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Joined the National Weight Control Registry

Friday, October 05, 2012

The National Weight Control Registry is a study that is basically documenting people who have lost and maintained a 30 pound weightloss for over a year.

I'm glad to say that I fit into that category 3 times over.

Year one - lost 30 pounds and maintained for one year.
Year two - lost 10 more pounds and maintained the 40 year weightloss for a year.
Year three - lost 5 to 10 more pounds and am maintaining a 50-55 pound weighloss now for over a year.

But even with those numbers, it took me a while to actually sign up and submit my name into the study...and when I did, yes, thoughts of "OMG, I hope I don't gain any of this back" did cross my mind.

Previous years of going up and going down and failure have that effect on one's mind - a flashback of doubt that kicks into high gear when one is feeling exceptionally vulnerable.

So you can imagine what my mind went through when the actual, physical papers came in the mail...the one's that you sign and that say they will be sending surveys and such to me to document my journey in maintenance...and it became another level of REAL for me.

The REAL that it's not just about's about others in my world who I touch every day....mainly my immediate family, but also those on here and now those in that study.

It's the REAL of HOW and WHY one can lose and maintain while others struggle.

It's the REAL of being strong enough not to completely give up when things get tough...and to always looks back and learn from the process, so that future decisions made are in fact, made for the better.

It's the REAL of not letting ME, MYSELF and I down first and foremost...because all the others will still be there doing their own thing, in their own world and in their own time.

Anywhooo....after holding these papers on my "desk of indecision" for 2 weeks...they are in the mail today.

New goal for the next 5 years...maintain as I have been day at a time.

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OAKBORN 10/16/2012 10:51AM

    We are both 10%ers! The necklace you sent me reminds me everyday as does my SP password. And the Army won't keep me if I go up or become unable to pass the APFT.

So no choice, really... and I'm glad I don't have one.

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NUOVAELLE 10/6/2012 2:49AM

    This is really interesting and it sounds like another good motive to keep on doing what you've been successfully doing. Good luck!
Keep on inspiring us!

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62NVON 10/5/2012 10:56AM

    I've entered my information to be included in the registry, but no paperwork has come yet.


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LYNNA1968 10/5/2012 10:40AM

    I've never even heard of that, congratulations losing & maintaining! Keep it up & much luck and support

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NANAW12001 10/5/2012 10:39AM

  Very interesting. I had no idea this existed.

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Change #3 - Give yourself credit

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Give yourself credit where credit is due.


Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at yourself as if you were an outsider. What or who you might see may surprise you a whole lot.

For instance - if you have lost 5 or 10 pound...break out some pictures and look at a new one...YOU did that. Not anyone else. YOU did that.

Pat yourself on the back!

Go ahead you deserve it!

But before you go crazy and eat that ice cream to celebrate - take that small bite of humble pie, skip the ice cream, and keep moving forward because there is ALWAYS room for improving oneself.

True? yup...true.

It also goes for thing you have done yourself in this here world. As mom's, a lot of us tend to dwell on what the kids are doing TO us...draining our energy, our loks, blah, blah, about instead we focus on how and what WE are doing TO them as mom's: we nurture, care, feed, cloth, and unconditionally love them....again, not everyone is great at it all the time and some might need some therapy when they are older, but seriously, if your kid's give you a hug and say "I love you" all on their own....well, then PAT yourself on the back! You are doing a dang good job!

And in the workplace - are you nice? get your work done? not stir up the pot (unless you like to do that...then go right ahead)..are you generally a team player? Do you TRY your best? Well then, give yourself some credit there as well!

I can go on and on....basically, my point here is that sometimes we don't give ourselves credit for who we are as people.

I'm writing this because this eyes were opened because a person I just met was impressed on my knowledge of a particular subject...and they actually said so! I take my own abilities for granted CONSTANTLY. It's part of my old "blend into the background and no one will notice you and how fat you are" mentality.

I will be approaching 40 this upcoming year. When I was approaching my 30's - my motto was that "life begins in your 30s". I think my 40s motto is going to be that "life really gets even better in your 40s"

A quote from Jane Eyre has been constantly floating in my head: to summarize, Jane says "my accomplishments will wait...until they are needed again." How true that I am finding that to be.

