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Adaptation and Random Stuff (Wall of Text)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

(This song is brought to you by the only Coheed and Cambria song I like "Welcome Home".)

As I sit here in my fluffy pink robe sipping my coffee (unsweetened coconut milk and one packet of generic blue stuff) at 5:44 AM, I am a) wishing my favorite mug was clean because this one isn't big enough and b) thinking about adaptation.

I am, as a Taurus usually is, unhappy with change. Sometimes even good change annoys me. Once I get over the initial hump, though, I think I adapt fairly well. As I've mentioned before, the hubs will soon be working at 6:30 am, and this needs to start getting up at 5 am. I don't have to be at work until sometime between 9 and 9:30, it's flexible, and even at 9:30 I usually beat everyone else there. I like a few minutes of relaxation time before everyone comes in and starts complaining about stuff. (Note to self: no Saleswoman today, just Watchmaker and Bossman, which means Bossman will be bugging me the second he comes in. Better get to work even earlier today.)

So, over the last several weeks, we've been pushing the alarm back a half hour. This week it's going off at 5:30. I seem to be adjusting to this way better than the hubs. I get up, make coffee, check SparkPeople, maybe blog, then on alternating days I kick him and Bingley out of the living room so I can do my bell workout (I have this terror of doing two-handed swings and Bingley runs in front of me and I hit him with the bell so I make him go in the other room).

Then I shower and eat breakfast, which is about the only thing I'm truly consistent with: a Thomas' Double Fiber Honey Wheat English muffin, because I like the flavor they have, not because of the fiber, 2-3 Tbsp of Skippy Creamy peanut butter depending on whether it's bell day or not, and a banana between 100-125 grams on top. This is the breakfast I've found that really keeps me full and energized almost until lunch.

So this getting up early thing has really not been too bad. Some of you may say "just stay in bed, he can get up on his own" but once the alarm goes off I'm awake. Half the time I'm awake before the alarm! I go to bed pretty early and read or think for a while. In fact, lying in bed in the dark is where I get the plot for the novel I will never finish worked out, haha. I find it easiest to fall asleep when I'm trying to figure out a plot device, it's my version of counting sheep.

One day someone will event a video camera where I can just think about what my book looks like in my head, with all the imagery and facial expressions and costuming and I won't have to write the words down. The movie in my head will go straight to digital media. The words won't be there to get in the way. (Although the fact that people can interpret a book the way they choose is one of the reasons I love the read.)

So anyway, since I have all this spare time in the morning I've been trying on my Faire costume and seeing what I can adjust. I got a tank top at the thrift store I think will work style wise. I got new boots a few months ago so I don't need my old boot covers, and that got me to thinking: I want to wear the tank instead of the long sleeve blouse I wore last year, but I don't want to entirely expose my arms, because I'm still not super confident with them. I have a bunch of leather left over from the overcoat I bought to make the boot covers from. I'm going to make some sort of cropped leather jacket from the scraps so I can cover the parts of my arms I don't like and maybe it will look a bit like armor when it's done. Also, hubs doesn't want to wear his sword belt this year (the kind you tie in a knot instead of one with buckles) because he says the hanging part always hits him in spots he'd rather not be hit, so I may get to wear that too.


One day, I will cosplay as Lulu from FFX.

Come on, a corset and a skirt made entirely of belts?! I don't have the cleavage she does but heck, she's just cool.


So anyway I'm using the cuffs of the boot covers as sleeves, since they were originally the sleeves of the coat anyway, and I'm using another piece of scrap leather for the back. I'm not sure how it's going to get assembled. I'm gluing it at present then I suppose I'll punch some holes with an awl and add lacing for both looks and sturdiness. Hopefully in a few days I'll have something photo worthy for you. I wish I had a sewing dummy in my size so I could see how it fit without having to take it off and put it on over and over. I have a sewing dummy but it's a plus sized one so we use it to hang hubs costume on!

