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(6 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) Bluestone Lake, WV (4 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) Cooper and I (6 comments) Cooper's first day with me. (11 comments) My buddy, Cooper (10 comments) (1 comments) Cooper and me 9/11 (5 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Cooper and me 2/19/12 (4 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) (7 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (8 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) Allegheny Reservoir Sept. 2012 (4 comments) (3 comments) (11 comments) (6 comments) (8 comments) 3/29/13 (14 comments) At goal weight (22 comments) (5 comments) Cooper on the kayak 5/13 (19 comments) (14 comments) Cooper on the Chadakoin 6/15 Cooper on the Chadakoin 6/15 (4 comments) This is my "before" hair color picture 9/2/17... going to the salon for the new color 9/8/17... stay (6 comments) This is my Cooper-dog, that I adopted over 6 years ago... he has been my faithful companion through thick and thin. He keeps me moving in every kind of weather (though he dislikes rain...), I am so grateful he came into my life! This is what mornings look like here this time of year... this is NOT from this morning, as the sun has yet to rise... but from earlier in the week when I was walking the dog at sunrise... Yep, that's my Cooper-dog... he is getting to be a bit of a grumpy, old man, but he still walks about 5 miles with me most days... I am up... but my dog is curled up with one of his stuffed animals in bed... snoring. He has much better sleep habits than I do! LOL Once again I was plagued by insomnia... while my dog slept on blissfully beside me. I wish I could bottle that contentment and ease with the world... This is one of the few items that has survived multiples moves and relocations... I think I drew it about 27 years ago... It has gotten pretty cold here this week... and my dog hasn't gotten used to it yet, so this is where he parked himself yesterday whenever I turned the heater on... I think he was just superheating his brain... LOL (1 comments) My Cooper-dog nested in my baby blanket my grandmother knit for me when I was born... (11/18/17) (3 comments) My and my best friend, Jennifer... (Fall 2017) (2 comments) The blanket my dog is snuggled in is the baby blanket my grandmother knit for me when I was born (a certain number of years ago)... It is great condition, especially considering I have used it on my bed all of my life! And it is only 4:24pm here... I still have to take the dog on his evening walk, which will probably add a couple thousand more steps... November 24, 2017 (4 comments) The sunset last night as I walked the dog... Not sure why it is loading sideways...? But you get the idea... This is what my Cooper-dog was doing while I went out for a brisk walk this morning... 5am is not his thing... ask him again at 7am. Sunrise on my morning walk... When he sits there staring holes through me with one ear up... I know it is time for a nice, long walk. (1 comments) Had minor foot surgery yesterday... doctor said no restrictions in particular (just use common sense) So, I did about half my usual morning miles, and I did them indoors, instead of risking the icy and snowy sidewalks in the pre-dawn darkness. Then I sat down for an hour and cuddled the dog... who really likes to snuggle. (1 comments) My Cooper-dog usually waits patiently for me to get ready to go out in the snow (I wear a LOT of layers), sometimes though he just lays down and gives me the "look"... (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Snowy morning here... already went out for a short walk. Just waiting for the dog to wake up and decide when he wants to go out... bet he goes out for a short walk this morning! Haha (1 comments) My Cooper-dog and I have been contemplating the benefits of hibernation today, as it snowed and snowed... I did take him out in it, and went out walking by myself a couple times, but hibernating sounds better and better ! Haha This is what I am walking in today... It isn't too cold yet, so it is just really pretty. (1 comments) Before it was snow, it was freezing rain... which my little dog despises! I tried peeling back the blankets this morning to get him to go for a walk, but he would have none of that... so I waited until it turned to snow... and then he was happy to go for a walk! Picky little puppy! (1 comments) The trees are dressed in their holiday finery! (1 comments) Cooper wishes everyone a Merry Christmas... and wishes it were warmer here! This was my view from my window Christmas Day...we didn’t get the 4+ feet that Erie, PA did, but it still came down fast... Lake Effect Snow is no joke! Who invited the chupacabra for Christmas? It would motivate