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My Sunday in the Netherlands
6/23/2014 11:42:29 AM,  174 COMMENTS

Hello dear Sparkfriends, I donít know about you, but I had a wonderful Sunday! I am in the Netherlands for countless meetings (or so it feelsÖ I...  Read more


If You Don't Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?!
6/23/2014 3:23:51 AM,  151 COMMENTS

215321 215321 215321 215321 215321 After entering my most recent status update here on Spark... I realized something. My "spark feed" is updat...  Read more


Sometimes It's the Little Things
6/23/2014 1:16:24 AM,  154 COMMENTS

We start out having a goal and sometimes the big picture gets lost in our focus of that one, and only that one, certain goal. We don't even notice th...  Read more


still streaking, but i've learned it's okay to back offÖ and a Non Scale Victory
6/22/2014 11:37:22 PM,  59 COMMENTS

on thursday evening i went to the emergency room with gastronomic symptoms no one wants to hear about. anyway, i was admitted and spent several days...  Read more


Seeing Clearly, It's Harder Than It Looks
6/22/2014 11:27:45 PM,  27 COMMENTS

Wow! Feeling good today! Must be from all the sleep I got last night. It's been a long time since I've been able to sleep through the night without an...  Read more


NSV Today!
6/22/2014 10:03:47 PM,  19 COMMENTS

A TCBY treat was calling my name loud & clear today. I was driving home after an upsetting experience (related to my post traumatic stress disorder) t...  Read more


Poll: Would You Trade One Year for the Perfect Body?
6/22/2014 9:20:57 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I read this poll today posted on Face Book. Very interesting. I asked myself this question...Would I trade one year for the perfect body? I answered n...  Read more


Day 934- I'm a SINGLE DIGIT for the First Time in my Life!
6/22/2014 8:43:36 AM,  284 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfriends. In my previous blog, I talked about how I had to figure out how to reach my goal, or learn to ignore the scale if I was reach...  Read more


Love Your Body, Always!
6/21/2014 3:53:04 PM,  16 COMMENTS

I've had dark moments with my body image in the past, but I've learned to love my body. I also remember I couldn't succeed in the past at getting at t...  Read more


No More Scale
6/21/2014 1:12:09 PM,  136 COMMENTS

I haven't blogged much lately, but I know I need to get back to a regular blogging routine, because the accountability of blogging helps me to...  Read more


Mid-Boot Camp Progress Report
6/21/2014 12:28:09 PM,  125 COMMENTS

Today marks Day 14 of my monthlong boot camp and just wanted to do a quick update on my progress. I'm already starting to feel a noticeable difference...  Read more


I was looking for the Easy Way!
6/21/2014 10:43:06 AM,  74 COMMENTS

2 years ago today, I was back from an awesome trip to Paris with my husband and I weighed myself and I was at an all time high of 186 or 187. I was n...  Read more


6/20/2014 12:14:04 PM,  125 COMMENTS

My saga continues on sweets. I was caregiver to my husband for years even before he went to the nursing home. He was there for 3 years before he di...  Read more


Kills 100% of cancer cells after 6 days
6/20/2014 9:20:18 AM,  90 COMMENTS

The last few weeks I have been learning about foods that fuel your body with amazing nutrients that invoke potential healing responses. I...  Read more


A Reason to Laugh-
6/19/2014 7:10:10 AM,  161 COMMENTS

Did you know people who smile and laugh a lot can actually live longer? And laughter will keep you looking young? Have you laughed yet today? There...  Read more


video blog Video Blog
hOOping again!!
6/18/2014 2:25:02 PM,  140 COMMENTS

I survived the Holiday Trifecta!!! A big chunk of my job involves production details for holiday services, so the back to back of Easter, Mother's Day...  Read more


For whom the race is run: 1
6/17/2014 7:53:03 AM,  108 COMMENTS

I've quipped before that I run because I can. I run for those who cannot. Each time I go out, I do better when I fix in my mind specific people for...  Read more


The Great Swimsuit Dilemma: Squeezing the Right Stuff Into the "Right Suit"
6/14/2014 5:18:52 PM,  72 COMMENTS

Well, itís official. I have procrastinated long enough, itís almost the 4th of July, and I can no longer ignore the fact that itís time to go s...  Read more


Complete Failure -Restart
6/12/2014 1:44:49 PM,  75 COMMENTS

I am a big fat failure. A disappointment to myself and my circle of Spark friends who say I inspire them, to my family who was so proud of all...  Read more


A look in the mirror - Tales from 100# Down
6/3/2014 9:14:55 AM,  63 COMMENTS

If you are on one of my teams you saw this post already today but I felt it was worth sharing with you: A Look in the Mirror I am going to s...  Read more


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