So yesterday at work I'm sitting at my desk thinking about maybe starting to do some work and I hear Saleswoman call my name in that chalkboard scratching way she says everything "Ohhhhh Miss Andrea...(Bossman) needs you!" I groan audibly and tell her to tell him I'll be out in a minute. I make myself a cup of coffee so I can survive this ordeal. He wants me to stand at his desk and look at jewelry a wholesaler is trying to get us to sell in our shop. He does this, because I'm picky and also his bookkeeper so I curb his spending. I tell this good-looking guy he's talking to exactly this, that I'm picky, really, really picky when it comes to jewelry. Bossman even tells him in the 5 years I've worked for him I've only asked for about 4 items from the shop. This does not include the random things he has given me which I have pawned off on other people. So Wholesaler guy says ok, he will not be offended. Even so, I have to spend the next hour listening to bad jokes from Bossman and telling this cute but timid guy most of his jewelry is not that pretty. To be fair, it was all fashion jewelry. Sterling silver with cubic zirconia, and not many people in our town will spend $300 retail for CZs.

The guy even had an ornate slave bracelet, which is a bracelet attached by chains to two rings you wear on your middle finger. Bossman put it on my hand so we could see if it would be pretty. Then I snickered and did this to Bossman:

(Seriously, Guardians of the Galaxy. Go see it. It's awesome.)

I like having a job where I can made obscene gestures at my boss and have him laugh instead of fire me. (I once almost mailed a package with an empty watch box in it, but realized it before the postman picked it up. I left the $2000 watch sitting in the back room. I ran out to fix the problem and told him and he GUFFAWED. Not angry at all, he THANKED me for making him laugh so hard. My job is weird.)

After that he went into Philly to hit Jeweler's Row and I had the privilege of setting up the new color laser printer he ordered. Which actually was quite easy ONCE I FIGURED OUT HOW TO CONNECT IT TO THE WIFI. (Did I mention I do a little bit of EVERYTHING around here?) So now even Watchmaker can print crap from the iPad mini he goofs around on all day. (He would get faster results asking me to Google things for him than he does asking Siri.) I have yet to figure out how to print from my Android, but it will happen.

Finally heard back from Bestie about her foot. Looks like the hike will be delayed until October. Maybe Columbus Day, since I'm off Mondays and she will be off that day. We're still going to hang out though, have lunch and go apple picking. I may even indulge in an apple cider donut from the farm if they're still warm.

Friday morning before work I'm meeting an ex-coworker for coffee. I miss her so much, and thought she was upset with me because she got laid off. I was her supervisor but I did not make the decision and I tried very hard to boost her productivity so it wouldn't happen. Either way, I'm really glad she's not upset with me and it's going to be awesome to see her. I really, really like this woman. (There are very few of my current/former coworkers I don't like. There was this guy we called Creepy Chris who would stand behind my oscillating fan in pants that hadn't been washed for 2 weeks and blow his crotch stink at me, and then there was Brendyn who was good looking and charming at first before we discovered he wanted to do everything his way but his way was screwing up. And there's Saleswoman, who I only find irritating because she complains incessantly and is a 'victim' all the time. She also likes to sue people a lot.) So anyway, I'm glad to be having coffee with her!

I'm also getting back into No Poo a little bit. No Poo is a type of hair cleansing that only uses products you have in your house. My hair is naturally dry, so I can't wash it too often, so since I've been working out more I need to come up with ways to make it look presentable. Yesterday I "dry shampooed" with cornstarch. I put the cornstarch in a bowl, dip my fingers in it, then use the tips of my fingers to massage my scalp and the hair nearest the scalp. I did this until it was covering all the roots, then let it sit for a half hour. Then I brushed it out with a boar bristle brush. I need to brush it pretty well because my hair is so dark. I've read people with dark hair can use cocoa powder, but I don't like the idea of cocoa powder being all over the bathroom floor since it's toxic to dogs. So I brush. It works decently well to get an extra day before shampooing. Today I'm going to use my regular shampoo, deep condition my ends then do a cider vinegar rinse on my scalp. (That's 2 T ACV to 1 cup cold water, poured over the head right before getting out of the shower.) It does smell a little like vinegar when it's wet but when it dries you can't smell it at all, and ACV leaves the hair SO SOFT. If you want to know more about no poo, Google is your friend. Check out the Long Hair Community Forums. Tons of advice there.

