steno sz notebk workout journal.Cover is metal tape I embossed, then india ink 140 pgs = 1yr

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Member Comments on this Photo:
2/19/2012 6:35:33 PM

That is beautiful and functional! Thanks for sharing it!

1/10/2012 4:49:56 PM

Wow, that is so cool!!!!!!

8/5/2011 7:11:37 PM

Thank you! It doesn't hurt to have a nice notebook to keep track of things... :) I have always used steno pads for my workout journals - Have a box full at this point... is very interesting how my weight lifting style has evolved from doing things the conventional wisdom way into my own way. emoticon

8/5/2011 2:05:49 PM

It is beautiful! Maybe I need a beautiful workout journal for inspiration...