Right about the time I I joined SP. (My daughter's 1st b-day). 3/3/09

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1/7/2012 5:31:48 AM

You're daughter is so adorable! And you are too!

3/1/2011 2:24:35 PM

Amazing to see how far you've come. Truly an inspiration. :)

2/23/2011 6:18:51 AM

I was scoping the motivation pages on Spark and your profile pic grabbed my attn. You are my new motivation!! Wow! Good for you! What speaks to me more than how great you look is the energy you portray in your photos. I want that!!

2/22/2011 6:47:45 PM

You have come such a long way, I am proud of you. You give me hope, and motivation :)

6/2/2010 12:24:50 AM

I see this and think... She looks SO tiny, and I look SO huge!