Anyhoo, I need to hop in the shower before hubs uses all the warm water, and I think I've rambled enough, even for the people who like my rambles.

I do have one quick question before I go.

Would anyone be interested in learning a Portuguese word when I do my video blogs? I've been using to learn a little Portuguese (Brazilian, not European unfortunately, but I take what I can get) and the sentences they teach you are ridiculous. "The butterfly reads a book" is not a sentence I can work into every day conversation, ya know?

Anyway, if you're interested, say so and I will do so!


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NETGYRL 9/18/2014 1:33PM

    An enjoyable ramble as always! Danke!

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CATTUTT 9/18/2014 1:33PM

    Your Faire costume is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see photos of it.

I hope you enjoy your lunch with your old co-worker!

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UNSWEETMAMA 9/18/2014 11:31AM

    I look forward to seeing the cropped jacket - it sounds great.

I vote yes on the Portuguese.
emoticon emoticon

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VERSESTHATHURT 9/18/2014 10:30AM

    I worry my cats getting in the way when I exercise at home. They LOVE helping me do yoga. When Lu was younger and I was still doing at-home PT for my back somewhat regularly she loved sitting on my butt when I was on the floor.

I've tried no-poo a few times. I've been doing the "curly girl method" for about a year which is kind of similar. It relies heavily on co-washing, and when you do use shampoo it's supposed to be at the very least, sulfate and silicone free.

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ARRREAGLES 9/18/2014 10:16AM

    1) Eu adoraria ouvi-lo falar portuguÍs
2) I am able to sleep through alarms, but when I know I have to get up, I always get up within five minutes before the alarm actually goes off
3) Eat the donut. EAT THE DONUT.
4) I can't sleep if my mind is going. If my mind has things to say, it also wakes me up middle of the night. This is bad. I wish thinking of plot devices would put me to sleep.
5) Crotch stink fan guy. Oh, that's presh. I'm gonna use that.
6) Ramble on. (song and blogs)
7) Odd numbered lists are better than even numbered ones.

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FINCHFEEDER80 9/18/2014 9:53AM

    I guess this makes up for not having anything to say last night, huh? I had to take notes so I could remember what I wanted to say back you! emoticon

First of all: crotch stink had me dying. I may need to find a way to work that into my lexicon as a fun descrpitive for things decidedly un-crotch related.

I always get nervous exercising around the cats. They so love to be underfoot. The one I had previous to these two loved to get in my face as soon as I got on the floor. I can't tell you how many times the poor thing got kicked around. My dynamic duo now have never seen me exercise since I have the gym membership now. I might have to pop in a DVD one weekend day and see what kind of shenanigans ensue.

I want to cosplay as Yuki from XXXholic some day. CLAMP always puts her in the most beautiful outfits. And they're not super slutty, which is helpful when you're a big girl or have wobbly bits.

I bought a pair of earrings the other day where one has a small silver ear cuff attached with a couple of fine chains. I think it' s fun. I wish I had known about No Poo when my hair was long. I have oily hair, but when it's to your waist the ends always need a little help.

Portuguese is a very interesting language. When I managed a delivery department, a lot of my drivers were from Brazil. They could all speak and understand Spanish (all the kitchen staff were from El Salvador and Hondouras), but the kitchen guys couldn't speak or understand Portuguese. I know a couple of words, such as "thank you", but since they could do Spanish, we would mostly use what little Spanish I have when they didn't understand what I said to them in English. All of them but one had good English, though, so we made it work.

And hey, I accepted a compliment this morning! I was making a couple of laps around the office floor and a girl stopped me and asked a few questions about what I've been doing and she said she could really start to see a difference in my face and my hips and said I looked good and to keep up the good work. I told her thank you and that I was certainly working hard for it. Thought you would enjoy that.

Have a great day, and good luck dealing with needy Bossman!

