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my escape from life my serenity Furnace is frozen pray it gets defrosted...thank goodness for wood back up....gonna be cold today stay warm!! (1 comments) How it's done in new York state!! (1 comments) Is it spring yet? I lost another two pounds!!! (2 comments) day 50 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/5/2015 Today's forecast? MORE SNOW!!I want spring yesterday!! :) (1 comments) My puppy Snowflake playing in the snow...too much of it really... (1 comments) I had to!!! (2 comments) The temps are on the rise after tonight....hopefully for good! Hope you like the picture have a good day! (2 comments) Today I'm grocery shopping for my mil for the first of probably many times....she's such a blessing to me and my kids! A picture I took at work poor birdy! (1 comments) Its gonna be bikini weather tomorrow folks! 27 degrees and you guessed it MORE SNOW!!! Lucky me!! (1 comments) I couldnt help it!! So true! (1 comments) Too funny! I found a ton of them!!! Ive had way too many nights without sleep this winter. I cant wait till my dh says its time to let the beast go! (1 comments) Im taking the kiddos to walmart today for their yearly excursion...lucky me!!! I thought the picture was fitting. Teehee!! I dont like mondays! (1 comments) Wahhh i need more sleep! (2 comments) Id love to today!! (1 comments) Had to!! Had to!! What a day!! Hope yours was goodB-) (1 comments) Back on wood detail..ugh more winter....YUCKY POO!! (1 comments) Reminds me if my boys!!♡♥ Its finally finished!! 2 1/2 months work for my friend, i think it was worth it...what do you think? (1 comments) Lately this has been me! (1 comments) Yet another day home with another sick child only 9 days from the last one...ugh i need a spa day!! (2 comments) Here we go again!! Luv my Chronicles of Narnia♡♥ Im rereading it and looking much deeper then I hadnt a clue what its about till now!! (1 comments) Hopefully an easy day today at work :) I so need one!! (1 comments) Taking the dogs to the vet this morning then its off to work i go heigh ho heigh ho!! UGH!! (1 comments) Our version of lofthouse cookies done in a peep pan!! (2 comments) I cant wait for today to be over with! But a mountain of work awaits me for a while. Rented a dumpster gonna haul this place out! (1 comments) Yucky monday is tomorrow. I definately need a day between saturday and sunday to do nothing!! Started hauling out the house, gonna be a long haul. Lord help me!!! Yup its monday again ...ugh is all Ive gotta say! (1 comments) So true! Thought this was cute! (1 comments) (1 comments) Thought this was cute! Yup! I try! (2 comments) My hubby agrees!! (1 comments) Feeling very tired today so this fits me!! (1 comments) Thought this was cute and true! Thought this was funny! Had to! (1 comments) Daily dose of laughter! Hahaha! (1 comments) Teehee! Happy birthday to me tomorrow!! Just another day for me♡♥ (1 comments) Its pretty bad when you wake up lookin like Red Skelton as Freddy the Freeloader! Yup im showin my age!! (2 comments) Im having a very bad day! (1 comments) Gonna scream! Got to work n no point in trying to clean hes got someone pulling the house apart!!! Ugh! (1 comments) (1 comments) Littlest has a dentist appointment today hopefully its the last one for a while. Lets pray we dont end up with another ear infection from it. (1 comments) Dad in his army uniform...miss him terribly♡♥ In the er last night with my 2nd son hes got a sprained ankle but a line in his growth plate going to an orthopedic next week probably I lost two lbs...guess im back on the downhill slide! (1 comments) Im soooo tired shopping always tires me out going with my it bedtime yet?! (1 comments) Teehee! House is clean!! (1 comments) Yup gonna be a rough one...AGAIN! (1 comments) Yuppers! Yup! (1 comments) Sorry about the language on this one hope i dont offend anyone..dont mean to (1 comments) Too funny! (1 comments) (1 comments) Teehee! Had a crazy day! I wish!! Trying to get through a rough week in a better way..have a good one! (1 comments) Crochetted water bottles for the boys Crocheted water bottle covers for the boys (1 comments) Teehee! I dont eat much bacon but I do like it once in a while! (1 comments) My new ride cant wait to get behind the wheel!! Too true! Heres my wedding picture from 11yrs ago (2 comments) Yup me today!! Just wish i could (1 comments) Yippee