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Found a cute pic

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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DWEXCEL 5/22/2013 6:46AM

    Love it!


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NEW-CAZ 5/17/2013 3:10AM


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SASSYSACY 5/16/2013 4:24PM

    Great pic and great attitude!

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NUOVAELLE 5/16/2013 2:06AM

    Nice! Keep on spark(l)ing, Annie!

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WATERMELLEN 5/15/2013 10:03PM

    Cute indeed! And thanks for your kind comment on my four year blog!

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DEE1221 5/15/2013 6:39PM

    So very true!

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KANOE10 5/15/2013 6:06PM

    Lovely picture to keep the sparkle in spark!

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ONCEUPONABOD 5/15/2013 2:17PM

    Good advice!

Thanks for keeping all your posts on your SparkPage! I just skimmed through and feel inspired. Once again, I'm trying to fan my spark into a flame. The good news this time around is I think my husband is on board. Yippee!

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BROWNCOFIDDLER 5/15/2013 11:32AM

    emoticon emoticon

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DALID414 5/15/2013 11:18AM

    Awesome! Very apropos for this site!

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KATIEM929 5/15/2013 11:12AM

    Super cute! :)

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NSV - Perfect blood work results

Friday, May 10, 2013

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

To say that I am happy and smiling is an understatement.

I am ELATED to the 15th power!!! emoticon

I will not lie...the last time I had blood work done I was pregnant with my 3rd (he's almost 7 now) and I was heavy...and even then it was pretty good for my weight...maybe a little on the higher side for cholesterol (I think I remember a 190 or 209 number somewhere)..maybe that was from my pre-second 3rd baby bloodwork. I forget. All I DO know is that is was a long long time ago.

So why did I go to the doctor now and get this done.

Simple. I turned 40.

And that is what you do when you turn 40. You go for a physical and get blood work and tests, and all sorts of things as a base line now that things are going to fall to pieces. emoticon

Well, really it's because I needed to because I haven't and I should, and we found a new doctor, etc. etc. etc..... and I was curious too.

I was curious as to how all this "lifestyle change" was working for me besides me feeling great and looking better than I ever have in my life (hey, that part is going to be gone soon enough, might as well live that part up a little! LoL)

When I started Sparkpeople, what I wanted first and foremost was to be healthy and to FEEL better...everything else that came along with it was going to be just an added bonus.

Well, I can honestly say that the mission and main goal has officially been accomplished!!!!!!!
emoticon And I have the paperwork to prove it!

Perfect cholesterol levels.
Perfect blood pressure.
Perfect white blood cell and red blood cell and all those good things.
Perfect liver enzymes.
Perfect thyroid numbers.
All in range for everything else doctory and confusing if you don't have a physician's desk reference. emoticon

To say I was happy to hear the doctors report...well, it's an understatement.
It's physical proof that I am doing something right.

I can't imagine what those numbers would be today if I didn't take the reigns of control back in 2008. I seriously cannot wrap my head around it....because I remember acutely how crappy I felt for the previous 20 years..and how sad I was... and how shy, and how just plain icky things were even though life was happy and good and blessed. All that needed fixing really was my health...and noone could do that except me.

I'm glad I helped me.

I'm glad my sister sent me the Sparkpeople link and told me to check it out.

I'm glad that I finally found a place to work it all out.

I'm glad I stuck with it, made Sparkfriends (good heavens, you know who you are! and there are many many to name!) and built up a support system within the support system.

I'm glad I recorded everything ... every step of the way.

I am so frickin' glad it's not funny.

So a big shout out to Spark once again...for being here to help everyone who needs it.

Thanks Chris Downie... emoticon from the bottom of my healthy emoticon


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TINAJANE76 5/14/2013 7:09PM

    Great stuff! THIS is what it's all about!

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OAKBORN 5/14/2013 9:42AM

    If nobody has told you this today: You are emoticon !!!!!!!!!

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SASSYSACY 5/13/2013 1:02PM

    Youv'e worked so hard and you deserve it! Good for you!


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DWEXCEL 5/12/2013 4:38PM

    Well, there you go! You have proven what it takes to get healthy, and that exercise and eating right are the best medicine for anything:)

Awesome job! So Proud of you!


