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Finish line Wisconsin Dells Rev3 Oly 2014 (7 comments) Last Blast Olympic triathlon 2014 - Finish Line (6 comments) Love this run shot - from Last Blast Triathlon Sept 14 2014 (2 comments) Biking leg - Last Blast Triathlon Sept 14, 2014 (1 comments) ALICIA363 across the finish line in her first 5K, Sept 28, 2014 (4 comments) Tiny person in red cap turning off her timing watch is me. Nov 9, 2014 - PB HM 2:11:44 (3 comments) The outfit before sweating - November 9, 2014 (7 comments) At the finish from the official photographer Nov 9, 2014 Good Life Halfsy (3 comments) And near the finish line Wild Turkey Chase Nov 27 2014 (11 comments) OK, I have to retire from eventing now... the wall is full. (10 comments) Raul II - has now been named, and here he is in his new home (10 comments) saw the New Year in high on endorphins from the Last Run of 2014 10K. In about four and a half hours, will go see the New Year properly in with the First Run 2015 10K. A Healthy New Year to all! (4 comments) Selfie from the nosebleed section Jan 24 2015 (2 comments) Biggest bling I ever got Jan 1 2015 (3 comments) Gasparilla Distance Classic Half Marathon Medal - PR 2:08:38 - Feb 22 2015 (9 comments) My cousin and me, after the post-race celebration. This is mom to the cousin I ran with. (2 comments) And a 3-cousin photo, Feb 22 2015 (9 comments) Our first time HM runner, my cousin who has dropped 40 pounds getting to the start line! Woohoo! (2 comments) is featuring my cousin's strawberry photo on her Spark page... isn't that a great image of Florida winter? (2 comments) Red Dirt Running Half Marathon folks at State Farm 10 mile finish line (4 comments) 13 year roller coaster of the scale... March 2002 through March 2015. 2010 to 2015 Maintenance! (8 comments) My volunteer gig April 12 2015 (3 comments) The 2015 version of Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon Medal - that's Memorial Stadium! (6 comments) The total bling from the Lincoln Half Marathon, 2015. Medal, plaque, and extra shirt. (7 comments) Workmanlike across the start line, names of those I'm running for on the lips. (3 comments) Across the finish line, a minute behind a guy who ran twice as far as me. May 3, 2015. (6 comments) The training class, morning of May 3, 2015 before the race (8 comments) is finding little motivations wherever she can, and giving herself CREDIT... Beck-style! (2 comments) Happy riders after 22 miles June 7, 2015 is introducing felines to one another... (4 comments) is back from a morning bike ride with my running buddy. (2 comments) notes that Rubia is more like a teacup full of purr. (3 comments) is amused by Rubia's attempts to climb the drawer handles. (6 comments) slept in til AFTER 6, and has the red, white and blue base ready for the simmering oats to be added. (2 comments) is repeating yesterday's breakfast - as assembled and festive. (2 comments) is adjusting to being a two-cat household. So are they. (8 comments) experienced a maintenace victory... have old worn jeans (that still fit!), will make jean-shorts! (3 comments) jumped in the lake. It was COLD. What do you mean I have to do it again tomorrow? (2 comments) feel as though her motivational Spark has returned: because having jumped in the water at that Tri last weekend, there's only one direction TO go - toward the finish line! (5 comments) finds the not quite lapful is filling more lap with her purr. And getting in more trouble, of course, as she grows. (6 comments) is getting ready to go run, it's the training kick off for the Good Life Halfsy in November. It takes time to train for a Half Marathon. (9 comments) They are gone now, but for the USAT Age group nationals, I was marked! (2 comments) And the finisher's medal from the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships, 2015. (4 comments) How to improve transition time... how about ditch the watch? (4 comments) Best spectator seat in the house... did you see Team USA fly by? I did! (4 comments) Last leg... time to run 'em down! (2 comments) Finish line with PR at USAT Age Group National Championships Buffalo Run Shirt 2015 3rd in AG (3 comments) The namesake Buffalo (1 comments) Buffalo Run Shirt 2014 2nd in AG (2 comments) sometimes works her resistance muscles by packing the bag... Had to wait almost 3 weeks to get it, but it arrived Friday. (1 comments) New sweatshirt came in the mail today... Pathetic Triathletes do awesome things but can laugh, too. (3 comments) is uploading proof of victory over Mt. St. Omigawd East (6 comments) is hiding with lights out and uploading