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6/22/2015 11:39:06 AM

oooh I love your house! ours is similar (four-square) but someone tore the front porch off years ago and put up a stupid little entryway thing - why does nobody build front porches any more?

6/8/2013 12:15:35 PM

Yours is the second lovely porch I have seen since I started SP a week ago. I would love to tour your home as I have a feeling it's a dream ;) emoticon

4/14/2013 10:46:56 AM

Oh, my goodness! This photo reminds me so much of my home state of Michigan. The old farmhouses built by the German immigrants have survived all these years. Our old farmhouse where I was raised was built in the early 1900's by my Great Grandfather, for my Great Grandmother. Seems old Grandpa Shoultz had a terrible temper, and when he was on a roll, my Grandmother would retire to "her" house! LOL!
When my Dad bought the place, he blew insulation in the walls and finished off the upstairs (well, nearly finished it) so that it would be a warm haven for He, Mom, and us five kids! Four bedrooms, but just ONE bathroom! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! emoticon

4/7/2013 7:24:10 PM

Thank you so much. This time of year the swing on the front porch is one of my favorite spots.

4/7/2013 5:05:59 PM

Such a lovely house!