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(2 comments) is granddog sitting .. (3 comments) is almost free .. its been a long 6 weeks of work work work .. looking forward to some me time real soon (1 comments) is packing up for a three week adventure .. left hand holiday .. dont know where to go next .. go left (1 comments) is HOME .. yee haw .. world traveler I am not .. I love home !! (2 comments) is looking forward to getting back on track .. in tune and making progress in this journey of life ..good morning all (1 comments) is busy at work .. loving every moment of life .. I love working with my kids ... we are an amazing team .. price of oil needs to get on the upswing now please and thankyou dear universe !! (3 comments) is looking forward to an amazing Thursday .. stay Sparkie dear friends (1 comments) is up at it and ready to enjoy Friday .... rememember to not only feed your body what it needs .. feed your soul!! (1 comments) is sending out healing, calming energies to all .... be kind to each other please .. just be kind! (1 comments) is 24 hours in .. YES .. no cheats .. !!! (1 comments) is starting day 3 ... on a roll towards less of me .. (1 comments) has four days under her belt .. whoot whoot (1 comments) is going to make the best of a gloomy cool day .. have a terrific Sunday Sparky friends .. (1 comments) is so looking forward to warm weather .. yes its here !! (1 comments) is rip roaring and ready to get outside .. day nunmber two of garden and yard adventures ... my heaven !! is so looking forward to the magic of Monday .. is looking forward to the warmest day of the week .. outdoor time YES !! had an amazing productive day yesterday .. bring on Wednesday I'm going to love every second ... is ready for an amazing Thursday, productive and full of fun ... (2 comments) is up and at it .. thankful and grateful looking forward to the Friday of Fridays ... (4 comments) is celebrating 7 days of commitment to self ..yee haw (1 comments) is wishing all of you the happiest of Mothers Days .. two legged babies , fur babies , step babies .. have a day to remember dear friends ..xo (1 comments) is sending Birthday wishes to Little Bird .. from across the miles dear one .... (1 comments) is looking for the magic in this rainy Wednesday .. thankful and grateful ..loving life (1 comments) is back to work after a long cold wet weekend .. here comes the sun ... weekend must be over (1 comments) is going to put one foot in front of the other until it comes naturaly !! (1 comments) is enjoying a beautiful sunny weekend ... (2 comments) is so enjoying this beautiful weather ... garden almost in ... (2 comments) is up and at it .. celebrated my birthday like a rock star so now have to behave !! not till next year .. just a week or so !! (1 comments) is busy house cleaning today .. party preparations for Saturday ... (1 comments) is remembering 40 years ago .. holy .. twas not yesterday !! (3 comments) is up early going to sneek in a little grand daughter time at her track and field today .. go Mercedes !! (1 comments) is going to an auction .. treasures treasures (1 comments) is going to refurbish treasures from the auction .. beautiful day today .. wow (2 comments) is enjoying a day at work with my kids .. I love work ... (2 comments) is loving the weather .. the deck ..and of course one of my cats .. (2 comments) is putting one foot in front of the other .. neither sore back , hail storm or nutty workplace will make me quit smiling ... have a blessed day dear friends .. (1 comments) (1 comments) is going to the fair .. Lexxus is 5 today and the fair is on ..yippee (1 comments) is on the mend .. looking forward to a Friday at work .. then a weekend of adventures ... is on the road to a special 5 year olds birthday party .. she calls me Gma !! is up and at it ready to face Friday and love every second. is still cabin hunting .. lordy .. three last weekend one last night .. what a scam .. pictures vs reality time is starting July in full committed to me mode .. yee haw up at it and headed outdoors before the heat of the day forces me to put the top down on my car and go for an afternoon spin to the lake .. twist my arm .. universe .. zoom zoom is up and at it .. its a work day ..looking forward to my drive with Sonia Choquette teaching me via CD .. I love my life .. I am blessed beyond words .. and grateful is looking forward to Friday .. I love love love summer .. fire pit tonight !! is packing up treasures for the cottage ... oh so much fun .. exercise too !! (1 comments) has her truck loaded to the roof .... cottage here we come .. (1 comments) is looking forward to a work week full of advenures and more trips to the cottage .. yee haw (1 comments) has the second truck full of treasures ready for the cottage ... this time pictures and music .. lawn furniure , barbeque and lights .. rugs and table cloths ..candles and flowers .. (1 comments) is enjoying the fresh morning air .. Happy Thursday .. its a beauty !! happy Sunday dear friends .. cottage life is starting to grow on me .. even the dogs are loving it now (2 comments) is a few days behind .. sorry .. is sending you all good vibes .. good guidance and zing moments is off to work .. then home to pack up and head to the cottage .. fresh fruit and veggies .. ice maker and two new books along with running shoes for long walks with the pups .. (3 comments) (1 comments) is at the cottage .. wow it is so so quiet .. no wind .. slept like a log .. looking forward to the Saturday dreams are made of .. a little work and a whole lot of play .. gmas little frogs are coming (2 comments) (1 comments) is is remembering 23 years ago .. when my dear granddaughter Meagan was born .. feels like yesterday .. but it sure wasnt ... I am thankful so thankful and blessed beyond words ...xoxo (1 comments) is going to put together wood furniture from LL Bean .. for the cottage ... is grateful and thankful for answered prayers ... (2 comments) is loving the cottage .. today is work first then beach day .. is looking forward to Wednesday .. smiling and productive .. at work and at home ... enjoy dear friends is up and at it ..payroll Friday .. new Sonia Choquette CDs to listen to on my commute .. life is perfect ... is missing the cottage ... should have packed up regardless of the rain ... but truck box had farmers bed in it .. not good to get wet .. too heavy for just me . open up put pieces in back seat !!! is (1 comments) is thankful and blessed ... new CD from Sonia and I get to drive my hour to work ..yes is feeling the magic today ..sending you all some your way .. remembers today ..the lives lost , changed forever as well as the power that fear has brought .. walk out of the fear of the past .. there are angels amoungst us ... feel their message .. (1 comments) is at the cottage .. enjoying early morning fresh cup of coffee .. thankful & grateful sending love to you ...:) is getting ready to hit the road ... love to walk while everyone is asleep .. mother nature is waking up the sun on the lake ... wow (2 comments) is headed to the garden .. then to work .. new Sonia CD to feed my spirit ..have an amazing day dear friends (1 comments) is up and at it bright and early .. busy day today .. full of fun and work .. garden half harvested ... I am grateful .. is blue jeans after summer ... hmm the real test of summer .. is is proud of her 24 hour commitment to self .. is amazed at how awesome she feels .. TLC fits and feels wonderful is loving this beautiful fall weather .. work a little a lot !! is enjoying this beautiful fall day .. crisp and cool in the morning .. sunny and warm this afternoon .. is blessed and thankful for your thoughts and prayers regarding my GD Meagan, surgery went well .. shes home getting lots of TLC (2 comments) is battling getting out of a set of numbers .. dear old body is stuck .. well I got news for you body .. the scale is going down !! get used to is !! is loving life .. loving me .. getting used to living in the moment .. being mindful and fun .. goofy and silly .. expecting magic and miracles every second .. :) is really getting tired of computers and internet that dont want to work .. where is the passenger pigeon store ?? (1 comments) Happy Halloween (1 comments) is sending you all great great energy for Novemeber .. is sending you all fantastic November energy .. is happy happy .. life is wonderful .. stay sparky dear friends .. is being mindful