Taking a picture of myself--not easy to get a flattering shot!

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2/21/2013 5:43:24 PM

You did good-it's never easy to get a photo by yourself-keep taking them photos-you'll be glad you did. :)

2/20/2013 12:12:53 AM

This picture says a thousand words....it tells that you are not happy with the way you look, plus you do not like having your picture taken. Yet, I see a lady with a peaches and cream complexion, beautiful blue eyes, white, white teeth and a blue top that shows off all her beauty. It is very sad that we cannot see all the beauty God has given us, or truly realize the Master Creator made us perfect. We just don't get it, do we.

10/7/2012 2:27:16 PM

I think you are very pretty.

I have an overbite and am self-conscious about it, but I will probably always have it. I have learned to be myself, flaws and all.

9/21/2012 3:44:10 PM

Don't be hard on yourself. You look fine.

9/20/2012 8:51:36 PM

lol! Yes it is so hard to a flattering shot! I end up taking about 20 before I get one that I don't feel so bad about. I like the ones when you think your smiling ... but your not.
It is a good pic.