P.S. Mine is always good too!

Comment edited on: 5/12/2013 4:40:08 PM

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DALID414 5/11/2013 1:22AM

    I want perfect paperwork too!

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BROOKLYN_BORN 5/10/2013 7:13PM

    That's wonderful news!

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MILLIE5522 5/10/2013 6:16PM

    emoticon emoticon Fantastic!!!

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NUOVAELLE 5/10/2013 2:41PM

    Congratulations Annie! That's great news!
You've been definitely doing something right and you've been inspiring others to do the same. Keep up the great job! I'm asking this from the bottom of my healthy heart! (I liked this one!)

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LOSE4LIFE47 5/10/2013 1:30PM


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GERARLAUR 5/10/2013 1:29PM

    Excellent job!

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The wine fairy

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a fair maiden who was tired and low because day in and day out, all those she loved and cared for did not say thank you as much as they should... and the humdrum monotony of life was starting to take its toll.

Distraught, she turned to the her mystical online friends and typed in her plight...that all she wanted was a hug and a nice glass of wine.

Little known to her, a friend saw her need and grabbed a bottle of wine out of her cupboard, plopped it in a pretty bag and literally, within minutes, was ringing the fair maiden's doorbell to deliver the wine and give her a hug!

The wine fairy was born emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Yesterday...I did just what the fair maiden in the story did...and all I typed in was:
"Wine. Need. Badly"

The fair maiden took her turn and was the wine fairy for me yesterday.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This "wine fairy" has sort of become a little running joke in our elementary school/facebook community...there are many out there now since the wine fairy was brought into light because of a few (I am happy to be one of those few).

Maybe you can be a "wine fairy" to someone in your community.

Honestly...the key to being a good wine fairy is to first listen, then act randomly...because when it is most needed and least expected, that is when it means the most.

Pay it forward....and make someone smile

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DWEXCEL 5/10/2013 8:05AM

    Love it! Sounds nice........And Fun too! No to mention, extremely thoughtful, and did I say fun..... emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 5/10/2013 2:00AM

    I love this!

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MKELLY72 5/9/2013 1:18PM

    Oh I love this!! I could sooooo be a wine fairy!!

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CELIAMINER 5/9/2013 12:58PM

    Love it! I'm a virtual beer fairy for a classmate from high school...that's our running joke.

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BONOLICIOUS2 5/9/2013 12:36PM

    Random acts of kindness - LOVE IT! And it could be anything, not just wine! A cup of coffee/tea, a magazine. This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

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YAMINOKODOMO 5/9/2013 12:33PM

    I love that! I would totally be someones wine fairy if I new people in my neighborhood lol!

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DALID414 5/9/2013 11:22AM

    I could be a wine fairy, I have a few bottles and I don't drink! Maybe for mother's day I'll pick random mother's to gift them to!

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REBECCATKD 5/9/2013 11:09AM

    My neighborhood definitely needs a wine fairy. Thanks for the idea!

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NUOVAELLE 5/9/2013 10:45AM

    What a lovely running joke, Annie! I want to borrow it! And I'm also jealous of the elementary school facebook community. Too bad we're too far away and I can't be part of it....
I love the way your story was told. Inspiring, as always.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENSTRESS 5/9/2013 9:58AM

    I would like to start this lovely tradition. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Where I go when I am quiet on Spark

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Not anywhere really. emoticon

I think a lot...and I "lurk" instead of interact... I read things...but I don't comment.

I a sponge...and I try to figure people out, like I'm on CSI.

As in "figuring out", I try to see where people are, how they got there, etc. etc. and their plan of action and how or why things are working or not working for them.

I also look around all those Sparkfriends in my list. ** sigh** emoticon some have been missing for over a year. emoticon I wonder how they are doing...where they had gone to. Hey...if you are reading this: update your status so I know you are alive! Thanks, much appreciated.

I read the ads that pop up on Spark now. I remember when the first major one was "laughing cow ice cream" ... and now there is a Sensa add. Really? Sensa? Whatever. Ad money is ad money - gotta keep Spark free for people right? but Sensa? I get the Weight Watchers ads, but Sensa? Yeah, I'm a Sparkdiet-snob I guess.