me to run faster, that is for certain! Snowy brambles along my morning walk yesterday before my appointments... the dog was not along due to the frigid cold temperatures The skeptical look my dog gives me when I ask if he wants to go out and the wind chill is below zero... and yet once we get out there he wants to go for a long walk and I end up having to pick him up and carry him home because he refuses to turn back... chilly dog... I try to take him out for 10 minutes or less... but he has other ideas! Good thing I am bigger than him and I am still able to carry him... silly dog! I started the day with a “brisk” walk (wind chill is sub zero)... while the dog did this... doesn’t he look energetic? Haha! It is just too cold for him out there... 10 minutes (tops) today, as the high is supposed to be about 8F... Definitely making him wear his boots today! I think my Cooper-dog would like to be a marsupial during the Winter (I can see his point)... here he snuggles with my eldest niece ignoring the coffee and crossword puzzle happening above him... in favor of cuddles! Smart dog... I asked the dog if he wanted to go out? And this was all the response I got... none at all! One smart puppy! Too cold out there this morning for either one of us... Say good night, Cooper! Sometimes strength isn’t just about how much weight I can leg press... sometimes it is about asking for help when I am struggling mentally or emotionally... life can be difficult, but I have many blessings and my friends here on SparkPeople are numerous of them... thank you! It has been below average temperatures here for the last two weeks or so... but it’s going to warm up this coming week. In the meantime I am walking the hallways of my apartment building and doing laps on the stairs (I live on the 3rd floor)... I can hardly wait to get back outside more though. Even the dog only goes out as long as he absolutely has to! The picture is the view out my window these days... not too bad, at least the roads are plowed The Cooper-dog was in dreamland while I walked and didn’t want to be disturbed when I came back... right after I took the picture he gave “the look” and burrowed All the way under the blanket . Silly puppy... I am up, but I won’t make you get up for at least two hours! Up early again to walk... disturbing the pup... This is what my dog thinks of my penchant for very early morning exercise! “Leave me alone Hu-mom!” I was recently told I was a reactive hypoglycemic, so a serving of rice for me should be about 2 tablespoons... but I really wanted Dirty Rice for dinner last night... so I tried making it with riced cauliflower... not bad! And it didn’t make me sick, so I will put that one in the “win” column. Spicy shrimp on a simple salad... dressing on the side... shredded Parmesan on top... it was very tasty! Staying on plan can taste good... Up for no good reason... my dog is skeptical... since the picture he has gone back to bed and is snoring... while I have gone for a 30 minute walk(indoors, it’s 2F), and now I am brewing a cup of coffee... The Cooper-dog and I hope you have a great day! Ever sleep with one foot out from under the covers? My dog does... otherwise he is completely tucked underneath from the tip of his nose to end of his tail! Here’s that portrait of my dog... Shirataki noodle salad... I tried a new brand of noodles and they were okay, but I like the kind I normally get better... with grilled avocado, tomato, surimi, and shredded Parmesan... very tasty. (1 comments) I got up, but the Cooper-dog has gone back to dreamland, I am going out to walk while he snoozes on... I bet he’ll be ready to go outside in about an hour, so I can get close to 4 miles in, before walking him... we will see... This is what my dog did while I was out walking... I think the higher lump in the middle is his head... he didn’t even twitch when I came back... great watch dog! lol Sometimes I need to see it in pictures to believe the difference... I forget exactly where I started from, and how uncomfortable I was... this is a Much Better feeling... #BeforeAndAfter Good night from the Cooper-dog and me... he has the right idea. Hope you had a good day today! Cooper-dog has been yipping in his sleep and twitching... so I know he’s dreaming. I bet doggie dreams are less complicated and convoluted than human ones... I am still up because I have to recheck my blood glucose levels again... too low after dinner, so I took care of it... but it requires a recheck to make sure the number is going the right way... ah, the joys of hypoglycemia... I am fighting against the puppy sleep vortex, but the little snores and the sight of his utter relaxation are drawing me in... even though it is only 7pm here. Lol I have been experimenting with pasta substitutes... today’s selection was