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Next goal: sub 4 upright and smiling. matching with my road bike, Audrey Lexa. (2 comments) I school those 2 chicks on how to take a proper race photo. (2 comments) Deadlifting more than my bodyweight! (3 comments) #beastmode on the trails Water crossing! (2 comments) Snow running is my favourite! she flies through the air with the greatest of ease.. Yes that is me. There's no such thing as bad weather, only soft people." - Bill Bowerman Lifting today. 9 mile trail run plus 2 games of laser tag with a bunch of 7 year olds. 17 mile run in a snowstorm, 40000 steps. 5 miles snowshoeing. 22 miles run in the past 24 hours. 5 miles snowshoeing in fresh snow and - 10 Celsius temperature. 22 miles run in the past 24 hours. 8 miles with hill repeats in - 15c windchill. Deadlifted 3x5, 48 kg/105 pounds. I used to be able to lift 160! But that is all the weights I have at home and I can't justify a gym membership to go once a week. ?? Some impromptu outdoor yoga during my run! Despite the gorgeous weather and rest yesterday, still felt blah on today's run. Leftover spicy bean salad for breakfast pre run. This could end badly. ?? Balancing on a giant stump. Just because. My Awesome Shirt, that I didn't get to wear for the marathon. :( (12 comments) 75 pound barbell squat, 39W5D pregnant. Achieved goal of not gaining in unnecessary places! (3 comments) Me and Bryden. (7 comments) Frosty 5K, 3/7/2010. 39W3D pregnant. (2 comments) Someday I'll run with Mommy - Sporting Life 10K, 5/2/10, 7 weeks postpartum (3 comments) Mississauga HM, 5/16/2010. 9 weeks postpartum. (2 comments) RW photoshoot, 5/19/2010. (2 comments) RW photoshoot, 5/19/2010. (2 comments) RW, August 2010. I AM FAMOUS!!! (11 comments) fingersandtoes, brontemom and I looking like total dorks. (1 comments) Now my ankle is famous too! iRun magazine, October 2010. (2 comments) Road2Hope HM, 11/7/10. 1st sub 2:00 HM. (2 comments) Me and Mr. B @ 8 months. (3 comments) Another awesome shirt. Badass Mother Runner. (4 comments) Around the Bay 2011 - a 22 minute PR. (1 comments) Chicago Marathon 2011. (2 comments) I run outside in any weather. This was the day after we got 25 cm of snow. (1 comments) 2nd pacing gig - 2 hours continuous, actual chip time 2:00:17. (1 comments) 3rd pacing gig: 2:15 run/walk, chip time - 2:14:29. marathon pride! (7 comments) triumphant fist pump! The Glory! Toronto Waterfront Marathon @ 16W3D pregnant, 9/27/09. (6 comments) Awards ceremony, Waterfront Double Crown (5+8K), 9/12/09. 2nd in my age group. 14 wks. preggo! Ottawa Marathon, 5/24/09 Hard earned medal! Ottawa Marathon, 5/24/09 (1 comments) May 2001 | June 2005 (2 comments) December 1999: ~135-140 pounds | May 2007: 125 pounds | It's all about body composition! (2 comments) Poster child for Skinny Fat: age 18, 95 pounds, probably 30-35% bodyfat, size 10 clothing 2 handed swing during the endurance test...strong & sweaty is sexy! Frosty 5K, March 2, 2008. I look like a Serious Runner here! (2 comments) Finish line, Bay and Back 5K, March 30, 2008. 1st sub-30 minute 5K. (3 comments) Sayin' hi at Harry's Spring Runoff 8K, April 5, 2008. (2 comments) My 12 kg kettlebell Cherry - our first day together! Overhead squat with 12 kg 30th birthday, June 16, 2008. (4 comments) HBC Run for Canada, July 1, 2008. (2 comments) My SIL, me, and my running partner, Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, 9/28/08 Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, 9/28/08 (1 comments) My hubby and I, December 31, 2008. Do you recognize me all cleaned up? ;o) (1 comments) Robbie Burns 8K, 1/25/09 (2 comments)

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