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Monday, June 23, 2008

All good things come to those who wait.

When I first joined SP on Feb 7th - the aspect of belonging to such a huge thing was a little daunting. Insecurity and self-consiousness were there even though noone could see me and reading people's banter had me a little envious of that comraderie.

So, like this new lifestyle change, I took a leap of faith and jumped in with both feet. The more I posted, the more comfortable I felt; and in turn, the more confident about myself and my new endeavor, the better I did with my lifestyle change. If was the support and encouragement of others that was the key for me.

SP "advertises" that if you just reach out to the community, people will be there to help you along, pick you up and dust you off again, and put you back on your path. It is so true.

Friendships take time to build...but when they are there, they are unwavering (for me at least). If you are just starting out on SP - give it a go with the community - it will surprise you. And if you don't blog a whole lot or chat, try it, you might find the key that was missing in your lifestyle change.

So my conclusion is this - all good things come to those who wait...who persevere...who strive to better themselves...who listen...who contribute...who accept you for who you are...who take that leap of faith.

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EMITTINGLOVE 7/10/2008 12:36PM

    I've been on here for over two years and would you believe that I have not made any connections or bonds with anyone. Tis' a shame. I am going to do betterstarting today. Thank you.

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BATHMOM 6/24/2008 11:24AM

    Nice entry! That has been my experience as well. Thanks for being such a great Spark friend!

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MERAINA 6/23/2008 11:38AM

    Great one! Awesome Blog!!!
"Well Done, is better than Well said." Ben Franklin
I just love "Do'er's! Saying it is one thing, but doing it is another! I just love Done girls Filled with ACTION!

Rock on!
Keep on Dancing,

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TANSHAN1 6/23/2008 11:33AM

    So true! You really do have to participate to be noticed. Best of luck on your journey to health.
BTW: I put this on the DONE Girl blog roll...

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OAKBORN 6/23/2008 9:49AM

    Hi Anne!

I'm so glad you are my emoticon!

You have given me so much encouragement, I really appreciate it every minute!

We are here for each other!! emoticon

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SECRETO58 6/23/2008 8:39AM

    You are so right! emoticon

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Need to vent a little

Friday, June 20, 2008

I don't really B-blog, as I like to call it. And it seems that every Friday is when I want/need to do I guess I am going to give into temptation today and just vent. And all I want to do is eat, so I might as well do some therapy blogging to try and circumvent the situation!

I give. All the time. Almost to a fault. I never say no. I never ask for things in return. It is just the way I am.

I've been watching my sister and sister in law's children every Mon & Fri for 6 months. Free of charge, of course. I even asked for my nephew to come on M&F because I never see him and it would save my sister daycare money. Long story there. Very sad too. It could be a book that would wrench your soul. But her life has taken a 180 and is really happy now, so there is a happy ending after all. My SIL, well another story there. Long and short of it is that she has never payed for daycare in her entire child rearing career. Someone (me or my MIL) is always there to say yes to her and since her work hours are weird b/c she is an after school early intervention person - my MIL is right in there to say yes. Thus, I never ask MIL to watch my kids b/c god forbid, she is always next door watching the other 2 golden grandchildren for her own daughter. Is there bitterness here? Hell yeah!

Let's just say - I have A LOT of payback to cash in this summer. But the chances of me cashing in are very slim. You see, DH and I are proud of the fact that we can do things on our own. We don't rely on others. It's almost to a fault. In fact, I'm trying to overcome that tendency of not asking for help. For example: My son's 4th birthday is on Sunday - well guess what? I asked everyone to bring some healthy side dish enough for 20 adults. And you know what? They all said yes. Makes it a lot more economical to entertain...and we are the entertaining family with the good entertaining house, of course!

Another thing is the tendency to rush back home because I feel, let's face it - guilt! Whenever I am alone - you name it, doing whatever - I feel the need to relieve whoever is watching the kids because that's MY job. Even when me and DH have that rare date, so sad, but once a year on our anniversary, we feel the need to rush home!! SICK! What the hell!?!!

So now it is the last Friday of the school year and I am almost free of my more day on Mon for him AND my niece and then I get a deserved break from babysitting. Don't get me wrong - I love him as my own son, I call him #4 even and treat him as my own. That's why he loves me. But I need a break. My daydreams today are of me on a massage table for an hour & a half...then a facial and pedicure.