today .. paying attention to thoughts , actions , reactions and deeds. As well as mindful of the wonderful foods I am eating .. the texture , the burst of flavour ,the energy !!! :) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) is struggling to get my head and heart on the same wave length ... balance ... all about balance .. and an attitude of gratitude xoxoxo (1 comments) is home this Monday ... whipping the house into shape and doing errands .. going to wind up the kitchen this afternoon to make Boxing Day fare to take to the lake .. (1 comments) Happy Tuesday dear friends .. snow today .. not the best for driving ... sure looks pretty .. be kind to yourself today .. xo Under the Christmas Tree (2 comments) is loving the season of LOVE ... shine your light dear friends .. the world so needs our light and love .. Merry Christmas .. thank you for being you !! is at the cottage .. where life makes perfect sense .. the frost the air , the peace and the exercise have me happy inside and out .. cabbage rolls today .. perogies tomorrow .. cooking for New Years Day 1 .. if I wasnt afraid .. I would .. take some singing lessons .. (2 comments) is amazed by the power of intention .. the power of love.. wow has been amazed every day of 2016 .. this truly is my year for unpacking and letting go .. by doing so Karma can balance the energy .. I am thankful is going to move and love this chilly chilly Monday morning .. holy yikes .. no germs outside today .. -40 is at the cottage .. oh my I love love love it here ... (1 comments) is home .. had a wonderful weekend .. walking .. cooking .. playing canasta with friends .. feeding the birds .. doing some art work .. :) .. here are the 4 generations at Mel Tillis Dec 19 2015 (1 comments) is happy happy happy ... see my new broom .. zoom zoom is looking for my Spark Tracker .. jeeze .. this is number three in just as many years .. feel naked without my little buddy .. :) is at work .. daughter just left the ground headed for the Dominican .. so work is where I will be until the 22 .. that should keep me out of trouble .. NOT !! is being patient ... trying to be patient .. lol some people are so anal you can cut the anal air with a knife .. patience .. hmmm (1 comments) is posting a picture of Maggie ... aka Baggie .. ( zip lock ) is posting a bit of a view of my "God Corner .. my haven of music , reading , reflection , spiritual growth and prayer .. this is the view from my loft looking down .. camped at work last night ... sure was a fast drive in (1 comments) is going to be back to normal soon .. or as close as normal gets .. daughter is back to work Monday .. I missed her !! (1 comments) is trying to shake of two months of negativity .. shake shake .. scream scream .. there thats better !! (1 comments) is up and at it this amazing Monday .. work here I come (1 comments) is ready to zoom zoom.. my magic ring in place .. look out Tuesday .. here she comes .. chores all done .. and out the door My rescue kitty .. Baggins .. From lord of the rings I'm told .. She answers to Maggy now .. And has adjusted unite well to her new home .. Monday is doctor and grooming for her .. Poor girl is matted (1 comments) is enjoying this cool Sunday at home .. cooking and baking .. spring cleaning the loft then its time for Curling .. love it is on track for an amazing Monday is excited .. new Month .. new promises to self .. lets rock this month is proud to be on day three of my taking better care of me plan ... is at work .. this cool windy Monday .. left these two babies outside this morning .. (1 comments) is choked up and sounding like a fog horn .. dont leave the window open at night .. brrrrr Well dear friends it's been a week .. I am on the mend but can't seem to shake this spring cold bug !! is grateful to be on the mend .. wow that was a stinker of a cold .. Happy Wednesday dear friends (1 comments) is wishing everyone an amazing weekend .. Happy Friday is really not missing .. still a little under the weather, internet troubles , mother drama , need I say more .. but I'm okay dear friends ... faking it till I make it .. (1 comments) is at the cottage little sleep over then home to prepare for Easter .. too much snow here to have very many people .. so home it is .. darn (1 comments) is sending you all Happy Easter wishes .. calorie free Easter eggs , time with family and friends .. and lots of sunshine !! (1 comments) is wishing you all a very special and happy Easter .. enjoy every second dear friends (1 comments) Happy Tuesday .. The start of day three of being in control .. Standing in my power of choice never felt so darn good !! Happy Thursday dear friends this is my youngest little frog Lexx .. With Maggie aka Baggins (2 comments) is packed up and headed to the cottage for a canasta day .. friends , cards , veggies and lots of laugter .. doesnt get any better than that (2 comments) Went for my walk .. Cloudy and crisp yet so refreshing (1 comments) is looking forward to a rainy spring day .. the rain is so welcome to clean up the dust left behind from winter.. have an amazing Tuesday dear friends .. lets rock this day !! has said her prayers asking for all the divine help I can get to keep me focused and positive making my goals my own as well as working on getting rid of my fear of failure .. standing in my power (1 comments) is tracking away .. I love love love you Spark Friends .. thank you for the encouragement .. nothing like an encouraging word and sincere concern .. I am grateful , thankful and .. hugs At the cottage .. Still tracking away .. Watching curling .. Fireplace a blazing .. No wonder I love the cottage the scale here says I'm down 6 pounds from yesterday .. Lol (1 comments) is home .. going to catch up with you my dear friends ... Happy Sunday .. the real scale at home is not so kind .. I will weigh in the morning naked and no gum !! I am still tracking away Florida Sun (1 comments) is home alone .. can I be trusted ?? you bet .. still tracking .. and planning my meals .. enjoy your evening dear friends .. my kitty and I are sure going to .. (1 comments) Good morning this 13th day of April .. A new day being committed to being the best we can be .. See the magic , create some fun , enjoy your every minute .. Let's do something different today .. XO (1 comments) And then it was Friday .. pretty good week of tracking and exercise .. scale batteries dead so will wait until tomorrow or better yet Monday to weigh in .. keep me honest over the weekend .. :) is up waaay too early .. 4am .. good grief .. best to get started at having an awesome day early .. Happy Saturday is excited to begin another great week ... Happy Monday has self diagnosed her condition and given a name for how I feel when I have to be around a certain person .. makes me feel better .. turned stress into a joke .. this has been a long 4 months .. listing what I do now ... work at home, at work , tend to others needs , drive alot , have an internal rage lately that has my teeth even clenched ... very little time for me ..... looking forward to a productive day inside and out .. I am home .. and staying there first time in 4.5 months got 24 hours of peace ... the house cleaning marathon beings at 0900 today and lasts for two day ... so nice to have it all done in one weekend ... then more time for the cottage Happy Friday .. Dear friends April 24 .. 28 years since my dad moved to heaven .. Do I still miss him .. You bet .. More today than ever ., (2 comments) is making today a fresh start on all levels .. time for ego to take a vacation to remove itself from all situations .. miracles and magic will rush in .. Happy Monday Happy Tuesday .. I love busy and calm .. Working with my kids .. They make me laugh .. Make me very proud .. They feed my spirit .. They are proof I got two things in life perfect !! is loving the No S way of eating and living .. No S Sherlock ... says my dear body ... let me rest more and I will love you back !! (1 comments) Happy Friday .. A great cup of coffee a quick read to set my intentions for the day God bless you Sonia Choquett but best of all morning loves from my rescue kitty Baggins .. Unconditional love !! ❤️ is enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee .. spring breeze coming in the window .. sunshine and the sound of the dear birds .. all saying .. relax dear one .. all is well and in perfect timing .. (1 comments) is setting her intentions for Tuesday May 3 that will be a day that allows a little personal freedom .. feeling under the circumstances just a tad !! is enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee.. oh thank you coffee and sunshine ..Happy Wednesday dear friends my next project at the cottage .. Happy Wednesday dear Sparkies .. xoxox (1 comments) one baby mini donkey for my 51st bday .. has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving .. 