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A buddy snapped this at a party, just thought it was amusing :) (12 comments) Bonus points for getting the tree down before Valentine's Day. Now, to get it to fit back in the box... (10 comments) 18 degrees? Meh. Bubba doesn't care. He'd walk all day long, if I could oblige him. (8 comments) Cold, morning walk with Bubba. Check! (13 comments) Celebrating National Kazoo Day a day late. Hey, I had to work! (3 comments) Bubba says, "Please bundle up and take me for a walk. Now." (10 comments) Brisk, morning walk. Drifting snowflakes made Bubba sneeze. (5 comments) Had a major brainstorm for work, before 8:00 A.M. That's the way to start a Friday! Also, brisk walk with the Bubs. (5 comments) Snow Day! Woot! Working from home in my PJs. Sorry, Bubba-today is an inside-exercise day. (4 comments) Even though I have a cold, I couldn't stop myself from playing in the awesome snow we got today. Bubba loved it too! (7 comments) Spending the next couple of days behind the camera. Don't think I'm gonna get a lot of steps in. Squats in between takes? :) (4 comments) "Hello," from Chubbs and Pudding. (7 comments) Chubbs and Pudding say, "Eat your leafy greens!" :) (3 comments) Drinking my protein and freggies this morning! (6 comments) Packed a healthy lunch. Heading out to work, ready to tackle the day! (6 comments) My walking buddy! (8 comments) Snow melted. We can hoop in the backyard again!! (7 comments) This is what Chubbs and Pudding do while I clean their house. Hay, straight from the bag. And yes, Pudding has some junk in his trunk... (5 comments) Foggy walk (3 comments) Sunny, blue skies!! Time for a WooHoo Walk! (3 comments) Post-Walk Tongue Loll (7 comments) I've been working on a video shoot using affirming words. One of the words was "plucky." Nobody knew what it meant, nobody. It's a huge compliment, y'all! Go, be PLUCKY! (6 comments) Bubba starts shaking as soon as I pick up the leash. He's that excited about exercise! How about the rest of us? :) (6 comments) Dropping everything to take this beast for a walk. Bossy workout buddy. (6 comments) Dog and a fire hydrant. So cliché. lol (2 comments) First Top-Down Day! WOOHOO! (4 comments) Walking The Beast. Keeping the exercise streak going! (9 comments) See that? That's a pic of sunny, blue sky. And that, my friends, is just what I needed. ;) (5 comments) So tired this morning, I walked out of the house with the leash, but no Bubba. He waited patiently at the door, for me to come back and get him. If you're going to walk the dog, you have to remember the dog... (6 comments) Saw these on our evening walk. Hope springs eternal! (12 comments) Bubba and I are officially cruising along at 4mph. Proof. (9 comments) Dutifully wore my Fitbit all day, before I realized the device itself was still plugged in the charger. Empty wristband... (12 comments) Happy Sunday! Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. (4 comments) Halfway through an evening walk. (7 comments) Spring morning walk with the Bubs! (7 comments) I love looking for stuff on our neighborhood walks, like this cool, antique pump just randomly by itself. Always something to see out there! (3 comments) Gotta find time to blog again. I miss it! (3 comments) Starting the morning off on the right paw. Bubba Bulldog Walk. (4 comments) Morning walk=Me and Bubba trying to beat the storm home. Storm won, but Bubba made a new friend on the way. (2 comments) I love Spring SO much. I just wish I weren't allergic to it. Sniff, sniff, achoo! (6 comments) A sunny walk with a friendly bulldog was just what I needed to recharge my battery! (4 comments) (3 comments) On this hallowed day... (4 comments) Crossing to the other side of the street, so we don't disturb Mama Duck and her ducklings. (6 comments) Sitting in the school pickup line. Sometimes, it's the best "me" time I get all day! Silver lining! :) (3 comments) I can't think of anything to say, so this is my generic status update. (8 comments) I just found out The Muppets are going back on prime time! This makes me exceedingly happy. WOCKA WOCKA! (6 comments) Quick, morning walk with this guy. (7 comments) We're loving this cool snap. (3 comments) Muggy, Monday morning walk. Bubba almost melted. (5 comments) Heading out to a fun, Father's Day video shoot! (4 comments) Victory of the Day--cleaning the pig house. (6 comments) Bubba and I are Rain Dodgers. Walk faster! (3 comments) Last day of the staycation. Enjoying a lazy, rainy day at home. Bubba isn't enjoying the rain so much... (4 comments) Caught a break in the rain. Out we go! (7 comments) At the park with Bubba! I love that my Spark Activity Tracker registers hooping as "Unspecified Activity." It makes it sound like I'm doing something sinister. Muwahahahaha (7 comments) Cool, drizzly walk this morning. (6 comments) Celebrating the "We've Been Married to Each Other for Half Our Lives" milestone today. Love it!! (22 comments) Looks like Bubba's allergies are gonna earn him a trip to the vet. (13 comments) After a week of being benched, Bubba finally caught a break in the weather and allergies, and got to take a walk. (7 comments) Bubba finally gets a break in the heat and gets to take a walk! (8 comments) Rainy Day=Sad Bulldog (4 comments) The rain finally let up enough for a walk. Happy Bulldog! (6 comments) Out for a beautiful, morning walk. (7 comments) After yesterday's blog, I went to the shoe store and let Audrey talk me into getting a new pair of fun shoes. 