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Mom and I sitting on the beach in Treasure Island Florida - Jan 2009 (4 comments) This was just back in October 2008!!!!! AND it's my goal to look like this again! (8 comments) Me and the girls! November 2008 (2 comments) Me 4/25/2010 (2 comments) (2 comments) Face shot to commemorate the beginning of October 2010 (2 comments) (1 comments) Christmas little Santa Dog! (2 comments) Meet Bootsie...a 10 week old Boston Terrier pup new to our family on NY Eve. (5 comments) My two workout partners: Bootsie and Sampson (2 comments) Me on Mar 26, 2011 at the end of 8 Week Battle 11 My Vision Collage for the 2012 5% Challenge (1 comments) My brother, Jeff, and I at my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration in Sept 2012 (1 comments) My new home 2013 (8 comments) Me July 2013 at 203 (1 comments) Vegas wedding 10/10/2013 (2 comments) Nov 2013 @ 194 lbs (8 comments) Eat your heart out June Cleaver (2 comments) Down another 2 lbs, but official weigh-in isn't until Saturday...but had to post a photo of the new look (2 comments) is feeling AWESOME!!!! (January 2015) (1 comments) 's dog has turned into the snow beast! (1 comments) @ 186 on 3/14/2015 (6 comments) had a wonderful first day of the 5% Challenge...even made a few new friends today It was a beautiful service. So hard to let go now. I miss him so much already. (2 comments) My two best friends! Sampson and Boots! (1 comments) had a blast last night as Carol Burnett! (4 comments) Me Dec 22, 2017 - BEFORE Me Dec 22, 2017 - BEFORE (Forward) (2 comments) Yep, here's my bad luck...tried to zest a lime using a grater. The larger holes on the back to be exact. (9 comments) and now for Day 2 of no carbs...already a little grouchy...just call me Oscar today... (3 comments) Since I have no "Valentine" this year, I decided to be my own "Valentine" this year... is happy to finally have her new living room set! (2 comments) Today is a new day, and I'm starting off at 247 lbs today. I joined one of the challenges here on SP and hope to lose 5% of my body weight within 8 weeks time. I plan to reward myself with a manicure if I reach, or even surpass, that goal. is still around...been taking a long hiatus. Getting ready to get back at it. But first, I cut all of my hair off!!!!! (1 comments)

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