12 girls, and one gelded boy toay and more on the way .. is reflecting .. this picture is my daughter and I 1995 when she graduated from college ... proud momma (2 comments) Last night around the bonfire .. Love the cottage Great food for thought Happy Tuesday ... Setting my intentions this morning ., sending me .. And you love , peace and magic .. Stay in the moment .. Ever mindful , thankful and grateful even in the storms of life !! Happy Tuesday ... Setting my intentions this morning ., sending me .. And you love , peace and magic .. Stay in the moment .. Ever mindful , thankful and grateful even in the storms of life !! Happy Tuesday ... Setting my intentions this morning ., sending me .. And you love , peace and magic .. Stay in the moment .. Ever mindful , thankful and grateful even in the storms of life !! Ok dear momma bear time to loose the excuses and get with it .. Move more .. Eat well .. Have extra helpings of fun and silliness .. Let the rest of the crap disappear .. No is a complete sentence !! (1 comments) is trusting the Universe to bring back flow to my life , the ebb is over , I am thankful and grateful , full of love and light , look out nasty here I come, you wont win again. is preparing for school reunion .. graduated in 1972 .. a couple of hints .. white dress .. stool .. dark hair for that year .. the hairdresser that I am .. can you find me ?? (2 comments) is working and planning my next get away to the cottage .. flip flops here I come Worked my plan again .. Holy 3 days in ., even Utah a few distractions I made it .. Happy Wednesday evening Took my two pups to the cottage .. This little guy loves the walks but .. Would rather be free to run on the farm .. Get used to it Sparky dog You are going to protect your momma for the summer My supper .. Dinner in USA lingo .. Cucumber salad , nann topped with peppers olives , red onion , must pons My supper .. Dinner in USA lingo .. Cucumber salad , nann topped with peppers olives , red onion , mushrooms .. Mozza .. Slap your momma seasoning .. Berries in a wine glass .. Wine in a wine glass ! Happy Wednesday.. Prayers of long over due justice and victory to Florida Sun and her DH today .. Your Spark family is with you !! is praying July brings resolution to health issues of two family members .. doesnt look good for either right now Wow this spoke volumes to me .. Motivated me enough to step back and pack the motor home .. I want to see the negative energy in my rear view mirror for a few days .. Books incense , walking shoes ! I'm taking my positive energy on a road trip , left hand runaway .. Don't know where to go ?? Turn left .. My giggle card playing friends are coming along !! Time to remove myself from the equation !! is having coffee in nature ready to face the world once more ... relaxed and refueled Waiting for me when I got home .. A singing gift bag full of love from my dear friend .. A belated bday gift but her timing was perfect .. I so needed to be reminded that I am loved .. (1 comments) is hooked on creating pretty things to keep my spirit singing ... only three more sleeps and back to the cottage .... Flooding every where .. Wow (1 comments) is TIRED OF BEING MOMMABEAR .. I WILL BE CHANGING MY NAME ... MY NAME IS HEAVY , NOT FUN , RESPONSIBLE AND BORING .. TIME TO STIR THINGS UP .. is pondering new names .. still This is the most amazing Monday already .. I am thankful , grateful , blessed and excited to live and love every moment of this day .. Sending you all a wave of WOW!! (1 comments) And the journey continues .. Steady in jerks .. Some backward steps and side winding , Still making progress !Yea me .. If I can visualize it and hold on to the the vision I can create my souls desire New hair dresser close tithe cottage .. Katie from Colour Me Crazy gave me a summer doo .. What do you think ?? (6 comments) is working her plan .. staying organized, focused every task closer to cottage time ... packing up Miss Baggins this time .. Well dear Sparkies .. My plans went out the window 2 days and 3 hours late getting to the cottage minus my kitty .. Whew!! I'm in paradise !! Cottage living .. Nothing better Takes a while to destress , find your self once more , I had no idea I was so far out of balance .. I am so thankful for this space .. Can you imagine living like this always .. I've seen a glimpse :) I'm sending you all courage, strength, conviction, tossed with self love and sprinkled with a whole lot of laughter .. the storms of life wont get you down is loving little frog time on the farm .. Happy Thursday (1 comments) My special little tree .. One of three little tres at the cottage Happy Sunday .. When the winds of life drift me off my ego's course ,I am learning to adjust my sails .. To Be prepared for amazing and magic , I am grateful and thankful .. In awe of universal timing And then it was Monday.. Had an alligator filled weekend .. I survived in fact learnt a lot about myself .. I'm a good egg !! A little cracked but I'm ok!! Tuesday morning waking up to a light rain .. Awesome fresh summer air .. Cottage air .. Yes I do have to go to work and then home .. A cottage refresher is just what my spirit required .. 🌦🌞🌻🌳☔️ is loving Thursday .. Wonders of nature .. This little lady is Meagan green my eldest granddaughter who will be 24 next week .. I had to share this photo with her immediately and tell her I love her !! Happy Sunday 😍 A day of service , being kind and humble , accompanying when every ounce of me would rather not . My mothers 83rd bday adventures made her feel special, travel , visits, gifts, great meal and cake ! when others demand more than you have to give .. get help .. heal from within .. then protect your spirit .. guard it close .. I am thankful for my energy healer .. :) is ready for the weekend to begin .. :) As are most of us .. Weighed down by obligation , commitment , a sense of duty or worse guilt .. As are most of us .. Weighed down by obligation , commitment , a sense of duty or worse guilt .. Break free .. Untangle .. Bring all of you back to you .. Feel the power and freedom of balance Such great advise to follow .. Are you with me ? is feeling light hearted and goofy this morning .. are you ? is creating happy .. since it doesnt want to appear on its own ... I have on my magic shoes to ensure the deed !! (1 comments) people will take as much of you as you allow ... they will treat you as you give them permission to treat you .. stand in your light and power.. refuse to be used ..! This is so true .. This is why we binge and have cravings .. Our body has nutritional needs that aren't being met .. Time to make a run for it .. Break away .. !! is back to work after a 4 day run away .. Happy Tuesday.. The dreaded scale gave me a much needed wake up call .. Telling me I've been ignoring myself .. As my dear friend Little Bird reminds me constantly .. "Balance and mindfulness !! " I made an executive decision today !! Yea me !! Stayed home .. Kitchen is just a cooking .. 4 little projects done that have waited for me far too long .. Coffee break with my favourite book .. 