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CAN'T WAIT! ONDERLAND HERE I COME! (1 comments) NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT! GOAL REACHED! YES:) Taking baby steps in the right direction! (2 comments) This is so true! I CAN DO IT! I WILL DO IT! SOMEDAY I WILL SAY, I DID IT! 7/8/15 Onederland! I finally did it! WOO HOO! (2 comments) Goodbye Twoterville forever! Hello Onederland! (6 comments) Imagine yourself by Christmas! Don't stop it will be worth it! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) I AM GOING TO WRITE MY OWN SUCCESS STORY THIS YEAR FOR 2016! I REFUSE TO GIVE UP! I can do it & I will do it! No one can go back & make a brand new start, anyone can start from now& make a brand new ending! Each new day is a blank page. What you write is up to you! Leave the past & hopefully learn from it! Couldn't have said it better! (1 comments) So True (1 comments) In my front window-Xmas 2012 (2 comments) Retreat-2012 This place is massive. Retreat 2012 Brianna's BDay Cocoa in his window (1 comments) New camper & truck. (3 comments) Inside camper. John who we bought it from. (2 comments) Inside of camper (1 comments) This was the view outside his (John's) back deck. He owns that mountain!! Brianna, Amanda, Holly (1 comments) Down 62 lbs. Woo Hoo! (8 comments) Bushkill Falls. (2 comments) Paul at Falls 1,247 steps along the path! Whoo!!! (1 comments) Me at the falls! (1 comments) A lake a few miles from where I live. (2 comments) Fishing on the lake. (1 comments) I love to walk around the lake-1.5 miles around. (2 comments) Welcome Autumn. (1 comments) Our baby beagle (7 comments) Cocoa's big tongue! (2 comments) Cocoa falling asleep! (2 comments) Eagles & San Francisco I need to start losing weight! Happy R.I.P. went to doggy heaven 12/11 (2 comments) Daughter Barbara,Grandaughter Amanda, Me in N.Y. City Amanda Face Painting (Butterfly) (1 comments) Our Cute Little Baby Beagle! (7 comments) Daughter Barbara & Johnny (1 comments) Daughters Barbara and Holly Cocoa (5 comments) Me,Holly,and Amanda (1 comments) Barbara and Holly (holly's graduation) Wild Horses Outter Banks NC (1 comments) Holly and Happy (1 comments) Granddaughter Brianna Penn State Fan (1 comments) Husband Paul & Me (5 comments) Cocoa (11 comments) LET IT SNOW! (1 comments)

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