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Two Satans for the price of one! yay

Monday, October 26, 2009

emoticon emoticon

Ahhh....the Den meeting is over...and I need to decompress emoticon

It started out regulars showed up...the normal new kid showed up...and then emoticon #1 walked in the door. I knew it was him immediately...accomplanied by his lackluster mother, who honestly looked like a woman wanting another life somewhere...anywhere. By the way, if you happened to read my previous blog, he is the good son, as opposed to his brother who is the true and real Bealzebub in the new Bear den...but this one has tendencies nonetheless. Let's just call him one that likes to "rile things up" a bit. yay (feeeeel my sarcasm this point it is dripping from the ceiling).

All was going OK, even though he sat next to the kid I didn't want him to sit next that can easily be riled up. yay My first mistake of the evening was giving the boys permanent markers to color in their eggcarton spider bodies. Their hands were covered. Oh well, sorry 'bout that parents...if another parent wants to take over, be my guest...this is like a third job that pays you in rocks. During this time...I am seeing emoticon#2 come out.

Satan #2 is another new kid...another attention seeker...a loud shouter outer...the other boys in the group are happy to see him when he strolls in late. When they finally get working, half the table is quiet and working, the other half is getting riled up. What is sad and ironic is that our usual riler-upper was out sick tonight. husband the teacher, shoots me a look across the room and our brains match....our perfect imperfect old den we were used to is g-o-n-e GONE! We have been transported to volunteer hell. emoticon emoticon emoticon

So the meeting goes parent helper helps out just fine. The other new parents invited to stay do absolutely nothing.... great. WHen pickup time comes, I can't wait for the 12 boys to LEAVE my house as fast as possible.

But wait...does this happen?

NoooOOOOOoooooo! An irate old-den parent comes in with 2 of the 4 boxes of popcorn that she is returning because she is pissed that she HAS TO SELL THEM. Guess what honey....we all do. The 4 boxes go for $15 a piece (15 sleeves of popcorn per box) and that is $60. This is the ONE big fundraiser we do a YEAR for the entire pack. Most parents just buy the boxes and sell then at their leisure. Others eat them (like my family). Others just toss them or donate them to food pantries after they pay for them. It's part of the BSA thing. Deal with it. You want to CRY? I WILL CRY and tell you that one kid dropped and I am selling the 4 other boxes with my OWN!! IF I pay out of pocket that is $120...looks like I'm paying $75 this SHUT UP!!! and DEAL!!!

She was so livid and angry about having the popcorn sale be mandatory, she was crazy. Nice huh? Right in front of new parents. She is threatening to take he son out if it comes down that it is mandatory. Part of me is emoticon and the other part is emoticon I I like the kid & his family, I don't think I would want them to leave. But on the other hand...I have 13 boys in this den now...too many for my liking, escpecially with half of them being riler-uppers.

Anyway, she eventually calmed down and took the boxes back...thank GOD our assistant Cubmaster is also one of my parents picking up their kid. She talked her down nicely. I just didn't need that to happen tonight. Not the time NOR the place for that. Honestly, I think she was pissed at me & hubby because we didn't do a big "Show and Sell" at the supermarket. #1 - I don't have the time on a Saturday morning to do that. #2 - the only people showing up would have been me and her and another kid, because not everyone in the den LIVES for scouting...God knows I don't. What is really sad, is that this family is LOADED and the people who aren't are happy to pay their part and move on. Maybe I just don't get people. Whatever.

My son...the Scout...I noticed him sitting there kind of quiet tonight. I don't know if it was the forum, or the new kids, or the chaos...but I think something is turning in his brain. He is supersmart...doesn't really like the goofing around; actually WANTS to become a boyscout, but I don't know...he might be thinking that all the goofyballs in it might not be all that worth it. I can say this because he honestly thinks like that. He's a rare kind of kid. We'll see how this goes. If he's quiet and not his usual self in the next few meetings, I'm just going to ask him whats up. Maybe it was just the newness of the chaos this time...he was feeling them out.

So that was my night. joy. I'd go have a beer, but what would that do....but I would rather not be bloated or groggy in the morning. I'd go eat the rest of the donuts the mom left behind...but that is not good to do either. So to decompress, here I am, typing and giving you all the update you asked for.