6 years was a long enough wait. :) (12 comments) Haircut day and top-down weather--WOOT! (5 comments) Post-park, tongue loll. Expert Level. (5 comments) At the doc's with Audrey (she's fine). This is, by far, my fav doc office artwork. (6 comments) What? It's National Dog Day? Please enjoy this pic of Bubba in a headscarf, to celebrate. (10 comments) Taking the Bubs to the park. (5 comments) In light of my recent blog, I couldn't resist doing this at the store today. Heh heh (7 comments) Found this little friend on our doorknob this morning. (14 comments) Ordered this shirt for myself. Think I'll practice in the garage today. :) (15 comments) We got a new scale. Trying not to see it as the enemy. Lol (8 comments) Working hard this morning. Determined to get this script out of my head! (2 comments) Ducks, hanging out at a neighbor's pool this morning. Happy Labor Day. :) (7 comments) Just cooking dinner, nothing to see here. (14 comments) How'd you start your day? (14 comments) Hey y'all-- (5 comments) Nothing happening here. Just grocery shopping and leaving souvenirs. (15 comments) Dog about town. (4 comments) I love "Toy Story clouds" days. Happy Sunday! (2 comments) Starting the week with a spring in our step. Love it when we stumble onto sidewalk art. (4 comments) SO ready for the Muppets tonight! (9 comments) When Fall matches your shoes. (9 comments) Just can't keep up! (5 comments) Staff lunch yesterday. Couldn't resist. (6 comments) We enjoy walking through soft, bouncy, pine needles (4 comments) My fav Halloween house in the neighborhood. :) (11 comments) One more day of editing. I can do this!! (2 comments) Walking through leaves-never gets old. (9 comments) The things I do for this dog... (7 comments) I think my hair has reached its final form of Super Saiyan, Dragonball Z power. Haircut tomorrow... (8 comments) Spark on the go! (2 comments) Another rainy day means Bubba is benched. He is not happy. (9 comments) At last, a sunny morning fit for walking. Happy bulldog. (6 comments) Exercising considerable restraint while walking past these gorgeous piles of leaves. Not my piles, must not jump. (4 comments) Sore from working on set design last night. But I love how it turned out! (11 comments) It was chilly enough to wear my favorite scarf on our morning walk. Yay! (7 comments) Happy Sunday! I wore my ninja socks all day. They never saw me coming. (4 comments) I love No Alarm Days!! (4 comments) Hey, having a stomach bug on Thanksgiving means I eat less! Silver lining, always the silver lining!! :) (11 comments) Nippy walk this morning! (8 comments) The Christmas Bulldog. Tra-la-la-la-la (12 comments) Oh, how I love it when this happens. Me too, Mr. Lake, me too. (3 comments) Morning walk with my buddy. (7 comments) Cooler weather is coming back. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas again. Hooray! (10 comments) Left this ninja at a restaurant last night. Heh heh. (8 comments) Hair is officially ready for Christmas. It's standing back up, as it should. (6 comments) Working on something... (12 comments) Happy Sunday! (Here's my typical, Sunday morning view.) (4 comments) Good job, person in my neighborhood. Bonus Christmas Spirit points. Also, photobombing Rudolph is a must. (3 comments) And now we all know. And now we all know. (2 comments) This is Bubba's "Please don't go to work; take me for a walk instead" face. (12 comments) I never get tired of finding these tiny pine cones. (6 comments) Hooray! Plenty of sweet gum balls for playing kick the can on our morning walk. (3 comments) Walked half a block before I looked down and saw that Bubba had shaken off his dreaded jacket and left it far behind. (14 comments) Snow Day!! Except I think I still have staff meeting... (7 comments) One of my new, favorite words. Fubsy Women of the World, Unite! (8 comments) Finally got to take Bubba for a walk, after being cooped up for 3 weeks! (10 comments) Love stumbling upon chalk art on our morning walks. (6 comments) Our girl is 17 today! Fridge Scrabble says so, it must be true. (9 comments) Love it when people stop us on our walks, to tell us how handsome Bubba is. :) (4 comments) Gonna have to take Bubba walks even earlier