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Lets have a drink! Meet Raoul--An Azure Bartender (4 comments) Meet Carter--An Azure Bartender (1 comments) This is what you see as you come up to knock the door Walking up the walk...these are what you feels as if the eyes are following you... This is Micel....he is what you hear SCREAMING as you knock at the door... Another Ghost in my haunted house... Me at 301...11/1/2013 (1 comments) Me Thanksgiving 2013 Me 12-1-2013 8 month mark 296 (4 comments) Me 12-1-2013 8 month mark 296 side view (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Azure Island Monkey! day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/17/2015 My Sissy's half of the our sis tattoo (3 comments) My half of the sister tattoo My 3rd Tattoo My 2nd Tattoo The leaves have my children's initials and the flower was drawn by my DD My 1st tattoo--Matching Tattoo with the hubby Me and my wonderful Hubby, gonna do this together! (4 comments) My chi Harley (2 comments) Me and My dog Harley. This is how he likes to sleep. (5 comments) My daughter took this on our girl time together 4/2009--Still what i look like...I hate this pic! But its me...this is how I DON'T want to look!!!! Me 4-8-13 Weight 380 lbs 5-6-13: Side View 5-6-13 (1 comments) Lovin' on Mommy (6 comments) My new lighter hair (3 comments) Here is a pic of my Dermals that I got for my birthday present from my hubby! (4 comments) Me at our Camping Trip on 9-7-13 (1 comments) Our Pitty Chance Me 10-4-13 6 month Mark (5 comments) (2 comments)

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