Like everything, the quiet is cyclical...things are going around and around - mainly in my head on the future... yup, still knocking that old chestnut around trying to crack it. Soon.

Speaking of which: What I'd love to do is work for Sparkpeople. There. I said it out loud. I think I'd be great on this team...I just don't know how to go about doing it. Maybe I will figure it out eventually. Heck, maybe, just maybe Sparkguy will see this and say "hey, that girls got something to offer! I wanna get her resume!"

But then again, I don't have thousands or even hundreds of Sparkfriends (on purpose really - I wanted the list to be manageable) and I have yet to have a featured blog or anything....well, except I have the tag "motivator".

I love that title by the keeps me on the straight and narrow - to be upheld to a higher standard. A higher standard for myself. That's just me and my pride in my work that I've done. I'm steady. I am still here. That is got to be worth something... for someone... somewhere.

See? I told you. I go quiet on here because I am figuring stuff out.

Hey...funny story.

I was at a wake (that is not the funny part - but the wake was pretty jovial considering) and I was talking to people who have known me for at least 20 years...and always as "heavy" (a nice way of saying "fat" huh?).

Well.... wouldn't you know - one lady did not recognize me at all!! and her friend turned around and then patted my stomach in disbelief that I was so thin! LMAO!!! These ladies are all in the 70's, and honestly, look pretty good for their age...they said when I get to there age, I will probably look 40 because right now I look 20! LMAO!

THANKS Ladies!!! You made my day! I must be doing something right!

Anyway...I have Spark to thank for that....and my Sparkfriends over the years.

OK - back to the dungeon I go... Oh, the dungeon is my basement that I am reorganizing and cleaning up a bit. Cluttered house - cluttered mind!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DWEXCEL 5/10/2013 8:12AM

    Oh my Gosh Annie......You would be Perfect on the Spark Team!!!!! Somebody who has lived it, used it, done it, and you're already a great Friend to many and Motivator!!

What are you waiting for Girl!!!!! Send him your resume......don't wait for him to find you......!!!!!


Luv ya!

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KANOE10 5/8/2013 8:13AM

    I think you would be a great on the Spark Team. You write well and are an excellent motivator with your honesty and your humor. That was a lovely NSV from those ladies!
Good luck with your cleaning.

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CAROLISCIOUS 5/7/2013 9:02PM

    I think you would be an awesome asset to the SP Team!

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BONOLICIOUS2 5/7/2013 4:29PM

    I am suchhhhh an ad snob on here. Some of them are so ridiculous! There are a few ways to block them if you want tehe.

Good luck with the basement!

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DALID414 5/7/2013 4:27PM

    I lurk too. And I'm with you as a Spark-diet snob, I don't even like the WW ads, I see them and react the way you did about Sensa lol emoticon (my sis is on WW so my dislike for them is a bit personal)

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KACEYSW 5/7/2013 3:21PM


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Dove Beauty Sketches

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please watch... Dove hits the nail, right on the head.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KANOE10 4/24/2013 8:18AM

    Thanks for sharing. That was an enlightening video. So true.

It was sad that the females saw themselves in a much more negative way.

Comment edited on: 4/26/2013 7:39:30 AM

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DALID414 4/23/2013 3:20PM

    I have a knot in my throat emoticon

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MIDROAD 4/23/2013 9:45AM

    Eye opening,thank you for sharing!

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WORDWOMAN7 4/23/2013 9:14AM

    Hi, Annie:

I like the ad, too, and I think that the message is absolutely true.

However, I just got back from a conference, a part of which looked at how women are portrayed in the media and culture, and the presenter shared a point that I wasn't aware of. Dove's parent company is Unilever, the same company that makes the Axe brand of products for men. Axe, of course, uses advertisements that reduce women to sex objects who can't resist the guys who use the products (nothing about natural or inner beauty going on in those ads!).

I found this article from 2007; apparently this isn't a new issue for Unilever:

It just makes me a little sad, and - for me - reduces the power of those ads. I feel like Unilever and Dove are playing us - telling us what we want and need to hear simply to increase their profits. Ka-ching!

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