proof of packet pickup for tomorrow mornings HM. (5 comments) Eddie and the Pacers Our favorite fan sign (4 comments) There is a story that goes with this medal (1 comments) My favorite photo of me on a run course... ever! Good Life Halfsy, November 1, 2015, Neighbors Park (15 comments) Medal used as ornament - First Run 2015 (3 comments) Medal used as ornament - Last Run 2014 (2 comments) continues day 2 of Thanksgiving flavors with a single serving casserole of Ezekiel bread dressing topped with not quite 3 ounces of turkey breast. Really loving having my feast spread over time. (5 comments) discovered Rubia discovering the tree this morning... what took her so long? (9 comments) had a very peopled yet joyous day yesterday... between lunch with friend and evening elementary school concert. Memories! (1 comments) is amusing herself with the cats. (7 comments) au contraire... more runners show up for "First Run" than did for "Last Run"... it was a great morning for a run! (8 comments) Because Marsha (SLENDERELLA61) said it would make a good profile pic. For Spark, maybe, not for FB! (4 comments) has two cats in the doghouse. Grrr! (11 comments) glue Frosty's tray back together and took down the tree Sunday. (7 comments) One of my favorites - I miss the Spark page a day calendars! is sitting out the storm at home. Pretty. Until the power flicked off at 6:30 a.m. It came back right away, but made me go hunt down the flashlight. (8 comments) is taking on the wet heavy snow 20 minutes at a time. Split pea soup perfect nourishment on a day like this. (4 comments) had a fine time and discovered a new running buddy at the Red Dress Dash... we ran it forwards, then backwards, just because we needed more miles to train. (5 comments) Training Group Shot Feb 27 2016 (2 comments) And... we're off! February 27, 2016 (7 comments) Before chasing Leprechauns March 5 2016 (3 comments) Start line Leprechaun Chase March 5, 2016 is cold even post-hot shower, but SURVIVED that 10 miler! (4 comments) is heartened by the reversal of the Winter trends in the past month... the graph shows 3 months. (3 comments) Bundled for a Cold ten miles, March 19, 2016 (1 comments) has been pacing on the phone and went out for a little walk. My nemesis trees are still blooming, and the lilacs will soon start. (4 comments) is where the action is going to be... come Monday. Friday 4/15/2016 - Marking the spot for the Spark Meet 4/16. This is at the end of 12 miles run. (3 comments) is grateful for the chance to have met some amazing Sparkly people in person! (4 comments) is wishing MOBYCARP and all the runners in Boston today the run of their lives... may they savor the uniqueness of the Boston Marathon! had a great time watching the finishers at Boston, live on Boylston street with STRONGDAWG. (4 comments) celebrating the last Spring elementary concert at one of my music teacher sister's favorite schools. (5 comments) ran her last "long" run with the group before race day. (7 comments) Boston Marathon 2016 - the finish line - where even duffers like me can "dream". (5 comments) Boston Marathon 2016 - what I wore to watch the race. (7 comments) accomplished her mission yesterday. (1 comments) Finish line: Embrace it! Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon May 1, 2016 (3 comments) Running Group shot May 1, 2016 before the Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half Marathon May 7, 2016... note the same dress as in the Thanksgiving 2010 photo. Maintenance worth it! (10 comments) is definitely de-stressed after 41 miles on a bicycle. Wheee! Downhills. Yikes... crosswinds! Keep pumping, uphills! (4 comments) The full finish line shot 2016 (3 comments) came home on the bus and brought Brenda on the bike rack... you can see her handlebars through the bus window. (4 comments) loves surprises brought to her by nature. Taken in my front yard. (8 comments) is working at converting my biking buddy from the running class into a triathlete... took her on my brick workout this morning... proof we're still smiling afterward! (3 comments) The outdoor pool at a suburban Y. (3 comments) Son beats mom by 13 minutes! The torch has been passed May 1, 2016. (6 comments) swam in open water for the first time this season. Water was 80F, no need for wetsuits! (2 comments) Who knew I'd ever join a sports TEAM and wear a uniform? Nevertheless, here I am, representing TNT! (7 comments) Seabiscuit the Safer Swimmer float... and we're on our way. got a free ART treatment on her knee post 10K... from my regular guy! (1 comments) I love this shirt. Still. Makes. Me. Look. Young. and. Shapely. (7 comments) savored patriotic fruit in her steel cut oats. (2 comments) Before the spectre of the flat to come: Omaha Triathlon bike course preview ride. July 3, 2016. (4 comments) My would-be rescuer, before the ride. He helps little old ladies change their flats! July 3, 2016. (1 comments) A better pre-ride group shot. I even show up in this one, in the background. July 3, 2016 (2 comments) After the longest bike ride of my life (so far)... 