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LADYJ6942 9/20/2012 3:59PM

    I couldnt agree more

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Change #2 - perspective

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My long-time Sparkfriends know all about the blue bridesmaid dress from my youngest sister's wedding on May 2011...just to jog the memory - it's a size 8 (really a size 6 in a normal person's world) and was only hemmed at the bridal shop because the thing fit fact, it was my other sister's dress and we swapped sizes. Anyway....I love this dress and it's one of those Vavavavoom! Dresses! that will probably never be worn again....except in the privacy of my own bedroom...and I'll get to that in a minute....

I vowed that I would be able to wear this dress every year on my sister's wedding anniversary on May 7th...and this year - I did it! Which is a really good thing when it comes to maintenance! Yay me!

However...I do try this dress on...on occasion use as a gauge to see how I am fairing.

Well.....I did it today again, and considering that I am slightly up in range, and that everything I put on from my closet makes me cringe...I put the dress on again today and I zipped it up, and yes, it was very much to my surprise.

My perspective of my body is very skewed right now....having this article of clothing as my gauge brings me back to a happy place and it's nice to know that I can still be in it, despite the fact that I'm the only one who sees me prancing around in my bedroom like a fool when I have it on.

It also brings into perspective that things change over time and in the next few years, I will probably see some more ups and downs, and another part of my body might look a little different in the dress once I'm well into my 40's. And that is just as it should be.

Perspective also means that we have to see things from a different viewpoint sometimes, even though we may not want to.

Like's September 11th. I'm in New York. Think of how I see today and it might change your perspective in your neck of the woods....because right now, over here...people are grieving still...and yet people are moving on too...and people are working downtown...and people are remembering where they were on that horrible day....and yet, they keep on moving forward.

From thinking about trying on a dress to thinking of towers falling down is a big friggin' leap, I know....but it makes me think about how many perspectives of the world that are out there...and how we sometimes have to change our own perspective in order to move forward in our lives.

The message for today is to change your perspective if you are stuck. Look at things from a different angle....a different viewpoint...through another set of glasses. You might be surprised that it's just a bad day, that you had too much sodium, your period is on its way, the kids didn't clean up the family room when you asked, or you just didn't get a hug or a thank you today for just being you.

Every day is a new day...full of possibilities.

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LEAVNTHEW8BHIND 9/12/2012 12:26PM

    LOVE IT! Thank you!

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THETROUT 9/11/2012 3:45PM

    Great perspective! I'm going to take a few minutes to try on a dress that I think fits now, but hasn't for a long time. Great way to encourage yourself!

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STSCOTT11 9/11/2012 1:12PM

    Yay YOU!!
OUTSTANDING BLOG...such wise and good advice.
There is a really good book to read on the same topic called:
Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for creating the Life You Want by Depak Chopra. I am not religious...

I think you are SO RIGHT about how THINGS CHANGE with time.
In some ways the body can be better than when we were 20 y/o...and in other ways we must be realistic that during the aging process we can't be what we were like at 20 y/o. lol Be accepting of somethings and that helps alot with the emotional/mental side of the journey. Which...JMO is a good portion of where all the success and "locomotive" POWER really comes from.

I have a dress I have been waiting to definitely is one of those vava voomers...
I think at 160 lbs...I will unveil it! :)

Keep dancing!

Comment edited on: 9/11/2012 1:13:58 PM

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Change #1 - less on my plate, sort of...

Monday, September 10, 2012

In my last blog, I mentioned changes going of them is that there is "less on my plate" the figurative sense...not the literal sense.

For example - I used to get my nephew on and off the bus at my house every day because he and my kids went to the same school...for the last 2 years. Well, they moved across town and now he is going to another school...and I am no longer needed every day.

I'm sad and happy all at the same time.

Sad that I won't be seeing him (or my sister and my niece) every day...happy that they have a nice, big, new house to live in.

Another change is that my Scouting leadership is ALMOST done with my eldest son. Being the leader for the last 4 years has certainly been an experience of dealing with different personalities in a volunteer organization - not all good either. But overall, my group is a good bunch of kids...and now the Den Mama has to lead them into a new world and let go.

Kinda sad on one level again....extremely happy in another!

But since I still have another son in it and my husband became cubmaster to save the Pack from going under - I am still involved a lot...but since I will no longer be a leader come will be more as a parent and advisor than anything. I've finally realized that others have to step it up to keep this thing's not mine to be the savior of...and because of the natural progression of things, I am slowly being phased out. Also, hubby is taking a lot of the headache out of the constant nonsense emails that I used to get from one particularly annoying and sad and grating that part makes it happy for me and sad for him.

