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When today marks the beginning of probably your 20th "Final" Push to goal, it' worth it to pause and reflect on all that you've already achieved! #I'mmyownproof (2 comments) Committing to taking the best possible actions today! is reminding herself of this today! (1 comments) Got up early for the first time in a long time to get my workout in! Day 1 of getting back into the habit of getting my workout in before the day can throw any excuses at me! After doing one 47 minute video I decided to challenge myself to do another one that I had missed earlier this week. I wasn't sure that I could do it but I was determined to try and guess what NAILED IT! (1 comments) Up early to get my Core de Force videos in before school and the challenges of the day! Reminding myself of this today after a 3000 plus calorie day yesterday! (1 comments) After 3 weeks of INCREDIBLE effort but little movement on the scale, just reminding myself of this today After a rough week of giving into to my emotions and circumstances and basically giving up on me I had to remind myself this morning that no matter how many times I fall, it's how many times I get up that matters! (1 comments) Today marks the start of a new year for me and so I am dedicating the first 100 days of being 26 to getting refocused and getting back to achieving some goals! #100daychallenge #birthdaypresent Day 1 of my 100 day Challenge, take 2 :) Day 2 of my 100 Day Challenge done! Another good day yesterday! :) (1 comments) Down another 3.4 lbs and back in the 160s! WOO HOO!! (5 comments) My Before and Now (13 comments) is reminding herself today that Rome wan't built in a day. (1 comments) day 125 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/28/2015 day 325 of my streak for "Consume at least 8 cups of water per day." earned 9/8/2015 day 325 of my streak for "Consume at least 8 cups of water per day." earned 9/8/2015 day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/3/2015 Hubs and I (11 comments) is working on consistency!! (2 comments) Out at a prayer breakfast January 18, 2015 (7 comments) has gone 7/9 days on a keeping within her calories streak and 9/9 days on an exercising according to her workout calendar streak!! WOO HOO!! 81 days to go in 90 day Challenge!! (1 comments) is putting the past behind her and pushing forward full steam ahead!! (1 comments) NEEDS some COMMITMENT!!!! is pushing on and taking responsibility!! (2 comments) is trying to remember that she's only failing if she quits!! (1 comments) (5 comments) is going to give it her all!! NO MORE half-hearted efforts!! COMMITTED!! (1 comments) is reminding herself that she's GOT THIS!! is remembering that it's persistence and progress that counts not perfection! (1 comments) is sticking to it!! (1 comments) is keeping focused!! (1 comments) (2 comments) (4 comments) (2 comments) June 2008- I had already lost about 20 lbs here. (1 comments) I think 2008 too, in a pizza place (hangs head). LOL!! I don't think I bought any though. (1 comments) At a wedding, 2008. (1 comments) June 2008- Going to my Grad ball. (1 comments) Watching movies with young people from church. 2009 or 2010. I'm on the floor in the white top. (1 comments) Me in 2009. (3 comments) April 2010, with my sisters. (I'm far left) (3 comments) Summer 2010, with another sister. (I'm on the left) (1 comments) My husband and I at a banquet. (May, 2013) (13 comments) My husband and I at church (September 29, 2013) (4 comments) (2 comments)

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