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The biggest pistachio DS! Graduation (2 comments) Me with the Corgi Boyz (5 comments) Me with the grand girlies (5 comments) (2 comments) The garden was so pretty this morning. (10 comments) I made the cookies ;) (4 comments) Made some more cookies yesterday....back to work with me this morning.later more mud room prep work for painting.... (6 comments) Mom and I had a tire blow out today.Here is our towtruck selfie (5 comments) (5 comments) And this is my spark buddy. The birds are out in force today (1 comments) Sunny day : (2 comments) Tuweep and Mystic . (4 comments) Off to work with me . Have a great day :) make it a good day :) Hello Friday (2 comments) Going to the $4. movie later They are showing the hateful 8 :) looks like it might be good ! (2 comments) Back to work with me (5 comments) Thanks for making my day in the spot light special :) off to work with me :) (2 comments) This bird keeps an eye on what I am doing (2 comments) Yippie for my day off :) (2 comments) Today's project. 2 down 4 to go (15 comments) have a great day .I am out the door :) It's my Friday :) (2 comments) Off to El Paso to do some shopping :) (9 comments) Oh Well... Back to work with me :( (2 comments) Thursdays bird houses : (3 comments) Off to work again.Think later I will play with some of the new beads I got in El Paso :) Work then off to PT . I love a ride through the mountains with my Sirius radio .. LOL Have a great day :) (5 comments) (2 comments) Today is my early day to get off .. LOL not that any of my work days are long :) (2 comments) Hello Friday :) Errands after work ;) Mom .....the stalker is back! (3 comments) looking forward to working inthe garden again today:) (2 comments) Started hanging bird houses on the fence Can't wait for everything to green up .= (2 comments) Back to work with me this morning . Later I can work in the yard :) (9 comments) Happy Valentines Day (4 comments) I will be working out here today after work :) (5 comments) I need a new artist = (2 comments) out the door with me . More yard work later :) (2 comments) Hello Friday :) (5 comments) Looking like a beautiful day in New Mexico :) (3 comments) It is so warm this morning we didn't even need a fire Woo Hoooooo! I am going to whine like a big dog when it gets cold again . (1 comments) Back to work with me Booooooo (4 comments) My car after the car wash.... Fail They are going to pay to fix it =" (5 comments) Out the door with me :) Hello Friday :) (1 comments) My corgis boys have to have their teeth cleaned today.Trying not to panic .They are so sweet. (6 comments) Going to meet my friend for lunch today after work :) WOOHOO (4 comments) back to the yard with me after work :) (2 comments) Hello Friday . You are going to be a busy day . Errands after work. And I do believe a stop at the chiropractor. (2 comments) Good Morning Spark Friends :) As my birthday approaches this is my mantra LOL (8 comments) The chickies are here :) They are so sweet :) (4 comments) Back to work with me this morning. Weekends go to fast out the door with me. I am thinking later I will work a bit more in the garden :) (2 comments) off to work with me the a nice ride up to PT .Love my rides I can listen to my metal music loud ...And no one complains LOL Have a great day :) (2 comments) One of today's projects. I want another day off : (1 comments) I have been enjoying this beautiful day doing little odd jobs here and there : Here is as pic of the bee hotel (3 comments) Have a great morning :) (7 comments) the wind is starting to get on my nerves ..That's all :) (2 comments) Yippie for the day off (1 comments) Heading out with the dogs for a hike :) (3 comments) Back to work with me Have a fun day :) (5 comments) New sleep med fail. I was awake all night. Thanks menopause for giving me this wonderful issue :/ (5 comments) got some sleep :) Hoping to get the challenger back from the body shop later . Tired of the wind :/ (10 comments) This cat... (2 comments) Ahhhh a day off. Maybe there will be no wind and I can get something done outside :) (8 comments) looks like a fun day (21 comments) I think they are liking the extra room😊 (3 comments) Lazy day off .Going to clean coops this morning .$4. movie later :) (4 comments) Back to work with me (1 comments) A friend is going to come by and have some lunch with me later. Hoping we can sit in the garden and enjoy the hummingbirds :) (2 comments) heading to PT after work. Hope I don't hit snow. I hate driving in snow ! the kittens are going to get "fixed" today. Hoping to paint after work.(if the wind stay away ). Sounding like a good day :) One of yesterday's yard projects (7 comments) So this happened yesterday. Bye bye challenger. ..Hello mud ..YELLOWSTONE 2O17 (1 comments) back to work with me . Booo LOL (4 comments) OMG I slept for 7 hours !!!! (6 comments) after work I am off to lunch with a friend . We are taking the scenic route (1 comments) FRIDAY!!!!!! (1 comments) (3 comments) Busy day today ......zips away to get started (1 comments) My supervision team (8 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) ahhhh Hello day off (6 comments) Back to work with me (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there :) (2 comments) today we tackle ceiling fans and weeds . (2 comments) Yippie I finished my El Cheapo swing make over. (2 comments) The chicklets are getting brave they are stealing from the goats. .lol (4 comments) Hanging with my buddy in Las Vegas ☺ (2 comments) Fun times at a rock shop in Las Vegas I want this crystal ball in my collection I want this crystal ball in my collection (7 comments) My new little friend. (4 comments) Another friend from red rock Another friend from red rock Another friend from red rock (3 comments) Tuweep. (7 comments) Hummers (5 comments) Point Sublime Grand Canyon (1 comments) Hummer sunrise (18 comments) Satchel (7 comments) Hummers (6 comments) Tuweep & Bisbee (11 comments) Hummies (7 comments) Yippie for the beach (2 comments) (9 comments) (17 comments) Roswell Harley (1 comments) Tampa (5 comments) sunrise (2 comments) with Grunch in the Gila Oro Grande (3 comments) Me & Hubby (11 comments) Washington Oaks Florida (1 comments) Silly old Bear (9 comments) with Grunch in Sadona (2 comments) (3 comments) Melissa (DD) Me & my Mom Florida 08 (6 comments) Tuweep & Bisbee (4 comments) Bisbee (2 comments) (6 comments) Morrigan & Freya (5 comments) Styx & Swanson (16 comments) (4 comments) (4 comments) (8 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) (4 comments) Toulie and her quads (2 comments) Freya's girls 2013 (2 comments) Me and my boys (2 comments) Me (5 comments) The mini donkey born here last year (4 comments) Chucky (4 comments)

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