🤓😍😋 Good morning .. It's a beautiful day in paradise .. Cottage country of course .. Just me and my grand dog Bella .. I waked 25 minutes miss bells about 5 .. At the corn maze and pumpkin patch yesterday .. My grand dog Bella .. Great fun with my little frogs lining , hay stack Fort , corn maze , and wagon rides .. Had to buy pumpkins too .. Fun day is a weirdo .. and proud of it .. who wants to be the same as everyone else .. prayer and breathing have kept me from screaming my head off today .. yes I'm a weirdo .. care to join me ?? (4 comments) A wonderful walk at the lake with Miss Bella my grand dog ( her mom and dad are in Nee York ) and Miss Lexxus my youngest grand baby .. "What a colour filled day " I love when God paints !! Hugs (1 comments) BREATH .. ALWAYS BREATH .. BIG DEEP CLEANSING BREATHS (1 comments) Miss Baggins .. my wonderful kitty I rescued Jan /2016 .. I'm so thankful for her (2 comments) Magic socks are on .. (I miss my flip flops ) (1 comments) The view from my hammock ..feeling the love that surpasses understanding from above .. Feeling the warmth of my fuzzy blankets too .. Baby it's cold outside !! Happy Sunday A cool , rainy day , lots of fun indoor activities planed .. Some cooking for the week , wire wrapping , .. But first one more delish cup of fresh coffee my last coffee day for a while .. :) (1 comments) The beauty of autumn .. Lovely walk on Sunday before driving home .. Happy Tuesday .. I'm going to stick to my eating plan again today ... Balance and movement !! Last nights art class .. Great fun .. Great bunch of ladies all ages .. Appies and wine .. Home by 9 . Good morning .. I heard this song a while ago Yes it's the perfect wedding song .. But could be the perfect self love song when we choose ourselves and begin a new life .. A life lived for us !! The amazing results "when God paints ".. I'm thankful , grateful and blessed .... my focus today is mindfulness and balance .. be the best me I can be in the moment .. happy Oct 4 .. make a memory :) Holy pooped out .. after a day of big city hospitals all I can think of is enhancing my immune system.. Meet Maybell .. she is a quarter horse filly born in June of this year, she came into this world s pure light golden colour .. I am in awe of her coat .. can't wait to see what colour she will end up is in a state of regret again this morning ... I am thankful .. Thanksgiving weekend is over .. time to get me back to reality .. and REAL everything !! This is my sign to me !! Stumbled through the day made it look like part of the dance .. laughed at my silly self .. up and at plan in place .. I'm going to rock this day .. come along Sparkies ! Happy Saturday.. headed to the cottage .. birthday party and maybe s bonfire wiener roast !! Have a great weekend My Sparky pup after being at the spa .. all bathed and brushed .. groomed and loving the attention from his two legged sister .. (1 comments) Loved my weekend .. even my trip to the dentist .. found this little treasure in one of my fav little shops .. had the Monday that's results are made of .. bring on an amazing Tuesday .. smile :) I love the smell of possibility in the morning .. fresh coffee an amazing lunch packed .. hello Oct 19.. my dad would be 85 today .. last cake unmade him had 56 candles ... love reaches back and forth Thursday morning after a nervous night .. alone on the farm for the past three nights .. when my big digs are nervous so am I .. slept with one eye open .. I know I could never liver here alone .. (1 comments) Thursday morning after a nervous night .. alone on the farm for the past three nights .. when my big digs are nervous so am I .. slept with one eye open .. I know I could never live here alone .. Friday Friday .. looking forward to a top notch day.. stay the course .. move a little extra .. feeling so so good !! Friday Friday .. looking forward to a top notch day.. stay the course .. move a little extra .. feeling so so good !! Sunday .. st the cottage .. reading then art .. a walk .. fruit salad and soup is looking forward to an amazing week .. lets rock these seven days !! Really emotional week .. disgruntled employee issues resulting in thousands of dollars damage at the shop/ offices make a victim statement was the requirement from authorities ..we are never a victims Good morning .. it's a cool damp day at the cottage .. perfect day to unload a cord of wood .. beautiful birch .. to keep us warm and toasty this winter .. lots of exercise today , honour you today Sunday Sunday ..another partial day in paradise .. then back to reality .. darn .. New-vember .. that's my goal ..the doom and gloom of 2016 is in the rear view mirror,time to focus on the road ahead .. the twists , adventures and lessons being mindful, powerful , calm will reveal (1 comments) Nov 3 .. My new purchase for the cottage .. I will upgrade my living room wood burner , then move the old one to the sun room to keep my special area toasty all winter .. next weeks project :) Thursday .. The speed of life , how are you traveling, ego bound ,with the baggage of the past and the fear of tomorrow ,or at loves speed living in the now? Regardless, today will melt into tomorrow, your choice is feeling so much better , surrender the saddness, the grief , the fear , resentment .. surrender it all .. there lies freedom to live with a full open heart .. I am prepared to blessed This is so me .. or is that God keeping me real and humble ? Have a day that moves your body , fills your spirit, makes you smile inside and out .. a day to remember and savour !! (1 comments) New day .. new me .. the complacent will be replaced by the energetic and vital ,my nutrition will be given a boost by eating less but eating better , digestive system given a rest ,mindful eating New team .. thank you Day 1 .. huge success other than the mint/licorice tea .. tasted so yummy .. but I forgot what licorice root is famous for .. let's just say my evening was eventful .. ready to embrace today ☀️ Day 2 ate according to plan , didn't hager as much walking in as I wanted will double up today , slept very well .. morning coffee tastes fantaboulous!! Wednesday in paradise .. not close .. pretend Day 3 is in the good book .. feeling so much better , sleeping well , better clarity and focus , happier , more spontaneous and fun .. mindful real eating plan has me thankful .. Happy Thanksgiving 4 days in a row I have loved and cared for me enough to eat well and within my range , study and journal to discover the reasons why .. I feel so much better in every way ..calmer , kinder & goofy🦄 4 days in a row I have loved and cared for me enough to eat well and within my range , study and journal to discover the reasons why .. I feel so much better in every way ..calmer , kinder & goofy🦄 4 days in a row I have loved and cared for me enough to eat well and within my range , study and journal to discover the reasons why .. I feel so much better in every way ..calmer , kinder & goofy🦄 5 days in the good book! I love loving me .. when I tend to me in all areas my world and everyone in it are more appreciated by me .. I am calmer , kinder , more efficient , in time with the universe Day 6 .. in the sad books .. had to say goodbye to my grand dog Roxy , she was 14 ..had lived with us in the country for almost 7 years .. she was an amazing pup .. until we meet again dear Roxy 💝 (1 comments) Day 8 was a sick day .. tummy troubles .. better by supper time thank you water ,water tea ,tea and chicken soup !! First major snow fall of the year 10 inches .. lovely just lovely!bundle up ❄️ I have a song in my heart that has motivated me since Sept .. "I choose you " .. as I become more and more accepting of myself , more in tune and excited about my future , I am committed to me finally Dec 1st I love Christmas ,the season of love, I love the decorating , the baking and cooking , the lights and music , but gift shopping ugh!! Dec 2 .. I'm doing very well at being mindful, thankful and content. There's a lot to be said for happy now .. Im learning to let go of old stinking thinking .. journaling , making time for me !! 💕 Saturday Dec 3🌲..yes it's decorate the Christmas tree day .. my kitty has already made off with a roll of wide ribbon .. but first coffee and my favourite book .. zoom zoom Sunday Dec 4th .. after 4 days of at least 12 hours sleep .. silly cold .. I think it's on its way out !! Little spurts of energy resulted in the Christmas decorating being complete !! Sending love ! Dec 5th Monday .. the start of a new , fun filled and productive week , at work , at home and everywhere in between !! Dec 6 today .. snow snow snow .. wow I haven't seen a blizzard like this is s very long time .. hubby storm stayed in the city .. good time to bake , clean , organize , with the tunes cranked again Dec 7 .. I will try to get through the snow drifts again today to get to work .. if this recent weather is an indication of what's in store for the next 4 months .. I need books , wool, art supplies is behind a few days .. sorry .. snow and cold .. white knuckle driving ..all kinds of fun .. Happy Friday .. stay safe dear friends .. Happy Saturday .. headed for the cottage at noon .. watch me move .. zoom zoom Merry Merry Christmas dear friends .. have the most amazing day ever filled with love , enjoy every second , travel safe if you travel .. be prepared for the most amazing year ever .. 