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4/2016 Picture (1 comments) February 2017 (8 comments) This is the best picture of Guam I have seen with few clouds so you can really see the island. (3 comments) (1 comments) One of my grands at a beach here on Guam. (2 comments) My GG at a beach here on Guam. (4 comments) Grand at the beach in the trees here on Guam. (4 comments) My beautiful grands and a great grand. (5 comments) This is the longest my hair has been in years but it needs to go! (5 comments) March 2016 (2 comments) May 2014 (3 comments) The four on Guam on Mother's Day 2014 (3 comments) Two Grands in Houston, 2014. I miss them. (3 comments) Grands Thanksgiving '09 (7 comments) Grands Thanksgiving Day 2010 (5 comments) Yes, that is an octopus he is holding! (3 comments) Me, my grands with poet/author IRA brought to Guam. (1 comments) Grands with my nieces the gang at the ranch. (1 comments) Christmas 2009 (2 comments) Manila, March 2007 (1 comments) Standing in front of a 400 year old Sakura tree with 200 year old one behind it at garden in Nikko! (6 comments) Sakura at Hachiman-yama Park, Utsunomiya (5 comments) Quilled Butterflies (7 comments) Iris Folded Paper with Quiled Roses Card (3 comments) iris Folded Paper Card (5 comments) Latest Picture 1/16 (10 comments) Me and my NUTZ! (3 comments) My first Quil project (3 comments) Birthday of Granddaughter (6 comments) Birthday girl with family (1 comments) Grand #2 (2 comments) Grand #3 (4 comments) Grands #4 & 6 (2 comments) New me! September '09 (5 comments) Grandma & Grand (4 comments) Grand Canyon (4 comments) Cairns (4 comments) I finally held him! (4 comments) Latest Grand (3 comments) Phil, Emiko and family (4 comments) Phil and Son (2 comments) Chris & Jenn's Girls (3 comments) 6 months (7 comments) Party Night (2 comments) Grand 's Kindergarten Promotion (3 comments) Kindergarten Promotion (3 comments) 3,000 Flags for Memorial Day (5 comments) Feed me I'm hungary! (1 comments) Help! I'm going to drop! (3 comments) Grandma's nose getting squished! (1 comments) Sitting in a biiiig chair in Tennessee (7 comments) in front of a covered brldge in Indiana. (7 comments) Cetti Bay Overlook from the top of the stairs! (4 comments) Sella Bay Overlook from the top! (3 comments) Ocean waves, Philippine Sea! (6 comments) More waves! (7 comments) Walking! (3 comments) With big sister. (1 comments)

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