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Something Differnt Today - Chapter One

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some of you (OK...anyone who reads my blog ramblings) know that I'm attempting to write a book. Not an easy thing to do! With the steadfast encouragement Calen (who talked me into this! emoticon ) and the kind members of the Writers team on Spark. I'm all the way to chapter 12! emoticon So today I'm not going off on any rants, no rambling. Just Chapter 1 of my WIP. So...be gentle my friends, this is a first draft, unedited version. But please do post your thoughts. And without further ado I give you Soul Sisters - Taylor, chapter 1.

Chapter One - Eireann

The room of the small medical center was dark, the shadows reaching out to the small, fragile woman on the large ornate bed, trying to overpower the few lights in the room. The woman's long silver white hair loosely braided, sweat pouring from her small body as she labored to bring a new life into the darkness that was her world. The midwife and her helpers scurried around her, preparing for the impending birth, looking fearfully toward the closed door of the room.
To the laboring woman on the bed, this was a familiar scene. Since becoming the wife of William, a man she thought was a white Mage, she had given birth four times, each time bring a healthy, beautiful daughter into the world. And each time that child had be taken from her, never to be seen again, for the William wanted a son. And only a son. He needed a son to fulfill his destiny of being the ruler of both the Human world and the Otherworld.

An ancient prophecy foretold of a daughter, born to both light and dark magic. She would be a warrior with powerfully magic that would one day bring together both the human world and the Otherworld. A daughter that, in the end, was destined end the life of the Mage. This William couldn't let happen, but he needed an Heir. A son he could control and train to follow in his footsteps. To that end, William went to realm of the Otherworld to find a mate that would give him his desired son. In the court of the Tuatha De Danann he found what he was looking for. Eireann, a princess of the Tuatha De Danann and a cousin of Queen Ernmas, was exactly what he was looking for. Beautiful, shy, malleable, but with a aura of untapped power that drew the William to her, he wooed her for weeks. Able to change his persona like a chameleon, he became what she needed him to be to fall in love with him. In the end, he won her, they were married with great fanfare in the great throne room of Queen Emmas.

A gasp coming from the bed drew the midwife to Eireann’s side as she labored to bring her child into the world. She was spent, but so close now, the pressure building, the need to push growing stronger with each contraction.
"One last push Lady" the midwife instructed, "Push hard now!". The midwife’s helpers, standing on either side of Eireann, drew her shoulders up, to better help her bare down. Drawing on the last of her waning strength, Eireann pushed hard with the next wave of pain, a long, low moan escaping past her dry lips. "Push Lady...push" the midwife urged, "the babe is coming!" Another moan escaped Eireann's dry, cracked lips as she felt the baby slid out of her body. As the pressure of the contractions eased, Eireann lay back down on the bed. She waited to hear the cry of the baby but there was only the sound of midwife cooing.
"My baby" Eireann asked in a low, raspy voice "Is my baby alright?" "Oh aye" the midwife whispered "You have a healthy daughter."
Eireann moaned, "No..no..no..not a daughter. Not again." And she started to weep. She knew the fate of any daughter born to her.

