260lbs for my 21rst Bday...1 of like 4 pictures I let be taken in those times bcuz I HATED pic taken

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8/19/2013 2:40:22 PM

Awwww Yea I can so relate...I just didnt let my pic get taken ever.,..but obviously a few times it happend cuz I have this one LOL....This being a full body pic makes it very rare as well!

But Im so glad I have it now! I kinda wish I had more because its nice to show that I accomplished something so hard!! I put so much time and energy into my weight loss and people have no clue the struggle I had when they meet me now... its nice to show your progress with anything in life and this is one of the hardest things to over come....so when you achieve it you deserve to share your story...the pictures make it more real!

Congrats again on what youve lost already! because I do know the struggle! emoticon emoticon

8/19/2013 1:18:40 PM

I still hate having my picture taken, so I usually just do waist-up. I was 287 when I started this and only let my first picture be taken after I lost 20 pounds... and I still hate that picture but it does keep me motivated. I don't even have it on my SparkPage - that's how much I hate it! LOL