51 miles in the books, July 4, 2016. Proof of finish - 20 miles done after 1500 meter swim - Kristi and Barb July 9, 2016 (1 comments) got different colors in her hair today... but these washed out in one shower (I think...) (3 comments) presents the side-by-side bling... a 5K doesn't often give a participation medal, but the Color Run does. And it's bigger than the Cornhusker State Games one for the non-competitive cycle tour. (4 comments) was wrong... there WAS a photo, captured by a pro, on Sunday. (5 comments) bought the download to the Color Run posed jump with the niece. (8 comments) presents another one from last Saturday... the blue zone... color running at its messy best! (2 comments) Sophia the road bike is ready to tri... July 24, 2016. Sophia and me on the bike course July 24, 2016 I was not alone in my age group this year. July 24, 2016. (5 comments) finished the swim in 111th position, the bike in 78th, and the run in 64th. End position was 98th of 113 finishers, 27th of 34 women, and 1 of 2 in my age/gender group. (9 comments) is asking my Spark buds to be patient... going to head out again today to volunteer for the Sprint distance race. Meantime, my results: (9 comments) Adding to the collection of pint glasses Major League Tri 2016 - 2nd in age group. (4 comments) Love it when my age group podium is FULL... Major League Tri 2016 (3 comments) Major League Tri "stuff" 2016 says "Happy Birthday" to the Buffalo Run... it's 40 today. (2 comments) I always seem to find some running buddy at a race... here's one of my Red Dirt friends. (3 comments) I need to go find out the significance of this award. Says I am a Senior Grand Master State Champ. (5 comments) The medal, Sept 11, 2016 (4 comments) Buffalo Run Bling 2016 is offering proof of survival - Harvest Moon Hustle 10 last night - with running buds after (don't you love their skirts?) (1 comments) On the run September 16 2016 - Mile 1.5 approx (2 comments) On the run September 16 2016 - Mile 5 approx (1 comments) A throwback for SKIRUNNER - my first gold medal CSG 5K 2011 (4 comments) Second Throwback - with Homer the SaltDogs Mascot 2011 (5 comments) Finally racked the bibs and medals, November 5, 2016 - five years' worth. Right - run. Left other. (11 comments) The memory quilt (6 comments) Three musketeers ready to take on the 2016 Good Life Halfsy (8 comments) Two Sparkers after finishing Nov 6, 2016 - MJREIMERS and me. (6 comments) Mom and son at the finish line - 3rd time we've signed up for same HM. (2 comments) The super moon, November 15, 2016 (3 comments) Finish line video clip, Good Life Halfsy November 2016 is cozy during the first snowfall of the season! (6 comments) observes the beauty and the danger... slick streets in the suburbs. (5 comments) December 2016 Winter look for maintenance (8 comments) Ariel the siren treadmill, for the dark and cold season... Christmas Day 2016 session 1. (1 comments) made all 366 pebbles for 2016 fit... and my reflection is in the glass. (8 comments) wishes all of Sparkdom a Happy New Year. Last Run 2016 5K completed... sleep fast, we do it all again in the morning! (8 comments) The Pebble Jar Calendar has been reset for 2017 (1 comments) Commemorative Shirt - last run 2016 The back of the shirt celebrates First Run 2017 (4 comments) What one wears to run in cold weather (5 comments) picked up her BRIN Blackout 2016 Medal and welcomed MJREIMERS to the 2017 version. (5 comments) I looked good at the Blackout Party (before the second fall) (5 comments) Me holding Lafayette Smith's violin. Photo taken Memorial Day weekend 2010. (3 comments) Choosing to have coffee with Luke's Fah-ther. Most Impressive. (3 comments) Sipping from one of my favorite elegant cups. (2 comments) does have cupboard full of mugs... note the "s"... picked one from this cupboard for today. (3 comments) Happy Valentine's Day. (4 comments) is down to the last rose... they lasted a week, and that is enough. (3 comments) Figured I'd share Spark coach's woo-hoo because it fit with this week's personal focus on good sleep! Chilling with furry friend after the morning's run. Canine fix courtesy of my sis! (5 