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Friday, October 24, 2014

I will not talk too fast but yesterday was a much better as well as at night. He did better in school - NO lying and only once he had to change and he did it without lying! Last night he changed HIMself when he was getting ready for bed. We would not have known had he not forgotten to flush the soiled paper in the toilet. He willingly gave me the soiled underwear he had put in his hamper as well which tells me he was not trying to hide it. Do I take that as a fluke or as a possible trend to a positive change?? He will do something great and then go backwards. Kids are so fun!!! I wish I could find the darn manual he came with... emoticon


When will it end??!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I am so tired of it all.... when will life get back to normal? When is our home going to become normal. I am tired of the yelling, punnishing, threatening... the anger that is flowing through the house. It is all from one thing and I love him to no end but if he does not stop what he is doing soon something is going to happen and I and nervous of that! I wish there was a magic powder or spell of SOMETHING that could make him STOP! He is spending his recess in the principal's office again today (did yesterday and Monday, I just found out last night!) because this time he lied to the Principal... yeah... the PRINCIPAL!. Not like it is obvious or anything(smells like crap then he did crap!). Been told by the teacher that the kids in his class are starting to ask questions regarding the smell as well. WONDERFUL!!!! So when does he begin to get harrassed by them?? Keep going, it should be soon. I want to run away!



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

of everything!

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FORZACHANDMATT 10/22/2014 9:02AM

    BTDT - hang in there

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SUNSHINEGB 10/22/2014 8:59AM

    Ohh, I'm so sorry you feel that way and hope you feel better about everything as the day goes on.

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ROBBIEY 10/22/2014 8:53AM


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

when you are at the point where you do not know what else to do... I am at a loss. He HAS been medically cleared. I wonder if we should just d/c the mirilax he is currently on and change to a fiber regimin and see if that makes any difference?? I have to call the doctor soon and give a report but what do I say? I have not seen anything to know if reducing the miralax makes a difference since he continually poops at school (and his pants) and not much at home...even then it is in his pants! He tells me he is controlling it but does not know why. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARG!!!!!!!!!!


Frustrated... at a loss!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I do not know what to do anymore! My son continues to poop his pants (3x in school today!!) Hubby had to pick up in school and he is lying about it - like you can no smell it??????. I need a miracle to get him to stop. Medically he is cleared. They all think it is behavior. HE is controlling it but he does not know why. I hope the school does not eventually kick him out (public school) . What is a parent to do?????!!!!!!

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RUSTYCRICKET25 10/20/2014 7:32PM

    Has he be checked for a compaction? My grandson had it and he couldn't tell when he had to use the bathroom so he would poop his pants.

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MSGRANNYMAE 10/20/2014 7:01PM


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