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Use it or lose it! (1 comments) Cheering YOU on, Sparkers!! (1 comments) I'm sure Enjoying a Fit year!! (2 comments) 65# GONE forever! November 15, 2012 (3 comments) Let Loose:::....enjoy Life! (4 comments) Staying Fit & Enjoying the Process! ..:::Happy Running:::.. (1 comments) Dance like no one is watching. . . (4 comments) bahahaha!! (2 comments) ...::::Love my hot orange running shoes!:::.... (5 comments) a nice hot cuppa... Embrace Today! (1 comments) (6 comments) (1 comments) Soaring in 2015! (1 comments) (1 comments) I can do all things...:::through Christ! (1 comments) ...just a lil' pep in my step is all I need. (1 comments) (1 comments) ...:::a smile is the best thing you can wear today. (3 comments) ...::surfing positive WaVeS, Sparkers! (1 comments) ...:::thankful for Spark Friends today! (2 comments) ...:::one day at a time with HOPE in my heart. (2 comments) A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. — Phyllis Diller (1 comments) ...:::embracing where I am at in my journey today. 3 Cheers for Friday! (3 comments) ...:::so thankful for so many blessings today! ...::children's allergies are under control, my foot is better, and the weather is a cool65 degrees! God is Good! (2 comments) is trusting the process one day at a time. Let's Do This, SP Friends!! (1 comments) .....:::Lol! Yep, "desserts" have been deleted from my daily living & the rewards far outweigh the temporary satisfaction of beginning with that single cookie. I can do it! (2 comments) ...:::so thankful for Jesus! is back from an hour at the gym....::: this EARLY Bird is making Progress! ...::started Monday with ST...:::getting stronger...not as sore today. (1 comments) is making my fitness routine a priority every day.....:::Time To Own It! (2 comments) ....::giving it 100% - no matter what I look like! Bahaha! (1 comments) ....:::the most flattering curve on your body is a smile! (3 comments) is cleared to exercise! ....:::my foot is feeling fine. PTL! (2 comments) (3 comments) is making my fitness routine a priority every day.....:::Time To Own It! (1 comments) is finished with my mailbox/post project. (7 comments) ...::::embracing ALL possibilities! (2 comments) My children are my treasure... (2 comments) is on track with monthly fitness minutes and enjoying a beautiful weekend celebrating my daughter's 13th! (3 comments) ...planning on a Healthy Weekend! (2 comments) "There's something about engaging not settling that brings us ALIVE in Christ" - J. Seibert (1 comments) is baking all weekend, but will taste test mindfully - also time to increase gym time a bit...1 step at a time. (3 comments) ....welcomes February! ...a new month means new opportunities for progress & Success! (3 comments) is back on the wagon after a sweet neighbor brought by freshly baked pound cake to my door yesterday...but today is a new day! No dessert for this gal...Lol! (3 comments) ...:::no evening snacking for me - I'm on a roll! Also, increasing fitness minutes too this week - Happy as a clam! (2 comments) is resting...think I might be getting a cold. I did clock 1.5 miles this morning...::felt great! (2 comments) ...:::I have so much to be thankful for! (2 comments) ....:::wishing all SP friends a Happy Valentine's Day weekend! (3 comments) relearning meal portions and enjoying the self discipline. Making Progress! (1 comments) is on track this (check), healthy planned meals (check), intentional written goals in sight ( check)!! It's going to be a great week! (2 comments) Hello weekend! ....still on track - Woo-hoo! I'm owning it! ...each choice, Intentional. Through Christ, I am unstoppable! (2 comments) is on a roll! ...::Staying in my cal range, no evening snacking, and increased fitness minutes! Daily Progress! (2 comments) ....:::Hosanna to King Jesus on this blessed Palm Sunday! ...::remembering the greatest act of Love here on Good Friday. Thank You, Jesus for being our Redeemer! (1 comments) has been consistent with all of my goals for 3 weeks now. Even though there is little to zero scale progress, I am hopeful! Lost an inch in my waist! Oh Yeah! (3 comments) ....Happy April Fool's Day! ...:::LOL! dodging pranks left & right today! (2 comments) He's surely Alive ....He's living on the inside roaring like a Lion!! (2 comments) is seizing the moment today! is enjoy this gorgeous spring day....:::I love to watch the birds, butterflies, and scampy squirrels in our neighborhood. (2 comments) is hopeful. Thankful for any small bit of