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The weekend that was...

Monday, April 14, 2014

It definitely was a busy weekend filled with activities, a personal challenge, and a birthday. Unfortunately, one of the bugs going around caught up with me. I'm hardly ever sick but didn't sleep Friday night due to chills and aches etc. Saturday I had a meeting to chair, dog to walk, and a dress rehearsal. Made it through all on a cup of peppermint tea and bottle of ginger ale. Discovered both of my pain relievers were past expiration. Took a dose anyway and threw the bottles out. Ended the day with a nap on the couch. Awoke to my dog sitting next to me watching, and patiently waiting, for his evening walk and dinner - both two hours overdue.

The next day I was better but still iffy. Our choir gave a wonderful performance of a emoticon cantata for Palm Sunday. I sang in a duet - my first. Never thought my voice was "solo" quality. Either the director was desperate, I've improved, or something in between. emoticon Got together with my two sisters to celebrate my birthday - freshly baked scones - no cake. emoticon Cut short so we didn't share too many germs and I could go home to enjoy a emoticon , but slow, Sunday walk with my dog. Then back to the couch.

There was no tracking. Managed to walk but barely any food consumption anyway. Glad it's Monday.

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    emoticon fellow April baby.
Mines next week.
It sound like you had a great weekend even though you picked up the "bug".
Get better quick!

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My new daily mantra

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

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NKING1982 4/9/2014 1:05PM

    Well said!

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TKTMTA 4/9/2014 10:06AM


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Dealing with my inner brat

Monday, April 07, 2014

First of all I have to give credit for this blog to one of my emoticon STEPH-KNEE who identified, and has been writing about, her inner brat. She inspires me with her attitude and thoughts (as well as her success!) She also helped me put a name to that little voice in my head emoticon

Next, I have to give credit to Roy Baumeister and John Tierney the authors of the book Willpower: rediscovering the greatest human strength. I will admit I did not read the entire book, but I did read the chapter on weight loss. Their research boiled down to: do NOT diet and do NOT ban any food. Rather, postpone it.

Others have, in other words, put out a similar message. But, as we all know, sometimes messages have to repeated at the right time and... SHA-ZAM! I have what I think will be a successful strategy for dealing with my inner brat. You know her - or someone like her. She's one who encourages me down the road of temptation, can justify just about anything, chats inside my head until i cave, is never satisfied with just one cookie, etc. etc. etc. (Read STEPH KNEES blog - she describes her quite well!)

So from here on out - #1 - I am not on a diet. I am striving to make healthier food and life choices. # 2 - No foods are off limits. # 3 When the inner brat starts whining for XYZ, she can have some - just not now. That way she won't pitch one of her hissy fits which usually end in binge eating and mass destruction of my best laid plans. Later, that craving will get satisfied calmly and with reason.

Makes sense to me. Are you listening inner brat?

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Is there a deeper meaning here...???

Sunday, April 06, 2014

For some unknown reason I moved my emoticon out of it's usual spot in the corner of the bathroom. Later that day I backed up and stepped on it - ouch!! - and chastised myself with a few colorful adjectives for not putting it back. It wasn't until I realized there were splots of red (blood) following me around that I realized the scale had taken a gouge out of the side of my foot. (It still hurts several days later but antibiotic cream, double band-aids, and thick socks make walking bearable.) The question is... what is the meaning of this?... is there some point I'm missing ??? ... some deep thinking I'm not doing...??? is this my scale's passive/aggressive way of telling me to stay on track??? or is it simply karma telling me to put things back where they belong.

My daily SP reports kind of got side-tracked the past few days so I'll just wrap them into one... I had a 5/5,5/4, 5/5 and a 5/3. Not bad at all.

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    Wow, your scale bit you for not behaving?
Sorry about the owie.

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Two thumbs up

Thursday, April 03, 2014

A little bit of that MT (otherwise known as mental toughness), as exemplified by some of my SP friends, must be rubbing off on me!!!!!!! Went out to dinner with a friend last night and while I wasn't "perfect", I made some better, mindful choices. That's progress!

Another highlight of the day was watching my 22 mo dog prance along right next to the stroller as a friend and I took her 7 mo grandson for a walk. Lookin' just like a proud companion, it was pretty cute. Babies & dogs - they sure bring us a lot of joy.

Yesterday was day #7 of my challenge and I give it a 5/5.

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    Good job!

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CHERYL_ANNE 4/3/2014 11:37AM


Yay for you!

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