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 9/18/2014 9:25AM

    Couple of thoughts after reading your litany here -

1. You've got weeks before your hike and you exercise and eat well regularly and yet you think you only MAY have an apple cider donut and only if it's still warm. Now I am questioning your judgment.

2. Another way to avoid harming Bingley woul be to strap a little harness on him and use a Bingley bell instead of a kettle bell. He'd probably sleep well the rest of the day.

3. Looking out for your husband's well being, he probably doesn't want people to know his Ren faire gear is stored on a woman's plus size dress form.

4. Got my wife's engagement ring and our wedding rings on Jeweler's Row back in 1988/1989. (Which made me think of the awesome billboard that used to be on 95 kind of near where the Vet was. It was for a jewelry store and it looked like a woman was flipping you the bird but she was holding up her ring finger instead.)

5. Your Portugese comment made me realize that you have access to and maybe even listen to my favorite radio station - WXPN! Back in must have been 94/95, one of the female DJs (not Michaela) was going to Brazil and practicing her Portugese on the air doing the stations call letters in Portugese. So, yes, do your Portugese.

Sorry I rambled on your blog.

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FOR_THE_DUDES 9/18/2014 9:22AM

    Your direct to brain movie idea may be closer than you think...


And yes, please, to the Portuguese.

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Body Image, Comparisons and Self-Criticism

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We all do it. We all demean ourselves. Sometimes we even do it right after we get a compliment. I am guilty of this, you are guilty of this. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Over the last several years I have been listening to podcasts about various topics, all produced by the same man. His name is Scott Johnson, and if you Google Frogpants Studios you will find his picture. Out of respect I'm not going to post it here.

I have listened to this man self-criticize his looks for years. He thinks he has a weird face, or his chest is sunken, or whatever. It really stood out to me, because I hear women self-criticize all the time, but it's not often I hear men self-criticize. But not only is this man doing this, he's doing it in a very public way, and it blows me away because, to me, this man is really handsome. Not like, supermodel or anything, but marrying type handsome. Let's just say that if I were single and this guy asked me out on a date I would totally go.

(Side note: I recently have had a good looking guy tell me was FAT. So. Not. Fat. And all I could say was "You sound like a woman!" Seriously we need to stop this, ladies and gents.)

How do we get so insecure and down on ourselves? Why do we spend so much time putting ourselves down? I'm much better about it than I used to be, but it's still a struggle. I'm working on forcing myself to stop at "thank you" and a smile when I'm complimented, instead of going "oh yeah but I still need to work on BLANK".

So let's all set a goal of not deferring compliments. We need to smile, say thank you, and then STOP. No self-criticizing as a way to defer the compliment. Because you know what? Maybe people will stop complimenting you if you keep doing that.

Remember, you are WORTH the compliments. Most of the time people say it because they mean it, not because they are just trying to make you feel good. So take it at face value.

So, I'm challenging everyone (including myself) to work on taking compliments better. Believe in yourself! You're worth it!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AHTRAP 9/18/2014 1:05AM

    well needed advice

question of whether it sinks in, because my default mode is self critical. Saw a pic from my trip to Atlanta this weekend, I'm in the background of a pic of two other people and I'm thinking, wow, I'm round. So yeah, what you're saying, I need to hear it, and heed it.

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LIVEDAILY 9/17/2014 9:35PM

    An extremely well written blog Andrea!! Very true about human tendencies to not accept any kind of compliment. We should!! We're very much worth it!! Kudos to you!

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UNSWEETMAMA 9/17/2014 11:44AM

    Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.

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MINEA999 9/17/2014 11:34AM

    Excellent points. Taking compliments is something I've been consciously working on this year. It really is hard to stop at 'thank you' without adding some diminishing factor to it.

And yes both men and women need to work on it!!!

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VERSESTHATHURT 9/17/2014 10:05AM

    I don't take compliments well either. I'm really good at the self deprecating response. That's definitely something I need to work on.

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CLUMBOY 9/17/2014 6:50AM

    hi--great blog--well said! I just finished reading a tiny little book (you would love it btw) called "steal like an artist" by Austin kleon. in it, he talks about an actual psychological condition with the highly imaginative name of "imposter syndrome" the clinical definition is: " a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments".
it explains a lot.

