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Fear...real fear

Friday, June 06, 2008

We were just at a minor league baseball game tonight. My middle son is not one for crowds, noise, mascots....mascots. The kid is afraid of Chuckie Cheese for goodness sake and birthday parties. One of those kids. Much to my chagrin. But when I look back, I was the same way...still am to a point, but I digress.

All he wanted was to go home. My DH and I took 2 cars and we were with a whole gang of people. So Dh says he'll stay with sons #1 & #3 while I took ds #2 home. So we left. And this is where I was scared to death.

As we were leaving, 2 men followed us out. One was shouting and asking if we needed tickets. Scalpers. I'm easy pray with a 4 y.o. in tow. Two fit guys against me and my 4 y.o. Not good odds. So they are about 100 feet back and I am walking hard. I had shouted back no thanks too. I tried calling my DH, but the fracking phone is never on. A lot of good that does, right? So I keep a good pace and a road is coming up...and a car. A sheriff's car! I almost cry. I waved him down, and he stops and I tell him that I'm not feeling so safe and if he'd be so kind as to follow me to my car, which he did. He kept an eye on the guys too. Thank god. He stayed until I pulled out of my spot.

Have you ever had that feeling? Like something was going to happen? I had it all evening up to the game - I thought I was having an IBS attack. I just thank god that my DH had #3 with him and I did not. I would have been screwed if they were real attackers. Who knows, maybe they were? you never know these days.

Blessings counted for the night. God and mom in heaven were watching out for me tonight. Thank heavens.

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IAMLION 6/8/2008 8:20PM

    I am so glad everything turned out fine. How scary!! Did you give your husband an ear full for not having his phone on?
Glad y'all are o.k.!

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OAKBORN 6/6/2008 10:21PM

    Oh my gosh, Annie! I'm so glad you're okay! That must have been so scary!


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Monday, June 02, 2008

Some people mentioned that they would be camping soon, and food taken on the trip is super important - especially on a diet.

Here's my standard healthy list.
- raisins
- 100 calorie packs of your choosing - good portion control
- regular chip snack packs - again, portion control
- grapes
- bananas
- Peanut butter granola bars
- roll-up wraps - Roll-up brand is great...square shaped; we like the flax seed kind - 140 cals each.
- turkey coldcuts
- egg beaters - you can freeze these too for the cooler
- Crystal lite - on the go water bottle flavoring packs....changes up the usual water
- a case of water

We do some make ahead meals:

Chicken braciole
- take a skinless, boneless half chicken cutlet, butterfly it, make a stuffing of breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and fresh parsley - roll it up and tie it - spray it with Pam oil, season the outside, and wrap each piece in foil. When you make a fire with wood or coal...put the meal packets right into the coals for around 20 - 25 minutes. Add a foil wrapped baked potato and your meal is done. You can do it on a grill, but something about the coals is so yummy! You can do pork chops like this too.

Chicken on a stick - you need a food saver for this one
- season & slice chicken cutlets and thread them onto soaked bamboo skewers...make a marinade (we like lemon juice, parsley, garlic). Put them into the food saver bags with the marinade and boom - there you go! One meal down!

Make ahead S'mores
- instead of the traditional way - way too long with little kids in tow - we pre-make the things with lowfat graham crackers, chocolate pieces, and believe it or not...marshmallow fluff. The stuff melts together way smoother than traditional marshmallows. Wrap them in foil and throw them on the grill or grate or coals for a few minutes. Whallah!

Chocolate - marshmallow stuffed banana
- split a banana in half with the skin still on to make a pita-like pocket. cut up some marshmallows and stuff them and chocolate pieces inside the banana. Wrap in foil and throw it in the coals. They come out so-o-o good. Hubby loves them better than s'mores.

We're constantly cruising the camping boards for new neat one we found was the use of leftover marshmallow peeps for s'mores and for roasting. They say the sugar caramelizes nicely and gets a little crunchy. We haven't tried that one yet.

I love camping! Thinking of it always makes me feel better!

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OAKBORN 6/3/2008 10:48PM

Thanks for the super ideas!!

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IAMLION 6/3/2008 7:02PM

    Great ideas, I will have to try some!! Thanks!

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Camping Update

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camping was GREAT! LOTS of walking done....LOTS!

Ok, a little stressful the first day...but setup with 3 kids always is. The park itself was just fine - nice enough facilities, a pond, a playground, trails, woods; the bugs were not too buggy just yet and not too big either; neighbors were friendly and nice, not too many yahoos this time around; kids on bikes were, well, kids on night...loud...just when the little ones were going to sleep... emoticon

The next day - my stress was pretty much gone and we spent most of the day on the playground - watching the kids have fun and talking with other parents. The in-laws came out for dinner and they had a nice time with the kids and hangin' out. My FIL loves this stuff...old army reservist. He built the fire with the kids and then we had s'mores.

Sunday was a day of rest - the kids were too pooped to pop and 2 out of 3 were napping heavily by noon. Me and DH actually read magazines! emoticon

Monday we came home, DH peeved that the lights on the left side of the trailer were not working, but our fellow campers shoved some foil in and we took our chances on the ride home. By the time we got home - the taillights were working just fine. DH was baffled. We probably have to replace the plug. Oh well...

As for the diet - confession time has come...I did not drink my water, I binged on S'mores on Sunday, I had way to many carbs overall...but I think the max was 2500 on the very worst day. See - I can justify anything emoticon

So, now I am back in the saddle - water, water, water today - I'm fairly floating right about now. I'll be in range if it kills me. I'll get on the TM or do my strength, so help me God! Actually, God, please help me if you hear me! I need some strength for my motivation! I am dreaming about S'mores!