But with the lessening of things on one side of the scale, of course it is balanced out by other things sprouting up and needing attention: the kids want to be more active in before and after school things....and I get to orchestrate all of that, but at least it's just my own kids I have to be responsible for and not 50 other families and children! LoL

I've got a lot of other bittersweet stuff going on besides this...I have a lot to process on many levels...a lot of it emotional.

I read somewhere online that letting yourself feel the emotions of sadness of leaving while experiencing the thrill and excitement & nervousness of new possibilities is the best possible thing to do for oneself when facing change. Remembering the good & bad of the past is what prepares you for the uncertainty of the future....because from the past, you have learned what to do and not do in the future.

So those are my musings of the morning....time to make a few phone calls to see where my firewood delivery is. Two more cords of firewood on the way for me to move and stack today!! I can honestly say that when I did the other 2 cords on Friday, I wasn't really in pain the next day or the next....and I was moving A LOT of firewood a pretty decent distance!!!! Thank heavens for muscle memory!


Update: so many changes going on.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

If I had to list how many changes have been going on and are going to be in the future, your head might spin! And most of these things are GOOD things too...but stressful nonetheless.

All of these changes have been weighing on my mind too - these last 2 months - and I really have not been sleeping well and I can actually FEEL stress eminating from my pores at times. I can also report that old habits from years ago have peeked their head out...the stress eating, the "I don't care I need a break from dieting anyway" thoughts (yes! the dreaded word "DIET" popped into my brain! I NEVER use that word! EEK!), even the "I'll start eating better tomorrow" and "I can work these calories off later" thoughts emerged and I people who know me on here, KNOW that I don't think like that...well, not anymore....before Spark, well yes, those prior quotes would flit though my mind every . single . day.

So now I am here once again, to give this update and even confess that - yes, indeed - those thoughts can come back, even though you thought they were long gone. THAT is scary. THAT is my nightmare. (Cue scary nightmare music)

I am here to also say that the last 2 months have been WICKED struggling months for me on the scale. Yeah, yeah, yeah - the scale is just a number, blah blah blah....but here is the deal - when your clothes start feeling snug and you are NOT pumping iron and doing an hour of cardio a, "HELLOOOOOO - IS THIS THING ON?!?!" the number on the scale MEANS something again.

So....what does one do?

One fights back.

Takes control.

Begins at the beginning again with what you know works.

Just do it.

Track food.

Move again.


Talk it out.

That last one is for me to remind myself to get on here and blog again. Part of my problem is that I feel that I am NOT heard...and that after a while, I feel that no one cares that I need to vent things too. There is also a part of me that, since I have been successful at weightloss & maintenance, is that people will read something I am venting about and just not care...and that kinda hurts to think that way, but I am a sensitive glutton for punishment and my own brain and thoughts are sometimes my worst enemy, and that is why I gained weight in the first place and if I don't vent, I will just revert back to that person I was before. (Insert another nightmare music clip here) brain thinks like this when I am stressed out....and even though the rational side of my brain is telling me that Spark and Sparkfriends are there for you no matter what...there is that scared little girl who is lost and doesn't know how to speak up when things get tough. (btw- I just started crying when I typed that I know that it's so true and had to be vented).

Well, that's all I'm up to writing about right now....It's not like I gained 10 pounds back, but being out of my range by 2 and being stuck with too much salt in my system along with my t.o.m. isn't helping with my morale...although I know "this too shall pass".

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NUOVAELLE 9/10/2012 2:00AM

    Those nasty thoughts are never a thing of the past, are they? And they can come back, showing their ugly face when things get over-stressful. I can imagine how scared you feel.
But don't be. Because you're here. You acknowledged them, you vented and you're ready to take control. You wouldn't have done this so soon in the past, right?
Embrace the new, good changes in your life and try to find some "me" time that will help you de-stress a little. And forget about the dreadful word! You haven't been "dieting" the past four years. You've been living a balanced life. And that's what you'll keep doing!
emoticon emoticon

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TASOGAREBAN 9/9/2012 6:19PM

    OMG I could've written this blog, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!

Hold me. LOL!

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