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CATTUTT 9/16/2014 8:52PM

    I struggle with that too. I've always been really bad about it. I'm trying to get better, though, so I accept your challenge!

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    I agree, I've been working on this too it's hard sometimes! I agree with some other commenters that sometimes we think it's modesty or humility to not accept it but that's not true and has nothing to do with feeling good about ourselves or accepting a compliment or not! It makes me uncomfortable when people demean themselves too much though, and I agree with you I looked him up and he is not bad looking at all but a good looking person! LOL But this also is a good point that it's not just women who have body image issues but men too, it's just not as widely seen/talked about/admitted.

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ICEDEMETER 9/16/2014 3:57PM

    I sometimes wonder if the discomfort in accepting compliments stems more from us being taught as youngsters that pride is a bad thing, and that we must show humility... Something that gets lost in there is just how you gracefully accept a compliment, and that there is a difference between being justifiably proud and unjustifiably arrogant.

Is the "automatic" response of "oh - but this is not so good" really self-derision, or is it how we were taught to show our modesty and humility? Is our discomfort stemming from guilt for the pleasure and pride in having someone recognize something good about us?

I think that for some of us, the "issue" isn't that we actually have issues with our bodies or ourselves, but that we don't wish to appear prideful or "full of ourselves", so we divert attention to something less good to show our modesty. Maybe what we need to learn is that it is a good thing to be happy with ourselves, and to have pride in our accomplishments.

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 9/16/2014 3:44PM

    I have had arguments with friends and family over one of my true beliefs - I honestly do believe every woman and every man is attractive in their own way. I have gotten my son to agree as long as I concede that a person's personality can detract from that attractiveness.

And, the value of a compliment? As a fat little kid, I didn't get them. 3rd grade. Miss Washofsky's class. She said, I want everyone to turn to their neighbors and say something nice. My "neighbor" was a girl. She said, "You're chubby, but you're cute." A little backhanded, but decades later, I remember it and it makes me smile.

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FINCHFEEDER80 9/16/2014 3:21PM

    Definitely a struggle. I can't accept a compliment to save my life.

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NETGYRL 9/16/2014 3:16PM

    I love Scott (DERP!) and all the Frogpants stuff. I think he's a good looking guy, too. I also like the Ladies of Leet on that network. (woot! video games!)

Re:compliments. I am soooo guilty of never taking a compliment without turning around and then saying something negative about myself. It really is very ungracious behavior and needs to stop. In a way you are insulting the person giving the compliment. Then they are irritated and I feel bad. Ugh. Horrible cycle. I vow to knock if off!

Thanks for the reminder. :)

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ONTHEPATH2 9/16/2014 3:04PM

    I struggle with this and am queen of self put downs. My mom was constantly comparing me and critical of me when I was young. she has been gone for years, but I no longer need her to fill that role because I do it even better than she ever did! You are right. Most people MEAN IT! Imagine that! Yes, believe in yourself! you ARE worth it! emoticon

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ARRREAGLES 9/16/2014 3:03PM

    Thank you.
(that is all)
(but secretly we all still think it.)
(but it's still great advice. So challenge accepted)
Thank you.

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PHHHISC 9/16/2014 3:02PM


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Words and Things and Stuff

Monday, September 15, 2014

The last couple of days have been pretty cool.

As I've said, my shoes came. Showed them to people at work. Bossman said inappropriate things as usual. I will not repeat here! Also made commission on Saturday, which means everything else I sell this month is just bonus. Woot! After work I tried to start work on my mom's lap quilt I'm supposed to be giving her for her birthday, which is in 2 weeks. Notice I said START. Well my machine is binding up on the bottom thread so I gave up on that pretty quickly. So I decided to watch The Fountain, since I had mentioned it to a friend recently.