comments) So I'm maintaining... so what? So... "don't get cocky"... keep working the program... because I want to STAY here! (2 comments) Every time I pack that bag for the workday is a victory! (1 comments) Two hours to the start of the 10 miler. The pile of preparation builds. Sharing the visual of pounds lost... granted this was seven years ago, but sometimes a visual helps remind one of what one USED to carry around every single day! (1 comments) has seen MOBYCARP safely to the bus boarding line for Hopkinton. Good luck to all Boston Marathon Runners! (2 comments) Rooting on one of my favorite Spark people, my brother MOBYCARP, running the Boston Marathon today, for the second year in a row. (3 comments) Spark-rooters for MOBYCARP at yesterday's Boston Marathon, his second. This is STRONGDAWG and myself at Kenmore Square. (1 comments) Back in the pool first time since last November's concussion. (1 comments) can't help but be amused by Rubia's choices. (6 comments) presenting my favorite finish line photo from the 2017 running of the Lincoln Half Marathon: looking at the watch, "did I beat the time?" Constance the competitor lives. (1 comments) Updated Medal Rack, with the six Lincoln Half Marathon ones shifted to the front. Seven years of running... the other events are on the Tri rack. (2 comments) (1 comments) Ran with my Galloway coach yesterday, 6.05 miles, and we stopped to take a selfie at Galloway Ave. Hee. (4 comments) Ran as a bandit the last mile or so with the final entrant at the Memorial Lincoln Duathlon on Sunday. day 1400 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/11/2017 (2 comments) participated in the community art project this morning. (2 comments) This artist invited the public to color her heart! Is continuing to find the Heart sculptures. This one is called "Moonlight and Romeo" (if you get close enough to read the pages that make up that cascade, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is printed on them. (1 comments) Fall Half Marathon training group runs have begun. 93*F when we started. A "take it easy" 4 miles. packed a BUCKET for her tri - the crazy cat lady edition. (3 comments) A 60 year old joined the age group in 2017 and she was FAST. 20 minutes faster than I was! (1 comments) Sister accountability. Had we not promised each other this tandem workout (she ran-walked, I biked) we might both have wimped out in the mist! As is, here we are smiling, almost giggling after the fact (because we look like Mom)! (1 comments) Yes, those are my legs, being pampered for 20 minutes in those fancy, expensive recovery boots. At packet pickup for USA Triathlon's Age Group National championship, they had a booth where you could try them out. (1 comments) Oh, yes, I did! Age Group Nationals. Slower than last year, to be expected. But not THAT much slower! And I FINISHED! Swam in a "swim skin" for the non-wetsuit legal race. August 12, 2017. (4 comments) is ready to execute "Plan C" for Path of Totality Solar Eclipse Day. (1 comments) Lifted from KALIGIRL's FB post, the closest snapshot to what I saw on Monday of any I've seen. (2 comments) is sharing someone else's FB photo, because it is so cool. Taken across town from me, it's the closest I've seen of the photos to my actual view of the event! Credit KALIGIRL for the picture. (3 comments) Make sure you attach THIS bib right side up. is getting ready for the Buffalo run... thank goodness for electronic bib tags... this one could be trouble if you don't put in on rightside up! Buffalo (run) gals got rained on but ran... ALICIA363 and me, post 5 miler! See those smiles? That says these sisters are happy! (1 comments) made a fresh Advantages Response Card and changed its title, too. My favorite Veteran... not that he didn't have competition among friends and family, including his father... but every mom knows... the child in uniform trumps them all. Happy Veteran's Day... remember what they signed up for and honor them all today! is thinking about obstacles and warning signs. (6 comments) Kid sis ALICIA363 and me before the turkey trot 2017 (1 comments) is pleased with Rocky's work. (6 comments) 2017 Hungry Turkey age group F 65+ (2 comments) Love the hoodie from Hungry Turkey 2017 finds that it is beginning to look like December... and a little bit of Christmas. (2 comments) Now I have to put up a tree! 2017 I now outrank Sgt. Son (2017) - although in a mythical organization! (3 comments) Even the pebble a day jar is dressed up. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (3 comments) The retirement photo - I'm on the right, sis on the left, in case anybody doesn't know. (5 comments) The Prisoner knows how to use a Christmas tree... make himself the present! (1 comments) 's little tree, like Charlie Brown's, just needed love to become magical. (6 comments) Today's cross-training workout brought to you courtesy of Mother Nature... Merry Christmas to all! is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and the blessings of peace on earth, goodwill to all. (4 comments) is featuring the Spark Coach challenge. Two bags of water softener salt I no longer carry on my body! (1 comments) Part of "letting go with love" a photo of my "inches lost" tapes from 2009 - 2010... take a photo, then discard to declutter. The beauty? Also motivation to KEEP those inches off! (2 comments) Winter runner just back from a run 2018 (7 comments) is making the transition from packing a bag to having available healthy options "up front" in the fridge. (4 comments) Very happy with my local bike shop! Today I decided to put the clip pedals back on my bike so I can have effective trainer workouts over the winter. I discovered I did not have the right sized wrenches! Those nice young men (yes, more really nice younger people) changed them for me and didn't charge me! (1 comments) The triathlon club calls their "trainer" room the pain cave. This is the mini version, in my house. I won't be running the marathon in Boston, but I will be doing the 5K two days before it. (2 comments) got up in time to see the super blue moon starting to be eclipsed, but the cloud cover moved in and did not get to see the totality! Oh, well. (5 comments) Finally replaced the gym bag that was torn up (the old one was a freebie from maybe five years ago, and its zipper and strap connections totally wore out). I like rewarding commitment with equipment that supports it. (2 comments) ran with her fellow Triathlon team members this morning. (1 comments) Sophia and me, January 2018, spinning in a garage. (3 comments) declares victory. Went and spent an hour and a half with Chloe, the indoor pool. Ahhhh! (4 comments) Tried a new snack: non-fat Icelandic style yogurt with banana slices spread with almond butter: Oooh... like a banana split! (2 comments) ran with her fellow Triathlon team members this morning. (2 comments) (1 comments) Warm fuzzy Hoodie... March 2018 (4 comments) Leprechaun Chase mile 3, 2018. (2 comments) 's Rubia came home this morning, after her self-selected "vacation" since Thursday night. Cats! (4 comments) Look what came in the mail... less than 3 weeks to go! (1 comments) Happy April Fool's Day Easter... (1 comments) day 1700 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/7/2018 (4 comments) is cringing at the forecast for tomorrow and Monday in Boston area. (7 comments) Found today's weather not as bad as advertised... At least until I tucked inside at about 2:30 p.m. Onward to Marathon Monday. (3 comments) The new wardrobe and medal to keep me motivated. (1 comments) is sipping from her Spark mug, the last one of the old style that hasn't been shattered by mishap. Becky (KaliGirl) was the second Spark Friend I met. July 2011. (6 comments) Deanna is the first Spark Friend I met, but we didn't get a photo until our third meeting. Sep 2011 (3 comments) Turtles over 50 *do* meet their goals - May 20, 2012 (13 comments) Spark friends forever Barb and Mary June 2012 (6 comments) The victory leap (35 comments) KaliGirl and Me Before tri July 28 2012 (9 comments) The woman in the center is neither happy nor healthy. She was me, 1989, February. (21 comments) Mirage727, DSSecrets, Slenderella61, OneKidsMom Nov 18 2012 (9 comments) The gal in the turquoise dress played tag with us all day. She's 33 and from Boston. (8 comments) Debra0818 and me and Edison, of course - Nov 19, 2012 (3 comments) Rocking a swimsuit on my 60th b-day. (20 comments) Feet in the gulf of Mexico Nov 2012 (3 comments) Memorial Bracelets worn at the HM (4 comments) Time overhead is gun time, inset is my chip time. 13.1 miles May 5 2013 PB (10 comments) Barb (OneKidsMom), Becky (KaliGirl), and MJREIMERS D-Day Memorial Run/Walk June 8 2013 (9 comments) With ON2VICTORY, August 9, 2013. (3 comments) KPETSCH and me... day one of DHM. September 7, 2013 (7 comments) Two halves to make a whole. (10 comments) St. Pete WHM - November 24, 2013 (2 comments) Before 2010 January SP Body Boot Camp: Waist 33, Hips 40, Neck 12.5 (4 comments) The dress I couldn't resist buying... photo from Thanksgiving 2010 (18 comments) Gotta have a "really, really before" in the mix. Christmas 2005 (60 comments)

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