Ho-hum. emoticon


Gotta love feeling trapped like this.

But as my favorite author, Jane Austen, puts so eloquently through the mouth of Mr. Bennett in Pride & Prejudice: "This too shall pass, with little or no consequence to me."

As the CubScout Motto goes, I will "DO MY BEST" with what I am given...and just keep my expectations extremely low in regard to this particular part of my life at the moment. I have bigger and better fish to fry...and it's not in the Cub Scout world.

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OAKBORN 10/26/2009 10:39PM

    Sorry you had such a rough night sweetie!


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GRALLEN 10/26/2009 10:10PM

    I'm so sorry. I don't have kids so unfortunately can't relate. It's a shame parents sign their kids up for activities like these and then don't want to help or participate.

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Nothing profound...just an update...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey there Sparkers!!!

Whew!! what a kookee week! Happy to report that I got back on my beloved treadmill after many many months...and I RAN! Honest to goodness running going on here! Never did that one before, so I am very happy about this accomplishment. Tues was one mile and Fri was a mile and a quarter. I'm going to try and push it a little further each time...just for fun. Fri was an interesting workout. All I wanted to get in was a half hour while my son played legos...turned out he was so occupied with his playing that I did an extra half hour! One hour on the tread - 475 cals later and 3.25 miles (I strolled)...and a happy kid and mommy were the result. Gotta love that. I'm hoping Monday is a repeat performance...we shall see. news that I am gaining 3 new cub of which is SATAN emoticon Lucky me. His reputation precedes him...the family's reuptation precedes them...The mother is in denile about her offspring and they run amok. The stories I've heard from both parents and scouts is appalling. So, I need a plan of action...and I have one, so now I am came to me when I was running. The plan is to have 3 strikes....and then he's out of my den. The mother has already been invited to the first meeting he will attend at my home. She was trying to bring along her other devil's spawn, but alas I said "no...unfortunately I do not have enough eyes to watch mine own sweet children whilst the meeting is going on, so I cannot have other children at the house in addition to the scouts..." nice huh? Step one...complete.

Now, if this particular scout is the emoticon child...and makes a distrubance, the mom will have to stay at every meeting...which means she will have to find a sitter each time for her other emoticon children. This is the general rule for all children that misbehave, so it is very fair. If he's a disturbance at the meeting while she is not there, the child will sit out...then she'll have to be at every meeting after that. Sorry honey, I'm a volunteer, not a babysitter or a social worker.

As for fist fighting...which he has done already...we have established a new policy: PACK POLICY: If he strikes another child, he will be reported to the council and the parent called, she will have to accomplany her child for the remainder of the event/meeting. Next event....if it happens again, the child will leave the event immediately. If it happens again, at all...last chance/strike...the child is kicked out of scouts for good.

Not a nice thing to even talk about, but we cannot deny anyone a chance to join...but we don't have to take any crap either. Rules are rules...if you don't abide by them and be are OUT. Boy....I have a calm center since Thursday, and I will tell you why becuase when I learned of this news earlier in the week, I was not a happy camper. On Thursdya, when I woke up, I was repeating the same prayer over and over in my head....The Prayer of St. Francis which I memorized in high school:

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
when there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy."

Well...this is the first half that I kept repeating over and over again....and woke up on Friday with the same thing going thru my I consider that a sign from above.

So what do I do with that? Well...just what it says...give the kid a chance, be kind and firm and nurturing (God knows, the kid may need just that!)...don't get crazy until there is something to get crazy about...and then - there are rules in place to handle the situation as my backup. Thy will be done. Finito.

OKey Dokey.....enuf with that stuff.