Me, watching a very sad movie, home alone, on a rainy Saturday afternoon is a recipe for disaster. Hubs got home, we ate dinner, and he saw that I was a little glum, so I tried on my shoes for him and mentioned something about needed accessories. So he tells me to put better shoes on because he's taking me to the mall. We go to Charming Charlie, which is one of my favorite stores. It's only got accessories, and they're all color coordinated. Now I'm looking for red, classic, bright red. THEY ONLY HAVE BURNT ORANGE AND DARK RED. I guess because it's Fall? I have no idea. I was disappointed. We wandered around anyway, checking to see if there were earrings or a bracelet or something I like. And we come across this:

Sorry the pic is blurry. IT'S A CLUTCH WITH BRASS KNUCKLES FOR THE HANDLE. And on top of that, they are RINGS WITH SKULLS ON THEM!

You can also see the bangles I got propping it up. And since I couldn't find any red accessories, I got some red lipstick. I spent most of today looking for a red belt to really define my waist, but I couldn't find one I liked. I'm really picky.

My earrings are faux pearl chandeliers seen here:

and the lipstick:

Aaaaand the entire outfit:

After Charming Charlie we both got bubble tea, which is a treat I only have every now and then, but I love it. I got coffee flavor and hubs got lychee. Then we walked around Christmas Tree Shops, because it's the perfect place for someone like me to look at a whole bunch of stuff I have no interest in buying.

When we got home I remembered I hadn't made reservations for our anniversary dinner. It turns out the restaurant we were going to isn't open on Sundays or Mondays. Our anniversary is on Sunday this year so we decided we would go to another place. We're going to go to a place called Catelli Duo. It works out because hubs will have to drive because there is no way I will be able to drive in those shoes!

Yesterday we did our usual grocery shopping and the usual boring Sunday laundry time. In the afternoon we just spent some time together cuddling and stuff. Then I watched the latest episode of The Knick. I won't spoil anything if anyone hasn't seen it yet, but let's just say things are about to get complicated and good. It's good enough to watch while I wait for the rest of my shows to come back on.

Today hubs wanted to go out to the thrift store, and I desperately need clothes if I'm not going to freeze to death this winter or look like a bag lady. I grabbed a whole bunch of stuff and brought it into the dressing room and wound up with a black tanktop, a gray quarter zip fleece with hot pink accents, black Old Navy corduroys and a grey wool winter coat. (Seriously, everything I got was gray or black.) All four things for $24 though, coat included! Nothing worth photographing though.

But, shoes and accessories! (I got a full length mirror!!!)

So last but not least is my menu for the week, which is crap, but whatever. You guys say you like my menus!

Sunday: Ham and cheese toasties with crudite

Tonight: Momofuku pork shoulder with roast butternut squash and whatever carb I feel like making

Tuesday: Homemade Meatballs w/ Spaghetti & Tossed Salad

Wednesday: Croissant Dogs (Hubs request) with Latino Blend Vegetables (Also his request)

Thursday: Asian Pork & Rice Soup (with leftover pork shoulder)

Friday: Ham Steak w/ Candied Acorn Squash

Saturday: Freezer surprise (I have some thing in the freezer that looks like it may be beef stew but it's not labeled)

Well that's about it! PHEW.

I'm sure I will have something more to say tomorrow. I've been chatty lately!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VERSESTHATHURT 9/16/2014 11:02AM

    I really need to start looking for some winter clothes. I think most of the sweaters I have left are probably too big. I do love a good thrift store deal!

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OMMAMA7 9/16/2014 10:09AM

    As usual, great blog! I love that your hubby wants to shop too - it's amazing haha (mine hates shopping and spending money) :) I love the accessories, especially the bracelets and purse. You are looking great btw!

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CATTUTT 9/15/2014 9:30PM

    I love the outfits, both the one you're wearing for your anniversary and the one you're wearing in the photo. You are going to look so hot when you go out for dinner!

I love Charming Charlies too. I don't let myself go there often, it's dangerous.

Hope you're having a great night!

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MUDGE4 9/15/2014 7:41PM

    Sounds like a good weekend! You look great!

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MISTY_MOUNTAINS 9/15/2014 7:03PM

    LOVE the outfit!!

Freezer Surprise, eh? Let us know how that turns out, haha.