2017 it's ours ❤ St the cottage finally .. 4 feet of snow on the roof .. guess you know what's on the list for today .. thankful for young men that love the adventure .. ps I love the lake !! And you too .. 2017 .. I'm loving the energy switch .. the year we all chose self love by upgrading our life flight tickets from standby to first class !! Drop old baggage .. grab your boarding pass .. zoom zoom is just finishing up work day number 1.. all sorts of excitement and projects to catch up on and finacial year ends for two companies to do this week .. that should keep me out of mischief.. :) Work day number 2 of 2017 .. begins at 4 am .. let's rock this day .. zoom .. work .. tend to aging parent .. work .. zoom .. ever thankful and mindful of being blessed , loved and guided .. ❤ 2017 Welcome Jan 5th .. day number three at work .. minus forty temperatures are nothing you are excited about to have to deal with personally or at work .. hard on our employees and equipment .. brrrrr I'm loving 2017 .. being full of good energy , being productive and working my plan feels so darn good . Happy Friday dear friends Spirit of the Earth card chose me this morning .. telling me to detox .. not just nutritionally, but also include mentally and my physical surroundings .. hmm guess I'm moving to the cottage .. :) I'm thankful for energy healing friends .. wise wise wise .. I'm surrounded .. and blessed beyond words -50 .. is hell freezing over ?? is at the cottage .. peaceful , beautiful , finally warming up a little .. had a glorious day yesterday .. more of the same today I love me Happy Monday.. Jan 16 .. holy half way through the deep freeze month .. I'm missing the cottage all ready .. let's rock this week dear friends .. mindful , thankful and balanced in all areas :) is exceedinly and overabundantly grateful for a dear friend that threw the life line, helped guide me out of the fog to see the boundaries must be set I .. :) merci (1 comments) And that is exactly what I did .. have a great evening .. stay the course ., we are so worth the effort we put in to ourselves.. pjs and tea here I come :) And that is exactly what I did .. have a great evening .. stay the course ., we are so worth the effort we put in to ourselves.. pjs and tea here I come :) And that is exactly what I did .. have a great evening .. stay the course ., we are so worth the effort we put in to ourselves.. pjs and tea here I come :) And that is exactly what I did .. have a great evening .. stay the course ., we are so worth the effort we put in to ourselves.. pjs and tea here I come :) I love my doc .. she's s great combination of conventional medicine , holistic and spiritual .. and she genuinely likes me .. last complete was 3 years ago .. enough of that she says .. annually pls is overwhelmed by the response to a short little blog I made in Nov .. I must blog now to tell the rest of the story .. :) (1 comments) At the cottage .. yippee .. wood to cut and bring in .. walking to be done , pictures to take .. memories to make .. stay in the now !! Journaling .. fresh coffee .. setting my intentions for the day .. mindful , energy force foods .. walk the point at the lake .. shovel the snow around the fire pit .. winter wiener roast soon !! is on the mend .. said cat to the left needed to be moved from my lap .. so blanket and kitty were to be set on the rocking foot stool from my rocking chair .. oops too close to the edge .. ouch A memory from 10.5 years ago .. my granddaughter Mercedes and I .. and the tree I painted on my kitchen wall .. prayed and painted !! I am blessed .. humbled and so thankful (1 comments) My world .. grandson Bryce .. daughter Tasha .. son Travis .. granddaughter Meagan .. & Lexxus and Mercedes in the front .. I am blessed beyond words .. grateful , thankful .. humbled :) (1 comments) The view of the other side of the lake from " the point " .. goodbirds point .. on my walk yesterday .. it gets dark by 6 making a before evening meal a must .. it's quiet and peaceful .. :) And then it was Monday .. the start of a new work week .. this is Baggins I rescued her a year ago .. she has become much more than just a cat .. we love each other .. my sweet kitty .. Good morning dear friends .. last day of January sure doesn't make me as sad as the last day of July .. the winter doom and gloom is lifting .. keep smiling dear friends .. sending you love is working away .. embracing February .. the sweetheart month .. I will buy myself flowers (probably seeds and bulbs) in preparation for spring .. Have the day of your dreams :) is enjoying the sunshine of Feb 2 2017 ... I think today would be a good day to do a catch up blog .. it has been a very long time.. Happy Feb 9th dear friends .. warm up here only -44 is in awe a the forces of Mother Nature .. 80 degree difference in temperature from Wednesday until today .. wow lets go camping (1 comments) I love enchanted trees , dragons. fairies and magic (1 comments) is (1 comments) is going out the door to walk walk walk .. yippee .. is just heading home from work soon .. lovely warm melting day .. yee haw .. hopeful spring is around the corner is sharing this picture of my littest frog at her pricess ball .. Last nights adventure on the farm Saturday so looking forward to walking , playing cards , making a pot of chilli and visiting with the neighbours .. lake time is enjoying the cottage this holiday Monday .. (1 comments) My Monday evening lots of kitty loves .. home from the cottage surprise visit from my son and his family .. a zoom zoom in the country ., perfect spring like weather .. life is amazing ;) Happy Wednesday .. I love this book .. I've owned it for 3 years just getting around to reading it now .. quote "time to take your affairs , business ,needs , desires and joys seriously " self love Made it to the cottage .. fire is lit .. snow shovelled .. only half way around the point the snow has hidden the ice .. landed on my keester last weekend when I could see the ice :( not today :) Hello Tuesday .. the last day of Feb 2017 .. the end to a very enlightening month .. I have enjoyed you February .. thank you .. :) March 1st .. welcome .. I'm looking forward to your every day !! Wow I needed this today .. pushed to the limit late yesterday .. instead of stuffing food in my ears so as not to hear .. or remove myself from the drama .. I stuffed my cake hole .. another lesson :( (1 comments) So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile .. create love meals just for you .. fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you .. fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song So be good and do good .. pretty easy rules to follow .. and while you are at it move a little and smile :)create love meals just for you,fresh fruit in a wine glass .. turn up your internal song There we are tucked in the shop out of the -40 wind chills .. thankful thankful .. slept well .. walk out the door .. same clothes as yesterday .. but clean .. hair is a little fuzzy but I'm at work Good morning .. back to the city again today with mother .. I know I'm whipped , tired and need a break .. she seems to be loving the attention even if it's medical .. happy Thursday .. is thankful that I have kept a promise to me for 3 days .. I am learning to trust me again .. is happy to be busy .. thankful to feel so darn good .. having fun counting beans and preparing taxes .. life is magical when you see with your heart .. have an amazing day dear friends Whew .. it was a wonderful weekend .. through the eyes of babes .. my heart is smiling .. here is a sample of some of our art work .. sad to take them home my house was full of giggles and magic :) And then it was Tuesday .. march is winding down for this year .. she has been nasty , cold , snowy and relentless .. I have been the opposite .. this has been a great month mind , body and spirit ?? Had a record day .. in every area .. put my foot down at work in regards to gossip and rumours .. never guess who the insecure one is .. good grief dear husband .. you are to be a guiding light is bright eyed .. embracing every moment of today .. the gift of March 30 2017 .. thank you ... there is magic in the air ..take some deep breaths :) (1 comments) Hello April .. let's get to know each other very well !! I love double love spring.. some outdoor time today even if it is soggy and cool .. great time to sweep and tidy the deck