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(1 comments) is granddog sitting .. (1 comments) is almost free .. its been a long 6 weeks of work work work .. looking forward to some me time real soon (1 comments) is packing up for a three week adventure .. left hand holiday .. dont know where to go next .. go left (1 comments) is HOME .. yee haw .. world traveler I am not .. I love home !! (1 comments) is looking forward to getting back on track .. in tune and making progress in this journey of life ..good morning all (1 comments) is busy at work .. loving every moment of life .. I love working with my kids ... we are an amazing team .. price of oil needs to get on the upswing now please and thankyou dear universe !! (2 comments) is looking forward to an amazing Thursday .. stay Sparkie dear friends (1 comments) is up at it and ready to enjoy Friday .... rememember to not only feed your body what it needs .. feed your soul!! (1 comments) is sending out healing, calming energies to all .... be kind to each other please .. just be kind! (1 comments) is 24 hours in .. YES .. no cheats .. !!! (1 comments) is starting day 3 ... on a roll towards less of me .. (1 comments) has four days under her belt .. whoot whoot (1 comments) is going to make the best of a gloomy cool day .. have a terrific Sunday Sparky friends .. (1 comments) is so looking forward to warm weather .. yes its here !! (1 comments) is rip roaring and ready to get outside .. day nunmber two of garden and yard adventures ... my heaven !! is so looking forward to the magic of Monday .. is looking forward to the warmest day of the week .. outdoor time YES !! had an amazing productive day yesterday .. bring on Wednesday I'm going to love every second ... is ready for an amazing Thursday, productive and full of fun ... (1 comments) is up and at it .. thankful and grateful looking forward to the Friday of Fridays ... (2 comments) is celebrating 7 days of commitment to self ..yee haw (1 comments) is wishing all of you the happiest of Mothers Days .. two legged babies , fur babies , step babies .. have a day to remember dear friends ..xo (1 comments) is sending Birthday wishes to Little Bird .. from across the miles dear one .... (1 comments) is looking for the magic in this rainy Wednesday .. thankful and grateful ..loving life (1 comments) is back to work after a long cold wet weekend .. here comes the sun ... weekend must be over (1 comments) is going to put one foot in front of the other until it comes naturaly !! (1 comments) is enjoying a beautiful sunny weekend ... (1 comments) is so enjoying this beautiful weather ... garden almost in ... (1 comments) is up and at it .. celebrated my birthday like a rock star so now have to behave !! not till next year .. just a week or so !! (1 comments) is busy house cleaning today .. party preparations for Saturday ... (1 comments) is remembering 40 years ago .. holy .. twas not yesterday !! (1 comments) is up early going to sneek in a little grand daughter time at her track and field today .. go Mercedes !! (1 comments) is going to an auction .. treasures treasures (1 comments) is going to refurbish treasures from the auction .. beautiful day today .. wow (1 comments) is enjoying a day at work with my kids .. I love work ... (1 comments) is loving the weather .. the deck ..and of course one of my cats .. (1 comments) is putting one foot in front of the other .. neither sore back , hail storm or nutty workplace will make me quit smiling ... have a blessed day dear friends .. (1 comments) (1 comments) is going to the fair .. Lexxus is 5 today and the fair is on ..yippee is on the mend .. looking forward to a Friday at work .. then a weekend of adventures ... is on the road to a special 5 year olds birthday party .. she calls me Gma !! is up and at it ready to face Friday and love every second. is still cabin hunting .. lordy .. three last weekend one last night .. what a scam .. pictures vs reality time is starting July in full committed to me mode .. yee haw up at it and headed outdoors before the heat of the day forces me to put the top down on my car and go for an afternoon spin to the lake .. twist my arm .. universe .. zoom zoom is up and at it .. its a work day ..looking forward to my drive with Sonia Choquette teaching me via CD .. I love my life .. I am blessed beyond words .. and grateful is looking forward to Friday .. I love love love summer .. fire pit tonight !! is packing up treasures for the cottage ... oh so much fun .. exercise too !! (1 comments) has her truck loaded to the roof .... cottage here we come .. (1 comments) is looking forward to a work week full of advenures and more trips to the cottage .. yee haw (1 comments) has the second truck full of treasures ready for the cottage ... this time pictures and music .. lawn furniure , barbeque and lights .. rugs and table cloths ..candles and flowers .. (1 comments) is enjoying the fresh morning air .. Happy Thursday .. its a beauty !! happy Sunday dear friends .. cottage life is starting to grow on me .. even the dogs are loving it now (1 comments) is a few days behind .. sorry .. is sending you all good vibes .. good guidance and zing moments is off to work .. then home to pack up and head to the cottage .. fresh fruit and veggies .. ice maker and two new books along with running shoes for long walks with the pups .. (3 comments) (1 comments) is at the cottage .. wow it is so so quiet .. no wind .. slept like a log .. looking forward to the Saturday dreams are made of .. a little work and a whole lot of play .. gmas little frogs are coming (1 comments) (1 comments) is is remembering 23 years ago .. when my dear granddaughter Meagan was born .. feels like yesterday .. but it sure wasnt ... I am thankful so thankful and blessed beyond words ...xoxo is going to put together wood furniture from LL Bean .. for the cottage ... is grateful and thankful for answered prayers ... is loving the cottage .. today is work first then beach day .. is looking forward to Wednesday .. smiling and productive .. at work and at home ... enjoy dear friends is up and at it ..payroll Friday .. new Sonia Choquette CDs to listen to on my commute .. life is perfect ... is missing the cottage ... should have packed up regardless of the rain ... but truck box had farmers bed in it .. not good to get wet .. too heavy for just me . open up put pieces in back seat !!! is (1 comments) is thankful and blessed ... new CD from Sonia and I get to drive my hour to work ..yes is feeling the magic today ..sending you all some your way .. remembers today ..the lives lost , changed forever as well as the power that fear has brought .. walk out of the fear of the past .. there are angels amoungst us ... feel their message .. is at the cottage .. enjoying early morning fresh cup of coffee .. thankful & grateful sending love to you ...:) is getting ready to hit the road ... love to walk while everyone is asleep .. mother nature is waking up the sun on the lake ... wow (1 comments) is headed to the garden .. then to work .. new Sonia CD to feed my spirit ..have an amazing day dear friends (1 comments) is up and at it bright and early .. busy day today .. full of fun and work .. garden half harvested ... I am grateful .. is blue jeans after summer ... hmm the real test of summer .. is is proud of her 24 hour commitment to self .. is amazed at how awesome she feels .. TLC fits and feels wonderful is loving this beautiful fall weather .. work a little a lot !! is enjoying this beautiful fall day .. crisp and cool in the morning .. sunny and warm this afternoon .. is blessed and thankful for your thoughts and prayers regarding my GD Meagan, surgery went well .. shes home getting lots of TLC (2 comments) is battling getting out of a set of numbers .. dear old body is stuck .. well I got news for you body .. the scale is going down !! get used to is !! is loving life .. loving me .. getting used to living in the moment .. being mindful and fun .. goofy and silly .. expecting magic and miracles every second .. :) is really getting tired of computers and internet that dont want to work .. where is the passenger pigeon store ?? (1 comments) Happy Halloween (1 comments) is sending you all great great energy for Novemeber .. is sending you all fantastic November energy .. is happy happy .. life is wonderful .. stay sparky dear friends .. is being mindful today .. paying attention to thoughts , actions , reactions and deeds. As well as mindful of the wonderful foods I am eating .. the texture , the burst of flavour ,the energy !!! :) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) is struggling to get my head and heart on the same wave length ... balance ... all about balance .. and an attitude of gratitude xoxoxo (1 comments) is home this Monday ... whipping the house into shape and doing errands .. going to wind up the kitchen this afternoon to make Boxing Day fare to take to the lake .. Happy Tuesday dear friends .. snow today .. not the best for driving ... sure looks pretty .. be kind to yourself today .. xo Under the Christmas Tree (1 comments) is loving the season of LOVE ... shine your light dear friends .. the world so needs our light and love .. Merry Christmas .. thank you for being you !! is at the cottage .. where life makes perfect sense .. the frost the air , the peace and the exercise have me happy