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The stumpy sister

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm just going to vent this to the world and get it off my chest:



I'm the short and stumpy sister out of 3...not to mention the oldest...which sometimes makes it seem WORSE that I am short and stumpy. AAARGH!!!!! emoticon My sister's wedding is coming up and I'm working my butt off to look better than the bride in my silly dress! LOL Hey, don't judge... It's motivation! ROFL

OK - I feel better now emoticon

Now back to my bicycle crunches emoticon

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IAMLION 7/29/2009 7:25AM

    Where is that darn staple button that makes life easier! Does it only work on office supplies?? I need it to overhaul my entire bollom half! It would be so awesome to be able walk into a regular store and buy jeans that would fit without all the extra material in the waist! I have a huge gap at my waist and my butt & thighs are packed into the jeans like a sausage and forget about bootcut!! I can't wear it. Has to be straight leg! My sister didn't get the "big bottom girl" syndrome that I got! Those dang little sisters emoticon

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OAKBORN 7/27/2009 8:13AM

    I have a ribcage from hell... so I GET that! (My mom's side of the family are all barrel chested and short)... you oughta' see my cousin Linda (her son would do chin ups on her arm when he was little).

You will look fabulous dahlink! Just keep using the motivation that you need!


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Venting is the key

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a good cry, some time alone, a good vent, and sushi.

The dawn always brings a new day.

While waiting for work to begin, I did my crunches.
At lunch, I satified my sushi craving with my lovely sister-in-law and I held my beautiful little 4 month old goddaughter. That's all I needed. By the time the meal was over, even she saw that I was just fine....and was glad cause she was worried a bit. Hubby felt dissed, but he got over it pretty fast b/c I was only gone for an hour.

All better. emoticon

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IAMLION 7/24/2009 11:40AM

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I'm sending happy healing thoughts your way.

Sushi huh? I'll have to trust you on that one (I'm not much on seafood).


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OAKBORN 7/23/2009 7:33PM

    Sometimes the smallest and simplest things can have the biggest healing powers.

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Completely out of sorts

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That has been today. Completely out of sorts. Like someone is possessing me. I haven't had a July like this is a very long time. Came back from my anniversary trip and was not feeling well at all - had a headache for 2 days...part of which I blame on tequila (LoL)..but still something was not right.

So today on facebook, talking to my sister in law, it popped into my head.

Twenty years ago today, my mother told me she was going to die.

A week later, she was.

Pancreatic cancer.

No wonder I've been in such a funk. I'm not very good company right now, but my husband understands completely. Seems like my brother in Colorado is going thru the same thing...the annual funk. I wonder if the other 3 siblings are in the same funk. For some reason, this year it hurts more.

I guess crying is a good thing to do - It lets things out and then I can move on.

I cried a lot today.

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IAMLION 7/24/2009 11:33AM


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LEAVNTHEW8BHIND 7/24/2009 10:24AM

    Understand (also 20 years since I lost both parents) - no matter how long it's been, it still hurts and sometimes hits you at the most unlikely time.

With me, it seems like it's always at mushy movies where something happens with the parent.

Sometimes, I just want my mom.

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OAKBORN 7/22/2009 8:50PM


I so understand. Best to you my friend. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Computer problems and more.....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hey all! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here, but my PCs and routers are all screwed up. One PC needs to be redone and now my wireless router is on the fritz causing my other laptop to be a pain to work on. I'm at work right now just to blast this out there!

Let's see - I've been busy being mom as usual and we went on a very stressful camping trip to Lancaster, PA. Full moon and my PMS brought about weird behavior from everyone in the family....but in the end we all had fun and learned a lot about each other - Family bonding - gotta love it! LOL Best lessons learned - 1) never camp for 7 days...keep it to 5 max....2) never leave after school ends....wait at least a week for the kids to decompress and then go in July.

