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New old clothes - shopping in your own closet again

Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm going out today, to my son's kindergarten class, to talk about teeth. I was pondering what to wear, when it occured to me that I might just fit into something I only wore 1 time. So I took out a shirt my MIL gave to me 2 Christmas' ago - I wore it once, and not very proudly. Well, the darn thing fit!

I KNOW I'm not alone in this category - a closet full of nice clothes, but a little too snug, but wearing the usual old loose stuff from 5 years ago feels better than exposing one's rolls to the world.

My poor husband was banished years ago from buying me anything to wear as gifts. An absolute no no. Not very nice on my part, but I figured hiding was better than returning anything that didn't fit - because shopping for clothes meant frustration, disappointment, and settling for something I really didn't want or like, but had to get anyway,

When I joined SP, I was done with just being there and existing. Now I see that I matter - no matter what shape or size. I don't want to buy just anything for an occassion. I want to buy what I want and love and feel good in. The healthier I become, the more options I will have.

So it's time to dust off those shirts with the tags in my closet and set some new mini-goals. To expand my daily wardrobe with what I already own, iron everything in the closet - toss the fat clothes I've had from the last 5 years (keeping only the PMS woobies that we all have), and buy myself some new shoes (I'm a little overdue in that dept).

To look good is to feel good - my hair and make-up have always been good, but I really don't want to wind up with Stacy & Clinton on What Not to Wear, even though the shopping spree money would be awesome.

So whoever reads this particular blog - I offer you a challenge:
- Raid your closet and see what you have, keep the good stuff and donate the rest to charity.
- As for your make-up drawer - toss everything you don't use - it's probably old and outdated anyway; replenish with the basics. If you don't wear makeup - try some. You may be shocked at what a little tinted moisturizer, soft blush and mascara can do for you self esteem.

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MSMISSUSME 2/29/2008 9:14AM

    I'm going to do this over the weekend - thank you!

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Lost 10 pounds - YAY ME!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

First of all - YAY ME!!

Second of all - I vow to never, ever, ever go on that scale until my weigh-in day. Doing it before hand just gives undo mental unrest that I didn't need.

I say that because I went on it on Monday and it said I gained 1 pound -oh my God! Went a little mental the rest of the days until today, Thursday, my weigh-in day. (I'm keeping it at Thursday - right in the middle of the week - a boost to keep good for the weekend, and when the work week starts up on Monday, I'm again focused to be good for the weigh-in day coming up.)

But I digress. Monday's downward mental spiral lead me to watch calories and workout even more. I changed my cardio to everyday, and have been doing it ever since. My workout plan seems to be working for me so far.

So weighing-in was a hoot. I fully expected not to have lost anything. I checked the scale and move it to a different spot and everything. When I saw that it went down, I got off the silly thing to look close at the markings and even counted them! I even moved it to the original spot and it remained the same weight! And then I moved it back again to the other spot and checked again! SHOCK! 2 more pounds gone, for a grand total of 10 since Feb 7th.

I'm in shock. YAY ME!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations on ten pounds gone. You are doing a great job and I am very proud of you.

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I am sick of water...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yup, I said it. 3 Weeks in and I am sick of water!!!

The first week went just fine - motivated, drinking and peeing like crazy - weight flying off my body like crazy (now I know it was alot of water weight coming off too).

The second week - still going strong, the bottle attached to my hand, not peeing as much as my body gets used to the increased liquid.

Well, this week, I am sick of water. I already drank half this morning and the bottle is staring at me going "hahaha - you still have to drink more of me!" And I know that I'll do it, but I just don't want to! And I'm sure I am not the only one feeling this way sometimes. I could probably go on the message boards and get a dozen anwers of why I should keep drinking, blah, blah, blah...this is just me bitching about it.

Maybe I'm PMSing. Something usually pisses me off enough to get a good rant going. It's probably not even the water!

I know what it is - it just dawned on vacation exercise routine is over and now I have to get the work week/kids in school routine going. And I'm trying to figure it out still. The mornings are too early and the baby wakes up sometimes while hubby is in the shower, thus needing my attention at 5am when we get up. The evenings after bedtime...depends if it's my turn to do the big kids' night routine or the babies routine. It doesn't sound very complicated, but somehow it gets that way. Maybe during lunch on T,W,TH, and then M&F - I'll plan on the nights. M&F I watch 4 little ones - tried during the day during naptime, but my brain was too scattered on everybody sleeping and the house noises to concentrate on doing it right.

I'll figure it out somehow. I have to. I don't want to let things slide out of control again and be down on myself.

I won't let this get out of control again. so there :P

Monday/Friday - workout at night
Tues/Wed/Thurs -workout at lunchtime


Boredom eater...the beast within

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I openly admit it. I want to eat today because the day is so BOOORRRING.

With an 18month old still under the weather (darn teeth) and the last day of vacation before school starts up again - I can admit boredom for the very first time this week. Kids are asleep or quietly playing. Hubby is surfing the web. I am pacing the floors. Sure, tons of projects to do here and there, but I don't want to do any.

I decided to take the day off of exercise - I've been very good, you see, and I awoke a little sore this morning. In doing so, I have fallen into the pocket of boredom, and the beast of snacking is upon me! Down, I say, you fowl thing!

And I know what I must do, my fellow health junkies, for I know what a response will be if anyone decides to read this...get on that darn treadmill already!!

So here I will leave more boredom for me. The treadmill will be the sword that slays it down from now on. By the time anyone reads this, I'll be sweatin' to Daughtry...

And for the first time in my life, I will say it...I miss my daily exercise that I had adopted so faithfully this past week. What has SP done to me! Where is my old lazy self! Gone for good, I hope - like the snacky beast that I am going to kill right now.

25 min on treadmill - hubby & kids still napping/playing quietly


Stuck mental body image

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm sure I am not the only one out there with this particular problem...mental body image that is perpetually stuck in your mind's eye; how you see yourself no matter how thin you are. Sounds almost like an anorexic.

I feel as if I am forever 185 in my head. Even when I was at my thinnest (size 12) my mind could not wrap itself around the new me. Maybe that's why I let my mind wander and let my body follow...

So there it is - right now, at 179, I feel as if I am 185. I'm trying hard to shake this. I mentally see the weight gone in front of me. I mentally picture the 1 pound blocks of butter and say holy sh**. That really is a lot. My jeans are getting bigger - things are going in the right direction.

It was just on my mind - and now that it's out there in cyberspace, maybe I'll finally get over this particular hump.

I'm just going through the mantra again and again - slow and steady wins the race. Baby steps, baby steps...even in your minds eye.

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YUMMIEMUMMIE1 2/23/2008 12:05PM

  You are not alone! That is one of my issue's as well. I was at 182lbs two years ago and lost over 20lbs. One way that I was successful was I started to think of myself as lean, strong and beautiful. When I would look in the mirror I would repeat those thoughts to myself and give myself alot of pep talks on how good I was looking. After awhile I began to just feel that way all the time and it helped me to stay focused. I hope this helps you. I still have 24lbs to go and I do get off track just like everyone else, but what goes on inside my head is really what matters. THINK THIN..... BE THIN. All the best, I know you will do great.

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