spiralized sweet potato... topped with herbed shrimp, tomato, avocado, garlicky yogurt dressing, and topped with a sprinkle of shredded Parmesan... not bad. I liked the crunch the sweet potato gave to the “pasta” salad! I would definitely make it again. My dog is begging for his morning belly rubs... but I am already handling a book and a cup of coffee... which should I put down? What a conundrum... guess the book can wait... lol The dog won’t look at me, he is pouting because I made him walk in the rain! I can always go for a simple salad... lettuce, tomato, and avocado. Topped with shredded Parmesan, and oil and vinegar... easy, quick and tasty! Up really early to drive my sil to the airport... little does the dog know I am about to wake him up and take him for a car ride... “Shrimp Skimpy “. Zucchini and summer squash zoodles, with Cajun shrimp and lotsa garlic... another successful experiment! Good thing I got my long outside workout in yesterday morning... 18 hours later it is snowing and blowing (though not too bad yet)... but the roads haven't been plowed so far... (1 comments) The Cooper-dog is most unimpressed with my early morning (or middle of the night) fitness feats... I can just imagine him thinking “turn that blasted light off and go back to bed! Are you crazy, lady?” I, of course, ignore his admonishments and go out anyway. I am actually surprised how many people at the doctors office refused to wear a mask... It isn’t glamorous, but it’s the responsible thing to do when you have the flu and have to go out for some reason... sorry, that’s a pet peeve of mine... I’ll get off my soapbox now. As for me... I’m down almost 12 pounds since I caught this bug. This is NOT the way to lose weight... My Cooper-dog wishes everyone a good night and a great day tomorrow...sweet dreams! The Cooper-dog is doing his part to make sure I don’t overdo... by pinning me to the recliner with his sleeping puppy self! We all know puppy cuddles take priority... lol Sleepy dog I am ready to get up, but the pup is NOT! Dreamland still claims him... so I will grab a book and a glass of water, and wait for a while before annoying him with my wakefulness... I had coffee and breakfast, took a slow one hour walk, then got sucked into the puppy sleep vortex for an hour... lol! Is it a nap that early in the morning? Or just going back to bed to finish the nights sleep? The Cooper-dog will walk in snow, no problem. In fact he enjoys it... more than I do. This mornings walk was about 30 minutes. Went and got my hair touched up today... after being sick and losing too much weight all at once I needed a pick me up... just a trim and some purple highlights... While I was out in the bracing 2F chill this is what my dog was doing... now which of us is smarter? Lol Someone woke up and feels chipper... but it isn’t me. lol Look, coffee! You can’t really see the snow falling, but I thought the tree looked interesting... this is what I am avoiding going out in... until Cooper has to go out! Meanwhile, the Cooper-dog also has no intention in going outside yet... just begging for belly rubs and cuddles. Doesn’t seem fair sometimes... he eats whatever he wants, and never gains weight! lol I think even the Cooper-dog is ready to call this day done... look at the resignation in those eyes! (2 comments) I weaned myself off sugar in my coffee, but I haven’t convinced myself to give up the cream yet... how do you take your coffee? Lol... I have been up for about 2 hours, had my coffee and a light breakfast, walked in the building (it is about 5F outside), and started contemplating what I can feasibly do today... and my dog sleeps on! I wish I could sleep that well and deeply... the only time he twitches is when he dreams of chasing squirrels or possibly something grander... Lunch today was garlicky mushrooms and lobster on zucchini and summer squash “noodles”... with a sprinkle of shredded Parmesan... it was really garlicky, and really tasty! I like that I don’t get that “pasta bloat” feeling when I do the spiralized veggies, and my blood sugar does not spike (or crash)... tasty and healthy... I call that a win! Snuggle puppy... exhausted after walking a total of four hours with me today... not sure what the mileage total was, but the way he zigzags his was probably twice what mine was for the 4 hours! I celebrate my puppy’s birthday on February 14th each year. He is approximately 8 years old now, and yesterday we walked for a total of four hours! What a blessing in my life he is... companion, exercise coach, relaxation mentor, and friendship ambassador (more people in my apartment building know his name than mine, lol)... Happy un-birthday Cooper! This is what I am doing right now... petting the dog... (1 comments)

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