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Mom and I sitting on the beach in Treasure Island Florida - Jan 2009 (4 comments) This was just back in October 2008!!!!! AND it's my goal to look like this again! (8 comments) Me and the girls! November 2008 (2 comments) Me 4/25/2010 (2 comments) Face shot to commemorate the beginning of October 2010 (2 comments) (1 comments) Christmas little Santa Dog! (2 comments) Meet Bootsie...a 10 week old Boston Terrier pup new to our family on NY Eve. (5 comments) My two workout partners: Bootsie and Sampson (2 comments) My Vision Collage for the 2012 5% Challenge (1 comments) My brother, Jeff, and I at my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration in Sept 2012 (1 comments) Me July 2013 at 203 (1 comments) Vegas wedding 10/10/2013 (2 comments) Nov 2013 @ 194 lbs (8 comments) Eat your heart out June Cleaver (2 comments) Down another 2 lbs, but official weigh-in isn't until Saturday...but had to post a photo of the new look (2 comments) is feeling AWESOME!!!! (January 2015) (1 comments) 's dog has turned into the snow beast! (1 comments) @ 186 on 3/14/2015 (6 comments) It was a beautiful service. So hard to let go now. I miss him so much already. (2 comments) My two best friends! Sampson and Boots! (1 comments) Me Dec 22, 2017 - BEFORE Me Dec 22, 2017 - BEFORE (Forward) (3 comments) Today is a new day, and I'm starting off at 247 lbs today. I joined one of the challenges here on SP and hope to lose 5% of my body weight within 8 weeks time. I plan to reward myself with a manicure if I reach, or even surpass, that goal. is still around...been taking a long hiatus. Getting ready to get back at it. But first, I cut all of my hair off!!!!! (1 comments) is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!!! Here's to hoping for new beginnings in 2018!!! Good morning!!!! It's a fantastic day!!!! Let's make the best of it!!!! 2017 was a terrible year for me, so I've chosen the word HOPEFUL as my word for 2018. I am full of hope that 2018 will be a stellar year for me in so many ways: health, career, family, and finances. I am hopeful that everything will finally come together. And part of that equation is to finally lose all of the weight that I gained over the past 2 years. Time to conquer! A friend shared this with me, and it seemed so appropriate to what all of us are facing with our weight loss journeys. It is a process, and that process isn't an overnight success. It takes time. The hard work, determination, and strong will to make it work are what help us make it to the promise of a healthier ending! Remember, we have to take several single steps up, rather than a single bound to climb a mountain. It's a slow and steady process, and it isn't a steady climb, but one with many ups, downs, plateaus, and obstacles. With determination, help and encouragement from friends, family, and peers, as well, as a focus on not letting our failures deter us from reaching our final goal, we WILL succeed. 2017 has been the worst year of my entire life! I've gone the longest ever unemployed. I lost my grandmother, who I was very close to. My health has put me through a lot of trials, both through illness and injuries. And I landed at my highest weight. I'M DONE WITH YOU, 2017!!!!! Here are my before shots going into 2017 (1 comments) is off to start a new day and a new challenge! I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup. There's also a homemade meatloaf in the oven. Yum!!! I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup. There's also a homemade meatloaf in the oven. Yum!!! I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup. There's also a homemade meatloaf in the oven. Yum!!! (1 comments) I am ready!!! I received this in the mail this afternoon, and now I'm ready to put it to the test! finally got her Fitbit Flex 2 in the mail this afternoon! Now to put it to the test! (1 comments) got some steps in while snow blowing, snow shoveling, and falling flat on my butt this morning...didn't find the falling part in the tracker (1 comments) Not only did I reach my step goal today, but I also finished a solo challenge with my Fitbit is doing a serious closet makeover this afternoon (2 comments) The closet is finally finished! And it was awesome to be able to actually have room to move around in there and find everything easily! (2 comments) is pumped! Working it to get it done! Today is the start of a new chapter in my life! I haven't worked since May 22nd due to a serious back injury, and today I start a new job and a new adventure in my life! I'm ready for a new beginning! I successfully completed my first full day on my new job without any issues!!!! Or, without hurting myself!!!! Yes!!!!! I think Boots has forgiven me (1 comments) I have a silly dog. He'd rather chew on his bone out in the snow, rather than come inside where it is warm. A little detox tea, with lemon and honey, to relax with this afternoon (1 comments) I've lost 6 lbs since Christmas. But that isn't the biggest part of it. I've lost 24 inches and one dress size. That's the biggest victory so far! I started seeing a chiropractor two weeks ago for my back, and they have given my life back! I can do so much more now than I was before. I can stand longer, walk longer, and just do more longer. I feel like a whole new person! I'm loving it! (1 comments) I have now done 3 days of beginner yoga. I feel fabulous, and I have found that I no longer struggle getting up off of the floor! Huge bonus! Working it! is making plans for a better me I've done a ton of walking the past two days. My back feels fine, but my ankles are paying the price. However, I have learned that if you wrap an ice pack around your ankle for 15 minutes, it works wonders! Ok, so an Epsom soak helps, too, but this does, as well. But I wonder how bad they'd feel if I had not recently upgraded my shoes to the proper athletic shoes for my type of feet? (2 comments) I'm really starting to see the weight loss in my face. Even my chiropractor made a comment about it. The scale may be moving slow, but the NSV's are showing up EVERYWHERE!!!!! (1 comments) is like REALLY??? I think it's time to head south. I need sand, sun, beach, water, and a temperature above 70. I finally have something to hide my Fitbit while out that will still count steps, even if I'm holding a leash or pushing a cart/ stroller in/with my hand. It is always the darkest before the morning. Happy Easter I just fell short of my 7000 step goal for the day!

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