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Week 3/Day 1 (and week 2 recap) CLX and Body Combat

Monday, October 20, 2014

This weekend was weird for me. It was good but I was also very tired for some reason. I mentioned on Friday how tired I was. Well Saturday I was just as tired. I perked up later in the day but wow - so tired.

I think I am not getting enough hours of sleep every night. Being that my morning workouts are allowing me to be consistant with my workouts I am going to attempt an earlier bed time to see if this helps. The other culprit could be my iron. I was told it had dipped low again and I was taking my iron pills. However, I just realized I haven't taken any for 2 weeks. So I took on on Saturday. Funny - Sunday I felt awesome! So I think it's a combination of both.

Saturday morning we had our Wee Wiggles class. But my son didn't want to join in. I think because we missed last weekend. Also, the songs they placed this week were more like lullabyes. The point of this class is to let the kids run around. My son only joined in on the song we got to jump at. lol

For my workout on Saturday I started with Body Combat 30 Live.

Awesome workout! Its a calorie burner that's for sure! I was pushing hard and loved it. This workout doesn't have a cool down so it's perfect for the days I want to immediately go into a toning workout.

My toning workout was Body Combat Lower body Lean Out. Okay - I thought this workout would be slower paced but intense on the toning. I was so wrong. It was high paced with lots of kicks!

And squats, and jumping lunges. I seriously had nothing left when it was finished! hahaha

Sunday I did Body Combat 30 while my son napped.

I liked this workout a lot. This one does have a cool down, but is still very intense. I was so glad I did it. I decided to split my workout up as I had planned 30 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of yoga.

After my son went to sleep at 7pm I did the yoga workout. My yoga workout as ChaLEAN Extreme Dynamic Flow Yoga.

This particular workout has you wearing weighted gloves. I have to say at first I wasn't going to do this workout. I was tired and wanted my body to rest as it was sore. However, I felt really amped up and worried I wouldn't be able to sleep as I often have trouble sleeping Sunday nights. So I did it. And I am so glad. Not only was I able to do this workout much better due to 8 weeks of PiYo but I felt so relaxed afterwards. And I had no trouble falling asleep last night.

This morning's workout was Body Combat HIIT Power. This is an intense interval workout. I was dripping with sweat. There is a section that is about 4 minutes long - all burpees! OMG! I had to stop for a few seconds and then continue. Just awesome.

Next I did Push Circuit 1

This workout calls for heavier weights and you are to fail before you get to 8 reps. Push Circuit 1 focuses on bicep, triceps and squats. I say squats not a muscle because it was all different squats that worked most of the muscles in my legs. hahaha I was super impressed that I could do a kickback with 15 lbs! woo hoo that's an improvement for me! I felt awesome after I worked out. Just awesome. And so powerful.

Definitely a great way to start not only my day but my week!

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FITGIRL15 10/20/2014 12:26PM

    Good Job!!! Keep it up! I'm sure that your son was just having a off day... Wee Wiggle class sounds like a lot of fun! Do you get time to interact with the other parents?

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SKILL133 10/20/2014 10:31AM

    Nice job this morning....way to kick it!!!!

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SPERRIN2012 10/20/2014 10:28AM

    Nice weekend of training for you. I love the way you incorporate the pictures (motivational). I got in for 12 sets this morning (4 each for chest, back and Biceps). Will try to get three or more this week in the morning. Thanks for sharing and nice physique.

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Week 2/Day 5 - CLX and Body Combat

Friday, October 17, 2014

Last night I ended up doing an extra workout - Turbo Fire 30 Class. Love this workout.

I ended up going to bed early last night but for some reason I feel extremely tired right now. I mean I could easily put my head down on my desk at work here and literally fall asleep. I am just tired. And I got a decent sleep. I woke up when my alarm went off with a tone of energy and ready to work out. Not sure why I all of a sudden feel tired! Weird.

When I was full of energy earlier this morning (hahaha) I did Body Combat 60 Live!

Awesome workout this morning. Like I said - I was so full of energy. I was able to really give it this morning. Felt awesome. I was dripping with sweat when I was done. The only part of this workout I had trouble with was the push-ups at the end. I got in postion and then my chest muscle screamed! hahaha they are sore from yesterdays upper body blow out workout I did. However I didn't feel any soreness until I got down into push-up position. hahaha So I took it easy since those muscles need to recover.

The little guy was in a mood this morning. First it was big tears because I wouldn't let him choose socks out of the dirty clothes hamper. Then I didn't line up the oatmeal right for him to choose his flavour....not sure what the heck that was about because all I ever do is ask him what flavour and show him the box. But this morning all three flavours we currently have had to be lined up on the counter. Then there was tears because when we went to leave for daycare he noticed his grey sweatshirt and he was wearing his blue sweatshirt. Big tears over that because I told him we couldn't change now we have our coat and boots on.