progress. is packing for our road trip to cheer on my boys who are competing in our state track meet! short distance runner and one long! Motivating! (2 comments) "There's something about engaging not settling that brings us ALIVE in Christ" - J. Seibert ...I hear a drumroll - Mr. Scales finally moved! ....down a pound, and here on the 9th Day of the Challenge! (1 comments) ....completed SP's 30 Day Challenge....feeling great! Ready to take it to a new level for the next 30 days! ...::starting off this last week of school with fitness and healthy choices! Feeling strong....staying strong. (1 comments) ....welcomes June with more gardening, just enough fitness and healthy food choices! Here's to a slimmer summer! is turning 40 this weekend!! But I was born young; so young I shall stay as I make intentional healthy choices each day! Here's to the FIT Forties!!! (2 comments) is keeping it REAL! every choice is made with intention...:::hoping to successfully up my daily FM! (1 comments) is sweating off those toxins in full Texas sun using a spade and shovel to create another garden - Whew! (2.5 hours) way to detox! Lol! (3 comments) is on day 24 of no sweets...if I'm honest, I MISS running even though I am glad I have a spin bike. Running is just So Amazing! ....given doc's clearance, I might try my running shoes on. =) (1 comments) ...had a good health report form my doc today - Praise the Lord! ...:::awaiting lab reports for the FULL report. ( just blogged) (1 comments) ...low carbs, low sugar, early morning exercise and a revamped perspective too! WOOT! taking a weekend vacation with family! still planning to stay on track! Here's to progress while on vacation! (2 comments) is running with my eldest daughter tonight.....1st run in ever so long - I am hopeful! (2 comments) ....heavy rain has kept me from running on schedule, but I see a silver lining ahead....hopefully will get to run! (1 comments) ...enjoyed another run with my daughter! ....SLOW is my kind of progress. =) ...feels like a taxi service today! whew! so looking forward to my long-awaited vacation to NJ and Philly ....leaving this Thursday! is on much fun to fly in the clouds...almost forgot how pleasant it is to travel at leisure. (2 comments) ... it's a great day at the beach...perfect weather here in NJ! (2 comments) NYC!! Gorgeous day! (1 comments) I Love Manhattan! ...what a beautiful day! ....:::TGIF Sparkers! (1 comments) ...:::is having happy and healthy weekend ....:::SO enjoyed a 2.5 mile run with my new running group! ....even thru great care and taking it slow - my foot is still sensitive...nursing it today with hope for tomorrow! (1 comments) is writing down goals because if I write it down, I will Do It! ...::one step at a time. enjoyed training with my run group...covered 2.65 miles all by the river with elevated trails too! Really nice...will repeat on Friday! (3 comments) ...Happy Dance that my feet and legs feel strong!! Praising the Lord for good health! thankful! ...TGIF Sparkers!'s my faster short run today...feels great to stretch out my legs and push myself a bit further today!! ((happy dance!)) ...cold front coming in this ready for Autumn weather! is eating dessert, lowering carbs, and staying in my cal range! Staying Strong! (2 comments) ...a norther just blew through here with rain and cooler temps...gotta love Texas weather! ...:::out early with running group prepping for tomorrow's 5K! (1 comments) last night's 5K was splendid! ( amazing volunteers & gorgeous evening to run) inspired to spot my friend! Encouraging other runners was my goal! ...had so much fun! ...even though this week has been swamped with dr. appts. & my nursing for eldest's sons allergies, youngest son's head cold, I still managed to carve out time for Fitness! (1 comments) ....early morning gym time - feels great! is back from an evening walk/run...reserved 1/2 mile for each of my children...that way I spent quality time with each one. =) (3 comments) ...::welcomes cooler autumn weather with all of my heart! .....LOVE this season! (4 comments) ...clocked 5 miles of walk/run intervals for the day! ....and the cooler temps are so refreshing! Fitness & Praise = FUN!!! (1 comments) It's all about YOU, Jesus! (3 comments) I LOVE this hat!! (8 comments) I've finally made it!! just less than a year! (1 comments) {{ I MADE IT!! }} In 15 months, I made my Goal!! =) (7 comments) (3 comments) Majesty ...Your Grace has found me just as I am..... (5 comments)

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