As her tears started to flow, she was hit by a sudden pain, another contraction rolling through her. A small scream escaped Eireann at the unexpectedness of it. The midwife, just settling the small, quit baby into the bassinet, turned and hurried back to Eireann's side.
"Another contraction Lady?" she asked, surprised. Eireann could only nod and when the pain returned, she pushed. The midwife had just enough time to move to the end of the bed and guide another, smaller baby out. "Twins! A boy this time." the midwife said. The weak cry of the small baby boy sounded in the room.
Eireann tried to take this in as she lay back on the bed, weak and panting from the delivery of not one baby but two. "A son? At last a son." she quietly murmured. "He's healthy?" she asked as the midwife moved the baby into the same bassinet that the baby girl lay in.
"Oh yes Lady. A bit smaller than your daughter, but he's healthy overall." answered the midwife, her gaze moving back and forth between the babies, making note of the differences in them. The girl had a head of longer than average midnight black hair, with touches of silver white on either side of her face. Her eyes were a pale blue as she glazed quietly up at the midwife. Those eyes seemed to see right through her and she felt a fissure of power from the child that made her shiver.
"This one will be powerful when grown, if she lives." she murmured to herself. Her eyes shifted to the boy. He was smaller than his sister, born just minutes after her. He fussed, crying a bit, his eyes closed. His hair was shorter than his sister's, a sliver white with a tuft of black on each side. With his eyes closed, the midwife couldn't see what color his eyes were. There was a inkling of power from the boy too. Not nearly as strong as that from the girl though. "This child will have a hard time in his life." the midwife noted to herself. With a sigh, she turned back to Eireann, "Lady..we must inform your husband of the births. He waits in the hall." She hoped the birth of a son would please him enough to soften him toward his daughter.
Eireann protested "Just a bit longer...please. I would like some time with both children."
The midwife looked at the door to the hall then back at the small woman in the bed. Pity filled her eyes. "Lady I know what you fear. But we must call him in. He will be angry if we wait too long." As she walked toward the door, her helpers scurried out of sight, trying to become as invisible as possible. The midwife reached for the door stopping just short of opening it, looking back she made a promise, "Lady" she whispered so quietly Eireann had to strain to hear her "your daughter will be safe this time, I promise you this." Then she turned the door handle and opened the door.

The door swung open and William strode in stopping in the middle of the room. His gaze roamed the room, coming to stop on the bassinet, not sparing a glance for his wife in the bed.
"The child has arrived?" He asked of the midwife, his voice cold.
"Yes Lord a son-" the midwife started to say only to be interrupted by the Mage
"A son? Is he healthy?" he asked with some emotion in his voice. Moving to the bassinet, he looked down to see the baby. His head whipped around, black hair swaying around his shoulders, "What is this....two babies?" he demanded with a icy glare at the midwife.
"William please!" a small voice came from the bed "We have twins, a son for you and a daughter for me."
William stalked to the bed, looking down at last on the fragile woman lying among the bedding "Twins? A daughter for you?" he sneered "No...no daughters! I have my son; I have no need for daughters." Turning back to the swaddled babies, he picked up the baby boy, never once looking more closely at his daughter.
Walking toward the door with his son, Eireann cried out from the bed, struggling to come to her feet, "Noooooooo....my baby....please...don't take my baby again!" William stopped, turning back he looked at Eireann.
When he spoke, it was in a cold voice, "My dear I will do as I please. I will raise my son, there is a wet nurse waiting for him as we speak. I don't need you anymore." He looked at the midwife "Dispose of the girl. Say she was stillborn." At his words, Eireann managed to leave the bed, standing a moment before moving toward William.
With fury in her eyes she lurched across the room, “NO! You won't take another baby from me!" She stumbled, righting herself as she started to weave a spell of protection. But it had been so long since she had used her Fae magic. William had forbid it and she had bowed to his edict. Now she was paying the price for that, before she could finish the spell, William cast his own spell, stopping her words as they formed. She felt a coldness starting to creep over her, breathing became difficult.
The midwife rushed to her side, wrapping her arms around the gasping woman. "Lord! Please Lord..stop..she'll die!"
Watching the two women slowly sink to the floor, William smiled, "Yes, she will". Turning back to the door he left, taking his son with him.

