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Can one day count as a streak?

Monday, April 28, 2014

I think so. Actually, i was counting the hours. That's sort of the state i have been in as of late. I really had to make good choices for the moment, not looking too far ahead.

I'm too tired to type much now. I just wanted to check in.

Thanks to all who left notes if support and encouragement. They meant the world to me!

I'll try to update meals and type more tomorrow.

G'night, SparkWorld! ! !

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PJNSGRL78 4/28/2014 2:22PM

    emoticon Absolutely! Every minute we live moving towards good health helps us obtain our goals. So of course each one counts! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 4/28/2014 11:49AM

    Celebrate each day!

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ZRIE014 4/28/2014 12:31AM

  get a good night sleep

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Call for support...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Something's got to give. Seriously.

I guess it has to be me, right?

Ok, so for today, I'm on track. I'm just going to focus on today.... right now, actually.

Right now... I just drank some water.

Right now... I'm making the conscious decision to eat mindfully for the rest of the day.

And right now... I need support.

I've been off track for several months. So many life changes. No excuse, just what it is.

I'd really appreciate it if a few people could check in on me from time to time (on my page, my blog....anywhere). I'm going to really try to log all of my foods and increase my water. Any feedback, comments, encouragement would mean so much to me right now.

Thanks, Sparkworld.

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PJNSGRL78 4/28/2014 2:26PM

    We all go through this I think! Eating bad is an addiction and it's so hard when life keeps throwing curve balls not to go back to the comfort of bad food. I too have been struggling with this. Just remember it really is a one day at a time, one choice at a time! We each need to find that thing to turn to that helps us deal with the stress of the day. For me it is going to be getting out of the house to go to the gym. So find what works for you and USE it to it's fullest! We are here for you to help provide the support you need. You can feel free to add me as a friend and message me if you need a life line. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POSITIVEHOPE 4/27/2014 2:13AM

    After starting this journey, I realized where I get my motivation and strength. I was so miserable. I turned to food for comfort. Finally I was desperate. I logged on to SP. Here I found the strength to be fearless just for today.
After a few days of eating healthy, I noticed that my body felt physically better. Nothing major just better. After a couple more days I realized that I felt emotionally better, too. I felt so much better and I wanted to feel more of that. Food made me feel better for the moment. The healthy lifestyle made me feel better, more confident, more powerful more in control of my destiny. That feeling is my motivation. You will feel it too.
Stay focused on the present. Make one healthy choice, then another.
If you are tempted bargain for 15 minutes. Durning that time think about how good it would feel to have your life back under your control. If your life was under your control would you feel safer, happier and more comfortable in your own skin? Fifteen minutes will go by quickly. Then ask yourself can I do it for another 15 minutes? You know what to eat and what to avoid. Prepare your favorite healthy meal. Now you have a half a day under your belt. Log on and ask for support to make it through the other half day. Celebrate every healthy choice you make and every effort you make to move more because it wipes out your fears. Be as enthusiastic as you can about your journey. Next week you will feel so much better and then you just keep the streak going. Stop by my page and tell me how you are doing. I can give you all the encouragement you can stand.

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TEACHFIRST268 4/26/2014 8:15PM

    You're not alone! I, too, am struggling to get back on track. You're smart to start with RIGHT now. This minute. Then the next minute, then the next hour, then the next two hours, then the next day. Don't think too far ahead, work on the NOW!
We can do this!

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Wowzers! Where did the time go???

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's late and I'm tired beyond belief.

So why am I on here?

Well, because Spark is always here to come limping back to.

Thanks, SparkWorld.

I've made some good choices here. Feels kinda comfortable. Like an old pair of shoes. You just slip right in.

I've been coming here for a while. Years, actually. I've lost and gained and lost some again. Overall, I've kept off 30 lbs from my top weight. But I struggle in getting - AND STAYING - lower than that.

But here I am. I'm gonna keep at it.

So again I say, "Thanks, SparkWorld. Nice seein' ya again."

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TIGER_LILY_613 1/10/2014 10:16PM

    Nice to see ya ! emoticon

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PRINCESS_SOFI 1/10/2014 10:47AM


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MAERETH 1/10/2014 8:54AM

    Haha, I could have written this post myself. Welcome back.

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I don't care if I stay fat forever... because it's not about being cute anymore...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've started writing on blogger - pretty much because I can do it easily from my phone. It's more of a daily food diary with a bit of commentary on life as I know it once in a while.

I wish Sparkpeople would make a feature where you can blog from your phone. (Said in my loud I'm-talking-to-myself-but-I-hope-you-hear-
me-voice - hint hint hint, SparkBosses!)

But because I've had this blog going on spark for a while and I like to come back here and reflect sometimes, I'll copy some posts over here. Here's my first post from close to 2 weeks ago:

It isn't about being cute anymore. It's just not.

I want to live. Plain and simple.

I was treating my body relatively irresponsible manner for a long time. Then something happened and I think I swallowed the state of Tennessee.

Time to clean all this junk out of my system.

A whole foods and predominantly plant based diet is the best choice for me. Is not everyone's cup of tea, I know. But I feel good when I eat that way.

I'm kicking this off with a 30 day cleanse; fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, herbs n spices.

Specifically I'll be avoiding

1. All processed foods ; exceptions for nutritional yeast, canned beans - for convenience, and some whole food organic curry sauces I have on hand from Seeds of Change (does that even count as processed??)

2. All meats, dairy and other animal products. Not that I'm against eating meat or all "Animals are out friends, not food". Nope, I like a good steak as much as the next person. I just feel like we eat entirely too much meat. And for the purpose of this cleanse, I'll be leaving it off.

3. Wheat and rice. These are trigger foods for me to overeat. Best to avid for the time being. I will have the occasional serving of oats. For whatever reason oatmeal doesn't set me off and I enjoy it from time to time in a breakfast smoothie or with fruit and almond milk.

4. All added sugar. No explanation needed, right?

5. All added salt. I swell like nobody's business. Time to take a sodium beak.

6. Coffee. I'll opt for green tea as my caffeine fix for now. Coffee is like a dessert to me. Sugar, vanilla and lots o'cream. Not just that, but is my drug of choice. That'll be a therapy session for another day, though.

So here we go. Today is Streak Day #1.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for your unwavering support, Sparkers.

If you feel like reading more, you can stop over at

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KNYAGENYA 8/15/2013 2:30PM


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MOMMACASSEY 8/15/2013 1:30PM

    Great thoughts--your cleanse and diet are something I'd like to try someday, but not somethng my family will go along with for a while, so... not feasible. But good for you!

And just as a side note, you should stick to the tea as long as possible... that leaves more coffee for me! emoticon

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RASPBERRY56 8/15/2013 4:32AM


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JIBBIE49 8/15/2013 12:23AM

    It isn't necessary to stay fat. Read Richard Bernstein M.D. "The Diabetes Solution" as he explains how Insulin Resistance is a problem for all obese people and how we can lose weight. I got the book at the library. He has lectures on YouTube.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 8/14/2013 11:39PM


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ok, today was not a winner

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today was not a winner. PMS Is in full force. I'm tired and grumpy.

One thing i know for sure is that i need a plan. Before i put a morsel of food in my mouth in the morning, I'm going to make a plan.

I'll check back in tomorrow with the plan and see how things go.

Nightie-night, fellow sparkers.

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KNYAGENYA 6/20/2013 10:48AM

    Today will be better.

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2BEHEALTHY2014 6/20/2013 9:46AM

    Planning is key. Good luck getting yours done!

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LATTELEE 6/19/2013 12:18AM

  Good luck

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NEWME1027 6/18/2013 11:59PM


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