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MINEA999 9/15/2014 6:25PM

    Fabulous shoes. Fabulous purse.

Love the moniker 'Freezer surprise'. I have to start using that for the mystery things in my freezer.

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GRACEOMALLEY 9/15/2014 5:50PM

    Looking good and those shoes are great - make me visualize myself falling just thinking about me wearing them, but they are really excellent.

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    Love your outfit and accessories! Maybe try Target for a red belt? Hmm also maybe something like Forever 21 or equivalent? It might be the wrong time of year for bright red, LOL you'll prob be able to find it near Christmas!!! HAHA There's always online shopping!

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ALICIA214 9/15/2014 5:24PM


Love the shoes emoticon

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NETGYRL 9/15/2014 5:16PM

    Love the outfit! Have a fabu week!

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ARRREAGLES 9/15/2014 5:08PM

    I demand a recount on the accessories. You are clearly not wearing bright red lipstick in the photo. Photo denied. Try again.

(just kidding)

Also, are there seats left at the table. Because I want toasties and crudite and I want momofuku (not sure how to pronounce it, but I clearly pronounce it wrong) and I want meatballs and tossed salad. That and I know it's all calorie counted already.

Point is, sounds like a great day, and the outfit looks awesome, and have a great anniversary and yum. :)

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GEORGE815 9/15/2014 5:01PM

    Hope you make a big bonus!

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Rambles and Rewards

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I ramble as usual about the rain, shoes, and rewarding yourself.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CLUMBOY 9/15/2014 7:31AM

    you are a wonderful role model for feeling okay about rewarding yourself and for giving yourself permission to look good and think of yourself in that way. I think this last thing is one of the hardest hurdles for me of all. watching and listening to you helped me a lot. thanks! really looking forward to enjoying your new shoes--as a wearer of size 4EE shoes (the box generally fits better than the shoe :-) I have pretty much given up any hope of romancing over my footwear. but I love pretty shoes and like to see them on other people.
have a lovely shoe-tiful day!

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    I don't necessarily make a specific reward with a specific thing but I kinda do like what you did with the shoes, you knew that was your reward when you encountered them and that's kinda how I go about it, so I do rewards but for me it's better when I come across them and know! Weird I know, probably seems backwards LOL but hey it's how my brain works so there ya go! LOL ;-) I will usually do clothes, the most recent is some nice tall boots that go to the knee because I know I'll rock them with some skinny jeans and a size medium knit blazer (that looked amazing on me I was shocked when I tried it on!) that I got at Target!!! LOL OH and I've done food related in some ways but not bad food related, like I've done getting a spiralizer and a mandolin to make prep work for healthier yummy food easier that is a great reward and also benefits me even more! The most recent was a really good food processor and I see that as a reward for making my own food so much and that it's cleaner food and such anyway I just feel really proud of myself for that, for the shift in my diet even though it's really just my goal to eat amazing food! Anyway I just really feel proud when it's so good for you at the same time! It's a great side effect that I'm proud of and I felt deserved to be rewarded and encouraged! LOL

OH yeah and I totally can't wait for you to do that hiking trip, you are gonna love it! I'm sure you'll feel a huge difference!!! That's one of my fave things is that awesome feeling! But I don't blame you not wanting to go by yourself, it's best to go with someone for sure! At least in the mean time you are doing great with strength training and it will help that trip be even easier when you do finally get to go!

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BUSYGRANNY5 9/14/2014 10:18AM

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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STEPH-KNEE 9/14/2014 7:43AM

    You are such a doll!! emoticon

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LIVEDAILY 9/13/2014 10:56PM

    Good advice: eat right, drink your water, do your exercise. Can I add another? Get your sleep!!

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NETGYRL 9/13/2014 10:53PM

    crick in neck but good vblog! :)

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_MOBII_ 9/13/2014 10:38PM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did another video! I love listening to you, or me, or anyone...ramble away, lol!

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FOR_THE_DUDES 9/13/2014 10:32PM

    I love your 100 pound prize. Great idea.