its the weekend! I wish the weekend lasted all week long!! Teehee!! (2 comments) Yup! Thank goodness its friday! Had to! (1 comments) Its only gonna get rougher for me! (1 comments) Teehee! My second pillow is finished!! (1 comments) Number three done!! (1 comments) Happy birthday dad! 1944-1997 rip. Gonna be a lazy Sunday ...minus the house cleaning Number 4 done...i know silly but i think my cousin will love it! (1 comments) The sky the other night after the storm (1 comments) I wish there was another day in between sat n sun! Hope everybody has a good week! Cant help it I love this one! (1 comments) RIP dad ..1944-1997 Miss you more then youll ever know!!♡♥ The necklace i bought...its almost like the one dad gave me the original artist died unfortunately (1 comments) Teehee! Thought this was pretty Mammogram goes on (1 comments) Thought this was funny The trees across from my house (2 comments) Yup (1 comments) Thank goodness its Friday!! So true for today! Three day weekend! My life has been incredibly stressful this week I need a vacation! Yup! (1 comments) I wish i wasnt so darn clumsy...i slid coming down my hill carrying my son, a backpack, and coat...ill feel it in the morning! (2 comments) Teehee! Definately my problem....lucky me! Thought this was cute! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Thought this was pretty (1 comments) Teacher confrences today plus work and a vet appointment....not enough time in my day! (1 comments) Had a productive day. Made 2 pumpkin pies, rhubarb custard pie, and dinner! (1 comments) My Thanksgiving cactus...i love these things! (1 comments) Thought this was funny! Hope youre having a good day! My Christmas tree...not sure if i like the lights but itll do Still here! Why I dont know somedays (1 comments) Happy new year and happy birthday to my youngest son Josh tomorrow! (1 comments) (1 comments) Hey look! Winters finally decided to show up! Thats the beast(aka our furnace i feed ) !! Lucky me!! (2 comments) Good thing i dont eat at taco bell! Thought this was funny Another funny...i live with 4 guys, cant help the sense of humor, sorry Yup tomorrows monday...ugh! (1 comments) Happiness to me is waking up in the middle of the night after loading my furnace and realizing i still have 5 hours left to sleep! (3 comments) Yup me today!! Thought this was funny! (1 comments) Yup included are cupcakes, pudding, ice cream...nah, just kidding! My ever faithful Roxie watching for the boys to come home from school B-) (1 comments) A cute side of a fridged day...two gold finches at a feeder. "Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end." Proverbs 29:11 ...if you think of me tomorrow about 2, say a prayer for me that all will work out! Thanks! (1 comments) All went suprisingly well today! Thank you for all your prayers!! (2 comments) I love this picture...having a quiet day at home (1 comments) Am i the only one who goes thru this? Hahahaha! Some days i hate myself.. . oh well have a good one My son Devon has his CAP testing today...central auditory processing to see if theres anything wrong with the way he recieves what hes heard..wish us luck! (2 comments) Im thinkin sundays gonna be a jammie day...this weeks been hard (1 comments) My great Aunt Gladys....sending prayers for a quick recovery...luv u!! Yipppeeee! Its finally friday! I only have to work till 1230!!! Have a good one!! (1 comments) My boys put a blanket on my dog n she put her head on my littlests hippo pillow...too comfy (1 comments) Too cute! Love it! Funny! This would be my husband!! (1 comments) This is half of my newest creation. Still need 8 more it!! (2 comments) Yup! I've been way too stressed lately...gotta find a way out Me today!! (1 comments) Please? Can i?!! These are humpbacks in Alaska..I so wanna go!! So very true! ! Ugh what a week!! (1 comments) Winters back. ..yuck!! Winters back. ..yuck!! Winters back yuck!! Winters back yuck!! Winters back yuck!! Yuppers! Haha!! (1 comments) Yuppers! It's been a rough week happy its over! Please? (1 comments) Yup Yup! The way I'm look in at it now...I'm done tryin to loose weight Definitely! ! Yup! (2 comments) Yuppers! (1 comments) How I'd love to see this!! (2 comments) Yup So true! ! So true! ! So true! ! So true! ! So true! ! The flowers are pens my middle son made them for me Thought this was cute! (1 comments)

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