Finally he calmed down and we were able to walk to daycare without any more tears. I am not sure what is up with him today. He's normally a happy camper in the morning who maybe gives me a hard time when it comes to putting his coat on. Hopefully when I pick him up today he's in a much better mood! hahaha

Perhaps that's why I am tired....too many tantrums this morning! hahaha

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SPARKSAM678 10/17/2014 8:12PM

    My daughter was super fussy today also! So strange!! Sounds like awesome workouts! Maybe you need a little more sleep again? I know when I start feeling tired it takes a few days of extra sleep before I get myself back on the right track! Hope little man is doing better! emoticon

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FITGIRL15 10/17/2014 7:13PM

    You should have just let him wear his dirty socks! LOL
emoticon Avoid tantrums at all cost, for mommy sanity!!!

Your workouts sound really awesome! Keep it up! emoticon

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SKILL133 10/17/2014 3:47PM

    hope he is in a better mood!
good job working out!

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Week 2/Day 4 - CLX and Body Combat

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My class last night went really well. Perhaps because I didn't have the added stress of being reviewed. hahaha I ended up getting home in time to see the little guy before he went to bed. I love, love, love how he greets me with a hug and an excited 'Mommy!" when I walk in. Just puts a smile on my face.

This morning I woke up and did a workout that I think I have only done once before...Body Combat Upper Body Blow Out

Wow! This workout is not joke. It was tough and my upper body was on fire. I loved it. I would have to say I missed a few reps on a couple of exercises because I had to watch them do it first. But I still got in a great workout. I actually cannot wait to do this particular workout again. I can't believe I only did it once before. It had Ski Abs, planks, push-ups, upper cuts with weights, burpees, shoulder presses and more! It was fast and short!

I followed it up with Burn it Off from ChaLEAN Extreme. One of my favs!

This is an interval workout and is short - only 27 minutes. It was awesome and I was covered with sweat when I was done. I have to say the burpees in this workout are killer. She has you jump up into a tuck, then come down, throw your feet out into plank, jack your feet out and in, and then come up and repeat...10 times! By the time I was done 10 I was completely breathless and the sweat was coming down my nose! Love it!

My son gets excited now every time I bring out the blender to make my smoothie. It's because I let him push the on button once I am ready and he gets a huge kick out of watching all the fruit crush up. hahaha

This morning he was going into the cupboard and handing me my container of protein powder, than pointing to the freezer and telling me to get my fruit. It was so cute!! And we made a really yummy smoothie! hahaha


Week 2 Day 3 - CLX and Body Combat

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last night I was very stressed out and my eating didn't go as planned. I am a perfectionist. Last night I was being reviewed while I taught my class. Meaning there was a woman just sitting and watching and taking notes. Being the first day back after Thanksgiving I ended up with just under half my class showing up. I was starting a new unit on Publisher. It was then discovered that only 1/3 of my class actually had this program on their lap-tops. (Okay this got me a little agitated. Didn't the college let the students know what they would need to complete the program?) Regardless, as a result only a fraction of the class could work and follow along while the others had to sit and listen. Two students fell asleep. Asleep! Fully, heads on the desk asleep! This had never happened and of course it has to happen while the reviewer is in the room!

I think I was just being hard on myself. The students were attentive. And I was clear. I guess it's just because I am new to teaching college students and I would like to continue doing this on a part-time basis.

When I got home my mind was analyzing everything I had done while the reviewer was in the class. And I mindlessly nibbled on chocolate chips, cheese, grapes, and had a toasted cheese sandwich for dinner. Not what I had planned. Instead of beating myself up....I went to bed and said - tomorrow is a new day.

This morning I woke up and did Get Lean Intervals.

Wow! This workout is awesome! This is an interval workout that alternates between cardio and strength. Again the strength sections are about endurance so you use a light weight. But holy moly do your muscles get worked! I was loving this workout. It made me feel awesome and I definitely had that sense of accomplishment when it was done.

I next went on to the Extreme Core Circuit. This is an ab workout done on the ball with weighted gloves. Wow! I seriously had nothing left after this one was done. My abs were so sore!

Two things I had set out as my goals this year were to be able to 'go with the flow' more and to ask for help. I have to say I am doing much better at not having everything so tightly scheduled and am more often asking my hubby with help on chores. I still have my days where I am in a panic over my to-do list and my hubby reminds me that I don't have to do all of it - that he can help. I also have days where I freak out because my to-do list is way too long and I have no idea how I can finish it all. Like two Friday's ago. I had a huge to-do list at work at my full time job, term tests to mark for my part-time job, and as I was getting ready for work I realized I hadn't done laundry all week and it was in sorted piles on our bedroom floor, the bathroom was a mess and I say some dust bunnies. I had no idea how I was going to get it all done. I left the house so stressed out. When I came home from work my hubby says 'well I ended up having the day off work because the boss screwed up the I decided to surprise you..." I walked into the house and it was cleaned, all the laundry was done and folded, and he started dinner! Then he said ' hunny next time you feel overwhelmed let me in on your to-do list and we can split it up and conquer it together."

