lynda (7 comments) Weekends are great! (2 comments) I caught the stray cat--- FINALLY! (16 comments) Good day--milder----try to de-stress to-day! (2 comments) lots of darkness to-day---Dec 21st! (3 comments) Be Merry and Gay! Merry Christmas==Happy Holidays! (3 comments) Time to get going and thinking of the New Year! (1 comments) We CAN and WILL Spark! (1 comments) Good day Losers! (1 comments) Almost New Years too! (2 comments) New Years Eve (4 comments) HAPPY NEW YEAR SPARKLY PEOPLE! (1 comments) HAPPY NEW YEAR SPARKLY PEOPLE! (3 comments) 2 days into a healthier me! (5 comments) facing reality here! (1 comments) and we have MORE snow!--Anyone want some? (12 comments) minus 20 C here----COLD!!! (11 comments) The weekend is near! (4 comments) Saturday and it's NOT snowing!--- (5 comments) FINALLY----I am SPARKING---It'[s Minus 27C (4 comments) We have snow falling----MORE snow! (4 comments) more snow falling! (5 comments) such a bad storm last night--power outages (9 comments) colder-----not too much snow fell overnight! (6 comments) Spark very carefully! (5 comments) Sundays are the best! (1 comments) Spark on! You know---SPRING will be here before yu know it--SPARK ON! (3 comments) another mild day---mid January--Spring is coming--jess saying! (2 comments) love these mild days! (1 comments) The weekend is near----be wary! We have rain falling in January--- (3 comments) The snow is booming off the roof! (5 comments) BOO! (2 comments) sad day f (7 comments) Good Morning Sparkly People! (5 comments) Make it a great Sparkly day--- (1 comments) Sushi is home! (6 comments) (2 comments) Happy Chinese New Year! (1 comments) a new week--a new chance--- Youza! (2 comments) Good Sparkly day Losers! Happy Ground Hog Day! (2 comments) Be very careful--the weekend is near! (3 comments) Good day Sparkly People! (3 comments) Monday--again! a day with freezing rain and snow means himself is home----I'll get him to vacuum! (7 comments) Good Day Sparkly People! (2 comments) It was minus 28 C last night--- summer sounds so good! (11 comments) love Fridays! (3 comments) Its the weekend----WooWoo! (3 comments) And more snow is falling! (2 comments) Valentines Day is tomorrow--eat broccoli! (7 comments) Happy Lovin' Day! (4 comments) Lovin ' you! (5 comments) Happy Wednesday! (1 comments) Eating healthy today! (3 comments) Its a LO-o-o-on--ng weekend in Canada--Family Day is Monday! (5 comments) A Holiday weekend--Yeah!!! (3 comments) a lovely sunny day----Woo Woo! (4 comments) I shall eat healthy today! (2 comments) Be wary of overeating-- (2 comments) Good day y'all! (3 comments) Enjoy yer Sparkly Sunday! (4 comments) More snow--Anyone want some? (7 comments) A new day---a new challenge! (2 comments) A new month--- We are closer to SPRING! (3 comments) They closed the highway yesterday--I drove over it----Whatta day! (7 comments) So happy to see FRIDAY!--YEAH! (3 comments) The weekend!!--- YEAH! SUN_day!--Love it! A new week---- Rain on snow---== ICE! (8 comments) We have light snow falling (6 comments) sparkly people are great "losers"! (1 comments) is thinkin' Spring will soon be here! (2 comments) is happy it's SPRING! (5 comments) is happy to be home and all is well! (1 comments) is striving to be a great Spatrkly Person to-day! (2 comments) is looking out on Freezing Rain!--Yikes! (7 comments) is going to journal ALL day! (2 comments) is not happy with the freezing rain falling! (5 comments) is happy to be sparking (1 comments) is hoping y'all are happy this day! (1 comments) (5 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) (13 comments)

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