at home (1 comments) Happy Sunday.. productive weekend .. fun .. relaxation .. projects finished ?? Made time for childlike fun yesterday .. sent this picture to my daughter at work .. with the caption .. which colour my sweet daughter ?? Made time for childlike fun yesterday .. sent this picture to my daughter at work .. with the caption .. which colour my sweet daughter ?? All of them was her reply ... so ... she got pink .. lol (1 comments) is surrounded by negativity because others are sick with colds and flu ..time to escape for rest of the day .. (1 comments) My new personalized license plate for my VW .. reminds me to see the big picture .. love God .. do good .. then be quiet and go Home .. ( Sylvia Browne ) pretty simple when I remember why .. love (1 comments) Another cottage project .. greatful for unemployed construction relatives that live close by .. this will be my barbecue area .. sit outside in the rain space .. able to enjoy the outdoors more (1 comments) Happy Easter everyone .. my world (family) are all away this Easter .. just me and my momma at the cottage but we've had lots of company , wonderful meals , cards games so blessed ,humble & grateful (2 comments) Tuesday .. I welcome your energy , your magic , peace and commitment to self as never before .. as each moment unfolds I will stay present , thankful , humble and kind .. grab the magic dear friends (1 comments) 4 attempts to complete a few sentences .. oh dear looks like it could be an interesting day at work .. or maybe I should be working instead of playing .. shhh (1 comments) Happy place .. the cottage .. a little more spring cleaning today .. a windfall at the casino .. over 20 dollar win is a windfall for me .. ready to walk the point .. with my friend and water bottle (1 comments) The love of a fur baby .. this is Sparky he is 5 now .. he loves his Easter Bunny .. and he loves me too .. we walk and play enjoying the outdoors .. there is magic in the day .. it's waiting for you (1 comments) The love of a fur baby .. this is Sparky he is 5 now .. he loves his Easter Bunny .. and he loves me too .. we walk and play enjoying the outdoors .. there is magic in the day .. it's waiting for you (1 comments) Thursday bright and early .. quiet time .. coffee... reading and intention setting .. smile intact let's move it .. let's rock this Thursday .. one foot in front of the other (1 comments) is laughing out loud chasing away every "could have ruined my day " .. standing in my power in spite of 4:10 am jump out of bed .. awake to the smell of an outdoor animal .. farm life :) Morning dear friends .. let's rock and roll in spite of all the things and people in our circle we can not control .. set ourselves free from self criticism and judgement .. eat well and move it 😍 (2 comments) Good morning dear friends .. I am blessed another day to embrace .. I have a song stuck in my noodle " play that song" by train .. it's a remake of an oldie .. can't get enough of it .. hum along 🎼🎼 is missing most of her herd of mini donkeys .. time to sell the livestock to best use the energy I have left in this life .. this is my second babe .. "Dolly" she went to a 5 year old little (1 comments) Naturopath today ... I love my Dr Lynne .. looking forward to the drive too .. have the Monday dreams and self love are made of my friends My darling granddaughter Mercedes is 11 today .. what a fun , giggle filled , meal with our birthday girl .. am so blessed (2 comments) It's been a whirl wind of a week .. a high energy , great productivity kind of week ., wishing my dear friend Little Bird a very Happy Birthday .. happy Mother's Day to all as well .. huge hugs ❤️🎼🌞 is on the path to happiness ..loving life .. looking forward to every moment .. unwrapping every one with gratitude ... happy Monday (1 comments) The view from my tread climber .. moved it from the garage to my loft exercise area .. 12 years ago there were 2 maple trees and one lilac .. look how amazing Mother Nature is .. Easy to exercise (2 comments) 10 years ago I retired .. from the phone company.. I wore many hats and loved them all .. home for a month then started back to sharpen up my accounting and business skills .. still working ❤️.. only this time I write my own pay check :) Planning a weekend in paradise .. taking my rescue kitty Miss Bilbo Baggins this time .. this will be her first trip .. I pray she loves to zoom zoom with me .. pray she stays in the yard too (2 comments) is ready to hit the shower .. walk the point then paint my little heart out .. at the cottage .. nothing says love like a fresh coat of paint .. wood shed and garden shed .. trim on the bunk houses . (1 comments) What a wonderful long weekend .. cooked every meal over the fire .. cleaned up the remnants of cottage improvements .. enjoyed every minute .. (1 comments) Good morning my friends .. A little reminder to be good to ourselves .. be as supportive of yourself as you are your friends and family .. treat yourselves as your most precious possession .. 💋 My birthday greeting bright and early from my son .. yes he/we had a bit of a struggle in his younger years .. his momma bear fought hard to get him back on track .. I'm so proud of the man he is is remembering my Roxy .. her big pal Sparky sure isnt the same without her .. he's still lost 6 months later .. poor pup (2 comments) Miss Tuesday .. she's a year old .. started out pure white .. then from the hooves up she started turning black .. she's now a golden brown beautiful silver mane and tail .. she's a mystery (1 comments) has been playing in the dirt in her spare time .. then visiting cattle and horses .. mini donkeys .. being thankful and calm (1 comments) Feeling the love and strength of a dear friend .. thank you Little Bird .. (1 comments) Birthday gift from my son and daughter .. wowzers .. the guardian of the fire pit area at the cottage .. love it (1 comments) (1 comments) Expressing my gratitude for answered prayers .. where there is faith there is always hope.. a dear friend will have back surgery dispelling the last doctors diagnosis of neuropathy and paralysis amen Wonderful life force rain .. praying the rain washes away the worms at the lake .. they haven't reached my piece of heaven yet but I'm afraid they will.. Mother Nature sometimes you really get my goat (2 comments) Good morning from paradise .. the worms have quietly left my area of the lake .. morning butterscotch coffee, incense burning , pen paper .. saying my prayers then it's walk walk walk .. happy me 💋 (2 comments) has been missing in action .. combination of work and family , friends, no internet and an amazing life .. Happy Thursday everyone .. make it super special :) .. (1 comments) Meet the newest four legged love to our family "Will I Am " .. just Will my son and his families new addition .. he is awesome .. puppy kisses , puppy makes me giggle .. he's a golden retriever 10 wks (2 comments) Oh July how I love thee .. the rises early .. the days are warm and filled with lots of outdoor activity ( set my timer and get up from my desk ..) July July .. Let me tell you how much I love you !! Almost as much as my Spark friends .. let's rock today!! (1 comments) My morning solitude .. a time to enjoy my kitty , a wonderful cup of coffee , say my prayers , set my intentions 🦋, Spark People time .. thank you for being such a huge part of my journey .. is grabbing life by the moment .. staying forcused on what is real .. letting go of things I can not change .. speaking my truth .. checking my motives and extending love to you all .. be kind to you My rescue goofball Bilbo Baggins .. she has been mine a year and a half .. now ism hers !! She is my constant when I sit to read or write .. recently she has taken on the role of alarm clock .. ❤️ (1 comments) Made a run away to a little French community tucked away in the rolling hills .. market gardens fields of potatoes , various beans , grain crops , corn , sunflowers and more ., heading home tomorrow has lost her ring .. (1 comments) My health is nonnegotiable !! Powerful statement .. yes my nose is in a book .. what if when we are faced with compromising choices we remembered these words .. my health is nonnegotiable !! Good morning from the cottage my must do list is almost complete .. my want to item besides relax is attend the red market .. this Florida Sun is my one and only chalk paint experience .. 