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1/27/2015 12:46:22 PM

Wow!! Great progress! We're weight twins! LOL

My heaviest (logged) was 236. I'm now around 169. Hope to get to 150 and a final goal of 135 for a healthy BMI

11/13/2014 3:15:00 PM

What an interesting comparison. It's amazing how much younger weight loss can make us look. Keep up the good work!

11/6/2014 12:43:04 PM

Awesome!! We're weight loss twins!! LOL My heaviest was 236 back in 2011 and I'm on the road to 150 baby!!

You look great!!! Keep up the good work!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/20/2014 12:31:53 PM

This was from 2013. Before I got pregnant with my second child.