Fall is upon us, here in New York...I have a butt-load of leaves to pick up and rake, not one thing has been done in that capacity, but then again, not all of the leaves are down either. Weekends are very busy too...and they will only get more, so I guess I have to be a bit more organized during the I'm not already. I guess I have to reference my calendar more often! LOL

I went out with my evil Twin last night (we have the same name and our birthdays are a day apart...go figure)...totally discovered that a guy friend of ours who I crushed on for about a year(13 years ago) actually liked me when we were all hanging out...and they told him to go out with me but he wouldn't date "a student"...what a dope!! we were practically the same age and we were just flying small planes - so he wasone of my 'teachers" but teachers aren't supposed to go clubbing with student either. Dope. Well...what's done is done, and I probably wouldn't have met my hubby if I was dating him anyway, so I'm really glad about that in retrospect. But I will say this aloud...get him my picture NOW!!! so he can see what he passed up on...the dope. I will bet money he also didn't want to date me because of my bad for him because I met my husband during that time and he never had that problem...ever. Hmm...but then again, after I started dating hubby, we never really hung out too much after that as a group because we all got busy , I graduated & we all had to grow up. Oh well.........still....I want him to see a picture of me now... the dope. Don't listen to me anymore...I'm just being emoticon and you know, no matter what, he's still a friend after all these years, no matter what...but I really would like to tease him about that too...oops, sorry, being evil again! One day I will have that moment, I'm sure - lol! Honestly, I'd love to know how he's doing...married, kids, work, the whole thing....gotta get a reunion together with the old crew.

I'll just add to the above that I was VERY redfaced during this conversation...and then immediately went all googly/mushy and calm just mentioning my darling hubby....who really is my soulmate...we share a brain and a heart. Who could ask for more than that? It's rare, and I know it, and am thankful for everyday I wake up next to him.

Oh darling is home...and I have to get moving, so ta-ta everyone!!

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MKPQ51 10/25/2009 11:26PM

    An awful lot to say for not having anything profound! That's what I love about you; you can write about anything and make it so interesting.

Sounds like a good plan of action for the little darling; keep us updated on how it works out.

As for the one who let you get away, his loss! However, it's kinda nice to reminisce about ol' crushes/flames/loves.

Things always work out the way they're supposed to; you're with the man you were meant to be with. All in God's plan!

And, quit with the "I will bet money he also didn't want to date me because of my weight;" you've got to stop thinking that way about yourself!

Hope you enjoyed the evening with your love!

Your Spark Mom, Kat

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IAMLION 10/25/2009 7:38PM

    Way to go on the running! You are a really doing awesome!!
Great plan for the emoticon child. Shouldn't take him long to fly thru those rules and he and his family can be sent packing emoticon
Awwwww, sole mates! That is a wonderful thing. See, things always work out for the best!! You are blessed with an awesome and loving family emoticon

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 10/24/2009 8:51PM

    LOL, interesting blog!

I agree with your plan of defense from the scout of satan and I even understand wanting said non-boyfriend to see what he missed.

But mostly I am happy that you love your DH so much.


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Practice what you preach

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ok, so today I'm in a funk....hey, it happens to us all. I'm not saying I'm down on anything either, it's just a blechk (use the back of your throat when saying that one please ;)) of having too much to do and not wanting to do anything. Too much work, too much stuff that just gets plopped on top of the Mom/Wife/Manager's capable shoulders because that is the way life works sometimes. I'd love to be a kept woman with a staff to order about today, that's all. LOL

And that is why I'm writing about it. I thought of the title at work this morning too, because for goodness's so true isn't it?

How can I say to someone, "It's OK, don't give up...keep on going, it's just a rut, you will get out of it soon, don't be discouraged, tomorrow is a new day...etc, etc, etc" and not actually walk the walk?

Everyone has those bad days...bad months...bad hours...bad minutes even. The key is to not wallow in the funk that can overtake your spirit.

A lot of us have come way to far to get down on don't. Have the moment and move on. Life's not going to wait for you to get out of your funk...only you can do that.

Ok - that's it....I have some laundry that has to get packed for our last camping trip this weekend before my lunch is for now...I'm going to (as my favorite band from the '90s Extreme sings)...

GET THE FUNK OUT! emoticon

In fact...I'm going to jack up my iPod to 10 and play that song whilst I fold the said laundry! emoticon

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    Great Blog!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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MKPQ51 10/8/2009 2:54PM

    When I saw your current status post (in a funk...for some reason...a passing I'm sure), I was going to stop by your page and leave you a comment. I should have known you'd make a post out of your thoughts, because you usually do. And, I'm so glad you take the time to post your thoughts; they certainly are helpful and encouraging to me, as I'm sure they are with many others.

