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Nothing kills a workout like Tylex

Monday, October 22, 2012

So the plan was to get a walk in today...and run a bit....

THAT was the plan.

But I am SUPER-efficient and decided to clean the shower with some Mold and Tile cleaner...the WHOLE tub, since it needed it...and so I did, while the kids were getting dressed and such. I even changed the shower liner! Oh yeah....I don't mess around!

Great right...well, the bleach smell absolutely, positively killed me.

Yeah, I know...well ventilated is important - trust me the fan was on, the door was open. I get it, but it also gets me in the matter what.

That's why I rarely use the stuff...only for the grout line around the tub to re-bleach the grout and kill the creepers inside..what possessed me to do the entire tub with the stuff, I don't know....but I did....and now, it's like the smell is trapped in by sinuses and lungs.

Ick. And I studied organic chem, so you don't have to tell me about caustic fumes and such.'s still an ick.

A BIG ICK especially since I was all jazzed to actually start running again today.

So instead of a run, a fresh air walk will be what will be air out these lungs thoroughly nice and calm like.

Lesson learned...let the tub be dirty until AFTER the workout and shower.

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REBECCATKD 10/22/2012 11:09PM

    Yuck! Glad you opted for a lighter walk -- a run would have been overdose.

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STSCOTT11 10/22/2012 10:38AM

    GLAD you didn't let it get you down...or cancel all workout plans.
I usually go in LIKE A BANDIT...with a bandana on my face. I have one of those old enclosed showers...and neither of my baths have a window.

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ANNIEONLI 10/22/2012 10:34AM

    LoL Yes, but the house smells fanTAStic! !

Got a nice 45 minute walk in nonetheless..a good thing to air out the old lungs and prep for the Turkey Trot 5K!

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LADYJ6942 10/22/2012 9:50AM

    Oh my, ooops. A prime example of best laid plans, lol.

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Laughing at my fridge ... and it's echoing back!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seriously laughing today.....for the 3rd day...I am having a salad for lunch.

Oh yeah baby.....give me that pat on the back! I am being SOOOOO gooooood!

Sure I am....especially since it's the ONLY thing in my fridge at the moment besides eggs and milk and orange juice...oh, and condiments....LOTs of those.

Hold the drawer - apples, grapes, lettuc, carrots, onions...I got more stuff...but seriously....after that, the thing is positively BARE.

And I just went shopping!!

For what I really don't know...I skipped the fresh produce section because I wasn't in that particular store where you get really great deals on stuff....I meant to go to that one, but I got side tracked.

Oh yeah...I remember, things for stocking up were on sale so I went to town on Juice boxes, cheese-its, canola oil, rolls, frozen pizza...etc. etc. So stuff is's just not in the fridge necessarily!

I might as well clean the thing since it is so open - free - clear - bare.

Hhhhheeeeeeeyyyyy....I know why it's so uncluttered!

Picture this: cubscout picnic with 4 large bottles of ketchup...left to go bad, paid for by the pack, left for the cubmaster (my husband) to take home and store in his fridge.

The darn things are finally GONE!!! emoticon

And the beer - the extraneous summer beer supply is GONE!!! emoticon

No WONDER the thing is barren! All the clutter is GONE!

I will not is kinda cool-weird-sad to have such an empty fridge, but i'm taking it as a time to clean it really well and restock with new instead of what I HAVE to have in there to store.

Whoa...just realized it's metaphorical for other things in life.

Cool. emoticon


And yes....that is big-arsed bottle of wine is mine...aaallll mine.

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BLUE42DOWN 10/22/2012 12:03PM


Amazing how those condiments can pile up.

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FIT4MEIN2013 10/17/2012 12:35PM

    I wish mine was empty! Hubby keeps putting more and more STUFF in it!

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A conscious effort

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Every clockwork...I hit the alarm at 6:30, go downstairs, say hey to hubby, get my cup of coffee, and log onto my emails and read my horoscope that is sent to me daily...and then I check FB and get Spark log-in points. When I am really good....I weigh myself nekkid before I go downstairs, but I'm hiding from my scale right now...stress eating guilt going on...but I digress, that is another blog entirely.

So back to the emails and my horoscope....or HORROR-scope as I sometimes like to call it. Sometimes, it's as good as weighing yourself early and seeing a rise in the can TOTALLY kill your day, even though it has NOTHING to do with it...because the day just started for Pete's sake...and yet....somehow, depending on what you absolutely, positively, kills your mental state for the day.

So today, I did not read my horrorscope email. Even though it was staring at me to open it on my "bing" bar at the top of my screen.

*sigh* A very hard thing to do...another habit to break I guess.

Sometimes, the thing is spot on...other times it's totally it chance or is it me subconsciously fullfilling a internet imposed prophecy? how smart am I to let this little paragraph, made up by some computer or better yet, some wacko in bum-frack, dictate my mental state and actions for a day? Well.. I guess I am not very smart..because it has happened. Just like the number on the scale will dictate my mood for the day. Hellloooooo - SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!