The diet and lifestyle went right to the side of the road too...gained some back, but in a few days, the water weight is off and I'm still at my original goal of 150... NO COMPLAINTS!!! I beat myself up a lot during the camping trip b/c things were a little tight (Duh, period came) and I was all mental...but hey, it happens. I had a heart to heart with my husband too about how much stuff I had been doing for the family and how my stress level was uber-high b/c I never had time to take care of me....thus my constant yelling at everyone...thank goodness he listened to me and actually HEARD me. I started my walking again, and he did as well today. Happy happy ----joy joy! :)

While we were away, my sister booked her wedding date - Aug 29th of this summer!! I already have another wedding to get in shape for on Sept 5th, but now I really have to get on the ball! She wants me and my other sister to pseudo-match in the color department...Marge is a size4 and well....I'm not! LOL Completely different body types! This should be very interesting finding a dress! I'm going to look on the bright side, maybe I can use the same dress for both weddings! Always the economist. LOL

So that is it in a nutshell. The computer problems if I'm quiet, you all know why. When I'm up & running again in a more normal fashion, I'll be back with a gusto. Until then, stay well everyone! I'm rooting for you all and thinking of all my sparkfriends quite often...I miss being here a lot.

Cross your fingers that my computer geek can repair me soon!!! emoticon

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OAKBORN 7/14/2009 5:14PM

    Hey girl! I'm still out here, as are you! Hey 2 weddings, 1 dress makes sense to me (esp considering I just did that for the March & June weddings I had to attend).

Camping with your period... whew, you are a braver woman than I Gunga Din.

Good job to both you and hubby for communicating!!

Boo to computer problems!!

Hang in there! emoticon

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GRALLEN 7/8/2009 4:28PM

    My fingers are crossed!!

It's helpful when the hubby's can lend a hand at home but also neat when they join us in this weight loss journey. It can make it so much easier to do on a daily basis.

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A weird feeling...a shared heart.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday I was away from my family WHOLE entire day! On Friday I dropped them off at the campsite and then went home to sleep...Saturday was an all day bridal showe/hangout with my high school friends...this morning was back to the campground to pack up the family.

While I was away from them, I had a BLAST! I drove the 3 of us into the shower, we met our friend and his beautiful bride (whom we've only met once before) and had a great time...later we went to the store for food and continued to hang out at my house until late. I looked good...felt great...except for ONE moment before our meal...

So lunch was more like dunch. We ate around 3:30 - usually no big deal because appetizer trays came around. I've been good every since I had a high stress bile duct sludge attack episode last week that I didn't blog about, but I digress. I drank my water all day long, but out of the blue - something felt wrong.

My heart felt like it was skipping a beat, my breathing became strange...I didn't want to alert my friends (both bride & groom are doctors for goodness sake and sitting right there) I went to the bathroom a few times. Once to stretch, another to pee (and see if I had an upset stomach - sort of), another to calm down. I knew I had to eat something - could have been low blood sugar because my eating was off, and then the dinner finally came....drenched in butter, of course!

I ate 3/4 of the the chicken...that's it and then felt better. My friend Steph (hey hon if you read this)...I think she picked up on it. My friend Fred (the doc) (hey dude if you read this) kept looking to see if I was eating anything off my know when you catch someone looking in between glasses to see your plate..he did that. I don't know if he caught on to how I was feeling or just making sure I eat in general - LOL! I totally skipped dessert, but had coffee. Anyway - the feeling passed and I felt better by the time we left. Much, much better. Normal, in fact. Weird, huh?

I told Steph later that I felt weird....and yes, she did pick up on it after all. We've only known each other for 20 years. LOL

So today, I went to pick up hubby & the kids from camping. My hubby was telling me his day (in order, of course) and he's been known to have anxiety attacks in the last few months under certain situations (checked out & all's fine, that's how we know), and guess what...while his parents were visiting him and talking about a particular subject...he started having an anxiety attack.

The time of this attack started around 3:30...the same time I was not feeling well 50 miles away!!!!! Coincidence???? I THINK NOT!!

Talk about WEIRD!!! We've been married 10 years this year. I joke to everyone that we share a brain. I guess we share a heart too.

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OAKBORN 6/16/2009 9:54PM

    Loving someone truly does that to you. I know from experience!


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AMJSATURN 6/15/2009 12:11AM


I think you must a share heart, that is surely coincidence that you were feeling the same that he was 50 miles away.

I am happy that it was something worst.

Happy Spark and enjoy your week.

Alexia emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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