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Christmas is coming... (3 comments) Barometer (3 comments) Future Fish Farm (4 comments) The "Deck" for the Fish Farm and "barn" (4 comments) Coming later... lol! (1 comments) (2 comments) A pic for my friend Remember2BMe! (2 comments) UK vacation with the Man (7 comments) Up and at 'em. Time for coffee! (3 comments) It's a cold one out there! (Maybe a little early in the day for this one...) (1 comments) Finally Friday... Got some seeds in the mail! Guess what I'll be doing? (1 comments) Doing my Peppermint Patty impression: (3 comments) I'm COLD! No likey! (3 comments) Well, here I am, back again! (1 comments) Focus, focus.... (2 comments) Time to get the lead out! (3 comments) The Man's event was yesterday. No pics of just him or he and I, so we'll have to go with this one. He's the handsome one on the right! (2 comments) I am growing a new herb... (1 comments) Happy Valentine's day! (2 comments) Setting us up for success... Jump box (portable power source), propane heater and four bottles of propane. Oh, and plenty of wine, cheese and bread. A girl has priorities! (2 comments) Orientation and organizational meeting yesterday. Today is day 2 of my new job as community garden coordinator! (3 comments) Yea! (1 comments) The forecast was for 55... it's raining with 20 mph winds. Good day to stay in the office! (3 comments) Thanks to Sharjopaul for dinner inspiration! (1 comments) Gardened, pulling weeds and cleaning up debris, then rewarded with an hour of fishing. Like that reward system! (6 comments) Guess where I'm going??? FISHING! (3 comments) Focus on the food! (2 comments) From Saturday's boating... We saw a pod with lots of babies, but this is the only pic that captured a dolphin out of water. (4 comments) :-) (3 comments) is pleased after the fishing adventure yesterday. Guess what's for dinner? (3 comments) (2 comments) Somebody's trying to break out... lol! (1 comments) Off we go! (4 comments) (3 comments) Ice cream man thought he was going to come down my street! (3 comments) Throwback Thursday.... 2001! (4 comments) Spooktacular tonight! (2 comments) Bring on the Sun! (2 comments) Still a lot to, but progress was made! (3 comments) Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May it be beautiful and bountiful! (2 comments) Shopped a bit yesterday with my sis. Crowds weren't bad, but the traffic was atrocious! Going to follow the Farmer's Almanac's advice today! (3 comments) Three years ago today! Love him more and more! (5 comments) Focusing on the positives! Walked into the GH to find this guy surveying his world. (3 comments) My new motto for 2016! (2 comments) Make this 2016 (2 comments) TBT 2013 (3 comments) Happy National Cheese Lover's Day! Yes, you can have your cheese and eat it too! (1 comments) Gonna be that kind of weekend. (3 comments) Snow came and went. Overnight flooding finally receding and the rain turning to more sleet and snow. Crazy weather! (4 comments) I'm awake! I'm awake! (3 comments) (1 comments) It's Fabulous Friday! (6 comments) So focused on work, I let my coffee get cold! (1 comments) Happy Pi(e) Day! In our house, Pi(e) are squared and round and free form! Hello Sparklers! Have a wonderful day! (1 comments) It's finally here! Between the puppy and the plant sale, I'm looking forward to weighing myself on Monday! (4 comments) I love my man and he loves Pie! (4 comments) Preview party with my handsome man! (8 comments) The Pet tree. All the animals in the pix are available for adoption. (3 comments) PVC herb starter holds 3 inch pots nicely and waters from the bottom (6 comments) Paint your toes Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness! Beach Glass Angel (3 comments) Dylan's Cheese Biscuits (love the doggie!) (6 comments) The garden in May. Finished - for now. (4 comments) Gardening vignette (3 comments) 10 pounds lighter! (7 comments) Can we go now? (11 comments) (1 comments) Grandview Island (6 comments) (2 comments) Dylan on the Beach RIP: 12-31-2010 (14 comments) Beach note from my love (12 comments) Roasted Veggies (4 comments) Monkey Puzzle tree (3 comments) My motivation - me from two years ago. (3 comments) Blue, amber, white, greens, purple, aqua and an incredible Red beach glass! (6 comments) Beach glass mosaic (5 comments) Puffer fish (9 comments) My family (12 comments)

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