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My Mistake
7/9/2014 12:15:58 PM,  200 COMMENTS

I made a mistake, but I'm glad I did because I learned from it! When I began my journey back in 2012, I got my starting weigh in, and then...  Read more


Day 950- Day 2 of Whole30
7/8/2014 11:34:04 AM,  82 COMMENTS

Yesterday was pretty easy. For breakfast I had an egg and onion scramble with salsa, and some raspberries and blueberries. For lunch, I ma...  Read more


Super Losers YOU Should Read About
7/8/2014 9:59:35 AM,  112 COMMENTS

Check out these people who have all lost weight without the help of weight loss surgery! Now I don't say that because I am against weight loss surge...  Read more


What a Difference Consistency Makes!
7/7/2014 7:53:49 PM,  121 COMMENTS

The fruits of our labor can look and taste very sweet. Planting and maintaining a vegetable and floral garden is hard work but worth every drop of swe...  Read more


Freezer Meal Marathon--VICTORY!!
7/7/2014 11:15:27 AM,  115 COMMENTS

I survived my first Freezer Meal Marathon last week! Okay, technically, I’ve done a freezer meal workshop before, but this was the first time I did it...  Read more


You gotta want it, they say. Understatement, I say!
7/7/2014 4:25:52 AM,  161 COMMENTS

I've had some wonderful sparkfriends! And through their stories I was lucky enough to realize the importance of a key ingredient of weight loss earl...  Read more


Why the self sabotage?
7/7/2014 3:36:29 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I keep asking myself the same question. Why do I sabotage myself? I woke up this morning and found that I had lost another pound, making 20 total. I w...  Read more


Perfectly Timed Perspective...
7/7/2014 3:01:54 AM,  51 COMMENTS

I have been struggling for quite a few days now... I am not panicking yet... but it is getting close to that 230 zone. So what happened today coul...  Read more


the timeline of how SP fixed my day
7/7/2014 12:50:11 AM,  53 COMMENTS

Today was like a whirlwind of emotions. I'll just give you the timeline play by play. 8am - I'm awake. It's painful. It's already hot in my bedro...  Read more


So far so good
7/6/2014 11:09:40 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Okay I have done a combination of things to improve my lifestyle today. Simple things. I now wash my face every night (no matter how sleepy I may b...  Read more


Day 238 - A Purge And A Splurge
7/6/2014 10:55:49 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm in a wonderful mood and I can really feel my body and mind making a shift in how they think, act, and feel. My body...  Read more


Back to the basics!
7/6/2014 10:04:21 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Okay, the holiday weekend is over and I indulged in the good food for a few days. Chili dogs and homemade ice cream. I had a turkey dog on a a whole...  Read more


Day 83 Update
7/6/2014 5:41:34 PM,  64 COMMENTS

Hi Everyone Hope you are having a great Sunday and looking forward to a positive week! Yesterday was Day 83 of my 10 minute fitness streak....  Read more


-Are You Being Hood-Winked?-
7/6/2014 1:05:36 PM,  103 COMMENTS

Q. Do you ever run into a grocery store, fully intending to buy one or two items. But to your dismay your cart is so overloaded on the way to...  Read more


Getting to know your Spark Neighbour
7/3/2014 11:59:14 AM,  150 COMMENTS

It's time for another get to know your Spark friends… borrowed from _BABE_!!! (I had to add some pictures to make it more fun... some are mine, some...  Read more


The Truth...
6/25/2014 3:38:26 PM,  53 COMMENTS

I was watching this recent clip from John Oliver's show - - and it brought to surface a lot of feelings I've had on the issue of...  Read more


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