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Things are good and pet peeves

Friday, March 14, 2008

First the pet peeves:
- So I have this scale that drives me nuts. It's one of those ginormous dials, but the tick marks are so tiny, you have to literally get off the thing and go on your hands and knees to count them each time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! And god forbid you shift your weight at all - the thing goes cookoo! Not really - I'm being dramatic, but don't stand a certain way - back on your heals on the edge - the thing adds 15 pounds - no kidding.

My hubby wants to get a new one, but I'm "NO WAAY!" that's the one I started with and that's the one I'm sticking with. Watch, another scale will say I'm 5 pounds heavier - screw that. I experienced that one at the OBYGN this week and it pissed me off.

SO the triumphs of the week are:
- down 2 more pounds - this diet and program are just right for me. Who knew common sense could be so fun and rewarding once I gave it a try?!
- my severed (well, almost severed pinky tip - sympathy points here) is healing AOK and the kids love looking at the stitches now.
- I bought 4 pairs of new shoes for $110 all together! All name brand and on sale baby! Sneakers and new everyday shoes - you should see what the others were like - haha!
- I worked out through any emotional upheavals this week - both personal and work related. Working out really helped the stress levels and made me focus on positive instead of negative.
- I did not turn to food like I usually do when I'm upset.
- I'm seeing a change in the trunk of my body for the first time - I might have a waist someday!

So that's it. I'm having a holiday this weekend with my sister in Bean town and I can't wait. Kids are home with hubby and I get to go have a mental health weekend

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MSMISSUSME 3/16/2008 8:32AM

    You are doing really great apart from the finger thing of course lol Keep it up!

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FIXITWOMAN 3/14/2008 6:24PM


You are rockin it! Congrats on getting thru the emotional rollercoaster and facing it the right way (with exercise) instead of turning to food.

You are my go to gal because you seem to be doing exactly what I want to do. Glad to hear the finger is healing well.

P.S. - I'm really jealous about the shoes :p

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CLASSYLADYMAY 3/14/2008 8:49AM

    hey girl.. i sooooooooo understand about the scale.. had one just like that i bought at the thrift for 8 dollars.. but it didnt seem to work good so i bought one at target.. thinking the same thing as you but said screw it i have to know and i am going to deal with it and keep going.. yess it showed a little difference but not much but its better cause its digital and easier to read.. and was only 20 dollars.. but hey you have to think postive try on clothes see you are losing.. and you will feel much better.. i think your doing great! so keep up the good work and loved reading your blog.. so glad pinky is getting better!~ hugss Geri

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With a new dawn...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things always seem brighter in the morning, with the start of a new day.

Things are in perspective and this too shall pass.

SP is such an asset to me that it isn't funny! I hope this website is always free! or else I would be lost!

So here is to an new day!

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FIXITWOMAN 3/12/2008 9:20AM

    With this can do anything!

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Good to workout again, but...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was good to get back on the treadmill. I got a whole hour in this afternoon and burned 350 cals.

The finger is feeling much much better - i can't wait to actually wash the thing...Gross, huh? 48 hours is over - hooray!

Some other stuff went on today, which I'd love to write about, but right now, I'm keeping it close to whoever reads this, say a prayer for my goodhealth and well being.

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FIXITWOMAN 3/11/2008 8:20PM

    Prayers for you and your family. Hoping all is well. Glad to hear you survived the 48 hours!

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Had a garden shear accident

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yup, stupid me was so excited to go out and cut down all the dead asters and rose bushes, I did something really stupid - my pinky finger got in the way of my garden shears and before I knew it, I clamped down on my left pinky, right above the nail - went through half-way down. I was lucky that the shears were old and dull, because if it was a new sharp pair, the tip would be gone.

Oldest son ran and got hubby, who was sucking up leaves at the other end of the yard, and then we called the family to come and watch the kids as we went to the hospital. 2 deep stitches and 2 hours later I was home. Doctor's orders: no work, no gym, no heavy lifting, no getting it wet for 48 hours.

Yay (grimacing here) :P

Well - I'm thankful that I still have my pinky tip and that the ER was in a lull, that my hubby, kids and back-up family were so good, that it was my left hand and not my right, and that I could say to the nurse that I was 175 and not 187. Small things people, but important enough to me.

Now I have a get out of workout free card and it pisses me off. Oh well...this too shall pass.

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FIXITWOMAN 3/10/2008 11:53AM


Glad to hear you didn't shear it off completely! Don't stress about 2 days off, it may be good for your body to rest.

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JENNIEM2174 3/10/2008 11:52AM

    I'm glad that you were so lucky. Not just in keeping the tip of your pinky but that your family came through for you. Take it easy and follow the doctors orders.

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BACONFEST - a Sunday tradition

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A few days ago, I blogged about the one thing that we will not give up, and that is bacon on Sundays. My husband lost 85 lbs. 3 years ago and never gave up bacon...I even found this clipping in the newspaper and saved it - it's been on the fridge ever since:

From the personal blog called Pedal Faster Dorothy/you'll never make it over the rainbow at this speed:
"For years I have meditated, exercised, dieted, moisturized, flossed, and exfoliated to maintain my Greek god fit exterior. I eat egg whites omlets, fresh vegetables and fruit, skinless chicken, and I drink water all day long. I gave up cigarettes. I reduced my alcohol consumption. BUT, I will not give up bacon. I don't just love it I NEED it.
-pedalfaster from 2005

So, now onto BACONFEST!

It's a joke nickname we give Sundays, because the kids always ask "what day is it today" and Sunday's is always the same answer "It's bacon day." This has been going on for 5 years.

My husband makes the bacon either in the electric skillet or in the over on wire racks, depending on his mood and time frame. And during this he makes KILLER hash browns. Sounds very ordinary doesn't it.

Here is the weird thing, or what I think is the weird thing...every other day of the week, the kids are up and the first thing they want to do is eat breakfast - whatever it may be, around 6:30 or 7 am. No waiting, just wake upand eat, "we're starving!" On Sunday's completely different - we can be running super late getting up - it could be 7:30 before my husband even gets the bagels. It could be 9am before the bacon is even done...not a peep from the kids . They lay in wait - like Pavlov's dogs - for the precious bacon.

When the holler comes "bacon time!" the kids are all in their chairs waiting for their "bacon sandwiches." They made the term up themselves, and it's comprised of a bagel or half bagel with, what else...bacon. The little ones love potatoes - so they are scoffing them down like crazy, and when the eggs get there - they eat them too, usually.

My little guy just discovered bacon...the middle one just wants that bacon sandwich right oldest is now discovering the beauty of a bacon-egg-bagel sandwich.

I know what some people may think - "oh my God! - introducing such a high fat meat to such little kids is a sin!" I've thought it myself. But, what you don't know, is that my kids are skinny - super duper, low on the charts skinny. Getting them to eat anything lately is a chore. I even told the doctor about the bacon thing - what he said was"they can handle it - they could use the calories and fats right now - everything in moderation."

So, on Sundays, think of me and my family having baconfest - and maybe have one of your own...and if you want to, here's the trick to moderation that we use now that we are sparking:

- rip out the insides of the bagel (whole wheat) - less carbs and cals.
- use eggbeaters, or egg whites, and spray oil and/or a nonstick pan
- 2 strips of bacon - a treat for being so good all darn week
- family tradition and memories...priceless

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FIXITWOMAN 3/9/2008 11:55AM

    Priceless is right. Thanks for sharing!

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