So today I made a conscious effort to change my way of thinking AND my behavior. .. thanks to a few positive Spark blogs I read this morning instead of the stupid horrorscope.

It's also thanks to my hubby, who sees me struggling with life at the moment . . who has let me vent more about my uncertainties of what the future holds, as exciting as change is.... it still scares the crap out of me.

And slowly....slooooowly, I am realizing that I miss things that I ( myself and I) absolutely LOVE, but have put to the wayside over the years because other people (kids, family, work, etc..) have taken priority over what I love to do. For example: Music....I love music...I have played piano since I was 5 and violin, since I was 8. I need to nurture that part of me...and slowly, I am starting and teaching my kids piano and giving them tips on their violins...and that is a really good thing... it's a start.

Anyway....making a conscious effort in anything takes time and persistence...just like losing weight. Which brings me to my other "confession" of sorts: I am totally in my upper range and these 2 pounds have officially come back on and it's NOT water's NOT's 2 to 3 pounds that has just STUCK around since summer drinking and snacking put it there. Add my stress eating now and efforts to get rid of it are starting to get frustrating.

Go ahead....scoff at the above paragraph...especially if you are trying to lose more than that. Trust me, I have read, been and done that to other blogs on here (hey - I'm just keepin' it real people) but I just wanted others out there with the whole "I can't get rid of these 2 to 5 pounds off my butt" issues - let them know that I get you.

I get to add that to my repertoire of weight-loss understanding:
- the yo-yo dieters - oh, I get you
- the "I gotta lose 50 pounds people" - I get you
- the "I have to maintain this weightloss - how the heck do I do that?" people - I get you
- the "I gained 5 pounds and it won't come off fast enough" people - now I get you.

All in maintenance journey has been an easy enough one...but faced with a new life changing stress...well, it is throwing me for a loop and bringing me back to 25 years ago when I stress and emotionally ate my way up 10 pounds each year.

The biggest thing that is different is where I am mentally now....and I have the tools to combat the battle head on - but still, it is damn scary to think that I won't make it.

You'd think that that would be motivation enough to get back on track right?

Yeah right...but not if you are reading horrorscopes everyday and letting something outside dictate how you think each day.

THAT is like grasping at straws and having someone else live your life and make decisions in your life FOR you instead of you taking the bull by the balls and doing it it should be.

So today begins my conscious effort to ignore the horrorscope on the "bing" bar. In fact, it's time to unsubscribe and move on entirely...along with a few other things as stress & emotional eating, which do nothing in the effort to make my pants fit better.

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REBECCATKD 10/16/2012 6:19PM

    And I get you! Because sometimes two pounds is a lot harder to lose than twenty.
I'm worried about your "stress eating." What's going on? Mail me if you need to -- I'm here to listen!

emoticon emoticon
And yes, take 'em by those balls!

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OAKBORN 10/16/2012 9:59AM

    You truly are one of the wisest people I know. You have such amazing insight into things! Hugs! emoticon

May you have: emoticon Strength for the changes, emoticonflexibility for that which life brings, and emoticon the grace to deal with it all, even if it means juggling emoticon 32 plates, 5 penguins and a live gator!!


Comment edited on: 10/16/2012 10:02:10 AM

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ORODEO73 10/16/2012 9:24AM

    I wish you much luck. I get you on the rate of trying to lose even a little and keep it off. My problem was I told myself that those 2 pounds were ok and then it turned into 2 pounds a day and then more til I lost complete control.

Good luck on getting to your goal!!! emoticon

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SOooo tired

Monday, October 15, 2012

The only thing I can equate this lethargy with is being pregnant....but I'm not pregnant, so I'm attributing it to needing a vacation.

Last week was an emotional one...BIG TIME. I had a blog written about it, but swapped it over to a journal entry instead...but trust me, between running around with the kids, the extracurriculars, the planning, the emails, the homework, the shuffling of bodies from place to place...I am pooped.

So staring at me this Monday is this (on highest to lowest levels of priority) are:

- change battery in fire detector because it is beeping - sure, a simple task you think...BUT I have to call ADT to go off line, then get a ladder, then open the thing up, then go GET a new battery because GOD FORBID it's a normal one I'd have in the house,...the reverse the whole thing so I'm back to it NOT chirping at me every 10 seconds.

-prep for the den meeting I am having tonight for scouts

- food store....evidently my shopping trip to the store on Friday was a complete bust because we are out of eggs...and green things...and wheat bread for the kid's sandwiches for school.

- the office supply is kinda important

- the office to do the monthly billing (you'd think that'd take higher priority, but I can bang it out tomorrow too)

- exercise

HOWEVER....I am beat. Tired. Pooped. Tuckered out. Drained. Seriously in need of a vacation...I want to do absolutely NONE of the above.