The midwife looked at her helpers from where she was huddled with Eireann, a silent commutation passing between the three of them. Rose, youngest one, quietly slipped from the room and headed down the hall to a small room near the end of the corridor. Entering the dark, cool room she shivered. What they were about to do could cost all three their lives. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Gathering up a small wrapped bundle, she cracked the open door, checking that the hall was empty. Seeing it was clear, she stepped out and hurried back to the birthing room.
Reaching the door, she bowed her head and uttered a prayer to the Goddess before pushing open the door. The midwife looked up from where she was on the floor, tears streaking her face as she held the now lifeless body of Eireann.
"We must hurry before he sends someone to collect the bodies. Lily, take the baby and go. There's a car waiting in the ally. It will take you both to a safe house for now. Rose after Lily has gone, place the bundle in the bassinet." Lily rushed to grab her coat, and then gathered up the child, wrapping her in an outer blanket. With a last look at the sad scene before her, Lily turned to the door and checked the corridor. Seeing that it was empty she slipped out and hurried to the same far end that Rose had returned from. An exit was there, just at the very end.
After Lily left with the child, Rose gently unwrapped the small body of a perfect baby girl. A young girl had given birth just a few hours before Eireann in the maternity ward nearby. The baby had been born stillborn and the young mother, homeless and alone, had disappeared shortly after the birth. Having helped with that birth, Rose had come to the midwife with a plan to save any daughter born to Eireann. They would spirit the baby girl away and in her place they would put this poor baby.

As Rose settled the baby's body into the bassinet, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard drawing closer, stopping outside Eireann's room. There was a knock on the door, before being opened from the outside, to reveal a group of eight men, William's personal guard.
The leader looked to the body of Eireann on the floor, still in the arms of the midwife, "We've come to remove the Lady and her child" he said, not unkindly, for Eireann had always been nice to all the people working for William.
The midwife looked up at him "Be gentle...she was a good Lady." With a last look at Eireann, the midwife rose from the floor, motioning Rose to follow her. Both women left the room, tears filling their eyes. They walked to the front of the medical center, out the glass doors and faded from sight, as if swallowed by the night.

Lily pushed open the door and saw the waiting car. With one last look over her shoulder, she climbed into the backseat of the car, strapping the now sleeping baby into a car seat already there. As the door closed and the car speed away into the blackness of the night, a tear slipped down Lily's cheek.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ICEDEMETER 10/28/2014 8:04PM

    Definitely some editing needed, but the story "caught" me for sure! You've got a really nice pace to advancing things, with just enough background detail to work with but not so much that it overwhelms the story.

My only real "criticism" would be a tad too many descriptors in the first few sentences (it is setting the scene, but gives a mistaken impression that the rest is going to be bogged down in unnecessary details). Definitely something you would catch and correct in the first edit.

You've chosen a genre that I adore, and have "caught" me enough that I'll be watching your blogs and waiting to hear when I can buy the first edition!


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AANGEL3 10/28/2014 6:23PM

    WOW...reading it myself here, I really see where I need to make some edits! emoticon

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CALENSARIEL 10/28/2014 6:23PM

    Yay! Yo got brave enough to post it. It's very intriguing. Hugs, Calen~

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Cookie Butter!

Monday, October 27, 2014

So we were shopping on Friday afternoon (i had the afternoon off...boobie smash time!) and I saw this smallish jar of Cookie Butter. Hmmmm...what the heck is this stuff called Cookie Butter? Being the adventitious kind of girl that I am, I tossed it into our basket. Got it home, opened it, garbed a spoon and........OMG! It's like Peanut Butter only made with freaking COOKIES! And it's 100% better then Peanut Butter! It's totally a good thing it was a smallish jar, because by Sunday night that jar was empty! Just right of the jar it's addictive! So I went on line and found a recipe where you can make your own, from any kind of cookies. The jar I bought was the Creamy Biscoff kind (it comes in crunchy too). But I'm thinking White chocolate mac cookie butter may be in my future! emoticon