in the day. Heat-induced tongue loll. (5 comments) Fallen Ninja Warrior we saw on our morning walk. Get up Michelangelo; you can do it! (7 comments) This is my new, hump day shirt. Some of you will get it. :) (11 comments) Post-walk tongue loll--check! (5 comments) Loving today's Word of the Day. (6 comments) Walking through stuff like this always makes our morning walk feel more adventurous. :) (5 comments) Happy Father's Day, SparkDads! My Activity Tracker finally synced after lying dormant for a couple of days. Looks like I'm running all over the place this morning. I haven't left my desk chair yet. lol (7 comments) I've decided, even with only 4 hrs of sleep (long story), today is gonna be a great day! Day 1 of my August Hoop Reboot! (3 comments) Started wearing my heart rate monitor during these hooping workouts, so I don't die! lol (1 comments) Gotta love marketing folks with a sense of humor. This made me laugh this morning. (9 comments) Check out my new toy! A 10-note kalimba (karimba, thumb piano--whatever you want to call it) (6 comments) Walking these two. Hilarious, right? (5 comments) Dignified Acorn. Shall we call him "Pierre?" (8 comments) Good morning! (7 comments) Good morning, from Chubbs the Magnificent (7 comments) Sadly discovered that my walking pace is the same as a dog with 4-inch legs... (dogsitting) (5 comments) Happy World Smile Day!!! Celebrate with Bubba. (6 comments) Stumbled across some artwork. (3 comments) Our whole house has the day off today. It looks like this (5 comments) I love Fall!! (5 comments) When you start a Silly String fight, you need to be prepared for the consequences.... (15 comments) My view for the day. All the windows... My view for the day. All the windows... (6 comments) Today's creation--the Shoestache! (6 comments) Want to shoot a quick hoop video later, to show you some cool stuff I'm learning! (7 comments) These are my Voting Shoes. :) (7 comments) You guys--Elvis... He drove beside us on our way to school this morning. He's for hire now. (3 comments) Bulldog in Fall, circa 2016 (7 comments) Living in paint pants. Scramble to finish the Christmas set. Here we go! (5 comments) Happy Sunday! (My morning view) (1 comments) Happy Sunday! (Our band this morning, wearing Christmas sweaters and stringing their guitars with lights. Lol) Very merry! (3 comments) One campus ready to go, one more to prep. Christmas is almost here! (5 comments) Have an exceptionally blessed day! (2 comments) Haha, I broke IN my new oven and dishwasher. Just saw that typo from yesterday. The appliances are safe! (9 comments) Happy Monday morning to ya! (9 comments) Had staff lunch today. Made the napkin holder friendlier. (8 comments) It's a shame the Spark Activity Tracker is going the way of the dinosaur. I've grown acclimatized to having it live on my shoe. (9 comments) Blustery morning walk with the Bubs. Ears, blowing in the breeze. (4 comments) Look at this tiny nest we found in our front yard! (7 comments) If maple syrup is athletic fuel, I'm training for the Olympics! ;) (4 comments) Plaid pj pants, Crocs with mismatched socks, walking the dog in public. Day Off--No Shame. (5 comments) Bubba observes Tongue Out Tuesday. (7 comments) Re-learned the first three sessions in my hoop flow class. Can't wait to show y'all! (5 comments) (11 comments) After a super long work day, this is what I made for my creative Sprint yesterday. Lol (5 comments) Creative Sprint today was make a frame. Went with the classic director's frame. Get out there and see what you can see! (3 comments) Today's Sprint: what's under your feet? (A party on my driveway, apparently.) (8 comments) From my Creative Sprint today. Just kidding--y'all know I hula hoop too... (2 comments) Almost forgot to log in! Sprint today was make a 2nd grade project. How's this for classic? (6 comments) Trying to explain to Bubba why we can't take a walk in the deluge outside. (10 comments) My temp office while new real office gets a new floor. Currently, my only bastion of sanity. (4 comments) Office floor is down. Kitchen tile is up. Maelstrom of dust has descended upon us. Lol (6 comments) Sorta playing a game where you make a daily prompt on an index card. Day 1: Sunrise (When in doubt, googly-eye it.) (7 comments) Card Game Day 2: Lost/Found (Posted this at Kroger) (5 comments) Started working on an important summer goal today. LOL (5 comments) Taking a break from video editing and walking this beast around the block. (2 comments) Almost forgot to share this pic of Bubba, trying to stow away in Randy's car this morning. (2 comments) My Arts Team surprised me with a subscription to the entire Broadway touring season!!!! (10 comments) Sandy and I are hitting the Donut Trail again! (4 comments) This handsome fella had a spa day, in anticipation of company coming. (1 comments) 26 years with this guy!!! (19 