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KOHINOOR2 9/13/2014 10:11PM

    emoticon emoticon Thanks for sharing.

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CATTUTT 9/13/2014 9:34PM

    Love the video Andrea! You look great, as always. And btw, I love your glasses.

I'm glad you got your shoes! I'm also glad to hear how good they make you feel. Any shoe that can do that is worth it's weight in gold.

Hope you're having a great night!

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SPEDED2 9/13/2014 8:56PM

    Great video! emoticon

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GHK1962 9/13/2014 6:43PM

    It's always cool to see a vlog from someone. I did one several years ago ... I should do another soon.

Anyway ... woohoo on the shoes ... and getting to the goal!

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Quickie Movie Blog

Friday, September 12, 2014

I got challenged on Facebook to list off the top of my head 15 movies that have stayed with me over the years. Thought some of you might be up to the challenge!

1. The Princess Bride
2. Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen)
3. The Fountain
4. The Muppet Movie
5. Fight Club
6. Willow
7. The Shawshank Redemption
8. Jaws
9. The Prestige
10. Boondock Saints
11. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
12. Hero (Jet Li)
13. House of Flying Daggers
14. White Oleander
15. Brotherhood of the Wolf

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VERSESTHATHURT 9/15/2014 10:08AM

    1.The Princess Bride
2. Labyrinth
3. The Shawshank Redemption
4. Stand by Me
5. What Dreams May Come
6. Shindler's List
7. The Wizard of Oz
8. It
9. Legend
11. The Private Eyes
12. Jakob the Liar
13. Let The Right One In
14. Night of the Living Dead
15. A Clockwork Orange

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LIVEDAILY 9/13/2014 10:55PM

    1. My Man Godfrey
2. The Quiet Man
3. I Remember Mama
4. Peter Pan
5. Ever After
6. The Princess Bride
7. Harry Potter movies
8. Pirates of The Caribbean
9. Dances With Wolves
10. Mama Mia!
11. Field of Dreams
12. The Wizard of Oz
13. It's A Wonderful Life
14. Miracle on 34th Street
15. Shrek

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_MOBII_ 9/13/2014 10:26PM

    1- Willow
2- Mr. Holland's Opus (makes me cry every time!)
3- Steel Magnolias (ugly crying at that one!)
4- Life of Pi
5- The Princess Bride
6- All the Harry Potter movies
7- What Dreams May Come
8- Jurassic Park
9- Hero with Jet Li
10- Waterworld
11- The Color Purple
12- Labryinth (David Bowie in spandex! Woot!)
13- 50 First Dates
14- The Stand
15- LOTR

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NETGYRL 9/12/2014 9:56PM

    Let's see
1. Conan The Barbarian (1982)
2. Bladerunner
3. Mulholland Drive
3. Star Wars
4. Lord of the Rings
5. Bride and Prejudice (bollywood take on it)
6. 2001
7. Aliens
8. Nightmare on Elm Street
9. Terminator 2
10. Star Trek (reboot)
11. The Color Purple
12. Fried Green Tomatoes
13. The Secret of Roan Inish
14. The Quite Man
15. Ever After

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UNSWEETMAMA 9/12/2014 9:38PM

    1. My Neighbor Totoro
2. Stealing Beauty
3. Forrest Gump
4. Princess Bride
5. Joe Versus the Volcano
6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
8. Fly Away Home
9. The Road to Wellville
10. Mamma Mia!
11. Desk Set (Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn)
12. Benny & Joon
13. Corrina, Corrina
14. Point Break (don't judge)
15. Labyrinth

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KOHINOOR2 9/12/2014 8:50PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GHK1962 9/12/2014 8:41PM

    I just stumbled across your blog ... if I were to do this I'd only need to list 9 moives ... but that's because I totally steal #'s 1, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12 from you. :)

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SPEDED2 9/12/2014 8:07PM


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JCLJR4547 9/12/2014 7:59PM


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MISTY_MOUNTAINS 9/12/2014 7:27PM


I'm definitely doing this later.

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ARNETTELEE 9/12/2014 7:24PM

  Not much of a movie bluff so can't do it!

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