Abe doing his "flying nun" imitation

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7/4/2012 11:18:51 PM

Really adorable! Our puggle does one, too. I swear, sometimes all four legs are off the ground and she's running like a bunny rabbit!

I'm glad you "don't do depressed!" Did you note my favorite quote? (It's on my signature)


4/21/2010 4:23:46 PM

I remember the show "The Flying Nun" and he does look like he is flying. LOL. That is a good shot of him. He looks like he is having fun.
Cyrella emoticon Abe

1/30/2010 12:12:14 AM

You look like you have a lot of fun with all those dogs. they would surely keep you moving and playing.We don't stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.Keep moving and laughing and having fun with all those beautiful animals and you will stay young and be beautiful. Thank you for your note.............Judy

12/27/2009 3:47:01 PM

ABE is just too cute! I have 3 of these critters, different breds, one yorkie, one Japanese Chin and one mix pit bull/irish setter! They own my heart strings!