I know - just another blip and bump in the big picture...It's today's mantra! Say it with me....just a bump, just a bump, back in the saddle, drink your water, just a bump, back in the saddle, just a bump, back in the saddle...

Our next camping trip is one month away - for a week...I'll have a new plan of action for that one. S'mores allowed, only one a day! Not 2, or 3, or 4 emoticon emoticon You think I'm kidding? Try 5!

OK - confession time is over! I hope y'all had a great weekend and didn't fall off the wagon too bad! Just keep saying your matra like me! emoticon


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2BIG42LONG 5/31/2008 10:22AM

    Annie, I am so glad that you and the family had such a good time. I went to visit my in-laws at blydenburg (spelling?...but I know you know what I mean). It was nice there, they love their camper. My kids spend a lot of time at Watch hill in the summer, so I will probably be doing that too.......not ready for a bathing suit though, not even close. Talk to you soon.

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OAKBORN 5/31/2008 9:49AM

    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a great comment! Thought I'd return the favor! Besides, it's about time to check in with my friends!

Sounds like you did fine camping! A s'more ain't gonna do you in... (repeating with you) "it's just a bump, it's just a bump, it's just a bump". Here is where I insert my mantra, "I can do this! I can do this! I can do this!"

I'm going camping in about a month and I've been mentally planning what foods to take for the last month. It's tent camping, totally off the grid at a very nice private campground with a large group of friends. It also has a lovely clear creek on one side of the property that is a great place to stay cool in the hot.

I'm sorry you lost your mom, even if it was awhile ago! You're right, it sucks big rocks.

emoticon That's what we're all here for!

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IAMLION 5/30/2008 11:40PM

    Sounds like a great time! My girls love smores, they also had some this weekend. I don't really do smores (I know, I'm like the only person who doesn't eat them? Wierd)
I love camping! Do you and husband ever go alone? Those are the best trips! Well for me it is, very relaxing and my husband does ALL the cooking from breakfast to dinner! Woo Hoo!
Apparently, I am not quite done with my holiday, but I am doing better today. Well sort of, hmmm, actually maybe not so much. I don't have any more Maple Nut Goodies (since I ate them all yesterday) but I am hitting my left over Bud Lite! Man, camping leftovers are the best! emoticon I promise, Sunday I will hop back in the saddle! Today is Friday right?? emoticon
Oh yeah, I am working on the before and after pics. See, the problem that I am running into is that I became the photographer and the picture picker and since I hated the way I looked I am not in many pictures and the ones that I am in I am sitting down and I am holding something in front of me. I don't have much to choose from! I am working on it though!
Have a great weekend!!

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BATHMOM 5/28/2008 4:25PM

    You are one brave woman to take 3 children camping!!! My hat's off to you! I haven't gotten the nerve up yet, but my ds is bugging us about it frequently, so this might be our year. Actually, it sounds like it could be fun.

I hear you about the S'mores! That's why they got the name after all. I won't even tell you about microwave s'mores...oops, I guess I just did.

Keep saying the mantra & I know you'll get back on track! Mine is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo. :-)

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Good-bye full moon! Hello normal!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I felt it immediately this morning when I woke up...the full moon was GONE!

I know - I'm a wacko, but for real, everything is back to normal! I was even nursing the 20 month old's 103 fever last night, and still woke up like a new woman! My husband and father said they felt the same thing!

I even feel perky again! Like I want to/can exercise again! WoooHoooo!

Oh Happy Day!!!!

DH is off today with the 20 month old, and we are getting the food ready for camping on Friday morning. Lot's to do between now and then. We'll probably be proactive and pack most of the stuff in the truck tonight. I can't wait!

I'll be taking my camera - let's see what naturey thing I can take this time around to spruce up the old Sparkpage. The weather is supposed to be wonderful....I can't wait!

OK - enough perky happiness! Ooooooo - I can't wait!!!!!

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OAKBORN 5/26/2008 8:20PM

    Have fun camping!

Yay! for the funk going away!!

Get your MoJo back!!


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MSMISSUSME 5/22/2008 9:52AM

    Have a great time camping! Couldn't do it myself, creepy crawlies ughh!

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Full moon

Monday, May 19, 2008

I always know when it's a full moon.

Things are always,

Kids, hubby, me...trying to get out of the funk today, but had no luck.
Things peeved me all gosh darn day. And no, it's not my TOM. I deleted my earlier blog... too pessimistic, even for me. That's was not me...stress, yes, but not me.

The bile duct thing really threw me out of my mojo. I've been trying to get it back ever since, but I'm too pooped to pop. I should be doing sit ups right now, but I went to bed so late last night I have no energy. Thanks dh for the caffenated tea!

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, right? I'll do my strength during lunchbreak.

Good news here!! We scheduled 2 more camping trips - HOORAY!!!! I'm so excited! We are going this weekend and we are ready to rock! A couple new things to work on - the awning, the new grill...I can't wait!

So good night, dear hearts. Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it.

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MKPQ51 5/27/2008 6:03AM

    Many years back, when I first started working for the telephone company (and I worked for the company for almost 28 years), I was a long distance operator. We always knew when it was a full moon because we had the weirdest customers! (Oh, don't get me wrong, some of those customers were always around; but, the number always seemed to increased during a full moon.) And, once I had kids, they also seemed a little weird (more than grumpy, just a little off) during times of a full moon. Now, I'm not superstitious or anything like that, but I do have to admit something certain was different.


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MSMISSUSME 5/20/2008 4:20AM

    emoticon Here's to a better day!

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TENACITY! 5/19/2008 10:29PM

    Ditto! We will have a good day tomorrow!

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