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My Cora is now 5....wow, where does the time go! She was just a baby when I 1st started Spark Xo My Happy Family (1 comments) (2 comments) Trying here to write out my goals and plans to get back on track and after writing and erasing several times this is what I came up with... is finally mrs. vanancker! yaaaay!!! (5 comments) True story!!!! the wedding dress doesn't fit...good think i put in on. time to buckle down!!!!! there is just no other choice! (1 comments) πŸ’š Love this picture! πŸ’šJust looking at it makes me feel alive and healthy, lol. What do you see when looking at this!?! How does it make you feel? πŸ‰πŸŒπŸ… (2 comments) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ My planks are nothing in comparisson to what all the men and woman have done in serving our country...so thankful!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ happy saturday!! when obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there! (1 comments) Finally got them done....ready to get married!! Got um Zipped!! Bridal Boot Camp Results (1 comments) 21 Day Fix is by far the BEST program out there!!! It doesn't get more real than this! Busted out the insanity pure cardio tonight...killed it! (2 comments) is loving beachbody/shakeology!! and...finally got a fit bit, yay!! how are you? (1 comments) i struggled with this at 5 am but i did it. first early morning workout in a loooong time. glad i got it done!! (2 comments) is Miss Isabelle - December 2015 SEE YA NEXT YEAR is a work in progress...lol. here is a fun workout for you all. let me know if you try it! (1 comments) doing the best i can and hoping to finish novermber off stronge. who's with me?!!?!?! here is some fun info.. was so excited to get a double workout in today. got my morning throwdown done and then got a last minute zumba sub call. all is going great!! u?!?!?! easy read...started day 1! i needed a reboot for sho ;) he asked (finally!! lol) and i said yes!! (5 comments) took cora to get rid of some candy....yay!! so glad that 80% of it is out of this house! lol (1 comments) Daylight savings time...lol first class was ammmazing!! loooovin my job! (2 comments) tomorrow is the big day....zumba instructor training..sooo excited!! (3 comments) revised my veggie ball recipe and made veggie bean patties w/zucchini chips. woke up and had a great workout too..happy thursday friends!! ITS WAS SO GOOD! U GUYS GOTTA TRY! GO ALKALINE!!! do you know the importance of ph levels? always test your water (strips are super cheap) and remembe Something for the kiddos! DELICIOUS!! (3 comments) AMAZING!! 2015 (5 comments) GRRRRRRRRRR! Pumpkin cream filled cinnamon donuts...what they call crack donuts around these parts. NOT WHAT I WANT TO SEE IN MY KITCHEN! (2 comments) is Having a really hard time getting un-cozy to workout. This cold weather is making me lazy today...uuugh...lol (3 comments) is feeling awesome today! (1 comments) what are some of your healthy habits?! are there bad ones you've overcome? please share! (1 comments) is sooo excited to finally become a zumba instructor! Signed up yesterday..yay! (1 comments) well...didn't get to do my 10k b/c mommy duty called but i did do a 5k and was only 31 seconds away from my best time! (1 comments) DONT FORGET TO DRINK THAT WATER!! 1/2 YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN OZ!!! check out my water blog "keeping track of water intake...idea" (1 comments) READY TO START A NEW WEEK!! BRING IT ON! (1 comments) had a couple bad nights but today i'm all in....my body is happy to hear it ;) almost let some female issues keep me in bed this morning but i realized that there are NO EXCUSES in this journey! i need to get up everyday and make it count. so do you!!! have a great myday! is Loving this s book..check it out! Learning a lot about smoothies! (2 comments) "hungry for a change"...fantastic movie!! (netflix) it was sooo hot but i pushed through and did the best i could...craziest 5k i've ever done! (2 comments) CHANGE YOUR MIND! Can't believe the day is finally here after all the years I've been talking about doing it...hot summer fair parade 5K...HERE I COME! finally got myself into the gym to get my practice run on until the parade this sunday...not to bad :) (1 comments) got to workout today in mt new T...didnt make workout any easier ;) (2 comments) is excited and nervous...just signed up for the 5K fair parade race. Something I've been talking about doing for years. I've got this!!! (1 comments) TRUE STORY! Cookin up some Kale Chips w/dinner...family fun! is feelin the burn! (1 comments) tackle the day!! happy monday sparkers! (1 comments) this is what happens when you put off working out all day and your fav show comes on....lol happy 4th my friends! enjoy, be safe and be heallthy! (no smores! lol) Green Smoothie! Oooooo ;) Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Pineapple, Ginger root, Almonds, Celery & Apple (4 comments) Prom 2015 - me and my siblings (4 comments) Miss Cora - June 2014 (4 comments) I, I, I, I Workout! (3 comments) Ready to Pop! (8 comments) is happy (5 comments) Isabelle Louise born the 22nd :) 7 lbs, 15 oz 21" What a blessing she is! (9 comments) finally took my before pics. sad that im starting right back where i started in 2012 but happy that i've learned so much along the way...taking that as a big advantage!! getting ready for day 2 of Focus T25 :) and well..just had to share pics of my girls ;) happy tuesday all! (3 comments) for WINTERRAIN... (1 comments) June 2014 - 13 weeks (1 comments) My Family (2 comments) My New Look (5 comments) my sis, cousin and me at the prom i talked so much about :) the dress fit and we had a blast! (1 comments) (2 comments) me and my forever! Cora got the camera when mommy was workin out, lol! (3 comments) Miss Cora - June 2013 Football season...cheering for good ol Notre Dame ;) (3 comments) Amazing what a difference 15 lbs can make! (4 comments) 21.6 lb loss! (6 comments) My fun new weightloss tracker :) Thanks for the idea CAROLINA_MOMMA! (20 comments) My Vision Board (10 comments) Me & My Cora...Christmas 2012 (2 comments) My Cora - June 2012 (6 comments) (3 comments) Goal Jeans....they fit! (2 comments) Goal Outfit...1st month! size 15/16 jeans & medium shirt :) (13 comments)

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