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Joy to the World!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Well, I (those of us who sold tickets at the two places) made the amount that we needed to break even, and that doesn't include all the others who were selling tickets, so that's pretty good. Plus we had about $100 more, including donations.

One of the ladies who owns a bar not far from where we live took a bunch of books and was selling them for us, too. As I was leaving the bar, I had 3 tickets left, and you know how there's always someone who just won't budge? Well there was this guy there, he was a really nice guy, but he kept saying he had all these "kids" blah blah blah' and he wouldn't give even a dollar, so I kind of gave up on him, and went to the next guy; same thing, so I tried the guy next to him, and he said he'd already bought some tickets, so I told him I wouldn't bother him further, and he said, well wait, how many you got, so I said 3, and he said, well I'll take them.

The guy next to him said "Dad...." and I thought WAIT you wouldn't buy one but your Dad did. wow, you didn't learn anything did you!!

But I was so happy I could have screamed. I gave the guy a big hug and thanked him, and he even let me keep his pen. Now that's a sweetheart!!

Now I have another thing that's bugging the heck out of me. I'd met someone, I don't remember where, but I remember the name Christopherson. It is bugging the heck out of me, and she asked where she could donate, so I gave her the address.

Today my Mom called and said the bank had gotten a check for $1,000 from Christopherson, the envelope said "Johnson Bank, Camden Park Fund, Sherry Kuelz, 2021 Holiday Drive, Janesville, WI" and I was shocked. I still can't remember where I'd talked to her, but I certainly remember her name. Another huge plus, and blessing.

So I stopped at McDonalds to get something to eat, but I only had 23 dollars, so I bought $20 worth of kids meals, had them give them to the next people who bought kids meals, then I paid for the meal fo the one after me (she and I had been talking) and then I got 4 tickets for free coffee, so I gave 3 back (as I was cold) and kept one for myself.

I did something earlier that got rid of the other money I had (don't remember now) but I figure, what the heck, help someone, I can eat at home, so I went home and ate lunch. But it was worth it and I know Dad would be proud!!

Have a nice Monday, sorry I've been gone, and I'll be gone tomorrow half the day and Wednesday and probably Thursday, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!

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2DAWN4 12/22/2014 8:44PM

    May you be blessed! You truly have a giving heart!

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PEZMOM1 12/22/2014 7:12PM


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1CRAZYDOG 12/22/2014 4:25PM


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UMBILICAL 12/22/2014 4:22PM


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Christmas soon, and a Birthday coming up.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Well not sure how much I'll be around this weekend, I have to be at Sentry to sell tickets for the Shop N Grab from 8 am until 10 pm both Saturday and Sunday because only one other board member volunteered to do it, which sucks. So it's up to me to be there, too.

I hate it because I wanted to watch the Packer game on Sunday, and I'll miss that, too. No radio to listen to, either, ARRRRGGGHHHHHH. I just hope we sell a lot of them, right now we've gone over what we needed to break even, so any we sell is profit, YAY.

I need to call for reservations on Tuesday, but having trouble getting people to commit, I just hate that. It's like pulling teeth with anything. I'm trying to set up a birthday party for our future son-in-law, and not one person has committed, even his parents ARRGGGH again. I just don't get it. When they're the ones doing it, they demand a response, but when it's someone else, forget it. I should just tell the restaurant it'll be 5 people and if others come, it'll be their responsibility to find a place to sit, end of story. So frustrating.

Anyway, I hope your weekend goes better than mine is starting out, have a great Friday, I'm sure mine will be and smile, despite the dark days! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 12/19/2014 11:54AM

    HUGS and good luck!

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ERIN_POSCH 12/19/2014 11:50AM


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The Perfect Present Wrapping.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I want to start by thanking you all; you know, I read all of what you had to say and thought, "wow...that's usually what I tell other people, I never imagined I'd be told the same thing".

But I needed to hear it. The other day was bad for me, and when I went to the Doctor and saw I was back up to 272 pounds (my highest was 286), and my hemoglobin A1C was clear up to 7.5 (I have never been above 6.6 since being on the insulin pump) I KNEW I had to change things.

I looked back over the past months at what I'd been doing and I have been messing up so bad.

I stopped keeping track of my food in the nutriton area, SO WRONG. Today I began again, keeping track of EVERYTHING I'M EATING.

I had stopped exercising as much because of my knee pain; YEP, BEGINNING AGAIN, FINDING ONES I CAN DO DESPITE MY KNEE PROBLEMS.

I had stopped drinking my 8 glasses of water, BIG MISTAKE.

Those were the main things, and that has got to see, I had no one to blame but myself. Sure, I can blame other things, and yes, they don't help at all, so like you've said, it's an uphill battle, but not one that can't be beaten, and I WILL.

The harder the fight, the more glorious the victory, at least that's what I'm going to think. And little steps, I'm changing that, little bits at a time.

I have a different attitude today, and I'm NOT GOING TO LOSE IT, and I have all of you to thank. I WILL NOT GIVE UP NOR GIVE IN.