inside and out .. cabbage rolls today .. perogies tomorrow .. cooking for New Years Day 1 .. if I wasnt afraid .. I would .. take some singing lessons .. (2 comments) is amazed by the power of intention .. the power of love.. wow has been amazed every day of 2016 .. this truly is my year for unpacking and letting go .. by doing so Karma can balance the energy .. I am thankful is going to move and love this chilly chilly Monday morning .. holy yikes .. no germs outside today .. -40 is at the cottage .. oh my I love love love it here ... (1 comments) is home .. had a wonderful weekend .. walking .. cooking .. playing canasta with friends .. feeding the birds .. doing some art work .. :) .. here are the 4 generations at Mel Tillis Dec 19 2015 is happy happy happy ... see my new broom .. zoom zoom is looking for my Spark Tracker .. jeeze .. this is number three in just as many years .. feel naked without my little buddy .. :) is at work .. daughter just left the ground headed for the Dominican .. so work is where I will be until the 22 .. that should keep me out of trouble .. NOT !! is being patient ... trying to be patient .. lol some people are so anal you can cut the anal air with a knife .. patience .. hmmm is posting a picture of Maggie ... aka Baggie .. ( zip lock ) is posting a bit of a view of my "God Corner .. my haven of music , reading , reflection , spiritual growth and prayer .. this is the view from my loft looking down .. camped at work last night ... sure was a fast drive in is going to be back to normal soon .. or as close as normal gets .. daughter is back to work Monday .. I missed her !! (1 comments) is trying to shake of two months of negativity .. shake shake .. scream scream .. there thats better !! (1 comments) is up and at it this amazing Monday .. work here I come (1 comments) is ready to zoom zoom.. my magic ring in place .. look out Tuesday .. here she comes .. chores all done .. and out the door My rescue kitty .. Baggins .. From lord of the rings I'm told .. She answers to Maggy now .. And has adjusted unite well to her new home .. Monday is doctor and grooming for her .. Poor girl is matted is enjoying this cool Sunday at home .. cooking and baking .. spring cleaning the loft then its time for Curling .. love it is on track for an amazing Monday is excited .. new Month .. new promises to self .. lets rock this month is proud to be on day three of my taking better care of me plan ... is at work .. this cool windy Monday .. left these two babies outside this morning .. is choked up and sounding like a fog horn .. dont leave the window open at night .. brrrrr Well dear friends it's been a week .. I am on the mend but can't seem to shake this spring cold bug !! is grateful to be on the mend .. wow that was a stinker of a cold .. Happy Wednesday dear friends (1 comments) is wishing everyone an amazing weekend .. Happy Friday is really not missing .. still a little under the weather, internet troubles , mother drama , need I say more .. but I'm okay dear friends ... faking it till I make it .. is at the cottage little sleep over then home to prepare for Easter .. too much snow here to have very many people .. so home it is .. darn is sending you all Happy Easter wishes .. calorie free Easter eggs , time with family and friends .. and lots of sunshine !! (1 comments) is wishing you all a very special and happy Easter .. enjoy every second dear friends (1 comments) Happy Tuesday .. The start of day three of being in control .. Standing in my power of choice never felt so darn good !! Happy Thursday dear friends this is my youngest little frog Lexx .. With Maggie aka Baggins (1 comments) is packed up and headed to the cottage for a canasta day .. friends , cards , veggies and lots of laugter .. doesnt get any better than that (1 comments) Went for my walk .. Cloudy and crisp yet so refreshing (1 comments) is looking forward to a rainy spring day .. the rain is so welcome to clean up the dust left behind from winter.. have an amazing Tuesday dear friends .. lets rock this day !! has said her prayers asking for all the divine help I can get to keep me focused and positive making my goals my own as well as working on getting rid of my fear of failure .. standing in my power (1 comments) is tracking away .. I love love love you Spark Friends .. thank you for the encouragement .. nothing like an encouraging word and sincere concern .. I am grateful , thankful and .. hugs At the cottage .. Still tracking away .. Watching curling .. Fireplace a blazing .. No wonder I love the cottage the scale here says I'm down 6 pounds from yesterday .. Lol (1 comments) is home .. going to catch up with you my dear friends ... Happy Sunday .. the real scale at home is not so kind .. I will weigh in the morning naked and no gum !! I am still tracking away Florida Sun is home alone .. can I be trusted ?? you bet .. still tracking .. and planning my meals .. enjoy your evening dear friends .. my kitty and I are sure going to .. Good morning this 13th day of April .. A new day being committed to being the best we can be .. See the magic , create some fun , enjoy your every minute .. Let's do something different today .. XO And then it was Friday .. pretty good week of tracking and exercise .. scale batteries dead so will wait until tomorrow or better yet Monday to weigh in .. keep me honest over the weekend .. :) is up waaay too early .. 4am .. good grief .. best to get started at having an awesome day early .. Happy Saturday is excited to begin another great week ... Happy Monday has self diagnosed her condition and given a name for how I feel when I have to be around a certain person .. makes me feel better .. turned stress into a joke .. this has been a long 4 months .. listing what I do now ... work at home, at work , tend to others needs , drive alot , have an internal rage lately that has my teeth even clenched ... very little time for me ..... looking forward to a productive day inside and out .. I am home .. and staying there first time in 4.5 months got 24 hours of peace ... the house cleaning marathon beings at 0900 today and lasts for two day ... so nice to have it all done in one weekend ... then more time for the cottage Happy Friday .. Dear friends April 24 .. 28 years since my dad moved to heaven .. Do I still miss him .. You bet .. More today than ever ., (2 comments) is making today a fresh start on all levels .. time for ego to take a vacation to remove itself from all situations .. miracles and magic will rush in .. Happy Monday Happy Tuesday .. I love busy and calm .. Working with my kids .. They make me laugh .. Make me very proud .. They feed my spirit .. They are proof I got two things in life perfect !! is loving the No S way of eating and living .. No S Sherlock ... says my dear body ... let me rest more and I will love you back !! (1 comments) Happy Friday .. A great cup of coffee a quick read to set my intentions for the day God bless you Sonia Choquett but best of all morning loves from my rescue kitty Baggins .. Unconditional love !! ❤️ is enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee .. spring breeze coming in the window .. sunshine and the sound of the dear birds .. all saying .. relax dear one .. all is well and in perfect timing .. (1 comments) is setting her intentions for Tuesday May 3 that will be a day that allows a little personal freedom .. feeling under the circumstances just a tad !! is enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee.. oh thank you coffee and sunshine ..Happy Wednesday dear friends my next project at the cottage .. Happy Wednesday dear Sparkies .. xoxox one baby mini donkey for my 51st bday .. has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving .. 12 girls, and one gelded boy toay and more on the way .. is reflecting .. this picture is my daughter and I 1995 when she graduated from college ... proud momma Last night around the bonfire .. Love the cottage (1 comments) My two loves ..daugter and son .. Tasha and Travis (4 comments) Mercedes , Auntie Tasha , Meagan & Bryce (2 comments) bedroom in my motor home (2 comments) Lexx & Cedes 2013 (4 comments) Me and my four legged babies Roxy and Sparky (1 comments) Reba (2 comments) My summer dream room .. (2 comments) I love Christmas (1 comments) Lexx & Meagan .. the youngest and oldest frogs (1 comments) the farm folk (3 comments) if only (1 comments) Mercedes, Roxy, Lexxux and Sparky 60 years ... half way to 120 yee haw (4 comments) At the cabin July 2014 .. sunny day .. lounge chair ... good book da da (2 comments) our safety gal Tasha (1 comments) I am thankful (1 comments) Prairie Rat Hole Team 2014 (1 comments) 2015 Hair do idea (2 comments) rat hole rig at night (1 comments) the garden 2014 (1 comments) my office at home (1 comments) Sparky all growed up (2 comments) 2014 artist in training I am ..!! (2 comments) my new garden wall 2015 plans (2 comments) My Mom , Mercedes and I 2009 (2 comments) Sparky born 2011 Pyrenese / Bernese (3 comments) I told you he was a little older Travis And Mercedes at Meagan's birthday supper (1 comments) The merry gardeners (1 comments) Poncho & Lefty (3 comments) (4 comments) my gift to me 2013 (2 comments) Just allow yourself to be !! (1 comments) Travis's wife Renee & daughter Tasha (1 comments) Jamaica 2013 (1 comments)

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