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thanks everyone who came and sent healthy warm wishes, on my virtual Birthday! (3 comments) I hope everyone takes a few minutes for themselves to-day! (3 comments) sez I hopes everyone is happt to-day! (1 comments) is happy to see Monday! head down for hours yesterday, gardening---to-day very dizzy-Lordy Be! Lotza attitude is good! (2 comments) (24 comments) Happy Easter! (10 comments) is waiting for THE STORM! (14 comments) on week #5 of my new healthy way of life! (2 comments) is hoping we get an early Spring--but--I know we won't! (3 comments) trying to stick to my plan (5 comments) sick with the flu (5 comments) is thinking I may be getting over this terrible flu- (5 comments) Finally getting over the flu (6 comments) Ill be happy to see the end of winter! (4 comments) (2 comments) sad to see my daughter go home (3 comments) The weekend will soon be here---Eat carefully! (2 comments) I ate almost 1700 calories to-day--too much! (4 comments) ate within my calorie range today (2 comments) We saw the sun today--in that sky-- We saw the sun today--in that sky-- is not looking forward to more snow tomorrow-- (8 comments) I feel so much better this AM--energy +++++ (1 comments) ice on the window--freezing rain falling is not liking this ice storm! (13 comments) shovelled snow all day! shovelled snow all day! shovelled snow all day! shovelled snow all day! trying top stay within my calorie range (3 comments) trying hard to take time for me! (5 comments) I had a kinda hot and miss day-0-Hop[e tomorrow will be better! (1 comments) Try hard to eat healthy this weekend (1 comments) Hello everyone-- (8 comments) We can do this! We can do this!

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