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Guessing they are both stoked!! (2 comments) I love Sweetgum trees! Grandkids 2014 This says it all!!! (1 comments) Keeping JILL313 in my prayers. My gchildren and their new braces!! (1 comments) 7-8 inches of snow out there so a day off. So cold that it's going to be around for awhile. (1 comments) (1 comments) The Birthday Girl!!! Happy 13th!! LOVE! Had a great season ending lunch with the gang! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day!!! 26 years gone and always missed. (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy 3rd Birthday Hulda Hoop!! Love this girl!!! 200.6 SO very close! This IS the week!! Here I come! Got much more accomplished than usual. Guess the "pounds off" helps heat and humidity tolerance. (1 comments) (1 comments) Happy July 4th!! Have fun but keep it safe! My Sweetie and me 6.24.15 (1 comments) This man rarely smiles! Gotcha G!!! (4 comments) (1 comments) 10.4.15 Amelia The new love of my life!!! (1 comments) Amelia was not too enthused at the photo session. 3.5 weeks (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Amelia's Baptism with Mikayla and Kevin (3 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Amelia Valentine's Day (1 comments) Cousins just hanging out. (1 comments) Her First Easter, 2016. Can't wait to see her current Easter pic. (1 comments) My beautiful 1st born/love child, MaryJo! Her 50th birthday today, 5-6, and our 16th year Reunited! Weigh in was a wake up call. WAKE UP Ozarkmary!! Have a beautiful and fit day with wise food choices! You CAN do this!! late Oct Lake Eufala, OK 2016 With dh's kids in OK 10/16 (1 comments) The curiosity of a child!! "But YOU showed me where the tadpoles were! Another reason to LOVE Sunflowers! is ready for a couple gkids. Love these kids!! Merry Christmas 2016 The real me! I have a thing for Jose. (3 comments) (5 comments) Jan 6, 2010 (2 comments) my girls Freckles and Freedom (6 comments) Helen will be 90 years young April 20th! What a lovely friend. (6 comments) My handsome son...the grandbabies' dad. (2 comments) (1 comments) Sparkin' before church on 10/10/10 (9 comments) First fire 10-27-10 (3 comments) My fav decoration...A 1980's gift from bff that passed away 11/09...I added the angel...Miss you! (1 comments) Me and my Sweetie! (7 comments) Hoping this is a sign from Above for a successful season. Go PANTHERS!! We do get snow just not as much as IL. Front yard looking toward gate. Bldg we lived in. JILL313 and me. Great meeting SparkFriend! (3 comments) Miss you gf! Tobey, an awesome friend! 2012 Snod reunion Grandchildren coming home from school their first day back. Best Sparkbuddies!!! Pasedena 2013 JILL313 passed 1-19-15 :( (2 comments) We ALL need to have a graph like this on our fridge. MD is as easy as this to determine!! Fun day with youngest dd and gdd!! (1 comments) (1 comments) My GOAL!!!!

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