I just read another SP friend's blog and was reminded that I have been doing things (not giving my body a day's rest between strengthening exercises) that I've encouraged others to do. I know this is an important thing to do; but, I had convinced myself, if I altered the upper body one day and the lower body the next, everything would be okay. After reading the blog, Iím going to readdress my thinking and see if I am in fact giving my muscles the rest they need.

Now, here you are giving me yet another reminder. It's been a couple of tough weeks for me. A lot of it has been caused by my big mouth, and perhaps my stubbornness; I've come pretty close to cutting off my nose to spite my face! However, I've also been very hard on myself, forgetting to apply some of the things that I remind others.

And, though I know my situation isn't going to improve much over the next while, I do need to remind myself to take care of what I can take care of, quit allowing negative thoughts to fill my mind, and to press on.

So, to the young women who is always giving such wise advise (you) from the older woman (Remember, you most certainly could be my daughter--and I'd be proud to call you "my daughter."), thank you once again!

And, I hope you have a great camping trip this weekend!
emoticon emoticon

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JULIAGIS 10/8/2009 1:33PM

    Thanks for your blog! I'm going through some weird phase myself. I'm fighting my boyfriend all the time, for no apparent reason. Argh! It's nice to read that others are going through funks and what they're doing to keep "functioning." I just need to calm down, concentrate on work and deal with the rest when it comes. Hope your rut has come to an end.

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JOCHEBED1 10/8/2009 1:01PM

    agree...dont feel like it most of the time but i do need to gird up, suck it up and make myself delight in it because life is short and i need to get moving.

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OAKBORN 10/8/2009 12:40PM

    Yeah, it's been a year of "alot" hasn't it?

I understand, my shoes are full of blechk too! I have a severe case of Idonwanna and hit with a lot of guesswhatyagottas!

Hang in there girl! Keep on swimming!


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Not going to stress anymore

Monday, October 05, 2009

With cub scouts...comes stress...or at least how it was last year. Already I have TMJ from stress, but I got a cub scouty thing off my chest and it has gotten better. They were gunning for me to become the head of our pack...the Cubmaster. It's because I'm so personable...little did they know that when I get stressed I become a B!@#$ - a BIG one. No thanks...I like the mellow me. I'll be the's what I do at work anyway.

Well, that being said...from the moment I signed up for this commitment, I have stressed out. The kids are a motley bunch - I started with 13, now I have 10, which is a good thing...a healthy den is 8. The less kids, the more managable and this more parents at the meetings.

Imagine...12 kids plus parents...all in your house every other wonder I was stressed last year. It was like throwing a party every other week!

I'm actually calm before this meeting tonight. I have a game plan...the parents will be at this one meeting ..and then just 2 per meeting as helpers. I have a lot to print out...easy enough. I have an obstacle course for them to do...with parents helping. I'm sticking to my guns with everything and the kids will get that badge by February.

Anwyay...with the lead up to tonight...I have worked out - I FINALLY GOT ON MY TREADMILL!! YAY! Holy cow...I still got it...a little rusty, but I'm not too bummed about feeling rusty. It's just another thing to work on...I like that. Working out is part of my stress busting plan for this season. I am determined not to fall off that wagon like I did last year. Funny...when you track fitness, you can see what happens when you get sick, get busy, get stressed, have a good's really neat.

That's about it...after the meeting is Dancing with the Stars and then Castle and Lie to Me. I love my once everyone is O U T of my house...I'm planning on having a beer and vegging out to my shows.

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MKPQ51 10/7/2009 2:23AM

    Hey, I never was involved in the Cub Scouts, but my sister BONLOR was for many years. She was Cubmaster and even was one of the main people during the ( two sessions of 1 week) summer day camp activities. I know that BonLor used to get really stressed out trying to prepare for the event, and always swore at the end of the two weeks that she'd never do it again. But, the same time next year, she was right in there. She was also part of the board (not sure the terms are right, but she was involved). My kids and I used to spend hours helping her prepare the crafts that would be used (It was fun and gave me an opportunity to spend time with my sister.); my kids were able to pick up community service hour credit, which went toward their required high school community service hours. If you run into a problem of the parents not being able to help out on a weekly basis, why don't you think about having some (mature) high school kids help out? Stop by my sister's page and maybe she can give you some helpful hints.