comments) Just had the best day ever!! (1 comments) When I get a minute, I will have to blog about having the best day with my dad. (10 comments) Not the best screensaver for someone on a weight loss journey, but it makes me feel like I work for Willy Wonka. :) (4 comments) First day of staycation! Woohoo!!! (3 comments) Whoops, thought I logged in this morning. I even took this pic of Bubba to greet y'all. (3 comments) This happy pipe in our basement. (It's on its way out. Shhh, don't tell it.) (2 comments) Mid-morning walk as Bubs tries to sneak past the heat today. (4 comments) Another Donut Trail Adventure today. (I only ate half a fritter, y'all.) (1 comments) Waiting for Audrey to come out of what might be one of her past appointments! Straight teeth! (1 comments) Last First Day! Note the excitement. Lol (4 comments) Hint of fall in the air this morning. Making this bulldog mighty happy. (7 comments) This was on the docket today. (3 comments) Had my first Friendship Rock returned today. Sandy painted a doughnut!! (6 comments) Here's the set my team put onstage this week. We call it "Origami." (That's held together with duct tape and 2x4s. Lol (12 comments) Just saw this little reminder to bloom where you're planted, even if it's a rusty old fence. (3 comments) Another rock for my Friendship Rock Garden. Have a great Monday! (4 comments) Going to a comic expo with buddies today! (5 comments) I finally finished that HoopFlow class!! (4 comments) Hubs brought back a stack of vinyls from his childhood home. This was on top. So Happy (9 comments) Smiles and excitement until he realized what “trip to the spa” actually meant... (5 comments) 30 lb box of theatrical snow delivered to my door. I love my job. :) (4 comments) Bubba and his color-coordinated leaves. (4 comments) Writing and doing this today. (1 comments) “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.” Using all the brainpower today. If you see lights flickering, now you know why. Adorable ornaments made by some of my artsy friends. (7 comments) Look at this cool instrument my friend brought me from Costa Rica! (7 comments) Saw the musical “Waitress” last night. This was the opening curtain—PIE! :) (4 comments) Bubba says hello. (11 comments) Tackling work projects today. (1 comments) Look what came today. Will keep you posted. Lol (11 comments) Tongue-Out Tuesday. Bubba’s feeling it. (4 comments) My buddy (6 comments) One of my friends gave me an electric kazoo for my bday! (7 comments) Swapped my Easter bonnet for this shirt. (9 comments) My kid just won 1st place in Pharm Tech Skills at State and is going to Nationals! Woot! (10 comments) Shot a fun little video with one of my younger friends yesterday. (7 comments) Got my shirt for The Greatest Showman singalong next week! (3 comments) Day 1000 of my exercise streak! (26 comments) Color Me Rad, 2012 (24 comments) Hanging out with SparkGuy :) (17 comments) Hanging out with Coach Nicole (8 comments) Vision Collage: Do What I Love--Better, Easier and More Comfortably! (4 comments) Wonder Woman Goal (2 comments) H is for hoop Day 731 of my exercise streak. 2 Years! Woohoo! (22 comments) Kermit! (13 comments) My lifelong dream of becoming a plus-sized fitness model finally came true. LOL!! (17 comments) Monkey bar madness! (4 comments) At least 1 second of air time! (8 comments) I feel the need, the need for speed! (11 comments) Wheeeeee! (5 comments) SparkShelli :) (3 comments) Happy Hooper (23 comments) Hoopmobile (13 comments) Hoop Madness (13 comments) Learning 2 at once (4 comments) Chubs the Magnificent (20 comments) Pudding the Brave (13 comments) How cool is this? Can you believe that's a hula hoop?? (10 comments) Angry Birds gone wild (12 comments) Chubs n Pudding w/their swankified new beds (13 comments) End of Fall Challenge 2011, Down 29 lbs. total (15 comments) Our new mini hoops! (15 comments) Day 150 of my workout streak! (16 comments) Our new winter hats :) (13 comments) End of Summer 5% Challenge, 2011 down 21.7 lbs (9 comments) Finally a smile! Homecoming, 2011 (11 comments) Doesn't my son look thrilled? (15 comments) End of Spring Challenge, 2011 down 15 lbs (3 comments) Have hoops will travel (10 comments) Spark on! (12 comments) Bring it, A Team! (2 comments) Onederland, baby! (3 comments) Sporting my Onederland headgear (4 comments) Onederland, down 19.3 pounds (but who's counting) (6 comments) Shellisaurus (10 comments) The Mighty Mostellers (18 comments) Still smiling after 20 years (11 comments) Offspring, looking smug and up to no good (12 comments) My girl (8 comments) He Who Shall Not Smile (9 comments) My daughter, as the Queen of Hearts. Off with their heads! (10 comments) Chubs and Pudding (11 comments) Gunner the Geek Dog (16 comments) Before SparkPeople at 220ish (6 comments)

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