So now today is get ready for party day because tomorrow morning I work til 1pm and DH has the kids and is going to a 6 y.o. birthday party until 3pm. So tomorrow last minute prep is going to be just that. Clean. Bake. Weed. The whole kit & caboodle for a party. Oh and buy a gift for the little guy - I can't forget that. I probably will. Lol

So after a B-blog, it's time to count blessings, because God knows, other people have it way worse than I do. I'm thankful for the following:
- nice home
- healthy kids
- loving husband
- healthy family in general
- good climate (God help those in the flood zone)
- my new lifestyle change
- the fact that I can run & play with the kids w/o getting out of breath
- a good job that I love
- good people that I work with and the people we treat

I said to my co-worker the othe day that I took some selfish time to myself the other day and did 50 minutes on the TM while there were other things waiting to get done. Her immediate response was this - "you're the least selfish person I know - so don't you dare feel that way or say that" It's nice to hear that once in a while. Too bad the people you are not being selfish for and helping don't say thank you enough. That's why I always say thank you to everyone for the smallest things.

One thing about SP that I love - I always get a thank you for well, whatever, most of the time. And that is the nicest thing for me to get. Really.

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IAMLION 6/21/2008 9:58PM

    Vent away any time you feel the need! I don't have any great advice on your family situation. I'm never very good at the whole advice thing. I apologize for that. emoticon

I would like to say Thank you for being my Spark friend! You are so nice, positive and so super supportive! You always put a big smile on my face and make me feel better!! You are a very giving person and in today's world, you are a rare find!

Hang in there my DONE friend!!

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SHAREDJOURNEY 6/20/2008 2:45PM

    Thank you so much for this blog. My last 2 blogs were vents and I was feeling guilty about it. You just unburdened me. We all need to feel that our contributions are apprciated. When you are giving to children the thanks for your contribution can take years to hear. You are doing something worthwhile and that in and of it self is a valuable contribution. Yes we all like the thanks of others and sometime they are insensitive but the gift still has value even if they don't show their appreciation. I am proud of you for being so giving and for meeting the needs of others so generously. The best compliments are the ones we give ourselves. Look in the mirror and tell that girl what a wonderful generous, kind and caring person she is. She needs to hear it and will appreciate the words from you more than from all the rest of us put together!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OAKBORN 6/20/2008 11:39AM

    I understand! Vent away. Nobody here (least of all, me) is going to look at you askance.

But remember to value yourself and take care of yourself. You have many blessings and you should shower yourself with a few!

You are truly a lovely person and such a support to me.

Here's one of the many thank-yous I owe YOU!

emoticon emoticon

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Wedding dress fits 9 years later

Friday, June 13, 2008

So I got into the thing 3 years ago - short lived #3 came right after I zipped it up. LOL I wore it for Halloween, believe it or not! I truly was a sight walking around my Wisteria Place neighborhood in full bride gear! Bustier corset underneath & veil included! But it was a little snug, even then - hell, even when I got married 9 years ago!

So this time around, it was time to try it on again....and it fit! The funniest thing is that the shoulders are big! No joke! I was a little snug around the middle b/c I haven't workout in a week, but there was no corset on me this time. Teeheehee!

Believe it or not - 2 previous blogs were deleted because of distractions, I guess there were never meant to be seen! Finally, this is the blog I was supposed to write! At LAST!

NEW MINI GOAL - lose the last 5 pounds and make that dress swim on me by July 16, my 9th anniversary. Wear my wedding night trousseau again and have it look EXTRA good this time around - why not! I payed plenty for that stupid night gown set that I've worn only twice in the last 9 years! The last time I wore it - baby #3 came chance of that happening now! LMAO! I feel giddy - this is what I'm supposed to do...

The other blogs before this were very yukky - b&@%$ blogs, I like to call them. I was feeling like I had no oomph or direction and feeling a little lost in my own skin, I guess. Who figured trying on a dress would turn my head around so fast.