So now I'm going to get my exercising in; going to go back to my arm flap *L* sorry, that makes me laugh, weight exercise, and try my walking exercise indoors, see how that one goes, if not, I'll try one I can do.

In the meantime, do as I'm going to do, look forward, head up, and never let anything stop you. ..and most of all, share those smiles, they make everything look better.

Oh, I wrapped a present, and I'm kind of proud of it, first one that actually is near perfect in wrapping....yea yea yea....I'm bragging about a present I wrapped, can you tell I don't have much to show for pictures today? Enjoy.

Only thing's for our GrandPuppy...oh well, it still looks nice and I get bragging least until he tears it open. *L*

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COMPCHIC52 12/19/2014 4:48AM

    emoticon You see it and your fixing it. that's what the doctor always tells me....fix it you know how. Sometimes we are so stubborn and want to do things OUR way only that does not work. We all been there I am going though it now. Christmas in in a week and that is my focus I will focus on weight after. My walking I get in is doing errands and fixing the house right now. I am telling you the only reason I can do anything is with the Lords help this is the truth. emoticon emoticon

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ERIN_POSCH 12/18/2014 8:16PM

    we stumble, we learn, we grow and move on.... you can do this... we are in it together.

btw... does grand puppy get a starter corner or does he have to figure it out himself =)

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1CRAZYDOG 12/18/2014 3:11PM

    GrandPuppy will enjoy opening that! LOL

I call weight exercises for my arms my "bat wing" exercises! n

HUGS and take it a day-at-a-time, a step-at-a-time.

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Bad Days Come To All

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ever have one of those days when you just want to sit and cry because things look hopeless?

When I first started SP almost 2 years ago I imagined myself being this 180 pound beauty; but instead I'm still at the weight I was, having lost some and gained some, and unable to figure out why. Though I'd exercised and followed my diet very carefully, nothing was helping, and now I feel like crying because no matter what I do, I just can't get to a lower weight.

Before my Dad was ill, I had lost down to 208 pounds, I was working towards breaking the 200 pound mark, and then when he got the brain tumor, and passed away, I went right up to 260; and currently I'm at 258. This morning I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, the WORSE thing in the world to do, and you know why?

Because all it does is make you crave food, want to give up, but I'm not going to do that. I realize that with several things working against me it's going to be harder, and no matter what, I AM going to defeat this. I AM going to prove the doctor wrong

What are those things? Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes; age, Thyroid condition; each are things which can affect the ability to lose weight.

The Diabetes because if you get your diabetes under control, and then you start lowering what you eat, and exercising more, you have reactions, which you need to take something for to bring up your blood sugar (milk, food), it's a vicious circle.

Age: as you get older your body metabolism tends to slow down, I'm 57 years old so I also have that working against me, hey, if I could, I'd be 20 again.

Thyroid; the darn thing just isn't doing like it should, and of course, I can't have the kind that makes you lose weight, instead I have to have the kind that makes you gain, wonderful.

But see those words, Thyroid, Age, Diabetes...T.A.D. That's a tad thing compared to getting healthy, and that's something I WILL do, and I plan on never stopping achieving that goal.

Yes, I will have up and down days, and I may post about them here, but you know what, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, and neither so anyone else, because we're in this together.

Thank you all for being here for me, you have no idea how much I appreciate it, especially during days like this. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ERIN_POSCH 12/17/2014 5:02PM

    you can do this. we are her and you are not going through this alone. you are ong the right track... think positive and you can beat anyting.

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LBMAMA2015 12/16/2014 5:27PM

    You can do it! The best part of this journey is knowing we all have to start somewhere and you can make a difference. Trust yourself and give it time. Best wishes!

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BLUECAFE 12/16/2014 1:35PM

    Just take it a day at a time. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Every slip up or success teaches us something new. Just remember, progress not perfection.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 12/16/2014 1:01PM

    Have type 2, age and thyroid too. Just here to tell you it IS possible to do what needs doing . . .it just takes more work (dang!) and a little more time (double dang!) but oit's worth it!

HUGS sweetie, you CAN do tjhis.

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BARCELONAME 12/16/2014 12:57PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Busy still.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wow, don't think this will slow down until this playground is built, I swear I've either been emailing, talking on the phone, or driving somewhere every second of the day. Alright, that's a little exaggeration, but sure seems like it. I'm exhausted by the end of the day because I'm doing so much and exercise, are you kidding? I don't even have time to do that with all the running around, so I just try to walk a little extra, take stairs, etc. I don't know if it's doing any good, but hey, it's something, right.

I hope you all are doing alright, not much else new in other news, but I'm trying to keep up with life.

Take care of yourself, and smile when you get the chance. emoticon

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ERIN_POSCH 12/16/2014 11:44AM

    anything is better than nothing =)

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1CRAZYDOG 12/16/2014 9:15AM

    Balance . . . not easy to achieve! You're doing wel!

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2DAWN4 12/15/2014 11:43PM

    How cool that you are able to incorporate ways to still work out when it sounds like some days you don't even have a chance to breathe!

Take care of yourself!

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