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Finally! (1 comments) Me, my running partner, and my running coach at the end of the Ashburn 4-miler! (2 comments) What a difference 10 years makes! (4 comments) Me & My Size *10* Dress. (2 comments) 5.5 miles with a view of the Potomac halfway through. Lovely! This shirt is appropriate today. Hard to get out of bed but glad I went to class. And made a statement. :) Flipping Tires & Being a Badass New bathroom sign in light of recent events. This is a pretty good day! Boot camp in the morning and a hike in the afternoon. Egg roll in a bowl. So much food for under 400 calories! Yesssss! A perfect nutrition day. Perfect macros and 13 calories under budget. (1 comments) Printed out this sign and stuck it in my cord manager doohickey. Nice reminder to stare at while I work. I survived the Grouse Grind in Vancouver today. HARD but so glad I did it! This is a beautiful thing!! 2nd time I've worn this dress and the 2nd time I've received tons of compliments. I think I'll keep it! (1 comments) Really wanted Chipotle and could have made it happen but opted for the planned dinner anyway, resulting in this beautiful macro chart. It’s sometimes hard to see it in the day-to-day struggle, but put the -30 pounds picture next to the starting picture and even I can spot the difference! How a vegetarian crams 40+ grams of protein into one meal. I've gained a few pounds back lately. Time to buckle (back) down. OMGOMGOMG. I was a size 12 by the time I was 12, and maxed out at a size 22 in my mid-20s. Today, this happened. Single digit sizing. I have been working toward this for 15 years!!! First medal of the year! Meal prep day! Maple glazed tempeh with brown rice and roasted veggies. Time to get back on track. #vegan #goodfood First Halloween costume in awhile. :) (2 comments) Kickball! (3 comments) I finished a freaking half marathon! This amused me. (2 comments) Before a 4-Miler. I won't upload the 'after' picture. LOL (1 comments)

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