FUTURE GOAL - My hubby doesn't know it yet, he thinks that I am joking, but it is going to happen. On our 10th anniversary, we are going to renew our vows in the back yard and have a big party - BBQ on the grill, and play a game of touch football. That's what he wanted to do 9 years ago, but in a park. My friend got his license to wed over the internet, so I'll have him officiate for us. This will happen - I can promise you that! Even if I have to surprise him - it will happen!! And I'm gonna look hot!!

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OAKBORN 6/13/2008 10:35PM


Major emoticon, emoticon & emoticon!!!

That is a fabulous milestone!

I am really happy for you!

What a great way to renew your vows next year!


BTW, sometimes we need the ^%()^&^&#$$%^&%**&^ blogs to help us sort out what is important!

Comment edited on: 6/13/2008 10:33:56 PM

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LOBRENNAN 6/13/2008 6:24PM

    congratulations! my goal is to fit into my wedding dress, too. i've still got quite a ways to go before then. but when it does fit, i intend to wear it around the house for a week! or something...

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Bathing suit day

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's about 97 degrees right now - we're kicking back in the house after a couple hours of being in the pool to keep cool...the house is about 15 degrees cooler than outside, and we don't have a/c either. So in short, today was a bathing suit day!

I broke out the one I bought for myself 3 years ago...a size 14...and it fits!! It looks pretty good too! I can sit here and b*@$%# and moan about cellulite and thighs, but really - my DH could care less and my kids too...I've had stretch marks since my boobs came in when I was 11 and chubby...I'm so over that stuff. My only thing - I have NO behind. None. Like someone took it and forgot to return it. So that is what a skirt and sarong are for, right?!! LOL

This is the first time in a long time that I walked around without being self conscious. Even in front of by uber body-conscious sister. I guess when you get older, you just don't care as much as you used too. I love being 35 and not caring about crap like that!! It's great. Really.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IAMLION 6/8/2008 8:17PM

    I have been overly blessed in the behind area. I am more than willing to share with you. Where would you like me to ship some???
Went out on the boat with the husband today. Ohhh Weee it was pretty hot out there, the high was 93. He fished and I floated around like bait! I am pleasingly pink now. I wore my hat and a tshirt while I bobbed around. I wore last years suit and I will need a new one before July 4th weekend. The bottoms are a bit big and the top, my poor puppies were swimming laps in all the loose material!!
Glad you had a great day!

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OAKBORN 6/8/2008 7:47PM

    Sounds like you had a hot, but happy day!!

Yay on the swimsuit!

emoticon emoticon

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Fear...real fear

Friday, June 06, 2008

We were just at a minor league baseball game tonight. My middle son is not one for crowds, noise, mascots....mascots. The kid is afraid of Chuckie Cheese for goodness sake and birthday parties. One of those kids. Much to my chagrin. But when I look back, I was the same way...still am to a point, but I digress.

All he wanted was to go home. My DH and I took 2 cars and we were with a whole gang of people. So Dh says he'll stay with sons #1 & #3 while I took ds #2 home. So we left. And this is where I was scared to death.

As we were leaving, 2 men followed us out. One was shouting and asking if we needed tickets. Scalpers. I'm easy pray with a 4 y.o. in tow. Two fit guys against me and my 4 y.o. Not good odds. So they are about 100 feet back and I am walking hard. I had shouted back no thanks too. I tried calling my DH, but the fracking phone is never on. A lot of good that does, right? So I keep a good pace and a road is coming up...and a car. A sheriff's car! I almost cry. I waved him down, and he stops and I tell him that I'm not feeling so safe and if he'd be so kind as to follow me to my car, which he did. He kept an eye on the guys too. Thank god. He stayed until I pulled out of my spot.

Have you ever had that feeling? Like something was going to happen? I had it all evening up to the game - I thought I was having an IBS attack. I just thank god that my DH had #3 with him and I did not. I would have been screwed if they were real attackers. Who knows, maybe they were? you never know these days.

Blessings counted for the night. God and mom in heaven were watching out for me tonight. Thank heavens.

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IAMLION 6/8/2008 8:20PM

    I am so glad everything turned out fine. How scary!! Did you give your husband an ear full for not having his phone on?
Glad y'all are o.k.!

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OAKBORN 6/6/2008 10:21PM

    Oh my gosh, Annie! I'm so glad you're okay! That must have been so scary!


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