HERE is how tired I was yesterday: slept late until 9am!!!! Me and the hubby...both of bed, passed out...until 9am when the kids got us up to feed them. We felt like we were in a twilight zone episode. We have not slept past 7am in the last 13...yes, THIRTEEN...13 years...yes...YEARS!!

After that - we are 2 hours off-kilter...and then at my sister in laws house.....I took a nap while everyone was watching the football game around me!!! And I NEVER EVER EVER EVER have done all of 16 years of knowing these people....I have NEVER fallen into nap mode....even when I WAS pregnant! you can see...i'm sitting here blogging and listening to the chirping fire detector and the temptation to go back to bed is HUGE...and I just might.

Maybe I'm fighting off a cold. Very possible.

Maybe I'm just tired of the constant running around. VERY very possible.

Should I be SELFISH and actually go back to bed for a bit...since it is my "day off" and all...oh, I am seriously leaning toward that. My nice warm and soft flannel quiet house all around me. It's sounding better and better the more I think about it.

Will everything else get done today...yup, it will....because I am me and I get stuff done....all the time. Guaranteed. Absolutely...positiviely..if I say so, it gets done. That's me. The go-to girl.

but right now...I think I will take an hour to take a nap...a little one...and then, hopefully, I will feel refreshed enough to get on the treadmill like I wanted to do this morning. I know THAT wil give me some energy....for sure!

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KATRINAKAT23 10/15/2012 2:13PM

  ahhh a nap, I'm with ya on that. I have been taking
naps which are unusual for me too, but they are
starting to become a habit.

Yep after checking a few more emails, I am going
for a nap.

Have a great week.


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STSCOTT11 10/15/2012 9:38AM

    With all of that...anyone would be tired.
A wife and mother's work is never done.
I think though...along with the many duties and could be THE WEATHER CHANGE that's taking something from you. And too...if you don't take vitamins or get a peaceful resting sleep each night...THAT can zap all your energy too. I was so taken by the drop in my energy...I started looking at the calendar thinking my TOM was lurking. lol should be knocking on my door any day now. What works for me is IRON supplements. Another thing in moderation during the day is ginseng and green tea supplements. Those two turn me into a super woman.

And sometimes...we can't "get away" but what we can do is UNPLUG. Give yourself A BREAK. Unplug from everything even if it is for ONE HOUR. Sounds easy...but its not always easy because we don't always realize how plugged in we are... Preparing mentally first to unplug and then go for a 1 hour walk...think of NOTHING but simply enjoy THE MOMENT.
Or if you can...allow yourself a 1/2 day BREAK. Where you get a sitter for the kids and either have a simple dinner with your husband or just GO AWAY for a few hours...
Before you go...promise you won't worry aboutthe kids or whatever is going on. BELIEVE ME it will all be there waiting for you when you get back. lol
My gym time is MY ME TIME. I go there and forget I have kids...and ALL my troubles, worries, problems. Its like yoga. lol

All the best to you. Keep sparkin.

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Why I love tracking fitness

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I cannot say that I exercise religiously...I am more of a "cyclical exerciser"...but the main point is that EVENTUALLY, I do get back to it. It just all depends on what is going on at the moment.

So here I a exercise "hiatus" if you will...and just when I start to get mean and nasty on myself, I pull up my exercise report tab and see where and what I did last year...and even the year before that.

Well surprise, surprise! Look at that! 2 years October slump....and last training for a 5K!

So what makes this year a "slump October year". Lot of changes going on...yup, part of the problem. Totally not training for a 5K too. Don't know why I didn't sign up...just busy with all those changes, I guess. It wasn't on my priority list this year. OK, last year it wasn't either, but my girlfriend was in town and it's her tradition to run a Turkey Trot I kinda had to- wanted to do it with her. But I must admit I did procrastinate signing up. ... but I digress....

I feel the surge coming on again to exercise...that is the main point. Am I excited to see where my stamina is? Yupper! I always am amazed at how the body remembers things...especially when coming out of a hiatus. It's kinda like a surprise gift when you least expect it. Now I'm sure it would be completely different if I went from being active to sedentary to active again...but i'm always moving, so it turns out to be a pleasant surprise each time. I know for a FACT that I am stronger and more fit cardio-wise than I was 5 years ago and that alone is a big boost in confidence to get moving .

Anyway....if you don't track the fitness...might want to start because if you are like me, then seeing that report will give you the boost you need to get moving again!

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OAKBORN 10/16/2012 10:48AM

    I understand the slump! I am rebuilding myself after the HOT Texas summer, but doing well. I had a bad slump in August.... but I am getting better.

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LADYJ6942 10/9/2012 12:26PM

    Glad the spark has returned to resume your exercise regimine. I'm most thankful my stressful time is slowing so I can get back to my regular gym routine too.

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    Welcome back.

Make Today a Great day!

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