Glad the treadmill didn't bum you out. And, working out as part of your stress release plan sounds like a good idea.

Hope you enjoyed your beer and vegging out to your shows.


Comment edited on: 10/7/2009 2:29:38 AM

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OAKBORN 10/5/2009 4:52PM

    Go you!!

You looked at the situation and decided what you could handle and what you couldn't.... good for you!

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HEALTH4LYFE 10/5/2009 1:43PM

    I always appreciate reading your blogs. You have a wonderful way of putting things in perspective. Way to go on the planning. Way to go on sticking to your guns about not being the Cubmaster. And way to go on making your blogs contain enough humor. It makes it easier for the rest of us to relate and remember.
Take care and have fun tonight. emoticon

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

First and foremost...have to applaude Glamour magazine for listening to it's readers...hopefully they will continue to change the magazine industry and NOT just make REAL WOMEN models a flash in the pan. Check out the link and read on...

I titled this "perceptions" because we always perceive ourselves differently...I recently learned something...when someone looks at you: they do not see your weight that you actually are: in their eyes, you weigh less. If you dare, test out my theory - you might be pleasantly surprised. Several people I love and respect have told me to stop losing because I was perfect at 120. Hello - I am 142.

Anyway...I'm here to get something off of my chest...again...

The perceptions of how people view you in the world. It sometimes pisses me off, so here I go...

The "invisible person syndrome" - it's not just for the heavy...

When you are THINK you are invisible to the world because of your own mental crap, so you become "invisible" - no pics of you, you WANT to hide, so you do. (go ahead and argue with me, but you know I'm right if you've been there)

So you lose the weight....WHILE you are on the journey, well, the praise is ENDLESS and LOVELY and LOVE it and the perception of that praise keeps you going on that journey...lots of YAY! YOU! and THAT's GREAT!...and it is, use it and carry on because you might NOT like this next part...

Goal means maintenance....goal here can be a plateau are stuck, nothing is changing....OR you are now where you want to be and are perceived as "normal" in the world: You can buy off the rack, any size you want that looks good on you...and then, after a while the PRAISE STOPS.

Holy cow! POOF! I am invisible again.

This is what I mean by "invisible again"...(this pertains to the real world here, not SP where praise is what makes us stay) ---- the conversation about weightloss has gotten old to those you live with, people you see everyday are not interested in hearing it again..the only praise coming down the pike is if you happen to stumble across someone who hasn't seen you in forever. This is what you wanted and strived for and now you are here. You are on your own...and that is scary.

And when you are scared, we can lose sight of big picture of why we are here in the first place...and then slip, and then fall and the rollercoaster begins again. Others might want you to slip & fall too - they might not ever say it, but they think it. So HOW do we keep our footing when we perceive ourselves as "fallen" or "invisible" again.

It's so mental. Let's be real - from the moment you began this journey, it was ALL you and ALL mental. It always will be. When the kudos goes away, you are left to your own devices and part of that is learning and relearning about our own self-worth and our OWN perceptions of how we are to be in the world. Mental. Mental strength. We can work our muscles until they are bulging, but if we are not working our minds at the same time and embracing the stages we are going through, it might be for naught.

So that is what's been on my mind.

If anyone thinks that this journey is easier for some than others....your perception is way off. The grass is never greener in someone else's's just another type of crabgrass you are looking at.

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OAKBORN 10/1/2009 11:27AM

I love your blogs, they so often just bring me home... and nail points so directly to the wall!

Hadn't thought about the perceptions this way, but you are sooo right my friend.

BTW, you sox are done. Will try to mail today or tomorrow!

Keep on keepin' on sister!


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ONTHEGOMO 10/1/2009 11:14AM

    Right on about the perceptions. I agree totally.

Which is maybe why I keep coming to Spark. It's wonderful that it is here. We can talk about weight and body issues forever!! Love it.

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