So sometimes I still need to be reminded that my hubby is there to help. I think it may come from my childhood. My dad had to commute far to work so he left around 4 am every morning and didn't get home until dinner time. He would go to bed shortly after due to his early rise. He was great on the weekends and we never felt neglected or anything like that. But I realized the other day that my mom did the brunt of all the household chores. This included cleaning, laundry, lawn cutting, dinners, shopping, garbage/recycling, etc. In my mind is was normal for my mom to do it all. So I assumed that's what was expected of me.

But my situation is different from my parents. I am not a stay-at-home mom. I work full time AND teach part-time. I made the decision that my house will be a little messier than most people. But I want to spend my weekends with my son and husband. Yes I will clean. But I am not going to spend every spare moment cleaning. If that means my house may look a little messier. Than so be it. I ensure the house is clean enough for my son to run around - meaning we have weekly chores we do. I find that if I do one load of laundry a day during the week I have much less to do on the weekend. And every so often the hubby and I do an intense cleaning while the little guy naps. It works for us. Our house may not be ready for a photo shoot but it's hygenic and that's what matters.

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SPARKSAM678 10/15/2014 10:18AM

    Im sure you did great with your class! And that's awesome you are doing better with the whole asking for help stuff with your husband. Its such a struggle to do something so simple lol but the struggle is real!! Don't worry about the eating!That happens to everyone once in a while. I do it too, just need to make sure its a once in a while thing! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Week 1 End and Beginning of Week 2 - CLX and Combat

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a great weekend!

Friday night I ended up just relaxing with the hubby instead of trying to get in a bonus workout. I was tired. But Saturday morning the hubby told me to got get in my workout in and we'll head out after. So I went and did HIIT 15 Class followed by Burn Circuit 3.

It felt great to be able to get a workout in before hitting the road for a long car ride. This ended up being a very long car ride as traffic was bad. We should have left earlier and I felt bead for working out. But my hubby said to stop feeling bad - we had no way of knowing traffic would be bad and the little guy is asleep. So I stopped worrying. And my son pretty much slept the entire way.

We went for a walk when we got there to stretch our legs. Which was really nice. Sunday we had a great time playing with all our nieces and my son had a blast. His cousins that were there are 7 and 4 and both girls. They wanted to play the Dance Dance game. My son, who is only 2, sat and watched them do about 4 songs. Then all of a sudden he stood up and said he was going to dance. The three of them must have played this game together for at least an hour. I never laughed so much! Oh it was great. My son was just giving it his all! hahaha He had a great nap Sunday afternoon!

Sunday we had our turkey dinner. I have to say my son saved me from over eating. I had put a little too much stuffing on my plate because it's my favorite. My son ended up eating pretty much all my stuffing. I then decided to have a little piece of pumpkin pie without any whip cream. My son asked to try some. He hadn't had this before. He loved it and ended up eating half my pie! hahaha

My father-in-law surprised me with Pumpkin Spice coffee mate.

It is so good! So good! He's getting me more. This will be my weekend treat. My goodness it is so good. And so easy to abuse in my coffee. Must be careful.

We left shortly after dinner as we figured traffic would be bad if we waiting until the holiday Monday to go home. And we figured our son would fall asleep. However, he was so excited to see all the lights and big trucks on the highway that he stayed awake for the entire 2 hour drive. We could tell he was getting tired when everything was making him laugh. It was a really good car ride home.

Unfortunately, I picked up ANOTHER cold while down there. I seriously thought my immune system was good. But ever since my son went to daycare I get everything. My hubby got it too. I lost my voice and my sinuses hurt. So far today I feel better. But yesterday I decided to skip cardio and just to strength training.

I did ChaLEAN Extreme Lower Body Extreme Zone! And Wow!

Lunges, squats, and more! Wow! My legs were so sore! Especially after the double dipper series! Wow! Talk about a great leg workout. Holy moly!

This morning I woke up and did Comat 45.

This was a really, really good workout. I was dripping with sweat. I forgot how good this one was. Lots of jumps, kicks and fast punching songs. Just an awesome way to get the day started.

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FITGIRL15 10/14/2014 3:27PM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday PLUS got some awesome workouts in to boot! Woot Woot!

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SPARKSAM678 10/14/2014 9:48AM

    emoticon I lovee the pumpkin spice creamer! It is definitely delicious and too easy to over do! Hope you get over your cold quickly!

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