It looks like we'll be having issues with our insurance company over the items that were stolen from us. First the rep said to go ahead and replace what we could, send her the receipts and she'd cut us a check for those items. The rest she would send us a check for a depreciated amount, we could buy what we wanted (in this case replace our gun) and then send her the receipts for those things and she'd cut a another check for the rest of the amounts. So we've replaced some items out of pocket and sent her those receipts (she already has the police report and missing items list!). But NOW she wants receipts for the items that were stolen as well. REALLY!!? While we do have most of them, a few we don't (like for two of the laptops, one we can't find and the other was older and there's just NO way we have that one!). If she had wanted those we could have sent them last week. And if she was going to hold up on covering our claim we would have held off on replacing stuff (well except the TV...hubby had to have that right away.) using money we really didn't want to spend (giving hubby's job situation right now). Why do these types of thing have to jerk us around? It's like we're being victimized all over again. emoticon

Hubby is losing weight. And he's doing it faster than I am. I'm going to have to work harder or he'll pass me up!!! In light of that...I'm back in the gym starting today. emoticon

Truth be told, I'm happy and proud that he's losing. I want him healthy for many many yrs to come! emoticon

I'm in charge of the Halloween Potluck this Friday @ work. Not happy about it, but not a lot I can do about it. emoticon

I', about 1/3 of the way into my WIP chapter 12. I'm thinking I might post an excerpt here once in a while. Thoughts? emoticon

OK...that'll be it for me on this Monday afternoon! Have a great rest of the day everyone!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CALENSARIEL 10/28/2014 4:19PM

    You know my sister LOVES Biscoff cookies, the ones they use on the airlines. She actually called an airline a few years ago to find out where they get them. She orders boxes of them regularly! I've been meaning to buy her a jar of that. I don't think she's ever tasted it. I'm glad it's good. I got her name for our girls' Christmas party this year. I should pick her up a jar!

I think you SHOULD post a bit of your story!


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LJCANNON 10/28/2014 8:29AM

    emoticon Sometimes I really do believe that certain Insurance People are hired and trained simply to "Protect" the Company from Insurance Claims. It truly IS just like being assaulted again -- This time by someone who is Supposed to be on Your Side!!
emoticon Cookie Butter sounds Delicious and Dangerous, LOL!! I am glad that I have not seen it here.

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Skipped A Day

Thursday, October 23, 2014

For some reason I missed doing my blog yesterday. The last week has been the pits. But I still should have been able to blog. Anyway...here's one for today.

Still waiting on the insurance people to send us some $$ so we can get replace the last of the items stolen from us. We have the cameras working pretty good. We need to do a few minor tweaks. I'll just glad when this is all in the FAR past for us. emoticon

My car threw a low tire pressure light/ding this morning. So when I talked to hubby and told him about it, he said Oh...means you need to check the tire pressure. NOOOOOOOO......REALLYYYYYY? emoticon (Spark really needs an eye roll smily!). To which I replied I know...you can do it when I get home. He didn't sound too happy about it but hey...things like this is one of the reason I married him (OK...so it might be so low on the why I married him list that no one see it). MEN! emoticon

Eating was OK yesterday. I was at the top of my range. And still no workout. I'm shooting to get back in the gym next week. emoticon

Eating today has been good so far. emoticon

I worked on my WIP last night and at lunch today. I think it's coming along nicely! emoticon

And with that...I'm an outie for today!!! Have a great rest of your day!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TOONACAT 10/26/2014 12:06PM

    I'm so glad you had a copy of your WIP and that your "world" is still safe and sound there!

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CALENSARIEL 10/24/2014 12:40AM

    Well, if his lordship didn't do that kind of stuff, I'd have to PAY to have it done. He wouldn't like that! Have a good night! Hugs, Calen~

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hubby went back to work today after the break in. When I left the house this morning it felt like a rock was setting in my tummy. I was almost afraid to leave! I don't know how many times over the last 5 days or so I wished I could afford to just stay home. But I can't so. So I need to trust in the things we've done to protect ourselves and our home. Cameras and a security doors. I've checked the cams like every hour today. It sucks to live like that. emoticon

On an up note...my eating is getting better. I still didn't work out today, I just didn't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow. emoticon

I also got back to my WIP for a few mins last night. I was nice to lose myself in my story even for just 30 mins or so. I'm going to do some writing every night. emoticon

So...that's about it for me today. It's short I know but I'm not feeling with it today.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CALENSARIEL 10/22/2014 9:40AM

    I don't know if it's any comfort or not, but our cabin up in the Uintahs sits on the same lot as my folks' best friends cabin. They have stickers on their doors and windows saying there are security cameras which they have up but aren't really functional. We don't have anything like that on ours. We've been broken into up there three times. No one has EVER touched their place. So the police may be right. It really is a deterrent. Let's hope so.