3D clay (1 comments) Hmm today will be a work day , visit mom after work day , shop for fresh fruit and veggies at lunch time .. I love mornings .. as I read , Spark and enjoy my coffee .. my Bilbo Baggins is by my side (1 comments) is headed to paradise at noon .. I have a date with the beach .. sun , sand and water .. if the eclipse of the sun happens early ..blame me and my bathing suit .. Happy Thursday (1 comments) Hello Monday .. goodbye July .. oh how I have loved you ... embracing August like never before lots of beach and cottage time ahead , long walks , bonfires , creative arts , peace and contentment 💋 Good Morning from paradise .. 6 amazing female souls under one roof .. little frogs and their cousins .. my daughter in law and moi .. coffee .. read .. pray and begin August 2 thankful and humble Cottage fun .. love to escape to my little piece of heaven mid week .. little frogs .. beach , paint , giggle .. work yesterday and today .. zoom zoom back to the cottage as soon as I'm done today (1 comments) Here I am faking it until I make it .. always trying to be positive , I purchased this set of pjs for my mom for her birthday, the statement couldn't be further from the truth but I try .. maybe 1 day Early morning sunrise .. at the cottage with two of my favourite little people .. fairy houses , wax candle stepping stones , the beach , the park now today is bday party for three GG , Megs & Bryce Good morning from paradise .. back to reality today .. it's been perfect while it lasted .. Creative , goofy ,looking and finding knowledge , peace and self love every where .. past dealt with .. list of project and goals on paper .. quite the mix .. from learning Spanish to singing lesson Beginnings of a Soulful creation with water pencils .. early morning at the cottage started to rain so my walk was postponed .. exercised my soul .. title "love lights the lamp of the soul " 💋 Birthday at the cottage for one Miss Meagan .. 25 yesterday .. holy holy .. I was 38 when she was born .. yes folks I have been a grandma forever .. full meal roast turkey meal with all the trimmings (1 comments) wishing you all a very good week .. I'm thankful for friends that keep me motivated, keep me on track , lift me up and kick my butt when I need it most .. love you all And then it was Thursday .. in the depths of disaster keep your smile , relight your spark , these are difficult times for so many .. little bird I pray you are ok .. make today awesome .. fearless 🌞 Learning to love what is.. anyone else in love with Byron Katie .. Gathering a small tribe of my favourite souls to attend a paint class tonight .. at the lake of course 😍 happy Thursday everyone .. I will blog one day soon .. 3 months of trying to accept what is ❤️ Move over Rembrandt .. one of the most creative , goofy , fun filled weekend .. hello Monday let's love what is !! Now let's try art with melted crayons .. I'm quite enjoying the freedom of play after a week of being stiff and adulty .. nice to just be with me .. loving what is Happy last day of September .. wow .. quite a bit harder to embrace falling leaves , cooler weather and the inevitable onset of winter .. trying to avoid hibernation foods .. happy Saturday my friends Oct 2nd .. Monday at the cottage Dear friends I can't begin to tell you how freedom feels .. Doing the Work with Byron Katie .. reminds me to ask always .. who's business am I in ?? Mine ?? Everyone else's?? Or Gods .. Stay in mine❤️ We are singing as each one of us sings away our troubles there is healing of not only our own hearts but the hearts of the world .. what's your song today ?? (1 comments) is singing ... planning my next wax melting project on her coffee break Thus is stage one of my wax melting stepping stone .. I will be reheating it to add another layer and complete the sides .. tricky but so much fun .. healthy happy Saturday .. loving what is ❤️❤️ New tree at the cottage .. our thanksgiving tree .. thankful , grateful .. singing my song ..there's a blue bird on my windowsill .. ( blue jay .. because bluebirds flew south to you Bobbi and Carol ) Happy Saturday dear friends .. hadn't been at home on a Friday night for a while .. quite enjoyed the football game and my treat night .. popcorn and beer .. yes beer .. good for another week 😍 Amazing Monday .. hello and let’s go !!productive day today .. dentist , hair cut ,afternoon meeting , then paint night , I’m loving my caramel coffee , song in my heart .. “Play That Song “ by Train The first winter warmth love project .. beautiful soft cuddly warmth .. one ball in .. 7 to go . A keep your hands busy self love , share the warmth project 🤐... I’m Excited about the beginners pottery class coming up Saturday .. creating from clay .. be true to you dear friends in every area of your life .. moving , grooving to my song today The making of a love blanket .. 2 balls in I’m really loving this firm if creativity.. I’m going to edge this baby in the taupe colour .. make it a little ruffled .. keeps me cozy while I work on it Latest adventure .. hand pottery .. I think I could really love this art .. still working on my crochet project I’m on # 5 super size ball now 5 more to go .. 7x6 feet finished project ❤️ welcome Nov Dang time to put away my special little car .. roads are snow covered and icy .. thus momma Bear wants to stay safe on her commutes .. contemplating retirement Jan 1 .. cottage,art 👣🙏💋🎼📖🥕🎼😜 (3 comments) Loving what is .. minding my own business .. there is peace , understanding and love in my heart .. be happy , spread happy .. it’s a choice ... shovelling snow .. while my friend gardens in the sun Headed to the cottage this morning time snow blower .. and wheel barrow .. 6” of snow there so time to look for my walking poles and snow shoes .. it really is winter wonderland , chickadees blue jays (1 comments) is wanting to be a cat .. brushed and pampered , soft fuzzy blankets to lay one .. sunny spot to rule my kingdon .. yep I want to be a spoiled rotten Bilbo Baggins Cat Hello winter .. the wood bins are full .. the deep freeze and fridge as well .. my two littlest frogs are with me for the weekend ,Today will be a comfy , giggle , creative day .. paint , cook cuddle (1 comments) We had a paint marathon .. making decorations for the evergreen tree at the cottage .. these little frogs are growing up too fast 😍 Paint night .. what a blast .. that’s me far right .. my sister in law Jackie .. my girlfriend Vicki and three of her friends from the lake .. late night lots of giggles .. now for my lake walk ❤️ Blanket number 2 is taking shape .. this one is Meagan green my eldest granddaughter .. So far 10 balls of yarn have kept me out of the fridge 🤐happy Monday dear friends let’s rock this week 🎼 As my American spark friends prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow .. I am reminded how very thankful I am for their guidance , friendship and care .. A huge hug to you all .. sending you love ❤️.. (1 comments) Working at getting my lid back on tight ( people tend to be comfortable dumping their stress , pain and garbage on me ) .. relighting my spiritual fire while creating peace .. I need cottage time 🔥👣 (1 comments) I’m at the cottage .. oh how I love this little space .. decorated the new evergreen out front .. some boughs and lights on the deck .. now to decorate inside .. I don’t want to ever leave 😜 (1 comments) Happy Tuesday dear friends .. yes as Little Bird has said seasonal depression is real .. big time .. I have always disliked the dark .. even more so now .. go to work in the dark .. come home the same (1 comments) My Christmas tree is always decorated with a few very special pictures .. I love this 7 foot tree of love .. it turns .. as I sit in my God corner I am shown how blessed my life truly is .. 