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Whinny A**

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I was so being a whinny a** last night. I think everything ...all the stress...caught up with me last night. I set in the living by myself and bawled my head off. Hubby's job woes, my job work place being sold, worrying about paying the bills, my WIP not going well (or at least one chapter not to my liking), eating out of whack, no workouts, etc. I was just feeling like dumping everything! In the midst this I got an email from my BFF. And what she got back was me being a whinny a**. emoticon

Thankfully...she IS my BFF and she understood. So Ms Calen....thank you for being there for me last night! You are the BEST! emoticon

OK..been a busy day at work. No workout, eating so far today is OK. But last night...not so much. I was depressed (see Whinny A** above) and had to stop at the local Walmart. You should NEVER go shopping when feeling like that. I ended up with not only chocolate cake (1 slice) but a can of frosting (I had some,,,but then felt so guilty I threw the rest away!) AND a 5 lb chub of Bar S boloney! I love boloney...it's a go to/trigger food for me. That I didn't throw away. But I'm feeling stronger today, so it'll be OK. emoticon

As to the WIP...I'm going to work on it but at a slower pace. I've realized (thinking about it today) that writing a novel is more like a marathon then a sprint race. It's not going to get done in a few weeks. At least MY novel won't! emoticon

OK...enough for today. It's Thursday which tomorrow is TGIF! And TGIF can never can fast enough! Have a great one!

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CALENSARIEL 9/19/2014 12:02AM

    You were just fine last night. Tired, worried, disappointed, disillusioned, but just fine! Heck, we all go there from time to time. Now stop telling everyone you were a whinny *ss or I'll have to come over there with my whompin' stick, and it's a LOOOOOONG walk! (So I think I'd rather not?) Hugs, Calen~

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BHENDRICK2 9/18/2014 7:17PM


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Long Over Due

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's been a stressful week so far. I won't go into details, but things didn't go well with the mediation at hubby's work. so next step is going to Fed court. But that could take 9 months to do! Not a good time line for the guys that are struggling on a very reduced salary (as in $12 ah HOUR less). The stress hasn't been good for me. I have no energy, eating is all whacked out, and I haven't worked out since last week. emoticon

Even my writing seems to be taking a hit. I'm struggling a bit with a scene in chapter 10. I THINK I have it figured out, but we'll see what my beta reader thinks. Plus I gave the first like 8 chapters or so to a guy at work. I wanted a guy's perceptive on my WIP. Now it's true guys don't read paranormal romances, but if it keeps him interested, I think it's a good thing. emoticon

Caleb got hurt in his football game on Saturday. I knew he had a game at 3 in the afternoon, but after an hour or so of no score update, I texted my daughter. Didn't back from her for like 24 mins or so. Then I get one of those Don't panic mom but...text messages. It seems Caleb was sweeping around to tackle the QB and some running back came across the field and hit Caleb with his helmet, right in the gap between where Caleb's shoulder pads and helmet are. So they ended up in the ER. Caleb is OK but he was sore and had a huge bruise on his jaw. They aren't suppose to be doing helmet to helmet hits, but unless the Ref start calling, there'll be more of them. emoticon

We also went to a Hawaiian picnic on Sat. We had lots of fun and good food. It was with some Hawaiian from hubby's work, so a lot of talk about all the crap happening there. It was a pot luck type things, we took Hawaiian Potato Mac salad and Ono Hawaiian Spare ribs. here's hubby crisping up the ribs:

So I guess that'll be it for today. I'm hoping things are a bit more normal tomorrow. Well...as normal as I get! emoticon

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CALENSARIEL 9/17/2014 7:53PM

    I know things are crappy there right now. But hang on! Some semblance of normalcy will emerge! Have faith! emoticon

LOVE both of those cartoons!!!


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LJOYCE55 9/17/2014 7:36PM

  The scale tells me my gravitational pull? I love that phrase!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm so happy it's Friday! This has been one strange week for me. My eating has been out of control and my workouts have been spotty. I plan the restart this weekend.

I really don't have a lot to blog about tonight. I got chapter 9 done of my book. Now on the chapter 10!

We're going to a Hawaiian picnic tomorrow. We're taking Potato Mac salad and Ono spareribs. There's a Hawaiian fest too but hubby doesn't want to go to that. Too much walking he says. emoticon

SO...this will be it for me! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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LJCANNON 9/14/2014 12:10AM


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CALENSARIEL 9/13/2014 10:35AM

    You're getting just like me. When I'm in the zone writing I don't want to do anything else. And if I DO eat anything, its junk I can snack on while I'm writing. I have CORRUPTED YOU! Oh no! Hugs, Calen~ emoticon

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One Word

Friday, September 12, 2014

Good Night (OK..that's two) I'm beat. Off to bed. Bad eating day, no workout.

Night all!!

Oh Yeah...Caleb's Football picture! (Sorta of) This is the Facebook banner. I ordered a poster!

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CALENSARIEL 9/12/2014 9:25AM

    Wow! That's kind of cool that they make all that stuff available for you -- banners and posters. I've never seen anything like that here.

How'd 9 go last night???


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ARNETTELEE 9/12/2014 4:06AM

  Good night!

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OSDOWNS 9/12/2014 2:24AM

    Good night. It will be a better day when you wake up!

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Just A Quick Stop

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I was going to do this blog earlier today but got busy. And once I got home I just had no energy. I fixed dinner and did the dishes and then just set in kind of a daze. Not sure what's going on.

Anyway it's been a strange day. No workout today (I did some Photoshop stuff for a friend at lunch) eating wasn't the best. I found this picture of before I moved to Vegas. Very late 90's/early 2000's. Kind of depressing. But I guess it could be something to work for.

And that's about it for me tonight.

See you all tomorrow!

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TOONACAT 9/11/2014 1:15PM

    Me too! That was my color and style once upon a time. Hugs for memories of the past, and good vibes for making new ones now. emoticon

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CALENSARIEL 9/11/2014 10:41AM

    Lordy! I wish I had that head of hair of yours! That's a really great picture. Why on earth did you move to Vegas? Hugs, Calen~

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JTREMBATH 9/11/2014 3:39AM

    Great photo. emoticon

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PRAIRIECROCUS 9/11/2014 2:45AM

    I think that your photo is a nice, natural shot !
I used to have long, brown hair, when I was younger.
Now, it's much shorter, and I have to colour it, to have
brown hair...
Such is life !

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