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SLLYONS51 10/21/2014 8:01PM

  I have also had my house broken into. My son was actually home asleep. I was thankful that no one got hurt but it made me feel violated and insecure. It takes time to feel secure again but you will otherwise this will rule your life. Don't let the robbers have the power. emoticon

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MIA For 4 Days

Monday, October 20, 2014

I've been MIA the last 4 days. After I did my blog last Wed I got a phone call from my hubby. He came home from work and found our front door open. He went inside and found we'd been robbed. Again! This time whoever it was ransacked the whole house. No drawer, cabinet, etc was left untouched. Turned upside down, dumped on the floor. The back door from the patio to the garage had been kicked in (it seems they tried to get in the other back door but couldn't.) and the house was shambles.

They took our TV (that sucker was 55"!), my Xbox and two games (Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 and Nike+ Training), 3 laptops (one brand spanking new!), our gun and ammo, my SS card, Birth Cert, our marriage license, a car title (hubby's 91 Stang), hubby's Air Force retirement papers, and our good jewelery. They also opened (and left open) our freezer in the garage.

I was So pissed I told the cop and CSI that was the house when I got home that If I caught up these scum bags I would kill them! The cop asked me to calm down. I was that pissed!

We do have insurance but we also have a $1000 deductible. Replacing the back door should almost take care of that. We'll need to replace the other stuff. The jewelery we really can't replace. We now have a 8 camera security system installed and hubby is putting a security screen door on the both doors today.

It just SUCKS that we have to feel so violated in this way. And that we'll need to try and hide any of electronic stuff even within our own home. The cop and CSI said we could get security service but even then it's still mostly a deterrent thing. Most home burglaries only take between 6 and 7 mins to happen. By the time a security company can send someone, notify us and the cops, and the cops get there it's already too late. Our cam system will get clear pictures of anyone breaking in from now on. And a dog really won't help. Our neighbors were robbed even though they have a dog.

So I have called our banks (just in case), got a new SS card on the way, put a fraud alert on both mine and hubby's credit, I still need to contact DMV and stuff. It's a huge PIA but something we need to do.

I didn't really watch what I ate at all. Thursday I was lucky to eat at all. So I was up weight wise today, and no workout as I hit a Gamestop at lunch to replace my missing workout games (small stuff I know but something I can do NOW).

I'm back at work today (I took Thur and Fri off last week) but skipped my work out to run errands. Dinner...well...who knows. I'll have to wing it!

I'm just so bummed out! Another thing...something like this shows how strong your marriage is. Hubby and I are going to be OK.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TOONACAT 10/26/2014 12:04PM

    OMG, I am so very sorry Angel. It is such a lot to bear, and I don't blame you one bit for the anger. Glad that you and DH are strong together, emoticon

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LJCANNON 10/21/2014 8:04AM

    emoticon I am thankful that you and your DH are safe!! I can't really even imagine how you feel right now.
"Violated" and "Angry" don't even begin to cover it. I will be praying for Peace for you guys and your Neighbors, and Quick Justice for the Creeps who did this.

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CALENSARIEL 10/21/2014 12:06AM

    You hadn't mentioned that others in your neighborhood have been robbed, too. Recently? Hugs, gf... Calen~

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MOTTAMAMALOU 10/20/2014 7:21PM

    emoticon What else can I say? I hope they catch the you know what's.

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