🙏❤️ (1 comments) Work work work .. A dear friends passing .. much too soon .. Dental surgery for my hubby .. totally unorganized lately .. time to regroup , calm down and take a breath .. put my mind on a shelf 🤐 (2 comments) Memory shenanigans of the holidays from years ago .. we still keep a couple of tickle trunks to liven up the situation .. too bad the kids don’t come off very often .. great fun .. ding and laugh I saw God yesterday .. in the eyes of a young man holding a sign that read “ will work for cash “ .. when I stopped and gave him some money he cried .. I cried .. I saw God yesterday ❤️Christ❤️ mas ❤️ (1 comments) My Christmas family .. Good morning dear Sparkies .. please don’t let the Scotch Shortbread get you as it did me .. that stuff is evil .. silly me haven’t made it for years 🤐🤐now I know why .. back on track now 🎄🎄 (1 comments) Merry Christmas ... (1 comments) Here we are three generations Christmas Eve .. it was an amazing evening .. inlaws .. outlaws ,music and games .. the Christmas baking and treats are packaged up to share .. back to reality for me 🤐 (1 comments) Jan 2 2018 .. back to work and routine .. thank goodness I’m just a putz if I don’t have time lines .. I love life .. journal , pray , move and smile .. use me today Dear Lord (1 comments) Saturday at home .. farm chicken out of the freezer .. fridge stocked ..going to enjoy every minute of the weekend .. a few projects on my list .. then finish a night night for my granddaughter ❤️❤️ (1 comments) Next project .. last crocheted night night almost complete .. matching running shoes are in order .... move more today .. more tea .. more laughter .. super cold front on the way .. brrr (3 comments) is trying to stay home today .. super chilly .. time to wrap up all of my Christmas treasures for yet another year .. 2017 is in the books .. frosty Thursday here .... I am thankful and grateful j is planning my work .. working my plan .. some meal prep some crafty fun , some organization of my space upstairs .. and a walk outside .. -31 today .. bundle up .. Happy Friday .. trust you are all appreciating the amazing gift of you .. let’s move .. sing and create a lot of light .. three dimensional fun at the cottage this weekend .. zoom zoom if momma is ok Just can’t seem to quit .. the crochet bug hadn’t left me yet .. but I certainly will never use this yarn again .. 4 different textures , colours and patterns in one ball .. happy Monday 🎼🙏📖👣 Angel .. our pony that needs your prayers .. she is somewhat like the old me .. eats herself sick .. (2 comments) Here is a picture of the culprits .. I had to blog about these innocent looking glasses My Lexxus ., I wish I were a kid to give these kinds of reactions to life’s issues some days is thankful for a new start this Monday .. mysterious aches and pains from out of nowhere .. totally lack of movement is my guess .. mysterious death of a different horse ... RIP Emmy (1 comments) is determined .. focused .. planning my work .. working my plan .. song in my heart .. Tina Turner .. "your simply the best !!" .. lets all sing along .. card today "Grandfather Sky " is up and at it .. planned my work now to work my plan .. song I have chosen for us today ..Tina Turner .. "your simply the best !!" .. sing along .. better than all the rest .. better than .... sing Peeling hard boiled eggs to take in my lunch .. 6 weeks until Cuba .. hmm going to be eating a lot of hard boiled eggs and veggies .. I can do it .. yes you can said my fan club I pictured here ..🤐 (1 comments) Life at the cottage .. freezing cold outside .. warm and toasty inside .. slippers fuzzy pjs oversized sweater .. fresh coffee let Saturday begin .. crochet .. read then bundle up and walk .. ❤️ (1 comments) this isn't true .. "today" .. lol .. it sure is cute though ... Happy Family Day Canadian friends .. Happy Presidents Day to you in the US ..xoxoxo (1 comments) My sons 39th birthday present .. thanks to my dear perfect quilting friend .. all ready for March 3 (1 comments) This dress I call Havana .. I can hear the music and feel the energy of the city is setting my timer .. doing the tasks that have to be done .. so I have extra time to play and do what I wanna do .. ding ding TZone .. I love how this machine wakes up every cell organ and system .. almost yummy how it can shake off the negativity and hum drums .. I’m off to a great Sunday .. feeling great .. is full .. why do I think because I exercise I can eat like a lumber jack ?? well dear friends I'm still full this morning .. all healthy but seriously .. going to take until Wed to feel better ... Snap chat grandma Bear and Miss Meagan eldest grand Bear ... she’s 25.. me well .. half way to 126 happy Tuesday is going to get grounded and still today .. mindful and calm .. try get rid of yesterdays nasties ... quite the test this life can be .. hang in there dear friends .. be the best you , you can be .. ! Sunday, funday ,storm day ,roast a chicken day , make soup and muffins day , Declutter of mind , body and soul day .. music and vacuum , crochet hook and windex .. balance my friends .. Joel Osteen ❤️ My Cuba bag that my girlfriend made me .. wow .. I’m going to be styling this wedding/ vacation ..I’m so looking forward to the family time together .. have a great week everyone .. storm mode here (1 comments) Snow Bear ..oh this goof loves fresh fluffy snow .. he is my inspiration today to enjoy this stormy day.. I’ll go out and have a snowball fight with him Pick up my Cuba tote bag tomorrow .. I love my talented friends .. blessed beyond words .. watching curling .. staying at the cottage because I want to 👀.. this has been a great day ❤️needed a break is working on what needs to be lost .. the list is long today .. shorter every day after .. Losing what needs to be lost .. is losing the concept of pre-judging .. no preconceived ideas .. look past and see with new eyes .. keep life fresh and vibrant today .. expand on my life's experiences ... all good .. all good .. Winter wonderland ...Saturday fun day .. shovel and walk .. so so pretty .. clean , fresh , crisp .. when God paints .. wow Walked the point again today .. wonderful morning .. I’m home .. watching women’s world curling with my miss Bilbo Baggins .. journal and water .. Canada vs Sweden .. (1 comments) is counting the days now .. zoom zoom March 31... 9am .. is taking care of the details of office dog and cat care while I am away .. picking up last minute items .. headed closer to the airport Friday .. then hit the skies Sat 9 am .. getting excited now HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE .. enjoy your time with family, friends and self .. sending you all peace that surpasses understanding .. xoxoxo (2 comments) Happy Wednesday my friends .. Meet Barney .. he’s supposed to be mine until 24 of June.. I will reduce his time with me by 30 days😜😜 .. nutrients , bone broth , lots of rest ,appropriate exercise .. prayer and gratitude (2 comments) Happy Sunday my friends .. almost 2 weeks of being left handed .. what I miss the most is journaling .. I love to write , write , write .. perhaps with enough practice I will manage to print well 🙏 (1 comments) is looking forward to an awesome day .. I love the possibilities of Monday ... week 3 of my left handed adventure begins ... smile dear friends .. smile (1 comments) is staying home .. so easy for me to overdo and not rest .. today i will take it easy ... healing , hydration and self love day (1 comments) As always April brings so many memories of my dad .. Thomas Robert .. 30 years since I’ve hugged you .. yet you are my side kick , protector and strength .. ever present when I am in need ..🙏🙏 (2 comments) (1 comments) My two loves ..daugter and son .. Tasha and Travis (5 comments) Mercedes , Auntie Tasha , Meagan & Bryce (2 comments) bedroom in my motor home (2 comments) Lexx & Cedes 2013 (5 comments) Me and my four legged babies Roxy and Sparky (1 comments) Reba (2 comments) My summer dream room .. (3 comments) I love Christmas (2 comments) Lexx & Meagan .. the youngest and oldest frogs (1 comments) the farm folk (4 comments) if only (1 comments) Mercedes, Roxy, Lexxux and Sparky (1 comments) 60 years ... half way to 120 yee haw (4 comments) At the cabin July 2014 .. sunny day .. lounge chair ... good book da da (2 comments) our safety gal Tasha (2 comments) I am thankful (1 comments) Prairie Rat Hole Team 2014 (1 comments) 2015 Hair do idea (2 comments) rat hole rig at night (1 comments) the garden 2014 (1 comments) my office at home (1 comments) Sparky all growed up (2 comments) 2014 artist in training I am ..!! (2 comments) my new garden wall 2015 plans (2 comments) My Mom , Mercedes and I 2009 (3 comments) Sparky born 2011 Pyrenese / Bernese (4 comments) I told you he was a little older (1 comments) Travis And Mercedes at Meagan's birthday supper (1 comments) The merry gardeners (2 comments) Poncho & Lefty (4 comments) (4 comments) my gift to me 2013 (2 comments) Just allow yourself to be !! (1 comments) Travis's wife Renee & daughter Tasha (2 comments) Jamaica 2013 (2 comments)

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